Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rumsfeld Righteously Indignant: IRS Scandal Needs Special Investigator

Piers Morgan Lifts Sights For American People
by Harry Kruxt Ulzamador CPW News Services

Steve Miller former interim IRS Commissioner (l), U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (c), President
Barack Obama (r).
   CNN's Piers Morgan who has been an outspoken critic of America's liberal gun laws asked former Defense Secretary and military advisor to U.S. presidents "What should happened with respect to the IRS targeting of wealthy Republicans?"

   Rumsfeld, whose experience in extracting information from potential informants includes techniques perfected at Abu Ghraid Prison in Iraq,  said "we may have to appoint a special investigator in this matter."  Rumsfeld, furthermore, noted that Interim IRS Commissioner, Steve Miller, who resigned over the matter was wise to distance himself from Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder.

    "Would you include, if necessary, the renditioning of Mr. Obama in your home, Misery Plantation, where Frederick Douglas was handled after his attempted escape to the North?" Morgan asked Rumsfeld.

    "Nixon didn't call me that 'ruthless little bastard' for nothing," said Rumsfeld.

    IRS critic, Karen Formey Frens, of the citizen group No Taxation Without Representation and Reverse-Renditioning, said "while Mrs. Obama worked for the historically Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, a first cousin of Southern slaver, John C. Breckenridge, Sedley Austin LLP in Springfield, Il, which merged with Brown and Wood with its ties to National City Bank and its funding of American military adventures in foreign enterprise zones and asset extraction points around the globe, my group would support the appointment of Mr. Rumsfeld as that special investigator along with Mr. Dick Cheney."

  "We didn't give the Obama's a leg up to have them scissor-lock their benefactors," said Dick Cheney noting that for the most part Mr. Obama's continuation of Bush policies, an eight fold increase in drone strikes, legislation that allows the killing of American citizens by drones without representation and the continued partitioning of Habeus Corpus, has made Obama an exemplary Democratic President in the eyes of most Republican and Tea Party-types."    Cheney admits, however, that most still have a problem with what Donald Rumsfeld and John Brown Harriman Cushing Taft of Peoria, Illinois called,  "his compromised eugenic heritage".

     "Corporate America's financial support of Obama's last two Presidential campaigns will not be met with this uppity overstep," said Cheney.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney (upper l), Former Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld (lower l) and road sign for Mr. Rumsfeld's historic
Mt. Misery Rd and Hartmann Hill Rd. home.

    Dick Cheney who was vacationing with his wife Lynn in Wyoming said "Both Mr. and Mrs. Obama and Mr. Eric Holder should be questioned about their part in the IRS incursion into targeting wealthy Republicans.  I would work with Don Rumsfeld if my nation asked to me to come to its aid in this hour of need."


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