Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bill Maher and Alexandra Pelosi's Big Lie

Hamming It Up Reveals Nothing

By Freedman G. Willeters for CPW News Service

     If you are not old enough to have lived through the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s or somehow you missed the documentaries or movies like Mississippi Burning, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra Pelosi, has teamed-up with comedian Bill Maher to provide a travel log of Mississippi backwoods citizens to help bring you up to date.  A visual journal of what might also have been a walk through a Confederate solidiers’ nursing home in 1915, the Pelosi film shows an array of gap-toothed and toothless Southerners who lament the lack of family values, Obama care….which many of them could use if only it had dental coverage….and lamentations about the defeat of the South in the Civil War and a promise to “rise again”.
    Actor Jon Hamm whose work on the AMC series Mad Men, chronicles the more sophisticated rape and pillaging of the entire U.S. and world by the psycho-maneuvering of Madison Avenue’s hucksters and spin-meisters, notes that hope breathes eternal in these poor ignorant slobs with a vision of success that is always just around the corner.
     Comedians are funny.  Depth of insight is not.  According to Dr. Ford Forbes Cushing Delano, of the Institute for Historical Deception, the South was settled by poor folks.  Georgia, was settled by the unwashed debtors of the British homeland which simply expelled them to a place where they could live on nothing more than hope and a hunting knife.  As the addictive qualities of tobacco, rum from sugar cane, and the essentials for cloth weaving made the mills of industrialized England and the factories of the North wealthy, the poor of the South were joined, often by the design of the railroad and other barons of the industrialized North, by slaves from Africa.
    During the Civil War which Maher and Pelosi believes defines the South, citizens of Boston, Philadelphia, New York and other Northern cities remained virtually untouched while the newest and finest fashions paraded around Copley Square and Central Park like peacocks strutting in a king's courtyard.  Meanwhile, Boston's poorest Irish were shipped South to fight for the flat rail route that the North's rail road barons hoped would cross the continent.  They fought, however, under the high moral banner of Abolition, then returned not to Boston, but to the wilds of the Rocky Mountain frontier to link up the Northern rail route of E.H Harriman and LeLand Stanford's Union and Central Pacific railroads when the Southern route proved, even with the leverage of Reconstruction, too difficult to appropriate from the beaten but tenacious Southerners. After the war there was an attempt to fire bomb New York City, not unlike the attack of 911, but not by Saudi Arabians, but by defeated Southerners. Following Sherman's brutal tactic of shock and awe...the burning of Atlanta and his march to the sea where ever hopeful Southern power elites, the cream of the unwashed crop, had envisioned the beginning of their own rail route to the Pacific.  Some saw Wall Street and New York, formerly New Amsterdam....a name that ironically reveals its ties to one of world's leading supporters of the slave trade, the Dutch, as the turbine that powered off-the-chart industrialized brutality and worthy of a fine fire torching.  Company owned slaves laid out the foundation of modern New York.  Slaves built its fortifications. Slaves had shown future immigrants how to feed themselves off the land. 
     "The South's shortsightedness was in not seeing themselves in the same boat as the slaves. That is what Spartacus had done in uniting all the slaves of ancient Italy collected as they had been from the far reaches of the Roman Empire.  Had Southern whites and blacks preempted John Brown and joined together marching North, history would be much different," said Dr. Delano who suggests that Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance shows that 150 years following Emancipation, inner city blacks are still enslaved.  "Do you think Ms. Pelosi's next film will tell the truth about that?" asked Delano.
    According to Dr. Delano, “Even the famous abolitionist John Brown, remains in our great American myth unconnected from Alexander Brown of Baltimore, progenitor of Brown Brothers Harriman, with his connection to the factories and tenements of Liverpool in England and to the Tafts, Russells, Cushings, Forbes, Peabodys, Roosevelts, Cabots, Lodges, Harrimans, Dulles…even the Kennedy’s, but without their full acceptance into the dominant Protestant class.  These America power elites controlled the power resources of the New World and the shipping lanes linking the Orient to California, the rails to the East Coast and the shipping lanes to Europe.  It was a monopoly that not even the Sherman Anti-Trust laws would dismantle.  How could they?  Those laws went after restricted legal trade and declared it illegal, not after the elite's hidden criminal enterprise that legislated it. "RICO did that, but how do you use RICO laws against your own government?" asked Delano.
     Delano asserts that John Brown’s secret backer was George Luther Stearns who was working with his Boston Brahman friends to control the lead….as in bullets….market. The Civil War may have cost 600,000 American lives but the American power elites prospered.   Among them were chosen Southerners....Jefferson Davis who laid out the Southern rail road route for the Northern rail road and transportation robber barons, Boston's Caleb Cushing who negotiated the first U.S. trade laws with China....a virtual replication of the British trade practices that would eventually lead to a Chinese Cultural Revolution, among them.  Jefferson Davis, following his talks with Cushing, appointed monarchist and Scottish Rite Mason, Albert Pike, whose first American SR Temple was in  Savannah, the eastern terminus of the Southern rail route,  as agent to the Indians whose land they needed, too.  The leading legal mind for the SR and KKK, a Roman Catholic with Tory sentiments and a Grand Dragon of the KKK, Pike's followers did not include the founder of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Forrest, a Colonel whose threat to put Confederate General Braxton Bragg into a quick and torpid retirement for what Forrest perceived as treason would call for the abolition of his own KKK by 1869, a point confirmed by Civil War historians Ken Burns and Shelby Foote.  Perhaps Forrest assessed as he had with Bragg that the Northern power elites through Pike and his followers had kidnapped the Klan as Bragg had Forrest's best efforts.   Later, Pike would unite with the Italian wing of the SR brotherhood in New Orleans, followers of Guisseppe Mazzini, progenitor of the Italian Mafia.
     In the Academy Award winning film, Gladiator, Caesar laments the corruption that has moved the Roman Empire from a leading Republic to a crumbling image of its former self.  "Will I be known as the philosopher, the warrior, the tyrant? Or will I be the emperor who gave Rome back to her true self?  There was once a dream that was Rome.  You only whisper it.  Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish.  It was so fragile and I fear it will not survive the winter."
     The American experiment is not fragile.  "Democracy is ordained," said Karl Barth,  but neither does it belong to the power elites who ride the backs of the democracy loving citizens who have won wars against the angered actions and reactions of other nation's often misguided power elites.  Pike and Mazzini's alliance is an old game.
     It was a brilliantly sinister propaganda ploy.  Most Americans were led to believe that there was something wholesome about the Scottish connections to freedom, liberty and equality like Mel Gibson's image in Braveheart before we learned that his father was a neo-Nazi and that Mel threatened women or that his controversial passion play was handled by Regal Cinemas owned by UTIMCO, the University of Texas' privatized endowment program in a state whose underworld is known to be controlled by the New Orleans syndicate.  Pike, like Gibson a Roman Catholic, is believed by many not to be eligible for Catholic Church membership based on a prohibition against Masonry.  Not so.   Even Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather myth which shows the Italian Mafia entering the U.S. primarily through New York City misses entirely this connection between Pike and Mazzini whose worship of Machiavellian, monarchical and pyramidal power structures flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution of "We the people".
     Perhaps famous U.S. Senate Chaplain and American Scotsman, Dr. Peter Marshall, was unaware when he was made an honorary member of the SR in Washington D.C. in 1942, that his acceptance of the honor would have had the anti-monarchical Scotsman, John Knox, squirrel-caging in his casket as he assessed the real values of Albert Pike and his friends.
      Nathan Bedford Forrest's picture is the only one hanging in Civil War historian Shelby Foote's Memphis, Tennessee office, presumably because of qualities not shared by any other Southern General including Robert E. Lee. General Braxton Bragg's buffoonery was far too recurrent to have been anything but subversion from Bragg's Southern river-opening losses at Fort Pillow and Donaldson to his place near the sinking of the Albemarle which elevated William Cushing as the first U.S. Navy SEAL.   Indeed, Bragg's ancestor, C. Wright Mills, the radical sociologist at Columbia University would write about America's hidden realities in his landmark book, The Power Elite, pulling back the veil, though certainly not as far back as the Pentagon Papers or WikiLeaks, on the whole charade.
     "It would also be fitting that in 1997 the University of Arkansas Press, the state where Albert Pike was Grand Dragon of the KKK, would release Walter Lee Brown's, The Life of Albert Pike, which smears General N.B. Forrest, a man who as a slave owner was reportedly watched over as he slept by a cadre of black body guards. Walter Lee Brown,  Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Arkansas, denies Forrest's connections to the Klan he founded, thus discounting Forrest's departure from it,  from Pike and from the SR Masons whose Tory and monarchical beginnings significantly departed from the Free Masonry of the Founding Fathers....Washington, Franklin and the others.  Instead, Pike sought out among the elites of Georgia, Arkansas, Texas and other regions the pro-monarchist, pyramidal, Tory sentiments through which to concentrate power and redirect the American vision of its own destiny," said Delano. "Pike's SR Masons were like misguided semi-religious Protestant, Catholic and Anglican Royalist boot-lickers pushing the right wing of the Federalist Party right into Crypto-Nazi, Druid-dribbling, war-mongering, filibustering-Walker-Burr-ish, voo-doo-ish, prayer parties," Delano summarized.

     The victors, however in-ignoble, write the history and they leave out the real motive behind the power grab.  The Southern rail route to the Pacific across the flatter terrain of the Great Southwest would speed their program for getting their trains and New England built ships to the Orient...the same destination sought by Columbus.  Abolitionist John Brown came from a family of New England ship builders supplying the lucrative China Trade. Across the Pacific lay what made Britain powerful...the British East India Company's lucrative China Trade...taken over by the new power, the U.S.….with its booty of silk for making the poor Southerners’ coarse cotton into fine fabrics suitable for the American and European power elites. There was something else, too, ....something infinitely more desirable, dependable as a source of wealth and power and virtually irresistible.”
     Dr. Delano believes that silk and tea were the “legitimate top of the table”.  “Cotton beat fig leaves or buckskin and silk-cotton blends beat cotton in the fashion marketplace.”  But there was an even more important motivator, the addictive underbelly.  Opium.  This first cousin of tobacco and booze was tightly controlled by the U.S. power elites through their minions in Washington D.C., though the Brown and Williamson Tobacco company could not stamp this product with its name.
     "The Southern transcontinental rail route was long a dream of America's power elites.  Tennessean Davy Crockett high-tailed it to Texas to help Stephen F. Austin, son of Moses Austin, the Missouri and Tennessee lead-miner, find more of the stuff when the Missouri lead mines played out….more bullets for Bostonian George Luther Stearns’ kind. Meanwhile, they found the biggest sulphur deposit in the Western Hemisphere, a sulphur dome near Freeport, Texas which will supply gun powder to this day as it did during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Vietnam War, Korean War, World War II, World War I, the Spanish-American War and every other American conflict since its discovery.  Henry Kissinger will serve on the board of the sulphur's controlling company, Freeport-McMoran.  There’s money in the bullets, lead and guns needed to fight the scam drug wars,” said Delano who also sees a continuity of relationship with President and Mrs. Obama and Obama's endorsement of every major Bush position since his taking office.
     "Silas Lynch.  You have to remember that Abraham Lincoln was a big-time railroad lawyer, that the railroad barons' agenda colored everything and that the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley and Austin handled Lincoln's wife affairs.  Sidley and Austin are hardly a Democratic law firm for which Michele Robinson Obama worked as a lawyer.  Sidley and Austin merged with Brown and Wood, a New York law firm housed at the World Trade Center on 911 where George Herbert Walker Bush's son, Marvin P. Bush, also on the Board of the NCAA, worked for the security firm in charge of the towers on the day of the attack.  Prescott Bush, Marvin's grandfather, was Vice-President at W. Averell Harriman and Company.  Craig Robinson, the First Lady's brother was the head basketball coach at Brown University with its direct ties to Alexander Brown and Brown Brother Harriman," Delano continued noting that President Obama did not just rise to his position without substantial connections within this galaxy of dark power resources.  "I read that Obama's favorite mixed drink is Scotch and claret wine, the favorite drink of Mr. Brown, the butler to Queen Victoria of England who introduce the Queen Mother to the same unusual concoction," said Delano noting the long-standing cross-Atlantic relationships between American and British power elites whose wealth is historically rooted in the same China trade.
     According to Delano, the U.S. power elites were never disconnected from the elites of Europe and other regions contriving new ways to enslave and imprison.  “Today we are in the oil rich and poppy rich region of the Middle East and Orient because of the opium, a drug with incredible legitimate and illegitimate uses as exploited by pharmacist and artillery master during the Civil War, Eli Lilly.  Whether the drugs deaden the pain of one's hum-drum life or jack you up to feeling like you're the king of your ghetto-existence, whoever controls the flow is the new Pharaoh. Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan and India provided the raw product and it is distributed world-wide by the same power elites….my own people who guard it like a pit bulldog,” said Dr. Delano who notes that the Gulf of Tonkin affair that triggered the Vietnam War was really a grab at Indo-China's poppy producing region that provided local supplies of the drug in the Golden Triangle.  Col. Bo Gritz, the most decorated Marine in Vietnam has spoken widely and openly of this truth while sons of leading American military industrialists like Jim Morrison of The Doors whose father was the Admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin affair and William Ayers of Chicago, Obama's friend and son of one of the Mid-West's most connected industrialists, played out Oedipal reactions to their father's puppetry.  “Is it any wonder that people having to defend this crock of lies go off the deep end and become a maniacal killer as with the killing of 16 Afghanistan civilians or that men like Pat Tillman or Col. Theodore Westhusing or even like General Smedley Darlington Butler before them are silenced?  We are fortunate that Butler's book War Is A Racket and books like Col. Daniel Martin's The Expendible Elite were published against great opposition, that Tillman is not forgotten and that Westhusing's real story got out in Christian T. Miller's Blood Money, but were you introduced to Butler's book in high school or college...Butler being a two-time Medal of Honor winner?  Will our public school curriculum tell us after we have discovered that 99.9% of human genetics are identical, that the most racist programs, like Mrs. Harriman's Cold Spring Harbor eugenics studies, were not the product of poor Southerners, but Northern elitists and according to author of War Against the Weak, Edwin Black, fueled the Nazi worldview?”
   I asked Dr. Delano if he watched Ms. Pelosi’s film on the Bill Maher program.  “No,” he said, “But unless and until Ms. Pelosi walks with her camera into the homes of some of America’s nicest, wealthiest families….all picture perfect teeth and smiles….and pulls back the facade, you don’t know shit,” he concluded.

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