Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, January 31, 2013


"Mr. Netanyahu, Tear Down This Wailing Wall!"?

By Winsip Custer CPW News Services
     Senator Chuck Hagel fielded the question  during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee.   Utah Senator Mike Lee chronicled an event in Israel during which a Palestinian detonated a bomb killing six and wounding hundreds.  Lee wanted to know why Hagel in his Senate speech following the bombing affirmed the need for Israel to guarantee a Palestinian homeland.  Is there a moral equivalency between Israel’s position and that of the Palestinian bomber?" asked Lee.

      “Absolutely not,” said Hagel.

     Dr. Marvin P.  Powers of the Center for The Promotion of Peaceful Terrorism was present for the hearing.  “I have never seen two grown men miss so completely the opportunity to educate the world on the power of peaceful terrorism," said Powers.

       “Have we learned nothing in the last 100 years?” asked Dr. Powers. 

     “Violent terrorism for all of the flying ears, eyeballs, legs and limbs, has nowhere near the power of political persuasion of peaceful terrorism.  Violence begets violence," said Powers.

     "Peaceful terrorism has been clearly demonstrated to be like Stevia in comparison to Sugar.  Stevia, 300 times sweeter than sugar, won't give your body the problems associated with diabetes which in the end does the same thing to you as a pound of C4 explosives," said Powers.

     According to Powers, the utilitarian effects of peaceful terrorism is at least 300 times more powerful than violence.  Granted, Mahatmas Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King were killed by assassins, but not before laying out the case for peaceful terrorism.  Nothing terrorized a bunch of paranoid crackers in the South like a peaceful black man sitting quietly at a Woolworth's lunch counter.  Nothing would scare an assembly of Jews like a peaceful group of Muslims wailing peacefully at the Wailing Wall calling upon the Jewish people to move over and allow them to be there.  All without violence,” said Powers.
     Powers is the adopted son of an adopted father and an adopted grandfather whose father was also adopted.   He said that his life experiences and that of his entire family was about not taking ones’ place in the world too seriously, of traveling light and being open to including others and being included by others. 

     “Everybody must move  over and make room for others.  What the hell is wrong with people?  This isn't rocket science.   Did we have to slaughter the American Indians so that we could pay taxes on their free land and frack the crap out of it so that we could take the dirty water and put it through  a crumby filtration process  into plastic bottles after it has been filtered by Aqua Fina or Coca-Cola?  If the Indians had just laid down their bows and arrows and pushed for better terms than the Trail of Tears and just peacefully migrated to Wall Street or Michigan Avenue in Chicago or done like the Chinese and just leaned peacefully against their Great Wall or like the Eastern Europeans as Reagan suggested without violence...."Tear down this wall" the Palestinians would be home free," said Powers who was not suggesting that Obama ask Israel to "just tear down this wailing wall."

     Dr. Powers believes that no one recently presented for confirmation for Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, CIA or FBI Directors….even most of the elected Presidents…..except for Reagan if you discount Iran-Contra and Grenada....not one in the last fifty to sixty years had promoted effectively the concept of peaceful terrorism.  “Reagan's push for planned military obsolescence and 'let's outspend the bastards for no reason' was a type of peaceful terrorism, but all of these bozos, Reagan included, were given a front row seat to the power of real peaceful terrorism in changing a culture.  Martin Luther King built upon the worldview and philosophy of Gandhi and nobody terrorized the most powerful empires on earth, England and the United States, like they did without a sling shot, a pea shooter or even a wrapped towel with which to pop peoples’ fat asses,” said Powers.

     Powers noted that the main reason peaceful terrorism is not promoted is that there does not appear to be any money in it.  "Gunpower.  Chemical explosives.  Poison gas.  Drone bomb droppers.  Really powerful conventional weapons are expensive and can be stamped out on an assembly line.  The worker bees' mental powers are channeled toward the singular task of shoving these products out the door for a quick profit.  Three hundred times more powerful, and this is where Myron Du Bain's work at the Stanford Research Institute totally missed the point....the men who stared at goats and caused one to drop dead in some kind of Darth Vader effect was not the result of one person's focus, but of the whole room of goat gazers  welding their psychic powers to that poor goats' body and brain.  Bam!  Dead goat."

    "It works?" Powers was asked.  "Certainly it works, but not on any large scale.  That would be to go against what men like Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan and J. Robert Oppenheimer.....not, however, Stephen Hawking, but he's another case....one who seems to like self-loathing which is laughable when you think that some poor loving schmuck has to change Hawking's dirty diaper every morning and brush those ugly teeth out of pay, duty or love, but some value that avoided euthanasia.  The others maintained, as best I can tell, that love was the ultimate principle within the universe and that if we were to survive it would be because we choose love over hate.  What Ghandi and King showed is the power of group focus to redirect an entire culture away from self-destruction toward life and hope," said Powers.
     “Nothing would sting the tip of an Israelite's circumcised penis like Muslims who will burn the midnight oil searching the Koran for the justification for practicing totally peaceful terrorism.   Now that would be the ultimate example of peaceful terrorism today....Muslims following the example of Gandhi and King.   The future of the earth and its people depend on the unrestrained practice of peaceful terrorism,” said Powers.

     Powers was delighted that Hagel was supported by Senator King from Maine who compared Hagel's military experiences to those of John F. Kennedy and Nikita Kruschev in providing the wisdom to avoid a nuclear holocaust during the Bay of Pigs.  "Those were baby steps toward peaceful terrorism, but more like Sweet & Low to sugar instead of Stevia," said Powers.

     Powers attended the hearings with his old friend retired Col. E.M. Bolmer, USMC retired, who recently left his post at Arlington National Cemetery where he was known not only for tracking down over 6000 misplaced bodies, but also for his empathetic appreciation of the grief and suffering endured by military families.   A noted poet, his colorful poems depicting the realities of modern warfare have been widely read.   Dr. Powers insisted that Bolmer share with other friends in the Senate lounge after the Nagel hearing his latest award winning poem titled Fallen Fred.

Fallen Fred
Ode To A Fallen Soldier
By E.M. Bolmer
A fat young fart then gangly
Shaved hair upon his head
A Veteran of the Foreign Wars
And now old Fred is dead.

Made for wars and killin’
and deeds that win their hearts
They spread around the candy
And hot salvos of red darts.

Back home they raised their glasses
Toasting Fred’s great sacrifice
While the tender rendered service

And refilled their glass with ice.

Poor Fred is gone old buddies,
Old Fred has passed away.
If ‘passed’ can really capture
How his guts were sprayed that day.

We wish that more had known him.
That Fred had had a wife.
A little boy who chuckled

As he whittled with a knife.

He’d made a good employee.
Workin’ hard on some fine team.
Instead of flyin’ skyward.
Like Old Faithful puffin’ steam.

When Obama dies or Bushy
Or some other lucky son.

While millions cry and blubber.
And proclaim their battle won.

We’ll remember Fred’s quick exit
And we’ll slam another down.
For the loss of one good warrior.

As we buy another round.

He gave it all for others.
To keep us all from harm
While the favored sons are claimin’
How their life was filled with charm.

They step before the camera
With a swagger take the stage
And point to the great banner
And claim they wrote the page

The suck egg mules of privilege
No substance to their claim
Send boys to fight there for them
To return in box or lame.

While Fred came back in plastic,
All zip-locked in a pile
As his mother wept and wailed

By guards all polished single file.

Carl Rove and Georgie
Dick Cheney and Obam.
Fight on a turf that’s fertile
From Freds becoming Spam.

Should you find that you could join him.
Take up the cause and go.
Consider well the issue.
Before you flow or glow.

If you find yourself in Fred’s shoes
On some strange and distant shore
A common simple soldier
When the canons reach and roar

It’s no shame to run for cover,
To fight another day.
John McCain first ran for cover
When his Skyhawk blew away.

Then you can come and battle
For the future Fred’s and Bill’s
The Sams and Johns and Kellys
The Jacks and Rays and Phils

And bring honor to their memory
As we are doin’ now
And pay them decent homage.
For how they went…..ka-pow!

A simple sign is hangin’
By a ribbon on the tree
“Today we’re celebratin’
That Fred, thank God, ain’t me!


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