Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Kim Jong Un Hates Austin’s Cave X
 By Caldwell D. Sach CPW News Services
    A recent photo opportunity for Western journalists gave a glimpse of Kim Jong Un’s rocket targets in the U.S..  Surprisingly, Un has placed Austin, Texas on his target list.   “I was surprised to see it there,” said photographer Louis Farrahkan Rodman, a nephew  of Dennis Rodman.
     With so little transparency within the North Korean government, American media experts are at a loss to understand why Austin, Texas was seen by Kin Jong Un as a desirable target for a nuclear strike.

    “It’s something about Cave X,” said L.F. Rodman.  “Dennis said that there is this Cave X in Austin where America’s secret establishment meets for  rituals and programs of personal empowerment.  It’s not because it’s a particularly important military installation though it has some military footprint, but because it provides a labyrinth of subterranean shelters for America’s power elites who, according to Un insiders…. ‘provides the life blood for the flow of power from the realms of the nether world and gives the future One World Order the energy it needs to remain on course for world domination.”
     Don Imus, the Fox Business News’ I-man, said “I know why Un wants to bomb Austin…..because it has Lance Armstrong and every crumby second class country music singer in the world there.”

     L.F. Rodman is correct according to Peter Pezonus of CPW News Service.  “Austin is home to the leader of the Temple of Set, created by Col. Michael Aquino a U.S. Army psychological warfare specialist who once had the nation's highest security clearance.  His grotto group moved from San Francisco’s Presidio Army base and has become the spiritual center for the U.S. military’s theological and philosophical core which it must deny that it has because of the doctrine of the separation of church and state,” said Pezonus.  "Austin is like Henrich Himmler's Bavarian castle for the worship of Molloch," said Pezonus, "and its the real the reason people there like to 'keep Austin weird,'" said Pezonus.  "Kim Jong Un believes that if he can unite the world's peoples against the American Mollochites he can bring freedom....an admittedly undernourished and tyrannical form of freedom....to fruition." 

     Wiley Walker Christianson agrees with Rodman.  "Austin has become ground zero for the evolution of America's spiritual core as Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson and the Memphis 3 can verify," said Christianson. 

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