Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, March 25, 2013


Abu Ghraib, Yale’s Elites, The Stanford Research Institute and the Stanford Prison Experiment

by Winsip Custer CPW News Services

      "Heck, don't forget San Francisco's connections to the Franklin Savings case and that the key personalities in that story passed right through this city and don't forget the fact that Hunter S. Thompson has been named by Paul Bonacci and Rusty Nelson in John De Camp's Franklin Cover Up and that it was in San Francisco that Thompson linked up with the motorcycle club that kick-started his writing career....the Hell's Angels," said a San Francisco vintage book store employee, Damian Crowley Wicha, who goes by the nickname "Kool Guano".
     It has been widely questioned whether given his long-time residence on Lombard Street overlooking San Francisco’s Presidio where U.S. Army Colonel Michael Aquino was accused of overseeing what has become known as the Presidio Child Abuse Scandal, whether Philip Zimbardo, the Stanford professor who conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment was a member of Aquino’s cult or of another of San Francisco’s dark traditions.....Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan.... or perhaps even the Bohemian Grove’s assembly of “cremators of care" or at least some within their ranks shuffling money for the Iran-Contra network.
     While boys were killing and dying in Vietnam in August, 1971, Dr. Zimbardo was simulating in the basement of a Stanford classroom building a gulag that was quickly deteriorating into a type of Andersonville Prison or Abu Ghraib.  A few hours down the coast in San Diego another favored son, Jim Morrison, was singing "Light My Fire" while protesting the fire that his father, the U.S. Navy Admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin affair, had blow torched into the Vietnam conflict," said Guano.

Anton LaVey (l, bald), mentor to the Presido's Col. Michael Aquino
and Marilyn Manson.  Manson and Johnny Depp (r).  Depp
has taken a strong interest in convicted ritual child
murderers the "West Memphis 3".
     Down Lombard Street to the west was the U.S. Army base, the Presidio.  Stationed there was a psychological warfare expert and LaVey protege', Michael Aquino, who had been a member of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, a dark arts religion in the vein of Aleister Crowley’s Templi Ordo Orientis cult.  Aquino had decided that the task of creating increasingly efficient soldiers and weapons was the devil's work below. When it was widely reported that the Presidio child care center was the hub of a child abuse ring, the focus turned in 1988 to Aquino.   Aquino would also be named as a player in what became known as the 1989 Franklin Cover up, a book written by Nebraska Congressman and attorney, John De Camp, an aide to CIA Director William Colby.  Like Boy's Town's founder, Father Joseph Edward Flannigan, De Camp was Jesuit-trained and at one time on his way to becoming a Jesuit priest.   According to De Camp, Paul Bonacci, an orphan from Boys Town in Omaha was  delivered by a high ranking Republican politician named Lawrence King, a pedophile, who brokered young boys to a pedophile ring of powerful politicians and killers.  Lawrence King would sing the national anthem at the 1988 Republican National Convention at which Penn State coach, Joe Paterno, delivered a speech promoting George Herbert Walker Bush.   A documentary about the Franklin Cover-up titled Conspiracy of Silence produced in England by Yorkshire Television, connected as it was to Jimmy Savile, an alleged well-connected British pedophile, was to be aired in the U.S. on The Discovery Channel, when it was suddenly withdrawn from the schedule.

     Bonacci claimed Col. Michael Aquino was also used as a courier by members of the Bohemian Grove, the exclusive retreat about an hour north of San Francisco where Bonacci witnessed the murder of a young boy in a bizarre ritual reportedly filmed by novelist, screenwriter and Washington "gonzo journalist" Hunter S. Thompson.
     Graduating summa cum laude from Brooklyn College with a triple major in psychology, sociology and anthropology, Philip Zimbardo was born to Sicilian immigrant parents on March 23, 1933 in New York City.  In 1955 he completed his Master’s degree from Yale followed by his PhD from the same university in 1959.  Yale’s power elites have, according to Robin Winks, the Sterling Professor of History and author of Cloak and Gown: Scholars In The Secret War, 1939-1961, been the long established bastion for preparation of members of the U.S. intelligence community.  Yale’s corresponding influence through the 1833 Skull & Bones secret fraternity from which, as Robert DeNiro’s film The Good Shepherd has shown, has evolved an interest in mind science and the mental motivations that effect human behavior.  The work of Lauretta Bender who for over a year gave LSD to children at New York's Bellevue Hospital in order to study its effects was part of the CIA's MK-Ultra program with its ties to the U.S military and Stanford Research Institute.  Bender would take the work of Max Wertheimer and create the Bender-Gestalt personality test.
     “Philip Zimbardo has got to know about these connections. You do not become a professor emeritus at Stanford without knowing about the Stanford Research Institute.  Myron du Bain, twice President of the Stanford Research Institute and, some say, the subject of Jon Ronson's book The Men Who Stare At Goats, was responsible in large measure for Stanford’s centrality in the mind science research that applied directly to the U.S.’s secret organizations and clandestine initiatives such as MK-Ultra.  There was nothing comic in this episode in U.S. blundering and George Clooney, Beau Bridges and Hollywood have done a horrible disservice to America in presenting this piece of propaganda that did not cover the darker practices of SRI and MK-Ultra.  The linkages between the Yale establishment supported as it has historically been by the New England 'China Traders', a synonym for opium smuggling, and the West Coast institutions established by the railroad barons, an extension of the China Traders' ambitions, are as clear as a Union Pacific engine pulling a series of coupled Pullman cars.  It was MK-Ultra funding that supported the work of research programs like Myron du Bain's at Stanford University, named as it was for railroad baron, Leland Stanford.  Myron du Bain's insurance company had used, like the Teamster's Pension Fund, America's Firemen's pension systems to create one of the country's largest insurance companies just as Cornelius Vander Starr had created AIG insuring the China Trade with government subsidized premiums.  San Francisco was their Western hub.  Following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake banks moved into the area just as Bank of America has done in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Sandy in New York to gain market position and advantage.  The Bank of Italy was among them.   Myron du Bain has more recently been associated with the owner of the Venice, Florida flying school, Wally Hilliard, whose school trained  the leading 911 hijacker, Mohammed Atta.  According to former NBC reporter, Daniel Hopsicker in his book, Welcome To Terrorland, it was at Hilliard's Huffman Flying School that Atta and one other hijacker prepared for the assault on the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001," said Kool Guano.
     Named for Saint Francis of Assisi, San Francisco found early Christian missionaries supported or usurped, depending on one's worldview, by the arrival of the Jesuits who funded in 1851, the height of the gold rush and development of the China Trade, a Jesuit college in nearby Santa Clara.  Santa Clara College, now Santa Clara University, was named for Saint Francis' friend Saint Clare of Assisi and now houses the papers of Amadeo Pietro Giannini's family whose significance will be shown.  Leon Panetta, Director of the CIA who was to be replaced by General David Petraeus as well as Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, are graduates of Santa Clara University.  Giannini, Bank of America's and TransAmerica's founder, would marry a member of the Genovese family.

     Giannini would attend a business school created in 1863 in Stockton, California a San Francisco suburb.  This put him in the same town that would later be the development site of that battlefield armament transported by the U.S. Navy to foreign wars, the battle tank.  With the 1906 San Francisco earthquake this same invention, steerable tank tracks, would be needed to move the dislocated earth.  A.P. Giannini's banking acumen would be forever tied to the rising U.S. Military Industrialist Complex about which Dwight D. Eisenhower would one day warn. 

Myron du Bain, twice
President of The
Stanford Research
     “One must remember,” said reporter Peter Pezonus, “that it was the Office of U.S. Naval Research that funded Zimbardo’s 'Stanford Prison Experiment'.  No other branch of the U.S. military has such deep ties to the U.S. intelligence community than does the U.S. Navy.  The founder of The Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was not only a member of Naval Intelligence, but also a close friend of Aleister Crowley, whose home in Sicily was home to such dehumanizing debauchery that he was expelled by Benito Mussolini.  The Navy is tied like no other branch of the U.S. military to the CIA and to Yale which explains the inordinate number of Navy and Marine officers with high security clearances and their interest in a soldier's ability to carry out evil acts for the sake of the country's misguided power elites when necessary and the subject of many novels about the development of a 'Manchurian Candidate', deemed by many to be the goal of the mind-science research.  As a U.S. Naval aviator, George Herbert Walker Bush was also a Director of the CIA.  The Navy’s connections to clandestine services is part and parcel to the development of the China Trade which the Navy protected from it beginnings in the 1830's when Caleb Cushing, a New England opium trader negotiated the post-British trade agreements between the U.S. and China.  General Smedley Darlington Butler in his book War is A Racket, blew the whistle on the Marine’s connections to what he called the National City Bank Boys, Brown Brothers Harriman, Brown and Root....of which Elihu Root, also Yale skull & Bones, was the chief progenitor, but with older ties to Baltimore's Alexander Brown, the strongest Roman Catholic U.S. city besides Boston.   It was in Baltimore that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and Samuel F.B. Morse, the cousin of Texas hero James Walker Fannin, would come together. Their Westward ambitions would follow a straight line....like the tapping out of Morse code on a telegraph line from Baltimore to Washington's Capital Rotunda.  From Boston and Baltimore, home of the burgeoning Irish Catholic population and New York's Italian Catholic clans that increasingly intimated the WASP Boston Brahmin China Traders like Caleb Cushing, would come the manpower not only to help win the Civil War, but to complete Leland Stanford's Transcontinental Railroad.   That route followed along a mountain route that surpassed the flatter Southern route that was thwarted by the War and Reconstruction....a Civil War based less on abolition of slavery than securing the Southerner's flatter rail route to San Diego and the Middle Eastern opium beyond.   The central rail route through the Rockies was made possible by the invention of Alfred Nobel's Dynamite in 1866/7.   Robert Timberg’s book The Nightingale’s Song, chronicles the connections of the U.S. Naval Academy to the evolution of the Navy’s prominence in the U.S. intelligence community with his coverage of John McCain, Oliver North, Bud McFarlane, Jim Webb and John Poindexter,” said Pezonus noting that Timberg did not include Admiral Bobby Inman, Admiral Michael Hayden or Admiral William McRaven.  Protection of the China Trader's business was essentially in the hands of the U.S. Navy and the first Navy Seal, William Cushing, had married into the Boston Brahman class that Caleb Cushing, New England's great China trader and first major U.S. envoy to China, had helped create.
     "When Phillip Zimbardo invited Deborah Layton, daughter of Laurence Layton, head of the U.S. military's chemical warfare initiatives, whose brother, Larry, was the only person imprisoned for his part in the Jonestown tragedy in Guyana in 1978, I believe that we were seeing a continuation of USN influence.  A mistress of Jim Jones, Jones had ascended to the head of the San Francisco Housing Authority from which came many of the residents of Jonestown.  It has been asserted by Congressman Leo Ryan's Congressional aide, Jeffrey Holsinger, that Jonestown was a mind control experiment from the get-go.  Remembering that Tuskegee Experiment was not concluded until the 70's and that in the 50's St. Louis' Pruit-Igoe housing project was the site of an undisclosed atomic radiation study that put the entire city of St. Louis at risk....Pruit-Igoe....built by the same architect who built the World Trade Center and who as the Saudi Royal family's leading architect working alongside the engineering firm of the Bin Ladens....this is quite troubling," said Pezonus.   Pezonus was also aware that in 1999 the brother of Deborah and Larry Layton, Thomas Layton, had written for the Stanford University Press the book Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade.  
     “John Poindexter’s and  Oliver North’s connections to Iran-Contra and that program's dependence on the sale of street drugs in California can be seen in Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance as well as in the unfolding life of Oliver North's secretary who married the agent for The Door's lead singer, Jim Morrison.  Fawn Hall's husband and Morrison's agent, Danny Sugerman, author of No One Gets Out of Here Alive, took Fawn to Indo-China where she got hooked on opium and, of course, Jim Morrison OD'd on drugs on the Isle of White, as did Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, an island long connected with British witchery and Crowley's Templi Ordo Orientis followers.  Morrison's father, as said earlier, was the U.S. Navy Admiral who was in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin Affair that jump started the Vietnam War.  Most of the Navy's Pacific fleet was repaired and equipped in San Francisco.”

Dr. Philip Zimbardo, in front of San Francisco's
TransAmerica Tower.  As a
Stanford University Professor
Emeritus, Zimbardo conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment.
Zimbardo was an expert witness in the Abu Ghraib trials
and the self-professed "Superintendent of the Stanford Prison".

     Pezonus believes that the fact that a promising young mind scientist like Philip Zimbardo would be drawn into this type of research is understandable.  “The government gives you a big fat check to run your research and it goes to your head,” said Pezonus.  “If Zimbardo was hooked on either the teachings of Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey or Michael Aquino, or dark elements within the Jesuit tradition which John De Camp had exposed in Omaha, he or someone very close to him would have to say so, but Zimbardo's work focused on the unleashing of evil, not primarily on the pursuit of philanthropic impulses.   Zimbardo normalizes evil tendencies, but says that heroic opposition to evil is also an option.  Zimbardo will forever be linked to exploration in the dungeons of the mind and in the dark side of the human will and to this day he is not averse to raising the spectre of evil as his appearance in the National Geographic film Science of Evil, has clearly shown. 
     In subsequent presentations Zimbardo has used a classic Gestalt tactic of employing strong imagery to direct the mind toward a desired end.  While telling his audience that they are capable of infinite good and infinite evil, the imagery Zimbardo uses focuses the onlooker on the desired result rather than the stated possibilities.  "Binder's Gestalt studies would have made Joseph Goebbels excited about new possibilities of mind control in the Third Reich. In as much as Stanford's Hoover Institute is where the master mind of Abu Ghraib, Donald Rumsfeld, has been a member and given that the Hoover Institute owns the personal diary of Joseph Goebbels, it is not at all a stretch that the truth is, once again, being covered with a swarm of lies," said Pezonus who recommended reading  former Hoover Institute member Anthony Sutton's book, America's Secret Establishment.  "Donald Rumsfeld owned, according the Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, the Abu Ghraib of America during the 19th Century, Misery Plantation, where Frederick Douglass the abolitionist orator was 'rentioned' before being returned to slavery in the South.  Thomas Layton's 1999 book notes that the opium cutter Frolic that sank north of San Francisco in 1850 was laid in the Baltimore, Maryland shipyard where Frederick Douglass, then named 'Fred Bailey' worked laying the hulls of opium clippers.

While telling his audience that they are capable of infinite good and evil
the imagery uses a classic Gestalt tactic of providing visual verification
of the desired rather than the possible outcomes.

    "That Zimbardo wanted to be filmed in front of San Francisco's TransAmerica Tower is also significant in as much as its founder also created Bank of America,  Amadeo Pietro Giannini, the father of the Vatican related Bank of Italy, about which Sherman Skolnick wrote: 'Bank of America is supposedly owned principally by numerous of their small account holders. A fairy tale supreme. By the 1970s, Bank of America, the holding company, was owned principally by the Vatican and the Jesuits, the Pope's clever army who occasionally see fit to rebuff the Pontiff. In the 1970s, the ownership broadened out to include the French Rothschilds, wrongly identified by know-nothings as "Jewish bankers", actually very Pro-Vatican into many joint finances not exactly compatible with ordinary Jews or the State of Israel.'" 

     Pezonus noted that Ken Lewis, Bank of America's President during the 2008 bailout claimed that his was the only bank in the U.S. that didn't need Henry Paulson's bailout money, but that he was forced to take it anyway.  At the time 95% of community U.S. banks were solvent.  Lewis then turned around and used Bank of America's bailout money to buy Merrill Lynch the company whose CEO, Donald Regan, was Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff.   Even before the bailout, it was clear that the repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act that forced banking and investing houses to be separated following the Great Depression, was being challenged by banks like Citibank that found ways to shed their much deserved shackles. 

 Merrill Lynch was originally the investment house of Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith with the Pierce being the family of Barbara Pierce Bush who married to George Herbert Walker Bush with his ties to James Walker Fannin and Texas Ranger, Samuel Hamilton Walker whose leading Texas Rangers became the sheriffs of San Francisco and Sacramento at the height of the California gold rush that paved the way for the Gianninis and Bandinis in California and for the rise of TransAmerica and Bank of America.  Texas Ranger, John Coffee "Jack" Hays, the sheriff of San Francisco elected in 1850, was the cousin of the John Hays Hammond, the right hand of man of the Rothschild's right hand man, Cecil Rhodes, whose Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, England helped to indoctrinate young recipients into a globalist agenda.  While the U.S. was built on freedom and open competition where government provided the assurance of an open playing field, something else was also at play," asserts Pezonus.

    "That the first Jesuit Pope ever selected  chose the name of the Catholic reformer, Francis of Assisi, whose life was altogether opposite the Jesuits, the order most associated with the Inquisition, brings a whole new dimension to the power of the old European Hapsburg dynasty reconstituting itself on American soil," said Pezonus.  The Vatican related Bank of Italy that in the United States has become TransAmerica with key branches in Baltimore and San Francisco and that this bank morphed into what appears to be the hero of the Paulson bailout with its assertions by Ken Lewis that it was the one healthy bank at the table, but forced to accept tax payers sovereign dollars is another bamboozling the likes of which the U.S. has never seen.   The York Rite Masons...Washington and Franklin....the Masons with anti-monarchical and decidedly Protestant sympathies are surely reeling in their tombs.  When Ken Lewis was succeeded as CEO by Brian Moynihan with his FleetBoston and Notre Dame history  the TransAmerica/Bank of America/Fleet Boston marriage showed that the decidedly Roman Catholic cities of Boston, Baltimore and San Francisco were emerging as key players in the nation's future, but based upon an alien and previously defeated old world paradigm.  The dark underworld of Albert Pike's Scottish Rite Masonry with its historic ties to the Roman Church, the Prussian Royals and Hapsburgs as wells as to the Italian underworld of Italian Scottish Riter, Giuseppe Mazzini, and the plan was nearly complete.  From Boston the Irish Catholics had historically done the dirty work of annexing the South and much of the West for the William Walker-type filibusters who were led by the 1833 Yale power elites and  from Alexander Brown's Baltimore.  More and more the leaders of this powerful monarchical coalition hid their motivations amid a tightly controlled two-party dialectic, but still identified not with historic American values, but with the reemerging oligarchies of the past.  H. Ross Perot would be the last American, also a U.S. Navy insider and the only alternative candidate who through his relationships with Col. Bo Gritz and Gunther Russbacher, to fully understand the paradigm shift that was removing the time-honored values of the U.S. like a 'giant sucking sound'.   It was from Roman Catholic Baltimore that  Bishops sent Catholic priests to prepare the way for annexation of Texas and the Western territories.   While Mazzini's Scottish Riters were not formally organized into lodges in New Orleans until the early 20th Century, they increasingly controlled New Orleans water front. Albert Pike with his connections to Jefferson Davis in the South and Caleb Cushing in New England had set sights on California where the family of Juan Bandini had been wed to Abel Stearn on the West Coast. The New England Brahman-class through Caleb Cushing's  galaxy of traders was wed to George Luther Stearns in Boston.  George Luther Stearns, one of John Brown's 'Secret Six' financial backer helped to fund John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry.   The prize for Stearns, a lead miner, was the cornering of the U.S. lead market.  Wars need bullets. This was an alternate vision of America and one not based on the philosophical and theological ideals of the founders who depended on the anti-monarchism of their Protestant traditions to counter the political meanderings of the Vatican and the old European dynasties.  It's been justifiably argued that the first U.S. Army officer on the scene at Harper's Ferry was John Ewell Brown  'Jeb" Stuart, whose cavalry would be consipculously absent in defending the South againt the Brahman-Class-backed Northerners and rail barons during the American Civil War.  Buried in the Vatican was the family of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Royal Stuarts of Scotland to whom Albert Pike looked as he led his alternative to York Rite Masonry...the Scottish Riters...a group with little in common with the Scottish anti-monarchial Protetant, John Knox.  These connections show the emergence of the MIC, Military Industrialist Complex, that parallelled the reemergence of outworn dynastic histories being resurrected from Europe where Mazzini talked of a United State of Europe, but where monarchial models died slowly.  By in large the early American settlers were deciding that slavery was an abomination.  They increasingly freed slaves finding that the new democratic republic based on Puritan values could not sustain such a contradiction.  At the same time Albert Pike, the Roman Catholic founder of Scottish Rite Masonry was the chief legal counsel for the KKK and could argue for keeping slavery as easily as Mitt Romney could describe young girls stacked three deep, twelve to a room sharing one bathroom for a hundred girls in a barbed wired, guard-towered factory and paid 20 cents an hour as a 'good job'," said Pezonus.

     Juan Bandini, whose last name many will recognize from Bernardo Bandini in the Italian history of Murder in the Cathedral and the assassination of Lorenzo di Medici in Florence, summer destination of the 19th Century New England China-trading Brahman-class, was owner of the oldest vineyard in California, Buena Vista.  With California's best wine country stretching north of San Francisco toward the Bohemian Grove, one sees the logical connections between Robert Koch and his wife, the only daughter of George Herbert Walker Bush, to Robert's place as head of the Wine Institute of America. Like vines in a wine vineyard, the stories of these two Americas, Puritan Protestants who increasingly migrate toward oligarchical values and the Italian, Irish and Spanish Catholics,  different as they are from the original vision of the founders,  intertwining over time into a tangled root ball of dark alliances.

     Pezonus believes that if those who are writing the checks for research that is based on the stated goal of answering the question "what triggers evil?" the logical nexus and unstated goal is "and how can we use this mechanism to our benefit?"  Pezonus summarized...."No weapon goes unused.  Governments, at least the U.S. government, is supposed to be founded on a principle of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  The Stanford prison experiment was, like the CIA's MK-Ultra experiments, based on something other than this principle and the leading researchers may well pay allegiance to something other than this time-honored challenge to tyranny.  We see this steady slide into oblivion with Allen Dulles' lust for importing the evils of the Third Reich to America and his cousin's, Avery Dulles', conversion to Catholicism and his selection as a Roman Catholic Cardinal without first earning his stripes as a Bishop, which like Pope Francis, was another first for the Catholic Church," said Pezonus.  "Francis of Assisi was anti-monarchial to a fault.  This may show us more about the real motivation of ecclesiastical leadership and power than the service and sacrifice exemplified in Saint Francis and Saint Clara," Pezonus concluded.

  "'But couldn't Zimbardo's role as a witness in the Rumsfeld-related Abu Ghraib scandal, which let Rumsfeld off the hook for being part of a system that was thrust upon him, too, show that there is a trans-American concern for defending the U.S. against the evils of the Islamic threat?'  Using one evil to counter another evil is the essence of all power grabs, but it doesn't appear to me to be the essence of the life upon which the Christian faith professes to be based.  Humanity has a poor record of viewing conflict circumspectly and of accepting their own responsiblity for its continuation," said Pezonus. 

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