Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, May 24, 2013

Vatican Minions Pounce On Rick Warren's Dead Son

As Catholics Reel from Loss of Assets Due to Pedophile Judgements Saddleback Church's Rick Warren Becomes Target for Vatican Teaching on Suicide

By Farley N. Widener for CPW News Services

"Stick your head above the crowd and you invite a tomato," or so popular Christian pastor, Rick Warren, is discovering.  Let your son die of an apparent suicide and he invites the teaching of the Vatican. 

"The Vatican will have to accept the fact that Rick Warren and his followers are always going to be Vat-I-cants.....far too free spirited to jump into the vat of religious concoctions and formulations to accept a seven step sacramental system as the route to a holy eternity.  I for one believe that since faith, hope and love are the only things that will never pass away, that whoever seeks them are in heaven already.  Wherever that is.....and it surely isn't on the other side of a church life filled with dodging Father O'banion's pedophile passes and admonitions to confess my sins," said Jack Hyers of Tucumcari, New Mexico.

A Youtube video claiming to be representing the Vatican has circulated using this tragedy as a teaching tool for Catholicism.

"I have read that the young man was found several hours after the shooting and that he used an unregistered gun with a serial number that had been filed off.  Hey, how convenient!  Right in the middle of the hottest debate on gun laws in the last 100 years.  I had a friend that lived in a town where dozens of kids had killed themselves in copycat suicides, or so the police reported.  Turned out that their parents were drug dealers, the cops were dirtier than an elephant stall at a bankrupt zoo and the kids were killed to send a message.  Don't think for a minute that there are not people out there who would kill a popular pastor's son for the PR value for this or that cause.  I have always thought that Heath Ledger, the kid starring in the Batman movie who died of an overdose was killed to spike the ticket sales.  Nothing is beyond the decadence of evil and twisted minds.....as any truthful Jesuit who had a hand in designing the rigors of the Spanish Inquisition would be able to tell you....if you put him on the rack he created," said Hyers.

"Rev. Warren, this message is for you and you alone," said Hyers.  "Do NOT believe anything until you have turned over every last little pebble to get at the exact truth of what happened.  You can forgive the on-line seller of the gun, but not until you know what happened.  It's called "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."   Don't allow the truth to be held under house arrest like Copernicus and Gallileo were!"  said Hyers.  "Your boy deserves that much if you have to tell your congregation to go feed themselves for awhile and rise beyond the level of keeping you and your family as surrogate Christians....not totally unlike those poor horny priests who hid their pedophilia....all 37 of them exposed in Philadelphia the summer before the Sandusky scandal broke.  It'll do them all good.   If you conclude that he killed himself? You will still be set free....free of any pretense....any actions that you may have knowingly and unknowingly done that may or may not have contributed to his decision....which in the end.....was HIS decision.....and I believe that the God you speak about is big enough to take even that admitted cluster fxxx and turn it into good.  Thank you, Jesus," said Hyers.

Father Barnabus Morrison's
"Miraculous cranberry cupcake"

Hyer's close friend and priest, Father Barnabus Morrison, of St. Theresa's Church said, "I have always appreciated Jack Hyer for his candor and vision, his unvarnished truth telling and occasional humor.  Jack read his response to the Vatican's approach and asked me if it was appropriate to share with Rev. Warren.  I said "no more appropriate than the miraculous cranberry cupcakes I baked this morning for breakfast."

Hyers said "You better eat that one before it gets stale," said Father Morrison.

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