Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, May 5, 2013


by Peter Pezonus for CPW News Service

     With the NRA Convention now over Dr. Marvin P. Powers head of the Center for the Promotion of Peaceful Terrorism, believes that the Houston, Texas event was staged to show support for what has become known as “The Octopus.”
     “Yes, the Octopus is basically the U.S. Military Industrialist Complex and its tentacles extend around the world, but it depends on military muscle to maintain its prominence and power.  The NRA uses the same dialectic that Anthony Sutton said was at the heart of ‘The Order’s’ control of U.S. power.  The Order usurped the American political experiment in 1833 and established a two-pole dialectic that is seen in the U.S. two-party system of government, the Cold War dialectic of left and right ideologies and even in the NRA’s claim that it supports little people, but which knows damn well that it is the mouth piece for Colt, Remington and the other gun manufacturers that are part and parcel to the entire galaxy of U.S. military contractors like George Luther Stearns who was backing abolitionist John Brown's attack on the U.S. arsenal at Harper's Ferry, but who was himself seeking to corner the lead and bullet market.  When Bill Mahr asked on his program Friday night, May 3rd, for his guests to respond to the fact that 40% of Republicans believe that there may need to be an armed rebellion to restore the nation’s integrity, he gave a figure of all the bullets that the U.S. militias claimed they had….in the millions.  Then Mahr said “and the government has all the rest,” said Powers noting that the NRA had recruited Asa Hutchinson to be its top lobbyist for its promotion of an armed police officer on every school campus.

The use of symbols as tools of propaganda is rooted in classic Gestalt imaging techniques like those used
in Hitler's 3rd Reich.  The U.S. Navy Seal headquarters in San Diego are seen here (lower right) as
a clear swastika. Author Jeremy Scahill lamented the place that Admiral William McRaven has taken
as head of the combined U.S. Special Forces.  The combined Special Forces sued the author of
The Expendable Elite which verified the CIA's place in U.S. drug distribution, assassinations and elimination of
non-compliant Special Operations officers.  Believing that the author, Col. Daniel Marvin,
 would not appear in the South Carolina court, he did, and won his case.  "McRaven is not
likely a fan of General Smedley Darlington Butler's War is a Racket," said Marvin Powers, noting that McRaven
was born in San Antonio, Texas and attended the University of Texas where Col. Theodore
"Ted" Westhusing, West Point's leading ethicist, graduated with an advanced degree
in Greek Classics.  Westhusing died following a confrontation with General David Petraeus
in Iraq over the corruption of military contractors and the unwarranted deaths of civilians.
Westhusing's story was covered in the first chapter of Christian T. Miller's book, Blood Money.
    Powers believes that the NRA is essentially a fight promoter.  “As with the stupidity of the Americans during the Civil War, never asking just who is profiting from that sordid affair, so most Americans including the late Charlton Heston never seemed to get to the deeper questions raised by Anthony Sutton and  prominent voices like Sister Megan Rice, Chris Hedges and Jeremy Scahill. Ironically, Scahill was also on Bill Mahr’s program the same night that Mahr tauted the U.S. government’s weapons stockpile and power to put down insurrections. 
     “If we are going to kill our own people without charging them with a crime, then we better just say we live in a different country and quit telling the world that we are this great shinning city on a hill,” Scahill told Mahr.
     “It is a different country than the one Washington, Franklin and Jefferson fought for,” said Powers who has envisioned Sister Megan Gillespie Rice, Jeremy Scahill and Christopher Hedges co-authoring a new book titled CAVE X:  119’ Feet Deep, 1070’ Long, Pure Evil, which shows the NRA, Texas Governor's office and the Texas connection to the U.S. power elites who have been hunkering down deep in the heart of Texas.

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