Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, March 5, 2012

U.S. Senators and Congress To Take Sensitivity Training. UN to Follow?

Congress and Senate Pass Complimentary Bills Requiring All Members To Take Course in Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman Horse Whisperer Techniques Or Be Expelled.  UN To Adopt Similar Bill for All Ambassadors?

“That horse was so mistreated over its life-time that it had taken on all the qualities of a predator.”
                     –Buck Brannaman

By Winsip Custer CPW News Services

     “Why the hell didn’t they think of that a long time ago?” asked Freddy “Jowls” McKittrick of the Washington D.C. think tank, Pressurized Performers.  “With the god-awful news of what happened at Penn State with Sandusky or with the "Franklin Cover Up" in Nebraska, the Congressional page-boy scandal or the child abuse problems in Texas’ juvenile justice system, the Presidio scandal and other examples, this was a no-brainer.”
     McKittrick is talking about the new mandatory sensitivity class required by all U.S. Senators and Congressmen and based on the tried and true methods of horse whisperers Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman.  McKittrick believes that all U.S. businessmen and women, military officers and police officers should have similar training.  The rotunda of the Capital Building will be turned into an arena for the classes.  “It’ll be kind of like a reverse Roman Coliseum where instead of feeding people to lions, we’ll teach them how to inspire without the rotten Machiavellian methods of their long-routinized and troubled blunderings,” said McKittrick.
     “George W. Bush was often heard quoted as saying ‘they say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  We’ll you give me a garden hose and I’ll make that sucker drink!’  And that’s what he did to our economy and look where we are now….in the wake of deregulation, the savings and loan scandal which included GWB's brother, Neil, not to mention Larry King, the Republican goldenboy of Omaha who paid a $1,000,000 settlement for the Franklin Scandal to go away.  Then there was the housing bubble which was created more by the mad men of Madison Avenue and Wall Street than the real requirements of ordinary Americans for second and third mortgages so they could go into hock for their homes or ditch them to get bigger ones….only to lose them,” McKittrick lamented.
     Of course none of this is new.  On Tuesday January 9, 1855, California Senator and previous California Governor, Milton S. Latham, presented a bill in the U.S. Senate to provide U.S. government guaranteed steamship service between San Francisco and Shanghai, China, making the shipping business founders wildly rich, not simply from the guaranteed government backed service, but also from the legal and illegal products they carried.  "Nobody complained then that government guarantee of payment to private industry was a form of creeping oligarchical socialism," said McKittrick.
     "No greater example of the depth of a senator’s ignorance is more exemplary than Milton S. Latham’s speech before the U.S. Senate promoting this steamship line and privatized postal service.  That speech informs what happened in the U.S. a hundred years later in the push for planned obsolescence that swells the economy for some folks and pops it like a fragile bubble for others.  Meanwhile, the whole environment fends for itself against rising populations that strip the earth's fragile crust like Rush Limbaugh eating a sour-dough boule at a San Francisco restaurant. Recycling can't keep up as the Pope's people are pushed toward unprotected copulation like unsolicited email pushing Viagra. Latham's China Trading bill had a dark underside like the buck skinners and whip crackers that beat horses into conformity" said McKittrick. Latham said... 

“A far greater obstacle to our trade with China is the tenacity with which the Chinese, and, more or less, all Eastern peoples, cling to their established customs and usages.  There is no such thing as ‘fashion’ in China, it being an act of piety in a Chinaman to eat, drink, dress, ride and walk like his ancestors.  Nothing in China grows old, or out of date, and there is, consequently, no scope for innovation.”  

     On the surface of it, wealth only comes from innovation, planned obsolescence and consumer dissatisfaction, but the rare coin and art industry proves that hypothesis invalid.   Latham saw the Chinese as some saw the American mustangs or imported African slaves....ignorant minions....Coolies good for only dog food or menial tasks....beasts of burden better broken than enabled or broken to be enabled for limited rolls. Latham noted in his 1855 speech that supported his bill that England’s legitimate imports from China equaled about $16,000,000 per year and that opium sales by the Brits to the Chinese equaled $20,000,000.  This was while Latham was being prepared as the president of the European controlled London and San Francisco Bank Ltd, which was rolling the gold from the California Gold Rush into an American base of operation for the worldwide distribution of opium previously controlled by the British East India Company. Under American control that opium trade was taking a new form in a broader international power elite syndicate.  On Latham’s board of the bank were Henry L. Bischoffsheim who owned England’s Bute House and who was aligned with both the English Rothchilds, the British Jacobite, Sir John Stuart and Augusta Saxe-Gotha.  The bank board also included  Junius S. Morgan, father of J.P. Morgan and partner of English banker, George Peabody, German-Jewish banker Rudolph Sulzbach, to mention only a few.  Having been appointed the customs collector by President Franklin Pierce whose earlier support of filibusterer William Walker in his attempted annex of Baja California, Pierce, an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush, was supported in his work in San Francisco by Sheriff and former Texas Ranger, John Coffee "Jack" Hays.  Hays' nephew, John Hays Hammond, was African diamond harvester Cecil Rhodes' right hand man.  Hays had also been a close associate of Samuel Hamilton Walker, whose Hamilton connections some say linked him to the Lord Hamilton of Scotland as well as to Samuel Colt.  Colt had made the Walker Colt pistol based on advice from Ranger Samuel Hamilton Walker.  "Back then there were those who like Dorrance, Hunt and Brannaman were to be immolated or avoided," said McKittrick.  "Making their teachings a centerpiece of American leadership will change the world as we know it," said McKittrick, "But you have to figure a way to get the Executive Branch on board through the electorate, which can be as fickle as a wolverine in a cage of Polar Bears."
     Horses were quickly being replaced by railroads in Latham's day and then within 50 years by Henry Ford's horseless carriage.  A rail line envisioned between Savannah, Georgia home of the first Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in America and founded by Albert Pike, would have linked with a William Walker/family dynasty acquired port in Baja, but dependent on a type of William Walker-Aaron Burr syndicate controlling the South.  The Southerner's had a different plan....a Confederate envisioned port at San Diego with rail route across the Great Southwest laid out personally by Jefferson Davis from Savannah.  Jefferson Davis, Albert Pike and Caleb Cushing were close allies in the push for the China Trade highway to the East Coast.  Alternatively, there was the San Francisco port which given that city's backing by the New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston power elites whose financial resources and connections to European banks and with Latham the spokesman for the venture, made it the winner.
     Today Latham's papers are domiciled at Stanford University, the school funded by the Central Pacific's, Leland Stanford, who linked his train track to E.H. Harriman's Union Pacific in 1869.   Like the Bush Presidential papers, these papers are tightly controlled.  While the defeated Southerners turned to the KKK for protection only to find that it, too, was commandeered by Albert Pike's followers with their connection to the New England China Traders through Caleb Cushing and to the Jacobite Scots and English monarchists, the victorious Northerners danced in Bohemian rituals in the woods north of San Francisco or played golf at the Walker County, Georgia country club, Augusta National, not far from Savannah in the Southern stronghold of the predominantly English Tory pre-colonial and post-colonial region.  Scottish Rite Masons along the Eastern Seaboard, though appearing to be from the anti-monarchical John Knox Protestant tradition, had made the jump through the Roman Catholic Tory-aligned Albert Pike, toward a re-embrace of the primogeniture-based pyramidal structures of Europe.  Meanwhile, the South's most celebrated general, Nathan Bedford Forrest, instinctively assessing General Braxton Bragg to be working for the Northern Rail Road interests, departed the Ku Klux Klan the same year that Harriman and Stanford drove the gold spike at Promontory Point, 1869, thus leaving the KKK to Pike and his followers and indicating that its out of control brutality no longer represented the Southerner's interests.
     A few years before Latham's bill in 1855, William Walker was expelled from California turning his eye from a California port to a new canal zone in Central America while the Confederate plan for a Savannah to San Diego rail line was easily derailed by the Civil War which never announced the deeper and actual economic motive.... the low road to the Opium Trail and not the high moral road of Abolitionism.  In the process the DuPonts, Remmingtons, Colts, Browns of Baltimore....including John Brown the abolitionist whose secret backers included Bostonian, George Luther Stearns, attempted to corner the bullett and lead markets.  In time the Rockefellers joined the fray uniting in amalgams of new Christian communities in places like Brewster, Massachusetts as Pike aligned preachers from the American South or Lord Hamilton's Jacobite Scottish regions of Scotland were appointed to the chaplaincy of the U.S. Senate and giving the impression of a nation healed of it wounds and standing in solidarity with its own past....a clear prevarication.
     The high road was formally abandoned as soon as a reasonable "Reconstruction" period had been endured by the South and exploited by the North.  Within 100 years those freed by the Civil War were being re-enslaved by the sale of government delivered drugs from the China Traders mixed with new supplies from South and Central America in U.S. inner cities as evidenced by the investigative journalism of Gary Webb whose book Dark Alliance informed the testimony of Col. Bo Gritz and Col. Daniel Martin, who confirmed Webb's findings.  Meanwhile reports from the poppy rich region of Afghanistan in 2012 revealed that the American trained military there was using helicopters to transport opium....as if that was not the plan from for the occupation in the first place.
     Over 100 years earlier, moving to New York from San Francisco, Senator Latham, became the head the New York Mining and Stock Exchange which the SEC shut down in 1935, six years after the stock market crash and following decades of Latham’s company bilking its customers.  “This is the origins of the NY Stock Exchange, and don’t forget that the government backed shipments from Shanghai to San Francisco were insured by AIG Insurance which true to character would not only take billions in bail out money, but also take over the management of key U.S. ports when the Dubai Ports deal fell apart,” said McKittrick not surprised that this insurance company made the case that it knew vert well how to run port trafficking.

     So when the actor Michael Douglas recants his famous line in the movie Wall Street, "Greed is good," and says that he didn't mean it and that it was only a movie, what?  He's lying?  McKittrick didn't think so.  "There is a difference between greed and desire.  Desire is essential for life.  Greed is not and will, in fact, kill life at some level. Greed is desire run amuck, out of control, off kilter.  Desire gave Britain trade with China.  Greed gave it the Opium Wars and an eventual Chinese Cultural Revolution.  Desire gained Bernie Madoff an education.  Greed got him ill-gotten gains a dead son and an lifetime prison sentence.  Desire did the same for Martha Steward which uncontrolled turned to greed and got her some of the same.  The verdict is out on what it got Hank Paulson and his cronies, or perhaps not.  That whole affair has scent of a privy.  A horse, like a good dog will desire to please its master...and I resist using the word 'master' because of the connotations.  A stud horse or dog will desire to mate with all the mares in the pasture, but humans have managed, for the most part, to see this as greed and greed of this nature is not good, because as we have seen, for example, in the Hapsburgs or the Russian royal families, the power to control the entire gene pool can lead to some unintended consequences....cleft palates, strange chins, blood disorders and other what nots," said McKittrick.
     In a way similar to Latham’s myopia, Illinois Senator Charles Percy who was also head of the Bell and Howell Corporation said in a famous interview with Mike Wallace that there was nothing that the Chinese had that Americans would ever want.”   That was back when no one had ever heard of a star Chinese basketball player.  That was before Bell and Howell’s camera lost out to oriental brands like Canon, Olympus and others.  Percy, his daughter, Sharon, married to Senator Jay Rockefeller, knew far more about China and its potential than he was letting on,” said McKittrick noting that the Peabody family, Roosevelts, Delanos, Forbes, Cabots, Russells, Tafts and Cushings all made their fortunes in some way by connections to the China Trade.  "Flooding the Chinese with cheap drugs may have been a means of seeing them as inferior, but in time, like the enslaved blacks of Europe and American, or the Irish and Scot minions of the British royals, people break free.  The horse whisperers like Buck Bannaman know from experience and intuition not to travel down history's dark road for the sake of greed and power.  It will eventually backfire," said McKittrick.
     Meanwhile, as manufacturing has shifted from America and Europe to the Orient, Chinese workers have moved to factories owned by Western companies like Nike.  In the last quarter of 2011 Apple Computers’ Chinese factories came under fire for low pay and problematic working conditions.  Some workers complained of working 36 hour shifts while nets were reportedly built around the buildings to discourage suicides from jumpers.   Disillusionment having moved from opium dens to the unit-grinding sweat shops.  As Bob Lutz, the General Motors car maker said "I asked the Chinese leadership if they are socialist or capitalist.  They said we do whatever works and call it 'socialism'."
       U.S. power elites do the same thing in reverse.  "The horse whisperers do not," said McKittrick.  "And the future will need their wisdom more than that of the current brand of power elite poppy.....and I mean POPPY.... poppy-cockers."
     “All of this underscores the need for a universal connecting of our leaders to the values of people like Dorrance, Hunt and Brannaman,” said McKittrick.  “They live out what I think Teddy Roosevelt said he aspired too, but which his position in family and society really prevented in a deeper way.  Retraining our leaders won't guaranteed that we won’t get some presidents like the Bushes who put in charge men like William Walker.... human predators like Rumsfeld, Cheney and others ruthless little bastards,” said McKittrick noting that "the presidents who fail to add their blessing to this buffet of poo and call the chefs who prepare it the 'ruthless little bastards' or 'faggity Bohemians', or put their own brother in charge of the deconstruction of this crime syndicate, particularly when their families have dined on that same buffet often get food poisoning...a Watergate experience or a tap to the head.  JFK's appointment of Bobby as Attorney General, for example, was a move that looked like the reconstruction of the old dynasties of Europe that even the Machiavellians abhor. But one thing's for sure, people are a lot like horses and dogs and you have to whisper to them before you can talk to them."

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