Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, May 17, 2013

Austan Goolsbee’s Leaks Point Finger To Obama’s Shill-Status


By   Wendall Mees Sheipcomen for CPW News Services
     Second Presidential terms are notoriously difficult, scandal riddled and a stage for staged events, but whose?

     “It is now apparent that Mr. Obama’s second term is bringing together many factors beyond his immediate control.  The Right is wanting to haul him and Erik Holder to the wood shed for a fine flogging.  Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, is making the television circuit to voice his opinion that a special investigator is needed to look into IRS abuses.  This is all staged,” said Felix “Tiny “ Zimmer Olvope of Beemon, Reyes, Olvope LLP, a Washington, D.C. political consulting, financial planning  and tourism advocacy firm.
     “Craig Beemon, my partner, believes that since Mrs. Obama worked in the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin which merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood whose N.Y. offices went down in the 2001 World Trade Center disaster, that Michele and Barack are directly beholding to the folks with deep ties to ‘The Order’ of which Brown Brothers Harriman is a major cog,” said Olvope.  "Brown and Wood is clearly tied to Union Bank of New York,"  Olvope asserted.

     Mr. Olvope, a second generation American whose father came from the small island of Olvopia in the Caspian Sea believes that since Austan Goolsbee is President Obama’s top economist and a member of Skull & Bones like Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, and that because Obama has simply continued the policies of George Walker Bush, another Bonesman, that the attack on the IRS is a pendulum swing typical of 'The Order's' dialectic .....an attempt to decentralize the U.S. government.....making money in the pendulum swing before moving in the opposite direction in a future administration as it historically does, to make more money then," said Olvope.  "Think of a prize fighter controlling both corners in a prize fight.  The ticket holder don't know it but the whole fight is rigged," Olvope believes.
     Goolsbee was apparently privy to insider tax information that could have been handed to him from former IRS administrator, Steven Miller.  Republican David Camp of the Ways and Means Committee said of Miller's Congessional hearings appearance,  "The arrogance of the IRS came across." 
     Olvope countered "Yes, Mr. Miller could not have been a better actor for painting a picture of an uppity overreaching administration which is deserving of citizen ire, fear and loathing."

     "Steven Miller's father was a Washington insider?" I asked.
     "Steven Miller's mother and father are a mystery to me," said Olvope.

IRS Commissioner, Steve Miller's "perfect act". Would anybody be that dumb without
the whole presentation being a charade?  "It was so off the chart that you
couldn't make it up," said David Camp.  Actor Jim Carey disagreed,
"I played that character many times on In Living Color."
     “Included in any IRS dismantling will also be the dismantling of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid opening ‘The Order’ to the privatization of Social Security funds which, given the Wall Street rape…..often referred to as the ‘bailout’, would create a replication of the downward spiral of the Bush/Clinton/Bush political and cultural mush bowl.  There will be a domino effect like the one we feared from Godless Communism.   Instead, the issue will be raised that the government cannot be trusted with Obamacare money, then the government cannot be trusted with Social Security money, but the military will always be trusted with huge sums.   With GHWB it was the S&L scandal, Clinton left a surplus somehow while with his support of Nafta and Gatt shipping jobs overseas so that the U.S. workers get to compete globally with sweat shops.  GWB brought us Enron and World Com, Health South, Columbia/HCA, Yellow Cake Uranium, phony wars and the Paulson bandits.  Our firm believes that if Obama is not a shill for the Order, he’d act more like a non-dialectic, anti-flip-flopper like, say, H. Ross Perot, and would call for the withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, reinstatement of Habaeus Corpus,  elimination of assassination of U.S. citizens by drones,  and support of IRS to oversee collection of a flat tax and Social Security funds.  Remember that H. Ross Perot’s company made its fortunes by computerizing the corporate billing for Social Security….which is still a good thing.  In fact, we believe that Social Security should be the only portion of the U.S. economy that can be legally backed by gold.  That would insure that kids help the elderly whose retirement isn’t squandered.    Everyone else gets to use  paper money with  “In God We Trust” on it.    Money  backed by only God and hard work helps to acculturate relational values like those projected by George Bailey in the Frank Capra movie, It’s A Wonderful  Life,” said Olvope.  "That's why my father stowed away on the steamer at Piraeus and jumped ship in Boston," said Olvope who believes that the current drama is aimed at the repeal of the 13th Amendment and the establishment of a Golden Circle of slavery in the Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern hemispheres. 
     “We cannot trust that Barack Obama and Eric Holder, obviously suffering from severe Stockholm Syndrome, aren’t being sacrificed, perhaps for some present and future bonus, according to a script written by secret decree  in some dark nave like Cave X by men  like Steven Miller, Austan Goolsbee, John Kerry, George Walker Bush and the other Bones boys,” said Olvope who favors a flat tax. 

     “Yes, a 50/50 flat tax forever with a balanced budget amendment and a law against war profiteering and a ban on no bid contracts for military suppliers and abolition of military contractors and we’ll be well on our way to a healthy republic, but it makes too much sense doesn't it?” said Olvope noting that those who give to a religious or non-profit humanitarian aide organization could have up to a 10% exemption from the 50/50 flat tax he proposes.  "We'll have fewer tattoos, nipple rings and luxury yachts, less diabetes and big fat blubbering babies, less conspicuous consumption from the power elites of Wall Street and Rodeo Drive, and more Washington politicians who are bald instead of wearing those God awful mops on their heads," said Olvope who still drives a 1972 Ford pickup truck. 

    Olvope noted that the other fine actor in the spectacle was Debra Hall Ingram.  According to Townhall's Carol Platt Liebau "Ingram is a 1979 graduate of Yale and a 1982 graduate of Georgetown Law."
    "Debra Hall Ingram's father was a Washington insider?" I asked Olvope.
     "I don't know about Debra Hall Ingram's mother or father," said Olvope.

       Olvope believes that since Fred Koch, a founder of the John Birch Society, was also a part of the 1930's business plot to install General Smedley Darlington Butler at the head of coup de tat to remove President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that  the entire week's parade of personalities when coupled with Mrs. Obama's connections to Sidley Austin "smells of a ploy".

      The "Business Plot" as the Butler incident has been called, included high profile U.S. corporate leaders including Harvey Firestone, the DuPonts, Charles Lindberg, John Burroughs, Henry Ford and even Prescott Bush and the father of John Kerry's wife, founder of the Heinz ketchup fortune.  "It's all a marvelous act.....a charade.....a carnival show.....like the one that Henry Paulson pulled off or that George W. Bush, George Tenet and Colin Powell used to bamboozle the American people into an unnecessary war in Iraq....only this one smells even more like a dead skunk on an Alabama highway in June.  As George Herbert Walker Bush learned when he raised taxes and lost his Presidency, smaller government is better when that government sucks," said Olvope.  "Still, George lost to Bill Clinton who was as much a shill for the Order as Obama," said Olvope who concluded, "there is only one Order and it's a real bitch having evolved minimally from a cobra."

      "The bottom line is that whatever chess board moves are being carried out, in  the end it is not the players at the chess table who will lose....the top Republicans' or Democrats' pawns, knights and rooks will fall....the drama troupe acting out the underlying script......but the American people in the peanut gallery who are watching in helpless awe, they really take a whippin'" said Olvope.  "Bend over friends, because you will feel the fangs much less in the fleshy part of your buttocks."

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