Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, September 29, 2016

North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry, Wells Fargo's Strumfp Slimeing U.S. Consumers

Congress In Cahoots With Big Banks As Philippines Threaten Alliance with China and Russia
by C.D. Wensch and Ben Gazzi, CPW News Services

     North Carolina's 10th District Representative, Rep. Patrick McHenry, reminded us as he confronted Wells Fargo's John Strumpf that North Carolina has an interesting banking history. 
    It was there in Rep. McHenry's state that North Carolina National Bank, headed by Francis "Buddy" Kemp, became a major banking powerhouse before being acquired by Bank of America.  Mr. Kemp died of a brain tumor on November 23, 1990 leaving a rich widow who married her pastor after he divorced his wife of decades.   The church's beloved pastor gave his congregation a serious dilemma.  Do they ask him to leave or accept him and his new bride whose significant inheritance as widow Kemp could majorly enhance the church's buildings and grounds?  They voted to keep their pastor and Mrs. North Carolina National's "to have and to hold" accommodations.
     "On Thursday, September 29, 2016 during the Wells Fargo Unauthorized Accounts Hearing in Congress during which Mr. Strumfp was again chastised for corruption in banking, Rep. Patrick McHenry, Vice-Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, revealed an amazing moment of either early onset of dementia or a slick political wax jobbing to gloss over America's growing amnesia," said independent political analyst and investigative journalist Fabian Colbachi.
    Colbachi pointed to the work of historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth who said of North Carolina..."You must never forget that during the American Revolution North Carolina was a Tory stronghold. Tories backed the British imperium and its top-down, pyramidal monarchy that was no more clearly consolidated than the British crown under the Roman Catholic Church.  Britain split from the Roman Church control under Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell.  North Carolina received as immigrants in 1774, Flora MacDonald, the hero of the Isle of Skye who saved the Roman Church backed "Young Pretender", Charlie Stuart, who sought to reestablish Catholic control of Britain. Flora arrived in North Carolina with her Tory soldier husband, both rarities as Presbyterian Jacobites and both heroes of the Scottish Jacobite assault on Cromwell's England. The Scottish Roman Catholic loyalists under the Stuarts followed 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' who is buried in the Vatican in Rome a placement that underscores Vatican sympathies in spite of the April 23, 1738 papal bull of Pope Clement XII forbidding Roman Catholics to join a Masonic assembly, York or Scottish Rite, with George Washington, Franklin and many of the Founders being York Rite Masons, not Scottish Rite Masons.  Scottish Rite Masons had not yet arrived in America, but would appear with Roman Catholic Confederate General Albert Pike, Jefferson Davis' top Agent for Indian Affairs and chief legal counsel for the KKK. Forty years after the 1776 Declaration of Independence was signed by the Founders who had taken Cromwell's rebellion to new heights with a well-reasoned peaceful transfer of power and codified rights of citizens, North Carolina, specifically Charlotte, North Carolina named the 'Queen City' in 1768  for the wife of King George III, produced the Mecklenburg Declaration (in a state named for Kings Charles I and Charles II from the Latin name 'Carolinus' meaning 'Charles') .   The Mecklenburg Declaration claimed that it preceded the mirroring of the Thomas Jefferson document over which Jefferson and John Adams had argued when the Mecklenburg Declaration was first disclosed with a claimed creation date of May 20, 1775.    That date predated the Declaration of Independence by a full year," said Colbachi quoting Wigglesworth.
     According to Wigglesworth, the usurpation of the York Rite Masonry of Washington and Franklin with their ties to the historic banking entrepreneurs, the Knights Templars, by the Scottish Rite Masons with their Pike/Prussian ties to European monarchy which the Roman Catholics had bolstered with the exile of the KT and replacement by the Maltese Knights is difficult, but not impossible to chronicle in America, especially when the evolution includes the rise of Washington super lawyers with deep attachments to the Knight of Malta like Edward Bennett Williams whose wide-ranging influence as a Maltese Knight is covered by George Crile in his book Charlie Wilson's War (p. 387), a war that was empowered by U.S. Representative CharlieWilson and fellow Texan Joanne King Herring, wife of the founder of Houston Natural Gas, the progenitor of Enron.
     It comes, too, with the strange death of Republic of Texas' fourth and last President and KT, Anson Jones, at the Capital Hotel in Austin, Texas in 1858, a fire in the KT Grand Harmony Lodge in Galveston in 1866 destroying all the lodge records and the emergence of the first SR Lodge in Texas in the same town.   Jones and a group of KT's of the York Rite tradition had chartered the KT York Rite lodge in Texas in 1838.    Jones' untimely death had removed a KT from the Texas Philosophy Society which had been chartered in 1837 as the gate keepers on Texas history and myth.  With the request of Irish Catholic Juan Linn for English speaking Catholic priests to immigrate to Texas and the arrival of the displaced Hessian soldiers from the Revolution colonizing the frontier it was a matter of time before the influence of the Prussian royal court through the Scottish Rite traditions began to eclipse the egalitarian York Rite tradition making way for the retrograde monarchial sympathies of Europe.  Within this milieu there arose Jewish bankers whose allegiances compared more with the Israelite tradition of Joseph the pharaoh's "bootlicker" than that of Moses the pharaoh's nemesis and which identified more with primogeniture laws of Europe than with gavelkind law that found its roots in the Jewish tradition of the Golden Age of Israel under a last-born, King David.
    Wigglesworth has noted that the York Rite and Scottish Rite Masonic tradition were further complicated in Texas by the arrival of Jacob De Cordoba, whose 1849 map of Texas is considered one of the premier artifacts of early Texas history.  "De Cordoba was a Jewish Spaniard from Jamaica and, not unlike the arrival of Albert Pike in New Orleans pushing the Jacobite agenda of the Scottish Rite Masons in New Orleans and Texas, DeCordoba was pushing the Odd Fellows.   The Odd Fellows, too, were created with a pointedly Jacobite agenda which the Roman Catholic Church could deny, but secretly affirm.  Meanwhile, as Tejas moved toward Texas with the coming Texas Revolution the city of Cincinnati, home to York Rite Mason and American Revolution soldier, Rufus Putnam, would commission the "Twin Sisters" the two canons sent by citizens of Cincinatti and used by Sam Houston's men, including future Texas Ranger Ben McCullough among them, at the  Battle of San Jacinto.
     "Wigglesworth has noted that German Hessians were employed by Britain to fight against the Colonists and in as much as Mecklenberg was a major region of Germany, the Mecklenburg Declaration seemed to cast a favorable light on a region of the Atlantic coast of America where German mercenaries were long associated with repressive tyranny," said Colbachi.  Elsewhere Wigglesworth has noted that Napoleon, himself a tyrant, was defeated at Waterloo in 1815 by the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher, the Prussian General of Scottish Rite membership.  The British/Prussian victory over Napoleon would have had Jacobite/Roman Catholic support in spite of the fact that there was no turning the clock back on the British monarchy's break with the Roman Catholics.  Waterloo enhanced the power of the monarchs for decades while America was providing the only evolving alternative to what was essentially pyramidal, monarchial, war-based ancient sun god worship.   Waterloo helped to consolidate the European monarchies of which the Roman Catholic Bishops had long influenced European religio-political alliances and which in spite of the in eminenti apostolatus, the Roman Catholic prohibition against joining the Masons, the pyramidal governance of the Roman Church was itself a secret society based on a pyramidal, monarchial, often war-based system of sun-god worship and protected by its own cadre of knights. 
    "Claiming that the Mecklenberg Declaration was lost, it first appeared in 1838 triggering a debate between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams who, initially accused of plagarism, Adams claiming Jefferson's copying of the document, Jefferson and Adams concluded by comparison with their version and the extant newspapers from the region that provided no references to such a monumental earlier event, that it was a fraud.  I believe it was intended as a tool of regional redemption for a state that had favored the monopolistic repression by the Jacobites," Wigglesworth explained to Colbachi. 
     Wigglesworth has said "I have often wondered if Southern Confederate General James Ewell Brown 'JEB' Stuart who was first on the scene at John Brown's raid on Harpers' Ferry and whose dress, mannerisms and wife, Flora Stuart, hadn't given away this region's flirtations with European monarchism.   A Civil War in America would have served well the European monarchists' ambitions with their sights on the American continent.  Divide and conquer.  In France, the Roman Catholic advisors counseled the King to instruct French explorers to intermarry with the indigenous populations to receive for their offspring full citizenship in France.  Thomas Jefferson's monumental achievement of the Declaration of Independence aside, the plantation system of the South sought to replicate in some ways the European manors which depended on primogeniture law, but which Jefferson and the Founders replaced with egalitarian gavelkind law that England's Queen Elizabeth found in Kent and that had essentially saved England from "going over to" Catholics and producing in time from Kent's hillsides Prime Minister Winston Churchill who would write The Great Democracies: Histories of the English Speaking Peoples and his November 11, 1947 quote in Parliament....Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been practiced form time to time.   The Declaration of Independence was aimed at eliminating the power of monarchy and its cult of firstborns. James Ewell Brown 'JEB' Stuart, was a spitting image in dress and style of Prussian Prince Ruppert from whose court in Germany the Confederate General Albert Pike, the Roman Catholic Boston-born founder of Scottish Rite Masonry in America and chief legal counsel of the KKK founded with a first SR Temple in Savannah, Georgia in another Tory stronghold.   Stuart's fellow Confederate, Nathan Bedford Forrest, the KKK's founder quit the Klan when it turned violent, fed up with death, dying and war racketeering and angered by the place that Confederate General Braxton Bragg played in the Civil War including his pre and post Civil War partnership with Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, an alliance that Forrest likely correctly intuited after Fort Donnellson.  Sherman, Braxton's friend and business colleague, had worked in San Francisco and Sacramento, California with George Bragg to consolidate the Union Pacific rail head and China Trade port for the New England China Traders, predominantly Bostonian John Perkins Cushing and close friend of Jefferson Davis and Franklin Pierce, Caleb Cushing.   This is a core element my research and teachings," said Wigglesworth.   "Albert Pike, born in Boston, had imported on top of Washington and Franklin's egalitarian York Rite Masonry that helped to free the British American colonies from European domination and historically helped to degrade serfdom in Europe,  the Scottish Rite Masonry of the Prussian royal court that identified with monarchs and tyrants.  The first SR President was Lincoln's successor Andrew Johnson initiated by White House insider, Benjamin Brown French, and in time the key leaders of the movement were incorporated into Pike's brand of European masonry that identified more with the European Royals than with the egalitarian masonic lodges of the York Riters," said Wigglesworth noting that both Alphonso and William Howard Taft were members of the Cincinnati, Ohio SR lodge of Pike and that from their influence evolved the current disorder," said Colbachi reading from Wigglesworth response to the current U.S. banking crisis.
     Wigglesworth noted that while Scottish Rite Masons often make the claim that the U.S. Constitution was based on James Anderson's 1723 Grand-Lodge Book of Constitutions for use in Catholic Ireland's Masonic lodges, Anderson was a Presbyterian preacher who in 1715 preached the Jacobite line with the sermon No King Killers, referring to Catholic British King Charles I.  Congregationalist Oliver Cromwell would not hesitate to kill Charles, but in as much as sixty years later King George would have gladly killed American Masons Washington, Franklin and the rest for their treason, there was little more than a general form of constitutional layout that Jefferson and the Founders would have appropriated from Anderson's Scottish Rite/Jacobite book that makes it clear that freedom of speech is for the brethren and in Anderson's case that was the brotherhood of the monarchists.  Jefferson being, after all, a deist and above the Catholic/Protestant bickering, but not above "king killing" if the freedom of the new nation based on democratic rule was threatened by George or any other monarch.

The North Carolina state flag bearing the dates of the
Mecklenburg Declaration and the Halifax Resolves of April 12, 1776.

    "The state flag of North Carolina is much worse than the Confederate Battle flag under which it also fought in as much its placement of May 20, 1775 on the flag's panel is an anachronism that celebrates a total fraud!" said Wigglesworth.
     "The signers of the Mecklenberg Declaration were mostly associated with the same church as that of Francis "Buddy" Kemp and which would also claim as members CIA Director Alan Dulles and his cousin, the first Roman Catholic priest to become a Cardinal without first becoming a Bishop, and a convert from Presbyterianism, Avery Dulles.    Francis Kemp, Hugh McColl's understudy, was succeeded at NCNB/NationsBank turned Bank of America by Ken Lewis who negotiated the bank's 2008 muddling with Paulson and Bernanke.  It was becoming clear that Bank of America was also well-connected to the Vatican Bank via its founder in Charlotte, Amadeo Peter Giannini," said Wigglesworth...."and that the well-choreographed bamboozling of the 2008 housing bubble that was built on the dress rehearsal of the 1980's S&L scandal, was now simply raw, non-camouflaged fraud and theft."
      Wigglesworth noted that in 1992 Presidential race between George H.W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton and H. Ross Perot, a book by Peter Brewton, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office, a book signed by Simon & Schuster Publishers, Inc. who promised to provide as Brewton's editor Woodward and Bernstein's editor of their book All the President's Men, Alice Mayhew, but S&S failed to bring the book to market before the 1992 November election leaving Brewton in a quandary.  "Brewton had proven that the S&L scandal of the 80's was organically linked to the Iran-Contra debacle which found Oliver North, defended by attorney and Maltese Knight, Edward Bennett Williams, at the forefront with John Poindexter, Casper Weinberger and Elliot Abrams.  Later on, the San Jose Mercury New's Pulitzer Prize winning investigative writer and author of the book Dark Alliance, subject of the film Kill The Messenger, Gary Webb, would reference his connections with Brewton in his research on Dark Alliance.  Webb would die on December 10, 2004, the same day that he resigned from the San Jose Mercury News in 1997 of what a California medical examiner claimed was a suicide with two shots to the head.  "You can't get around the banking system as the conduit for major American corruption," said Wigglesworth, "which led Old Hickory to declare his own war on the banking industry in America."

"They are children of the Great Depression living in their parent's
basement," said  Hillary Clinton of Millennials. The problem with that is that
these young people were never really taught about the Great Depression,
about Glass-Steagall, about Smedley  Darlington Butler or about
Eisenhower's warning about the Military Industrialist Complex."
                                                                                     -Frederick M. Mellon.

      John Strumpf's Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America were recipients of the 2008 Hank Paulson bailout and the supporters of the push for the imperial domination of the 'too big to fail banks'.  "'Too big to fail should be a rallying call like 'Don't Tread on Me'," said Wigglesworth noting that with Bank of America's claim to being forced to use its share of the 2008 bailout money to buy Merrill Lynch, we see that the U.S. moved toward illegitimately enriched family political dynasties that are as much a betrayal of the Founding Father's vision of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as Jacobite dream of a return to the Dark Ages.  Wigglesworth warns, however, against believing that the Tea Party backing by the Koch Brothers whose father, Frederick Koch, was a founder of the John Birch Society, are not connected to the Fascist wing of the American political system.   "I found in the Dulles and the Jesuit-backed Vatican support of the German Fascist sympathetic rat-lines that escorted Nazi leaders out of Germany with Hitler's SS formulated on a replica of the Vatican's Jesuit Order quite problematic for the U.S.A..   In short order, former Nazis populated the U.S.'s post-1947 weapons and intelligence apparatus," said Wigglesworth.

    Colbachi quoted from the Stumpf Congressional hearing.  "Patrick McHenry said 'North Carolina had an incredible banking culture over decades.  In Charlotte, First Union, a homegrown bank with a great reputation went through a down turn time and economic crisis as you well know and before that time they teamed up with a bank in Winston-Salem, Wachovia.... then acquiring Wachovia which was Wachovia/First Union, the pitch was that your culture was very similar, from California, was very similar to this North Carolina culture, banking culture.  John Grimes Medlin, the great chairman of Wachovia imbued within Wachovia the sense that a banker is a civil servant as well.  That there is this obligation to society.   There is an obligation that they have to the society and their community.  You knew the guy.  You pay tribute to that culture.  So I want to think about that culture.  I know you have a huge head count in North Carolina and we're grateful for it....." said Colbachi directly quoting McHenry in his address to Wells Fargo's Chairman and CEO, John Strumpf.   Colbachi had listened waiting for McHenry to go where seldom a Congressman goes.
      "That's right," said Colbachi.  "He didn't mention The Guardian's article on how Wachovia was one of the biggest Mexican drug cartel money laundering banks on the planet."    Colbachi laid a hard copy of The Guardian on the booth table at the small Washington D.C. diner near the Capital Building.    "Rep. McHenry is what?  A PR man for Wachovia?  For Wells-Fargo?  Where's our newspapers covering this crap with any degree of clarity?" asked Colbachi.

The Guardian article on Wachovia's drug dealing.
Click photo for link to The Guardian story.

       The seedy history of American banking interests with political payoffs, bribes and skullduggery has long been linked to the drug flow under the apparently well appointed and nicely set dining table of American mercantilism.   "It's like lace curtains on a slaughter house, folks," said Colbachi.
        Historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth agrees.  "The history of the U.S. is the history of 'follow the drug money' and few have followed it as well as our own bankers, lawyers and politicians," said Wigglesworth.
       "North Carolina National Bank became NationsBank and NationsBank was, you will surely remember, bought out by Bank of America, one of the few big banks, perhaps the only big bank that appeared not to need the 2008 bailout money.  In fact, Ken Lewis, Bank of America's CEO and President who replaced F. "Buddy" Kemp refused the bailout money at first, building apparent credibility, but then claimed he was forced by Hank Paulson to take the taxpayer's sovereign dollars to purchase an insolvent Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith, a Wall Street stock trading company....a marriage banned under the Glass-Steagall Act that Bill Clinton had failed to keep in place 1999 having built a phony trust during his tenure by building a short-lived budget surplus.   The Pierce in Merrill Lynch's former name is organically linked to President Franklin Pierce and Barbara Pierce Bush.   Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch whose executives received record payouts from the taxpayers' dollars via Hank Paulson's 2008 bailout plan while Wells Fargo would go on to replicate the Enron 'pump and dump' that made stockholders rich, but in the end cost company employees dearly.  President Franklin Pierce, for whom former President William Jefferson Clinton has become an apologist in 2015 and 2016 at speeches for his wife at Georgetown University and in Exeter, New Hampshire, was the backer of William Walker the "Gray Eyed Man of Destiny" who has been played in films by both Marlon Brando and Ed Harris.  Walker tried to annex like Aaron Burr the whole region of Baja, California including San Diego which the Confederacy had seen as their future China Trading port on the Pacific coast with its direct naval pipeline to Hawaii, the Philippines and the Orient and, more importantly, the Golden Crescent of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and India where the world's most potent opium was picked up and hauled from the old Ottoman Empire to China as trading chips in the China Trade, a synonym for silk, spice, tea, and of course, opium.   Franklin Pierce was also close friends of Confederate President Jefferson Davis who laid out the South's rail route from Savannah to San Diego in the 1850's while future Union General and business partner of Confederate General Braxton Bragg, William Tecumseh Sherman, worked in Wells-Fargo's historic business base of San Francisco for the Union's terminus of the Union Pacific Railroad.   The Union Pacific's Transcontinental rail route followed the Russell's Pony Express route from Omaha to San Francisco and the Civil War conveniently stalled the South's flatland route from Savannah to San Diego with the articulated motive of Civil War being abolition of slavery versus state's rights...not a battle over a rail route to the Pacific and the Middle Eastern poppy fields beyond.  I believe that a DNA analysis of William Walker will reveal a family relationship to George Walker and to George Herbert Walker Bush, while the close personal relationship of Wallis Simpson Windsor to Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, GHWB's sister-in-law and daughter of the first USN 'frogman', proves a close relationship to the German Saxe-Coburg-Gothas royals whom Winston Churchill and FDR vastly distrusted," said Wigglesworth, but equally important was Jefferson Davis' and Franklin Pierce's close friendship with America's leading opium smuggler and negotiator of the first U.S./China trade treaty, Caleb Cushing.   Under Cushing the Chinese entered into the promise that the U.S. would not do to the Chinese what the British East India Company had done leading to the Opium Wars and Boxer Rebellion," said Wigglesworth noting George H.W. Bush's longstanding relationship to the CIA and China as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations as well was the New England power base of which the leading China Traders are educated at Yale, Harvard and other Ivy League schools.  "It was this close relationship that made the massive export of U.S. jobs and technology to China possible with the backing of GATT and NAFTA which is now being refashioned with the Pacific Pac agreement," said Wigglesworth.
    Colbachi, reading over Wigglesworth's assessment agreed.   He also agreed with California Rep. Brad Sherman, who said of Strumpf and Wells Fargo.... "what was important was what this fraud did to your stock prices."  Colbachi knows the U.S. banking industry well.  "It was the Enron bamboozle all over again as articulate correctly by one Congressman Mike Capauno.  This was the door opened by Bill Clinton and the Bush cabal in 1999 when their joint repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act opened us to the rape of the nation that led to the housing bubble, meltdown, bailout and a twenty trillion dollar debt.  Glass-Steagall secured the banks from fraud, but in 1999 Bill Clinton claimed that his stopping the repeal Glass-Steagall by veto was unnecessary since it already been breached.  That's like telling the world...."come on over here and pee in the community water well since people are already dumping in it.  That sounds exactly like the Clinton Foundation policy on global warming.  Representative Brad  Sherman said it nicely....'The big banks are too big to manage, too big to regulate.  Time to break them up,'" said Colbachi quoting California Congressman Brad Sherman, but adding....'I'd feel better about Brad Sherman's assertion if he had not come from Sherman Oaks, California named for General Moses Hazeltine Sherman, the first Los Angeles, California water czar who was not really a U.S. Army General, but named himself in such a way as to confuse his relationship to General William Tecumseh Sherman and who were both involved in the Pacific Railroad development and was, like Strumpf, engaged in bank fraud," said Colbachi. 
      "In 2008 over 90% of the local U.S. banks were solvent, but not the big ones that were, like Wells Fargo clearly splitting the sheets with Wall Street investors in ways prohibited before the failure of Clinton in 1999 to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the Bush/NeoCon celebration of deregulation and the Enron-esque entrepreneurial ambitions based on flagrant fraud," said Colbachi.

      Meanwhile, the Philippines', a historic drug shipping point along which companies like AIG, Pacific Mail and Steamship Company and other U.S. firms made fortunes insuring legitimate and hidden cargos across the Pacific with protection from the U.S Navy whose first Navy SEAL was either William B. Cushing or Draper Kauffman, father of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, GHWB's sister-in-law.   The Philippines' President is expelling the U.S. military from joint operations on the claim that China would not be happy with these arrangements and that Russia and China would make better trading partners than the U.S.A..   "We've got our work cut out for us," said Colbachi who noted that in an interview with Jake Tapper, President Bill Clinton argued that the local Main Street banks mostly regretted that they had not jumped on the 2008 band wagon like the big banks had done and relieved themselves with ill-gotten Wall Street profits.  "We're in deep doo-doo here," said Colbachi.  Lowell P. Wigglesworth agrees. "Not even FBI Director James Comey is likely as he proved with Hillary's emails to challenge the illegality that he finds in Washington's inner circle of "slick, slimy, douches bags of illegality posing as respectable leadership," said Wigglesworth who fears a new era of Bonnie and Clyde, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and John Dillinger.  "My only hope would be that if we see this happening that they will.....on their way out the bank door....plug Mr. Strumfp and his inner circle for us," said Colbachi, "but more importantly, to stop the lawlessnes the big banks must be broken-up, Glass-Steagall must be reinstated and people like Strumpf MUST go to jail like Jeffery Skilling and Ken Lay of Enron did and since the war on drugs is part and parcel to the endless war on terror, focused as it is in the poppy rich Golden Crescent which directly influenced the creation of the Golden Triangle and South America's black tar heroin and cocaine supply, we must revamp every aspect of U.S. drug policy since we now have both a prescription opioid and street heroin epidemic in the U.S.A..  While we are at it?  Whether we sit down for the National Anthem like our athletes are doing, we should all, at least, flip the flag....a universal signal of distress and plea for help."
      Strangely, the name Strumfp shows close connections to Bank of America's Hugh L. McColl, Jr.  through his close NationsBank colleague, Rick Hendrick, who received a Presidential pardon for mail fraud from President Bill Clinton.  By association, Linda Strumfp, Hugh L. McColl, Jr. and Henry Brewer Schacht often appear together in various periodicals.  Both Hjalmar Schacht and Henry Ford were Scottish Rite Masons and are also often linked in business periodicals and newspapers.  Hhalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, Hitler's banker, join the Urania zur Unsterblichkeit in Berlin in 1908, the same year that William Howard Taft joined his father's SR Temple in Cincinatti, Ohio. Confessions of the "Old Wizard" (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1956, p. 105).
      McColl was the focus of an investigation by respected reporter and columnist Jack Anderson in 1998.  Anderson rightly showed the partnership between Hugh McColl and Bill Clinton in laying the groundwork for the big banks to get even bigger.  Sold as a means of breaking Congressional gridlock, time would prove that the McColl/Clinton alliance would lead to 2008's well-bamboozled meltdown.  The passage of the Riegle-Neal Act was early on Clinton's top priority, but it was resisted by Main Street banks and the conservative insurance industry. The bill provided that after one year, bank holding companies could acquire or establish a bank anywhere in the country without reference to state law. The big bank coup was nearly complete.  It needed only the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall and the arrival of the Bush Neo-Cons.
      Shirley Locke Holmes, another independent investigative journalist following the John Strumfp and Wells Fargo story has consulted with genealogy analyst and cyber-system-probability-statistician,  Domingo Itzak Rabinautillus.  "Rabinautillus is an amazing resource for the analysis of the probability of family connections within the prevailing cultures," said Holmes.  "Take the names Strumfp and Spanier," said Rabinautillus.  "These are extremely rare last names and when they are searched through the Rabinautillus' algorithmic assessment tool we see that John Strumfp is married to a Spanier.  The Spanier and Strumpf names occur in cultural circles very, very rarely together at the same time.  In this case, at Penn State University where Graham Spanier was President of Penn State at the time the Sandusky/Paterno scandal erupted following years of cover-up that many link to the Omaha, Nebraska's Franklin Cover-up.  Penn State trustee, Linda Strumfp, was not only the CIO or Chief Investment Officer of the Ford Foundation, but then head of the Leona Helmsley Foundation. Leona had her own serious problems with credibility like the Clintons.  I cannot say for certain, but the probabilities are extremely high that these names appearing together, Graham Spanier and Linda Strumfp, John Strumfp and his wife's maiden name, Spanier, are NOT coincidental," said Rabinautillus.  "It's an amazing connection if correct," said Holmes noting that Rabinautillus told her...."finding these rare Jewish surnames together in the same place at the same time is stranger than finding a blue quadricorn at a pink unicorn convention."

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