Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lois G. Lerner's Mother: "My Little Girl Did Nothing Wrong!"

5th Amendment Appeal by Lois Lerner May Trigger Special Prosecutor

Donald Rumsfeld May Offer His Services  as Special Prosecutor If FDA Will Approve Aspar-Milk For School Children

by Bill Bellows Wynnbegg for CPW News Services
     Lois G. Lerner, age 62, the former Mrs. Robert B. Miles, also an attorney, served as Special Assistant in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  There she was lead counsel handling felony and misdemeanor prosecutions.  Lerner moved in 1981, during the Reagan/Bush administration, to the Federal Election Commission.  There she served as Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement and then as acting General Counsel. 

     The Federal Election Commission, bolstered by the events in Florida in November 2000 where swinging chads and rumors of election fraud gave George Walker Bush a sincere desire to see that future elections were never again mismanaged, attracted non-political appointees.  George W. Bush applauded Lerner’s move into working for the Federal Election Commission where she stayed until after the 2000 Supreme Court appointment of Bush.  A year later she moved to the IRS.
      Lerner was selected in January 2006, the sixth year of George W. Bush’s Administration, as Director of Exempt Organizations.  This included examining organizations’ financial and operational programs, their exemption claims as well as providing tax exemption for educational to communities and organizations.
     A past president of Council on Government Ethics Laws (COGEL) she is also an advocate for the Humane Society.

     “Just because George Walker Bush and his father were Vice-President or President   when Ms. Lerner ascended through the ranks of the U.S. Government, does not mean that she would, as a Massachusetts’s citizen , home of the first Tea Party, construct a scenario or be part of a group that constructed a scenario whereby the Koch Brothers-backed Tea Party would be able to  make President Obama look like a modern Silas Lynch,” said Filbert Mason Meyers, of the Citizens For Identifying Fifth Amendment Firewalling and Public Relations Tactics of Cicero, Illinois.  “I don’t care if George Herbert Walker Bush’s only daughter is married to Robert Koch,” said Meyers who added, “And just because Rep. Darrell Issa is a Republican California attorney who made his money in selling car alarms, Issa’s  smooth handling of Lerner’s slick silence does not mean that this entire affair is a second term lynching like Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal or George W. Bush’s Yellow Cake Uranium mix up....although in comparison Lewinsky's little affair never raked for Clinton the military spending for the Carlyle Group that Bush's little bamboozling did.   I mean Clinton smoked some cigars and Bushy saw to it that boys would return from a foreign war in a zip-locked bags of goo.    Now I know that there are those who are saying…..”Lois Lerner may not have done anything overtly wrong, but sins of commission are often hidden within sins of omission by administrators who look the other way, have others influenced with winks and nods or otherwise steer a course aboard the ship of state toward a jagged ice berg,” said Meyers.  “But Ms. Lerner, given her lengthy associations with Bush would never do that now, any more than Kenneth Starr would look for DNA stains on Lewinsky's dress.   Ms. Lerner does not look like that kind of person to me, any more than Monica Lewinsky looked to me like she liked cigars, or that Richard Nixon  really liked to hear himself talk,  or GWB went AWOL in 1973 or Katherine Harris in Florida looked like a shill for the rejection of a Florida recount in the 2000 Presidential election," said Meyers.
     Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense, has offered his services as Special Investigator should Congress decide one is necessary and Mrs. Lerner's mother said "My little girl did nothing wrong, just like she says," according to one of Ms. Lerner's former teachers.

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