Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dog Carries His Own Poop To Trash

Guinness Book of World Records Creates New Category and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Sends Video Crew

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

    Doberman owners Gilda Netter of Huntsville, Alabama and her boyfriend, Peter Munscher have crossed a new threshold.  “Fritz was the smartest dog we have ever seen, but getting him to carry his own poop to the trash took forever to accomplish,” said Munscher.
     Netter agreed.  “It was nothing to get him to sit, lay down, heel and fetch, but dogs don’t naturally pick up their own poop.  He house trained very easily which gave us some indication of his intelligence level, but then moving him from dropping the poop in one place, watching him scrub his back paws against the grass, but return  to pick up the poop in his mouth, then carry it to the trash can and drop it in followed by going to his special water bowl to rinse out his mouth was the accomplishment that put him in an entirely different league,” said Netter who admits that she doesn't like it when Fritz licks her face.
     According to Dr. Flavius Z.  Puutz the dog’s veterinarian “this is what made him an instant focal point for Guinness and Ripley’s.  I tried to buy the dog from Gilda and Peter so that I could patent the training process and put him on The Dog Whisperer….maybe even go into business with Cesar Millan, but they wouldn’t sell him to me.  I had told them about the phenomenal work of the Nazi’s in training dogs for unbelievable tasks including attempts at getting them to talk, but getting them to pick up their own poop is even better,” said Puutz.  "I think that if Fritz could now be made to talk all he would say is 'oh shit, not again,'" said Puutz.
     Netter, Munscher and Puutz would not talk about the routines used to train Fritz, but a source close to Dr. Puutz said that they had good results in desensitizing Fritz to the smell of the excrement by locking him in a room with a television tuned to either “The View”, “Bill Maher” or “The Bachelor”.

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