Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Texas Dentists Drill Medicaid Like Florida's Governor Rick Scott

WFAA’s Byron Harris Reveals Texas Medicaid Snaggle Tooth Ripoff

Jet Setting Orthodontists Bilk System for Millions

Dr. Richard Malouf

Felix B. Molarnare for CPW News Service

     WFAA Dallas’ Byron Harris reported on March 21, that orthodontist, Dr. Richard Malouf, made false tooth claims against Medicaid.  Malouf, who owns a mansion and jet airplane is owner of All Smiles Dental Centers that claim to make teeth straight, but which uses crooked means to bilk the U.S. government Medicaid system of millions.
     “This follows a 10-month News 8 investigation of medicaid orthodontics in Texas, which found the state spends more on braces for poor children than the rest of the nation combined,” wrote Byron Harris.
     While most private pay orthodontic patients receive 12 annual visits to their orthodontists per year, the poor Texas patients, 90% of whose services were unnecessary, had an average annual visits of 22 per year. They were often recruited for services in front of the state’s welfare offices.  One spouse of a Texas Orthodontist who is also being investigated said "the nation is going to hell in a hand basket paying the bill for all these poor minority kids on welfare and I'd leave the country if I could," said the spouse driving out of the dental office parking lot in a new Mercedes.

Dr. Malouf's Dallas mansion.

     John Vocale of the Citizens for Straight Shooting Dentists for Legitimate Teeth Straightening said “Dentists sit on top of a gold mine and they know it.  They are in a position of being outside the normal regulatory protocols that face the medical community, but which are disregarded by hustlers like Rick Scott and Columbia or United Health, and they like it that way. When I confronted my own dentist about it he said ‘hey, you have to go out there kill something and drag it home.  If its got a little mud on it when it comes through the front door, can you help it?”
     “Comedian Bill Maher has said that he and daughter of former Speaker of the House, Alexandra Pelosi, have exposed the sad state of snaggly teeth in the Deep South.  These Medicaid bilkers did not recruit mostly whitey crackers from Mississippi, but poor minority patients in Texas.  With few exceptions the poor whitey folks  pride themselves in staying out of the welfare offices while wearing their snaggly teeth as a symbol of honor like a pro football linebacker in a championship game. While the Medicaid personnel responsible for Texas' lack of supervision has been replaced, the problem is not going to go away anytime soon," said Vocale.  
Comedian Jim Carey's jet
purchased by Dr. Malouf
for $5 million.
     Vocale noted that Dr. Malouf had purchased actor Jim Carey's jet for $5 million and owned a multi-million dollar mansion in Dallas.  Jim Carey was not available for comment, but friends close to Mr. Carey said that he was not going to give the money back simply because it came from taxpayers bilked by "Dr. Drill Here and Drill Now."
     Actor Robin Williams recalled his visit to England for a preformance before the Queen and the British Royal Family...."All that money and no dental insurance", he said wondering when the guarantee of straight teeth became a citizen's right.  
     "Wooden teeth," said Vocale. "Wooden teeth is what some people think we should have.  It was good enough for George Washington and while I won't go that far, the fact that our helping professions are increasingly helping themselves to the public's money is a tremendous point of concern and contention."
     "Something's wrong and I want my money back," said Texas Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound). Nelson called a hearing to look into how Texas spent $424 million on orthodontics under Medicaid between 2008 and 2010.
     “Ms. Nelson, a Republican, makes it sound like a Democratic problem, but need I remind you that in 2008 George W. Bush was in office and his good buddy from Texas, now Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, former head of Columbia/HCA Hospitals had the biggest Medicare/Medicaid fraud fine in U.S. history,” said Vocale.  "I expect that Mr. Scott will go into managing a chain of dental offices after leaving public office," said Vocale. 
     Vocale says that Florida and Texas share deep ties dating back to the incorporation of the Bonnie Blue battle flag of Western Florida in the State flag of Texas, but with a clearer unveiling of the connections in recent years with GWB and brother Jeb, Governors of both states and followed by Columbia/HCA's Rick Scott, the states have become havens for a hodge podge of "ruthless little bastards" including the Butterfly Doctor, Dr. Wayne McGuire of United Health.  "This is a carpet bagging tactic of a typical Connecticut Yankee," said Robert E. Lee Forrest a retired orthodontist in Mobile, Alabama.  "Come to think of it, in 2008 to 2010 George Walker Bush, more a Connecticut Yankee than a Texan was pushing this crap under the myth that deregulation was good for the nation.  Carpet bagging continues.  Especially in Texas," said Forrest. 
     Father Michael Gabriel, a Louisiana priest who blew the whistle on similar Medicare/Medicaid fraud tactics in his state, has offered to come to Texas to help clean up what he calls "a slime pit of wealthy reptilian butt munching bottom feeders."

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