Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Jason Rezaian Suing Iran: How To Hold A Hostage Crisis Hostage

Money Makes The World Go Around Until Looney

By Jules Levin DeNile for CPW News Service

    Trading for hostages is like trading for Persian rugs.  There's hidden costs.  There's unseen transfer fees.  In the end you get more or less what you paid for, but it also leaves you scratching your head as to who really paid for what and that feeling that the rug has just been pulled out from under you.
     Today former Iran hostage, Jason Rezaian, from Mill Valley, California is suing the nation of Iran for holding him hostage.  "The amount of the law suit has not yet been determined, but it should be in the area of just under $400,000,000," said international legal analyst at Needham, Moore & Evers in New York, Lucy Goodman Fine.   
    Fine sees gold in Rezaian, son of a Mill Valley, California Persian rug merchant, and his approach to holding Iran accountable for their lack of hospitality and their anti-humanitarian approach to international diplomacy.  "It's that  midnight flight with the $400,000,000 that has me reviewing the likely scenario," said Fine.
     Asked to draw a simple diagram, Fine, on a Denny's napkins with kid's crayon sketched what she believes is happening with the Rezaian law suit.


About the Author:  Jules Levin DeNile is a graduate and faculty member of the Taviswood Institute for Social Analysis in Flegenbelsen, Denmark.  He has previously written an article for Winsip Custer on the connections between Jason Rezaian, Mill Valley, California and the American Taliban, John Walker Lindh.

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