Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ivy League Woes Redacted 50% Or More

Free Speech Is Dead At blogger.com

By Winsip Custer CPW News Service

On March 31st the article titled Ivy Leagues Woes by one of our writers was redacted 50% or more by some unknown parties which either hacked the account or influenced the site's owners to make the changes.

Included in the article were connections that would have opened the eyes of America to the degree to which your government has been co-opted.

Photos of John Coffee "Jack" Hays remain along with those of John Hays Hammond, Samuel F.B. Morris,  James Walker Fannin and the Pacific Union Club in San Francisco where Robert McNamara and Caspar Weinberger were members along with Bechtel leadership and William Randolph Hearst, but the entire section showing the connections between these personalities and the Yale establishment were redacted without permission or statement from the site administrators.  Also redacted were the connection of William Liscom Borden to another William Borden, son of Gail Borden and their connections to the heir of the Humble, Texaco and Exxon fortunes and to William Stamps Farrish, administrator of the Bush family blind trust and to missionary activities in China prior to the Cultural Revolution in China that was partly a reaction to the China Trade dominated by the New England power elites concentrated at Yale.  All of this is public information, but never arranged as clearly and cogently as the articles outlined in the original story.

The information will appear in other forms. This is the last post, however, by this and other authors connected with the Winsip Custer site on blogger.com unless or until the gatekeepers at blogger.com reinstate the redacted article in its entirety.


Winsip Custer

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  1. Dear Mr. Custer,

    I would miss your blog if you stop writing. I'm impressed by the amount of research you do for each blog post. In fact, I've compiled quite a book reading list from your site.