Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pilgrim's Regression: America's Mubarak and Qaddafi

New Book Shows No Short Cut To Utopia
By Winsip Custer CPW News Service

"We didn't land on Plymouth Rock," said Malcolm X, "Plymouth Rock landed on us!"  Well, regardless of your skin color or cultural heritage, the American myth and the American dream as they are solidified by the image of Plymouth Rock are in need of constant pulverization.  In fairness to the Pilgrims, they are no different than the followers of Honorable Elijah Mohammed or  Malcolm X, or Louis Farrakhan, Ayatollah  Khomeini, Gadaffi, Mubarak, the Shah of Iran or Saddam Hussein, Moses or David or Golda Mier or Menachem Begin.  Regardless of the religious trappings, metaphysical and mystical imaginings, theological and ecclesiastical teachings and doctrines....one thing remains constant....the road to Utopia is a short caldesac.

The story goes something like this.  Under the oppressive Old World domination of England's pyramidal monarchies, Christian Protestants, building upon the earlier revolts of Martin Luther in Germany, Peter Waldo in Italy, Wycliff and Hus and Knox and Calvin, Christianity replaced the old order with a fresh vision of a New Jerusalem.  Without sticking around to sweep the house clean in Europe, the Puritan Protestants opted for a Trans-Atlantic voyage to North America to begin their religio-cultural experiment here.  Bunyan would call it the Pilgrim's Progress, but within short order the same issue facing their ancestors in Europe had confronted the Pilgrims and they opted for power over principles, myth over truth and mammon over justice and mercy.  The Pilgrim's Progress is the Pilgrim's Regression.

No clearer is this seen than in the Puritan Protestant New England Brahman's investment in the ships of the China Trade, learning from other ancient empires to cultivate resources that pay for the upkeep of the prevailing mythology and protecting the truth about their myth with a swarm of lies.  So says American historian of note, Simon Edmund Fergelson.

Fergelson's new book Burning Bush: America's Mubarak and Qaddafi chronicles the pilgrim's regression.  "Pilgrim John Howland is a direct ancestor of George Herbert Walker Bush, George Bush and the Pierce's.   Seven pilgrims are progenitors of the Bush, Wood and Pierce families.  The New Jerusalem was built on cotton from Southern plantations blended with silk from China and labor from wherever there was an ever changing and cheaper supply....  English debtors, Irish potato farmers, Chinese coolies, African slaves all blended into the melting pot or salad bowl or Jack Lalanne fruit juicer controlled primarily by the New England Puritan Protestant 'Brahman's who also controlled the means to enforce their will.  What was that? Steel, sulphur and lead. In a word... weapons.  That was true during the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Westward expansion, the Texas Revolution led by lead and sulfur miner, Mose Austin, from the Walker country of the lead-rich San Luis Petosi area of Missouri near St. Genevieve on the Mississippi after Austin's work at the musket ball shot towers of East Tennessee....and don't forget the filibustering attempts of their other leaders like William Walker in Central America and Baja California before that.... wars in the Philippines or Cuba or Korea or Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan.  They control the weapons stockpile and in as much as they discovered along the way that bullet holes are made more bearable by the application of pain killers.....opium and morphine became the light weight, easily transportable currency that slipped under the legal framework established by the Brahmans to protect their cheese.  Their cheese.  Not yours or mine.  It's illegal to use the drugs unless we want to see the physicians who are dependent upon their legal framework for their high standard of living and  who will write us a prescription that will make it available at the right price with an office visit fee thrown in.  Cocaine, the drug that pumps up personalities like Charlie Sheen and makes them think that they are immortal is another story, but the same legal framework that is used to prohibit opium while allowing the controllers to distribute the same prohibited drugs on our streets,  works as well for all street drugs," said Fergelson.
Iran Contra Witness and Secretary
of Col. Oliver North,
Fawn Hall

"Yes, indeed, if you want to see the curtain drawn back on the whole charade you have only to look to the Iran/Contra affair.   First, news in the Miami Herald on July 21, 1985 of the illegal operation that had weapons and drugs funding secret wars in William Walker's old stomping ground came from an American mercenary  in Costa Rica named Steven Carr.  Carr's testimony was taken in his Costa Rica prison by the FBI including Oliver "Buck" Revell who in short order would be negotiating with Oliver North over just how hard the U.S. government would be in dealing with the Iran/Contra network. Whether or not the very pinnacle of the operation would be exposed, including George Herbert Walker Bush, was of special interest to the FBI and other gatekeepers of the America myth. While managing the crisis triggered by Carr's allegations of a secret U.S. military base in Costa Rica and with that management came an investigation in Washington aimed at  keeping the swarm of lies circling the issue but never landing, a fly swatter dropped out of the sky.  Well, not a swatter exactly, more specifically a Southern Air Transport plane flown by Eugene Hasenfus. Shot down about a year after Carr's story broke causing the flies to kick on their after-burners. The Sandinista army shot him down with a plane load of evidence leading right to the U.S.'s top leadership.  Carr's story had new legs and would be collaborated by a Hasenfus fellow pilot, Barry Seal and by a S&L scandal participant in Texas named Robert Corson, the son-in-law of a Houston developer named Walter Mischer, whose story is chronicled by Peter Brewton in The Mafia, CIA and George Bush and by investigative journalist, John R. Craig.  All three witnesses, capable of zapping the swarm of lies.... Carr, Seal and Corson.... ended up either machine gunned or dead from drug overdoses.  It's not nice to try to take someone else's cheese, however ill-gotten.   When a California reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, named Gary Webb, meticulously poked the object of the flies affections and showed that the United States Central Intelligence Agency was in the drug distribution business,  the flies swarmed around their leaders and protected their torpedo bombers like worker bees defending their queen.  Plymouth Rock had fallen on America's toes again....and not just on the poor blacks of America's inner cities, but on their own.

A dangerous triad for the Brahman bulwarks.....Carr, Seal and Corson

Following her testimony before Congress, Oliver North's secretary, Fawn Hall, took a nose dive right into the Brahman's dog pile.  She started doing cocaine, then heroin with her new husband the former agent for the rock group The Doors, Danny Sugerman.   Sugerman and Hall went to Indo-China's Golden Triangle where they enhanced their drug habit and lived on what would have cost in the U.S. $2500 per day....thus showing the artificially manipulated market and it's undeclared tax on America's economy.....a tax that could easily fund Medicare or Medicaid, but not the life style of the Brahman's and their military complex that profits from their private fly pile.  Without the intervention of her parents, Fawn Hall said that she and her husband would have ended up dead from overdoses.  Six years following her Congressional testimony, George Herbert Walker Bush, surrounded by a curtain of his green-eyed horsetails, pardoned the men who had carried out his plan in the Iran/Contra program....North, John Poindexter, Caspar Weinberger, Elliott Abrams.....who either went on to become successful T.V. commentators or rejoined the White House secret shell games as full-fledged political appointees in the GWB administration," said Fergelson.  "And he saw to it that Robert Gates, once head of the CIA, became President of Texas A&M University where the Bush Presidential Library is domiciled with all of its darkest secrets relative to the Iran/Contra affair safely under lock and key....like a cone of silence or crystal bowl over a backyard scoop....freeing the horse flies to swarm somewhere else.....over a new Enron, a new Columbia/HCA, a regional conflict,  the protection of poppy fields in Afghanistan,  while continuing to hold up the appearance of their New Jerusalem propriety. Their children should be named Chastity Hoer or Prudence Slut," said Fergelson.

"But Bush has a nuclear aircraft carrier named after him," I said.  "And David dropped Goliath with a smooth stone from the river bank," said Fergelson.  "The Titanic was built to sink as much as to float and every silver lining has a dark cloud!" he said smiling.

I asked Fergelson how he knew that Bush was like what he was describing besides the obvious.  "It's in the book," he said.  "What you mean to ask is 'is Bush a royalist hiding as a republican like Mubarak and Quadaffi hiding as free-world good guys right under our noses until the citizens get a really strong whiff or tire of a long and sustained whiff?  There is an acid test that points to the motivating factor behind the rise of the American corporations which the early American's didn't fully understanding when they were carrying on the Mayflower.....like a virus......the viral.   John Howland's progeny has always leaned toward dynasty and empire building....toward an aristocracy of position and privilege rather than toward an aristocracy of personal character and integrity and achievement.  Finding success through plunder rather than through success without plunder is the devil's brew and the New Jerusalemites drank it like Jim Jone's Koolaid.  Now, this may be as ingrained as flabby jowels in an English Bulldog....and if so, I don't how what Mary Harriman's Cold Spring Harbor eugenic's program was going to do about that...neuter themselves?   So....you look at Mubarak's first-born son or Quadaffi's or GHWB's and what do you get?  A return to primogeniture rule that leaders like Thomas Jefferson said is the death of a republic.  Tell that to Senator John Boehner next time he starts handing out tobacco company checks on the floor or Congress or goes to a Wiking SS renactment," said Fergelson.  "Hell, even Hitler didn't believe in an aristocracy of position and privilege by birth alone....unless you happened to be Aryan....whatever that is," he continued.

Capture of Contra supply pilot and CIA operative
Eugene Hasenfus, colleague of Barry Seal
and Steven Carr with extensive coverage in
Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance.
"When George W. Bush's Texas buddy, Richard Scott, the head of Columbia/HCA health care bilked Medicare for billions and was fined $1.7 billion while receiving a golden parachute of nearly $400 million only to become governor of Florida, we saw the swarm forming again over the dog pile....just as it had done in the S&L scandal and Enron scandal and.....well.....where ever Plymouth Rock falls.  It's a case of the Pilgrim's Regress as you will see in my book, but by all means, buy the book  Burning Bush: America's Mubarak and Qaddafi.  It's a book whose time has come.  Think of it as one of those bug lights you hang on your patio or a sledge hammer that inmates use to crack rocks.

Fawn Hall addicted to Crack....

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