Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Custer’s Last Stand: Freedom Quickly Dying In The West

By Fabian Colbachi

     When Winsip Custer’s blog was censored by what could only have been an entity with power to force Blogger.com to change its content with or without Custer’s consent he stopped producing it altogether.
     It was a sad day equal to the jailing of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in the old Soviet Union or of a Chinese dissident standing before a tank in Red Square.
     What Custer had provided was the clear lines connecting the current U.S. power structure bent on fascist control of the nation.  It was more than they could handle so they censored Custer.   The nation deserved to know the truth.
     I have spoken with Custer at length about the redaction of Yale, Yale The Gang’s All Here, by Bard Willett Williamson, Custer's last post, and his having changed his codes before slipping into silence.  He gave me permission to post one more time.
    Mr. Custer was working on the shift in America’s cultural ethos.  He had gone back to the American Revolution and chronicled the differences between the Tory and Whig elements….those that embraced the primogeniture-pact of the royalists versus the revolutionary patriots.  Those patriots included George Washington, Ben Franklin and their fellow Masons of the pre-Scottish Rite persuasion.  Albert Pike’s Scottish Rite Masons did not emerge in America until after the Revolution, first in the South where Pike would usurp the leadership of theKKK while serving the interests of the Northern elite’s continuation of economic slavery and fascist control.  Washington, Franklin and their fellow pre-Scottish Rite group were freedom lovers whose philosophies informed their steady move toward liberty and abandonment of fascist principles.  Thomas Jefferson was saddled with writing out of the Constitution the first-born Tory favoritism upon which the inbred royal houses of Europe depended as do the Arab royals today.   Custer pointed out that asking the question…. “which U.S. families are in bed with the Arab Royals?"... will tell you which ones have abandoned the historic principles of the United States and its revolutionary founders.
    Custer also chronicled the discrediting of MIT sociologist, Frank J. Sulloway, whose exhaustive study, Born To Rebel, had provided the empirical evidence backing the American political experiment, a necessary blend of art and science, that was so lacking in the American fascist's, white supremicists pseudo-science of eugenics.  That pseudo-science was domiciled at the Harriman backed Cold Spring Harbor, New York facilitiy which we now know from Edwin Black's book, War Against the Weak, was part of the new American agenda that informed Hitler's Nazi fascism.  Albert Pike's Scottish Rite Masonry would originate not in Scotland, but Prussia through the endorsement of its ruling elites.  Indeed, William Morgan's book, Light On Masonry, which led directly to Morgan's death,  Light on Masonry chronicled the shift from the Washington/Franklin masonic outlook, but without having yet established Pike's  influence on the abandonment of the Washington/Franklin position. Morgan's exquisite summary of Washington's anti-primogeniture, anti-elitest sentiments is timeless. Custer's vantage point more than 100 years after Morgan's findings took in the whole panoramic view.  By the time Prescott Bush's Yale elites, established as they were in 1833, but melding with Pike's cult, the Skull and Bones families and fraternity were avoiding an intervention in Germany and Japan as Yale, Yale the Gang's All Here spelled out.  It was obvious by the fall of 1941 that the Harriman/Bush connection was established along the Pike/racially-exclusive lines to promote or avoid war for profit, but by then Pike's Tory followers were making even the Chaplain of the U.S. Senate an honorary member of his dark galaxy of knowing and unknowing minions.  By the time President Harry Truman is looking for the missing foundation stone of the White House during a White House renovation, Truman comes face to face with what only the highest-degreed Scottish Riters....and perhaps not all of them.....knew.
    “No clearer is this rejection of Tory principles seen,” said Custer, “than in the life of the man who served as the model for the Mel Gibson film, The Patriot, William Lee Davidson, whose family provided the land upon which the White House is built.
    “General William Lee Davidson led the American militia that repelled Cornwallis.  Davidson College would be named in his honor.  Davidson in a clear statement of his anti-primogeniture sensitivities that would have further supported Sulloway's work, sent an unmistakable message to the Tories.  Davidson's last-born son and not his first-born was named William Lee Davidson, Jr.,” said Mr. Custer.
    No mention was made in the Mel Gibson film of Davidson and his contribution to the unique American republic.  Gibson also repeatedly avoids mention of his own father’s fascism, the alignment of Roman Catholic Scottish Rite Mason, Albert Pike, with the same fascist leanings nor of Pike’s writings for the Scottish Jacobite magazine in Edinburgh, Scotland which stood in direct contrast to the anti-primogeniture leanings of clergymen like John Knox whose antipathy to the Roman Catholic Mary Queen of Scots is exemplary. Custer had also pointed out that Pike was appointed as the Confederacy’s Indian agent for the acquisition of land for the railroads needed to reach the lucrative opium trade route from Europe to the Orient.  In that role Jefferson Davis, the Confederate president, and Pike had teamed up with New England opium smuggler and U.S. diplomat to China, Caleb Cushing whose family would eventually control the benchmark price of American oil through a pipeline in Cushing, Oklahoma.  From Little Rock, Arkansas the Pike followers would unite with the Italian Masons whose leader had imported the Mafia not through Ellis Island in New York Harbor as Francis Ford Coppola’s God Father trilogy says, but through New Orleans.  Buried in the Vatican is the Stuart/Stewart family members, of which John Ewell Brown Stuart, General JEB Stuart, who was first to arrive at John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, is a part.   Whether Catholic or Anglican, the Tories were conservative defenders of the elite's status quo and their political and religious persuasions supported this bias.
      JEB Stuart, who had gone to Texas during the time that Jefferson Davis was plotting the first trans-continental rail from the U.S. southern ports to San Diego across the flatter Southwest terrain, was frequently missing from the battle scenes like Gettysburg, not unlike General Braxton Bragg, whose ineptitude was clearly pointed out by his bitterest enemy, Nathan Bedford Forrest, who suspected that Bragg was a shill for the Northern robber barons.  Forrest, who would leave the KKK he had founded by 1868, citing its growing brutally influenced by the fascist Albert Pike, would be defended in his decision by historians Shelby Foote and Ken Burns, while Arkansas' leading historian, Walter Lee Brown, himself a Pike Scottish Rite Mason, denounced Forrest's prophetic place in KKK history.

     Custer’s work explored the development of Pike’s influence on Arkansas’ continuing criminal enterprises as evidenced by its eventual bank licensing of BCCI, the Bank of Commerce and Credit International, that more than any other financial entity funded Iran-Contra.  Iran-Contra would expose like no other recent event the fascism that is pulling America’s political strings. 
     During the month of April, 2012 the History Channel would air a program on the mysterious disappearance of the foundation stone laid by the original Masons beneath the White House.  The film’s producers would travel to Pike’s Washington D.C. Scottish Rite Temple where Pike’s body had been placed following its removal from Washington’s Oak Hill Cemetery, part of which had been purchased from the Davidson’s Evermay estate.   The message was clear.  Whatever foundation the founding fathers had provided in setting the course toward a revolutionary new republic, the Tories had taken it back.  I can’t blame Mr. Custer for announcing his last stand. 

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