Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn A Dawning Oddity

Obama Stumbles Into Action

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Weeks after the sweeping political changes that squeezed Libya's brutal dictator in a vice-like clamp with Egypt on one side and Tunisia on the other, President Obama has limped into action by calling for Western Democracies to provide a no-fly zone over Libya. The military strategy is called Operation Odyssey Dawn. By Saturday March 19, over 100 cruise missiles had hit Gaddafi's forces, giving new hope to the increasingly disheartened resistance.

"It's an odyssey alright," said Mohamed Benwadi Ali in Tunisia. "Everybody is wondering 'did the Americans know that Libya is the third largest oil producer in Africa and it's clearly worth fighting for, for that reason? Why sit back and let the good people die? So that a takeover is easier with fewer Libyans? And how with the American's reconcile this position with the Saudi Royal family's support of the equally repressive regime in Bahrain? '  The Odyssey is that so few will fight to liberate people from tyranny when it is in their political interest to maintain the status quo so long as the oil flows. My suggestion to anyone wanting to overthrow a dictator is that they should follow Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson and the others....get all your camels in a row first and have plenty of lead and gunpowder of your own. Then, in as much as it was the French who pulled the American's dates off their palm tree, make sure you have the French nearby. They didn't do so well against Hitler with that damn Maginot Line which is about as effective as that U.S. border fence with Mexico, but they did pretty well with Lafayette's fleet in America and their Mirage fighters are not so bad considering that they led the attacks on Gaddafi's troops while some poor American on a ship pushed the button on a cruise missile."

Leading researcher at the Washington D.C. think tank, The Center for Tanked Thinkers, Fred Lykes Ballister, said that "its high time that we did something. Not to do something is ridiculous. Do something. Anything. Something. That nut cake is killing his own people like Idi Amin or Charles Taylor while Obama sits on his tush. Jee-mon-ie! What is wrong with you people?"

Meanwhile, Americans opted to watch the March Madness NCAA college basketball tournament with little thought of the Libyan crisis. "What can I do about it?" said New Yorker Windell Bradley, "I have to be at the store at 4:00 a.m. to make donuts and my wife hates the news. It all seems so bad all the time, but my wife and I are going to watch Casablanca on the tube tonight and we're going to sing La Marseilleaise just for those dang Frenchmen, especially Lafayette!"

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