Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ron Schiller of NPR Is Video Taped With Pretend Muslim Brothers

Budget Cuts Force New Thinking About Fund Raising

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Ron Schiller of NPR was recently video taped at the Georgetown restaurant, Milano's, talking with two men pretending to be Muslim Brotherhood contributors to NPR of a $5 million gift.  Schilller was being asked to fairly report on Muslim Brotherhood issues.  Schiller has reportedly also been filmed receiving other unusual gifts.

"We are looking for the tapes, now," said Riley G. Gottshall of the BW&GJ Institute in Rochester, New York.  "Mr Schiller is reported to have met with Hasidic Jews who wanted a fair and balanced treatment of the proper methods for wearing phylacteries.  They didn't offer money, but rather a hefty bag full of diamonds from Zimbabwe.  Schiller is reported to have asked for a follow-up meeting with the three Hasidic men and was going to use his own hidden camera to capture the whole thing on film and then create an NPR documentary on the influence of blood diamonds using Juan William as the narrator, but then Williams made that faux pas about the Muslims on the plane and so Schiller didn't carry through," said Gottshall.  "In addition, we discovered that Jonas B. Wilson of Documentality Inc. was lining up a videograher who was going to film Schilller filming the Hasidic diamond merchants which was to come out in the fall of 2011 and entitled We're Watching You Watching Them.

BW & GJ, the Bush Wacking & Gorilla Journalism Institute in Rochester is less than a decade old, but has already made a name for itself in exposing the growing influence of clandestine reporting on YouTube, TMZ and other "got-ya" Internet sites.

"We also hear that Gottshall has a video of a younger Schiller meeting with dozens of U.S. Congressmen and Senators who rather than return the tobacco company checks handed to them by Congressman John Boener, endorsed them over to NPR as unreported contributions provided that NPR not cover Boener's role in the handouts.   And then there's the meeting with a KKK representative who wanted to give NPR a piece of property he owned in Idaho, but didn't want anymore since the Southern Poverty Law Center had received the retreat for winning a law suit against the Klan and the Klansman didn't know what else to do with the two acres he had adjacent to the encampment.  It was later discovered that the acreage had been dump site for toxic leather dyes.

Schiller is also reportedly working behind the scenes to produce a documentary that covers John Calvin Cohen Mustaffi's work of harmonizing English Common Law, American Law, Sharia Law and Native Indian tribal law into a new legal system  which Mustaffi calls Blended Law and which seems to work wonderfully well in the computer simulated cross-culture scenarios through which Blended Law has been tested.  "The striking element of Blended Law is that the death penalty is gone, as is stoning, but divorce is forbidden and circumcision is optional, but is allowed only as self-mutilation.  Also remaining from the American Indian tribal custom is 'running the gauntlet'," said Gottshall.  "We envision that being used on the steps of state houses and the U.S. Capital steps."

To view Ron Schiller and fake Muslim Brotherhood journalists....

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