Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rupert Murdoch's Glenn Beck Beckons Fight Promotion Using Casey Haynes' Restraint

Anatomy of Fox Fight Promoting

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Peace making is a lost art. Just ask Casey Haynes who had enough from Richard Gale. When the little bully wouldn't stop hitting the bigger Haynes, Casey body-slammed the whipped and storm less little Gale into a hobbling Nightingale that whistled a different tune.

Chubby Fox newsman, Glenn Beck, perhaps identifying with the rotund Casey Haynes, used the young boy's dilemma to promote the appeal of walking softly, but carrying a big stick. It's not that there is no truth to Beck's presentation, but as always it is a half truth that refuses to go deeper even with an anchor and anvil chained around his neck. The anchor and anvil is the video and the chain is the clear truth it presents.

The video doesn't lie and it is obviously recorded by Gale's corner man.  It went viral on the Internet and was even picked up by Fox News' Tea Party promoter, Glenn Beck, who used the film not to promote peace-making, but the limits of self-restraint and the justification of retaliation.

Rufus T. Darwin of Give Peace A Chance Association of Darwin, Australia said "The smaller Gale is obviously being coached by someone off-camera. The cameraman or other Gale associate pulls the fight promoter back to get him out of the way of the camera so that the little attacker can be clearly filmed. After the body slam that pummels the wind out of Gale, the older fight promoter enters the "ring" to level his complaint against Haynes who appears ready to take on even this cowardly finagler. The fight promoter, whose little champion has limped back to his corner, contemplates taking up the lost cause, but clearly decides, when confronted by an older girl, to give up the staged attack, but then follows Haynes.  When Mr. Beck used this video he failed to point out that he is more like the fight promoter who stepped into the camera than like Haynes. Beck is constantly beckoning people to fight.  The really sad fact is that the willing fighters, like little Gale, are usually brain dead before they figure out who's pulling the strings.  In the case of Gale and Haynes,  Haynes was clearly the victim who refused to be one, but now is doubly victimized.  Once by Gale and the fight promoter/s and once by the school administration that suspended Haynes and Gale for four days for fighting.  Clearly the promoter/s and the cameraman and Gale should be doing more than four days in suspension and Beck?  His program should be body slammed like Hayne did Gale and for all those grown idots like the founders of  World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon or Vincent and Lorenzo Fertitta of Ultimate Fighting Championships and even the world's shady arms dealers who have never grown up, we need some Cassey Haynes legislation that throws the book at the fight promoters!" said Darwin.

To view the viral video on YouTube see....

Note however:  CBS has edited the full version of this video.  The CBS edited version does not fully show the big boy with white shirt, back pack and jogging shoes who confronts Haynes following Gales' retreat.  Nor does CBS's editing provide the verbal taunts from behind the camera that were obviously coming from Gale's "corner".  This omission by CBS may now be victimizing Haynes a third time by removing the context of this sad event.  Will CBS be responsible in its reporting by asking the obvioul follow-up question..."Who were the promoters?  What happend to them as a result of their promoting efforts to bring this confrontation between Gale and Haynes to a head? In the mainline media "if it bleeds it leads" and CBS is one of the few major media outlets that is able to show this video on-line without violating copywrite laws...which is why they are also providing advertising with its showing.  A fourth victimization of Haynes?

for the full video with verbal taunts....

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