Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

James Comey's Feud With Joseph DiGenova


An Interview with Lowell P. Wigglesworth

by Fabian Colbachi CPW News Service

     The conservative Judicial Watch assembled a panel of five to review the recent developments in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
     Moderated by Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, the panel included Paul Schweizer the author of Clinton Cash, Jerome Corsi, author of Partners In Crime: The Clinton's Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit, Christopher J. Farrell, a member of the OSS Society and Investigative Reporters and Editors whose 1996 debate between Gary Webb and the Washington Post's Jeff Leen was moderated by the University of Missouri's Professor Emeritus of Journalism, Steve Weinberg, attempted to skewer Webb's reporting for the San Jose Mercury News and his book Dark Alliance.  Also on the panel was former U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. and founding partner of the K Street legal firm of DiGenova & Toensing, Joseph E. DiGenova.
    The subject of the Clinton emails and their handling by a sitting and retired Secretary of State is a significant aspect of the 2016 Presidential campaign and ranks right up there with the 2000 and 2004 GWB Texas Air National Guard Memo story in this author's opinion.  However, it now appears evident that not only are the concerned members of Judicial Watch correct in their assessment of the Clinton's criminality, but in their evaluation of a two-tiered legal and justice system that in the words of South Carolina Congressman, Trey Gowdy, is "suppose to be blind".
     To better understand what is going on with respect to the Clinton email scandal historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth has agreed to be interviewed.

FC:  Do you agree with Judicial Watch in their assessment of the Clintons?

LPW:  Which part?

FC:  Start where you'd like.

LPW:  Are the Clinton's crooks?  You'd have to be blind, deaf and really, really dumb not to so conclude.  But the problem is bigger than Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.  The Democratic National Convention invited to speak the granddaughter of the Nicaraguan dictator whose soldiers blew away the ABC newsman, Bill Stewart, in 1979 as he investigated Anastosio Samoza's relationship to the Contras, to Iran and probably to Samoza's partners in the banana business with GWB's Yale fraternity brothers, Linden and Neal Blue.  The Blue brothers made their fortunes in uranium like that Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, manages at UraniumOne a fuel and weapon that has helped make the British royal family's estate grow from $500 million to $14 billion. Fuel, depleted uranium weapons and the Blue's General Atomic Inc.'s, Predator and Reaper drones.  The message was pretty obvious. The gloves are off.  The RNC opens up with blood-sport cage-fighting entrepreneur, Dana White.  The Democrats with wheelchair bound Anastasia Somoza in keeping with their more compassionate image. But wait!  That's the family of the murderous Nicaraguan dictator that FDR called "a son-of-a-bitch, but he's our son-of-a-bitch."  The message?   "You squeal on us and we'll squeal on you!"  It was, from a Madison Avenue spin meister's viewpoint, a brilliant ploy.  It sent a signal, a message to the despots that contribute to the Clinton Foundation...."you are welcome here.  The U.S.A. is safe haven."   On the other hand, it told the NeoCon's campfire sitters that they weren't doing anything that the Reagan/Bushies didn't do in Central America.  We had only to remember LBJ's war in Vietnam and Obama's continuation of the Bush NeoCon's policies in the Middle East to know that.  Of course, the DNC convention had other issues like Julian Assange's little bombshell that may show up again before November 8.  This crap is what makes the election years in any nation a potential mine field not just for the informed, but for the innocent who happen to step into it.
    The nation is on a precipice.  I saw a homeless man at a Detroit intersection with a sign of a two-headed snake.  On one snake head was "Trump" and other snake was "Hillary".  Across the body was "2016".  At the bottom it said "Help me, please!  They won't!"
      So when Joe DiGenova says that the nation is in trouble it's much broader, wider and deeper than he is saying.   Hell, old Joe cut his teeth working in the Church Commission, with government's approach to the Teamsters whose Washington legal voice was Edward Bennett Williams whose client list on both sides of the political isle and $1000/hour fees dispels any nothing that justice is blind.  Both Joe and EBW were dutiful Roman Catholic educated parochialists that remined me in some ways of Joseph McCarthy and Joseph P. Kennedy whose boys appeared to have left the reservation, or maybe not.  It is hard to fathom how they ended up so far to the left of their father when he was recalled as British Ambassador during World War II for his Nazi sympathies while the British royals were, thanks to Wallis Simpson Windsor, the Godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, GHWB's sister-in-law and Senator Joseph McCarthy was the Godfather for one of the Kennedy boys, Bobby, I think....none of whom really resisted the image of Camelot in America....not exactly reconcilable to American democracy except for the image of a round table, but around which sat not freely elected leader but the military....the noblemen/oligarchical kingly appointed knights.   You cannot find a NeoCon cause that these panelists didn't like in the 80's and 90's and by 2000 they were eating the NeoCon agenda up and spreading its agenda, all of the Judicial Watch panelists.... the repeal of Glass-Steagall and Bush's yellow cake bamboozle.  They topped that yellow cake off with massive scoops of ice cream and put a cherry on top.....the evolution of new weaponry including eye-in-the-sky drone strikes that insured massive war profits and firing enriched depleted uranium shells that had an ungodly half-life.

FC: General Smedley Butler blew the whistle on a real business plot that was echoed in films like Dr. Strangelove or Seven Days In May, the plotters with clearly fascist leanings that would have aligned with Joseph P. Kennedy and Wallis Simpson Windsor's Nazi leanings.  So you are saying that JFK and Bobby's emphasis on civil rights or ending the war in Vietnam would have been to jump their father's ship after he had negotiated JFK's 1960 victory with that celebrated deal with the Chicago underworld who promised to deliver the vote for Jack?

LPW:  There are a number of celebrated cases of defiance by the children of major military industrialist insiders that sends shivers down the spines of their parents and friends.  Take Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors whose Admiral father was in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin Affair.  There's William Ayers, the Chicago Weather Underground member and bomber, friend of Obama, whose father was on the boards of a number of major defense contractors.  Patty Hearst is often cited.  There's Albert Maher the close friend of singer Bob Dylan who clearly jump the family reservation and organized a banned trip to Cuba at the height of the Cold War.

FC:  Where is Obama in this mix?

LPW:  He has essentially avoided talking about Glass-Steagall.  He has continued the NeoCon agenda in the Middle East.  Remember that Michelle and Barack met at the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln who was nearly mad after Abe's assassination, Sidley Austin, that merged in 2000 with the New York firm of Brown & Wood that was a leading law firm for National City Bank against which Smedly Butler rails in the his book War Is A Racket.  Sidley Austin was a Republican law firm and the newly merged firm had moved into the World Trade Center in New York in 2000 with 600 employees only one of which died on 911.  Remember, too, that the first Scottish Rite President of the United States was Andrew Johnson who was initiated in a ceremony by White House insider Benjamin Brown French, but into a monarchial tradition of Jacobite origins and not the York Rite Masonry of Washington and Franklin and the other Founding Fathers.
      Of course, I have written extensively about the fact that public motives for the U.S. Civil War over which Lincoln presided were not the U.S. power elites' real motive.  That motive was the rail route to the Pacific and the China Trade.
      Today's endless war on terror is the prescription for the perpetual racket of war that brought forward Smedley Butler.  It has been convincingly argued that when in the 1930's Lowell Thomas made a big tour of Britain with a film tour lionizing T.E. Lawrence, "Lawrence of Arabia", for the English Speaking Union of the U.S. and Britain with significant support from William Howard Taft who joined his fathers' Cincinnati Scottish Rite temple in 1908, that they were prepping Lawrence and Britain for Butler's counter-part in England, a role that Lawrence, like Butler, refused.  That would have meant that Rudolf Hess' midnight flight to the estate of Lord Hamilton, of whose family Lawrence was a part, was doomed and that Churchill's parliamentary democracy would not be a nut so easily cracked.  Can you now see how Joe Kennedy would have been aligned in the U.S. with the business plotters who were tempting Butler and how he and Wallis Simpson who met her husband, Prince Edward Windsor of the German Saxe-Gotha-Coburg clan at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California near the USN base where Wallis' goddaughter, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, sister-in-law of George Herbert Walker Bush trained as the USN's first "frogman"?

FC:  So neither the Clinton Dems or Bush, now Trump, Reps are unbiased? 

LPW:  They are all involved in what DiGenova calls a Potemkin City cover-up.  Neither side wants us Americans to know just how bad things have become, but for Christ's sake isn't it like, OBVIOUS!? 
     We have a 20 trillion dollar debt that can be hung on the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999, the arrival of Bush in 2000, the war racketeering all of which both sides have now shown they endorse.  It's one big slimy cluster fu......well, a cloistered, copulative assembly of smegma lathered criminals awash in the camouflaging suds hiding their co-equal deficiencies and each claiming that the other is not performing to expectations.  We have both of the Bush and Clinton cabals promoting the wholesale disembowelment of the American middle-class with the giant sucking sound that Perot warned us was coming.....while, hell, Perot sold EDS to India and while Facebook imports from India workers to the USA to undercut those high tech jobs we were told would replace those lost to NAFTA and GATT.
     Glass-Steagall was to the American middle class what a cactus thorn in the beak of a Darwin Finch was to its survival.  It was an economic survival tool. A bank is suppose to be safe! Glass-Steagall was forged by two younger brothers whose legislation compartmentalized the bank the absence of which led to the Great Depression. It was to protect their hard earned deposits from criminals like we have seen with Wells Fargo's fraud and theft.   If Glass and Steagal had been part of Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army, they would have been the first to axe the king's sleazy neck.  Now, we see that Bank of America that bought with their bail out money Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith with its connections to Mrs. Barbara Pierce Bush.    Merrill along with Wells Fargo were part of the too big to fail culture of U.S. banking that threatened our very existence and which Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt would have gladly flattened.  The 1980's S&L crisis was the dress rehearsal for the 2008 sub-prime housing bubble and mixed in was the WorldCom and Enron debacles that sent to prison Jeffrey Skilling and Ken Lay, Bush's choice for Energy Secretary, like the CEO Chairman of the board of Wells Fargo should experience for his lawlessness and go to jail, too. 

FC:  That purchase of Merrill by Bank of America was forbidden under Glass-Steagall and Hank Paulson supposedly forced the money on BofA.  These banks are connected to the Vatican and the old European monarchical, pyramidal and oligarchical models of government?

LPW:  Decidedly so and never forget that Hitler's SS was modeled on the pyramidal authoritarianism of the Jesuits and that Allen and Avery Dulles were hooked at the hip with the Vatican for ratlines that delivered Nazis to the West after the war to help fight communism.  Communism.  Which time has taught us doesn't work, and which Anthony Sutton long argued was the left side of a bamboozling dialectic that the rich and powerful created to spawn worldwide conflict and managed like Thomas Edison did the plus and minus poles of a Dynamo.

FC:  DiGenova says that Clinton is the problem.  You say it's bigger than that.  Just how big is it?

LPW:  Well, let's start with DiGenova's statement that the FBI isn't trustworthy.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Federal.   Let's consider that South Carolina's Congressman Trey Gowdy is absolutely dumfounded that such a bamboozling by Comey has come into his purview.  But consider this.  Gowdy graduated from Baylor University in Texas where the college President who investigated Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky and other debacles if not debaucheries, Kenneth Starr, formerly at Pepperdine, just became the focus of his own mismanagement of women's issues on the Baylor campus.  Does anyone tell you of Starr's connections to Cornelius Vander Starr, founder of AIG? But there's a lot more than that.  Waco is in McClennan County, home of the GWB Crawford White House and also of Buffalo Airlines which was owned by the major middleman in the Iran-Contra weapons shipments, rich Iranian mule, Farhad Azima.  Mr. Azima is not only a major Clinton Foundation contributor, but his attorney was Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, God rest his deep-throated soul, and DiGenova and his wife not only saw the Iran-Contra affair as a small blip in U.S. diplomatic blunders, but DiGenova worked closely with Fred Thompson.

FC:  Senator Fred Thompson the actor from the American Enterprise Institute, the Counsel on Foreign Relations and the T.V. series Law & Order?

LPW:  Lot of laws, not much order.  In fact, you could say that we have planned disorder.  Disorder is the name of the game.  A nation built on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, you would think....is a place of law and order.  So why isn't it?

FC:  I have my suspicions.

LPW:  I have read your stuff.  You have a lot more than that.

FC:  I believe that Comey knows that if he takes a hard line he or his family is in danger.  I believe  that's why H. Ross Perot got out of U.S. politics altogether.   I believe that there is a power behind the public curtain and that it does not want that curtain pulled back.  Is that wrong?

LPW:  That's right, but don't ask Noam Chomsky or the other Ivy League Delphians to direct you to the truth of the matter and to clearly define it.   Dissent is allowed within limits.  Anthony Sutton dissented by rebelling and leaving the Hoover Institute at Stanford, which by the way, owns the personal diaries of Joseph Goebbels, but they did everything in their power to sideline Sutton.
     Col. Daniel Marvin dissented and in Trey Gowdy's home state of South Carolina Marvin, a warrior who refused to acquiesce to the CIA's command to depose Prince Norodom Sihanouk,  not only survived to tell the story, but was sued by the U.S. Special Forces Association for slander and won his law suit.  Bernie Sanders took Hillary Clinton to task for using Henry Kissinger as a serious foreign policy consultant while she was Secretary of State.  Marvin's commanders to pull off the Cambodian job would have started with Kissinger.  There are good people everywhere and some really slimy ones. You can't tell if Marvin's CIA handlers were pushing for regime change in Cambodia for the import of American-style shared governance, itself a lame brained idea hiding the real motive or because he sat on the edge of the Golden Triangle, the poppy plantation that evolved like the Columbian black-tar poppy plantations to compete with the Pakistani and Afghani stuff over which the British fought the Ottoman Empire for control.

FC:  Trey Gowdy went to school in Waco, but that was a long time ago.  Do you think he is aware of just how events there influenced the FBI's rank and file?

LPW:  Are you thinking of the Davidians?

FC:  Yes.

LPW:  The Branch Davidians were there and running guns in a county where Farhad Azima was doing Iran-Contra.   Meanwhile in Mena, Arkansas Clinton had to have been running cover for the same operation?  The FBI was totally compromised in that deal, but hey, what about Ruby Ridge?  What about the assent of  William Sessions  to the Director of the FBI over the body of murdered Texas Judge John Howland Wood, shot and killed by Woody Harrelson's father, Harrelson heading off to a Presbyterian College, Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana on a scholarship.  Wood was a bigot, but a law and order, anti-drug bigot known as "Maximum John".  Woody's father's "hit" money and actions were paid for by the Chagra Brothers from El Paso and Juarez?  You'll have to read Gary Cartwright's book Dirty Dealing to understand that the Chagra's weren't Mexicans that Trump is so worried about, but Lebanese drug and weapons smugglers.  Middle Easterners.  The Southern border of the USA has been a porous gunpowder pumping point since before Spanish Hebrew, Jacob Di Cordova, made his 1849 map of Texas and before Bagdad was the port city at the mouth of the Rio Grand River on the early caravan route from what today is Brownsville to Baja on the Pacific with the Middle Eastern poppy fields of the Golden Crescent beyond just waiting to be dumped for other goodies in China.  It was there in the other Baghdad, Iraq that the Sephardic Israelite, David Sassoon's opium route through Basra would feed the British lust for empire before the U.S.'s New England Brahmins took it over and with the Castillian's and French lusting after the same prizes.

FC:  I'm glad Woody found a good home after all of that.

LPW:  Hanover, you mean?  That Presbyterian school was founded by folks from North Carolina which was a Jacobite and Tory stronghold during the American Revolution.  Flora MacDonald who saved "Bonnie Prince Charlie" in Scotland and immigrated to North Carolina with her husband and both were Jacobite Presbyterians which meant that they favored a monarchy even if they had to accept Bonnie Prince Charlie the Roman Catholic interloper to the British throne which had been vacated unwillingly by Charles I thanks to Oliver Cromwell the anti-monarchial Congregationalist.  They would have definitely been American Federalists and show just how, for example, CIA Director Alan Dulles and his cousin who converted from Presbyterianism, Avery Dulles, became the first Cardinal without first becoming a Roman Bishop.  Not ironically, the Founding Fathers rejected primogeniture law upon which the British monarchy was based with its first-born favoritism and opted for gavelkind law.  While academics like Professor Jonathan Turley, a self-avowed anti-Jeffersonian, Federalist who taught at Tulane in New Orleans where both Albert Pike and Jacob De Cordoba heavily influenced Jacobite sympathies within a receptive culture, Jefferson had, at the instructions of the First Continental Congress, written primogeniture, first-born, dynastic, pyramidal biases out of U.S. law.   I cannot tell from an academic's positions on torture or the death penalty or Guantanamo or even free speech where they stand on this essential element in the U.S. model of governance.  Blacks in America know what it's like to be late arrivers in a world where everyone was once a "later arriver" and that was essentially what the American colonists rebelled over....being dominated by the first arrivers, in England and Europe the kings, who always take the lions share of the resources which up until we codified their rebellion in law....had no chance of anything, but serfdom.  Their wars with indigenous indian monarchs were basically battles over the same thing they left in Europe.  No wonder Congress is so damn disillusioned and confused when standing as they are on the holy grail, but feel it fading beneath them to what?   The past.  The U.S. Congress is in essence the embodiment of shared governance as the Founders envisioned it and they are being neutered.  Can a Federalist like Jonathan Turley....joined as he is by the likes of C. Boyden Gray and his father, Gordon Gray, who stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance for wanting to democratize peaceful nuclear energy while the Grays were wealthy heirs of the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company that democratized lung cancer....renew the vision?  Consider that  that Gordon Gray's work of spreading cancer paralleled the criminal Pruitt-Igoe undisclosed radiation experiments in the 60's and 70's, built as Pruitt-Igoe was by Minoru Yamasaki the architect for the Bin Ladens and also the architect of the World Trade Center.
      So Woody went to Hanover, but "Presbyterian" come from the Greek word Presbuteros which means "elder" and the whole pyramidal, monarchial and potentially despotic model was based on elder-worship.  That is quite clear.  Flora MacDonald's Presbyterianism claimed to have flatten the pyramid, but some Presbyterians didn't flatten it!  Federalist claim that they are the leadership backbone of the republic and they are correct that the masses can, as with the Peasants Revolt in Europe, become bruts, but kings weren't?   Same with all models in the Dark Ages including the Roman Catholicism of the Inquisition and Sharia models of government that are primogeniture biased and the Saudi royals like it that way. They don't have the Bible's "the first shall be last and last first" and as Mario Puzo did in his best selling book The Godfather with Michael Corleone being a last born and leader, like Israel's King David, leaders by default, but quite capable.  There sat the inclusion that opened up through the Reformation and Enlightenment the shackled minds and hearts that created a new age.  There is an irreconcilable difference between Sharia and the parallel primogeniture laws of Europe which in America is resurrected in family dynasties and corporate boardrooms....even the Presidency from time to time....Joe Kennedy practiced it like a Tudor king, Bush, too, and Trump if he's elected and the Judeo-Christian tradition of the Enlightment and Reformation gets cooked when this becomes the norm.  Society turns in on itself as in the Dark Ages and I think in 2016 its getting darker by the day.
     The 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall by first-born Bill Clinton turned back the progress upon which American democracy was first built.

FC:  I know that you have written extensively about this untaught part of our history.  You say that this is part of the reason that our students aren't taught about two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, who said that most of our current history is based on the racket of war.

LPW:  Not just Butler.  Read C. Wright Mills' The Power Elite.    Mills lived in Texas, taught at Columbia University in New York.  Go listen to former NATO Commander, General Wesley Clark and his story on how he came to learn of the NeoCon's Middle East agenda at the Pentagon.  One thing is clear.  The American "arsenal of freedom" has become the "arsenic of freedom" and it is that freedom that is under assault.  The FBI has been a part of the problem for a very long time, just like Michael Rupert said of the CIA at that Bill Clinton-called town meeting in South Central LA after Gary Webb's reporting shook the nation and the CIA Director, John Deutsch, showed up to calm nerves before he, like Colin Powell, David Petraeus and now, Hillary, walked off with classified information....which is sometimes difficult to know just which file to put it into.  Ruppert, who claimed that Webb's two shots to the head were definitely a suicide also killed himself.
      It was this FBI that was in place during the Tuskegee Experiment, the Pruitt-Igoe Experiment, which if you are unaware of that one you are in for a real eye-opener that remains untaught in our schools like Smedley Butler's story.   This FBI was in place during the Rudy Ridge murder of Rebecca Weaver.  It was murder.  There's no way around it.

FC:  Help me understand something.  You said that Oppenheimer appeared before the Gordon Gray Committee and stripped of security for wanting to promote peaceful uses of nuclear energy.  I have read that the key witnesses to that witch hunt were Rice University President Kenneth Pitzer and William Liscum Borden.  That Pitzer was a chemist working for the fossil fuel industry in Houston and that Borden was a Yale grad who was working on the 1940 Yale Political Union debate led by William Gardiner "Ted" White who was opposed the America First Committee and the American Liberty League fascist isolationists who would have aligned with British Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy.  I also know that Al Qaeda was formed in Egypt with help from the Muslim Brotherhood and our CIA to create fighters against Russia in Afghanistan and that Houston's Joanne King Herrin lived there, her husband's name on buildings at Rice University and that he had created Houston Natural Gas that created Enron, god-bless its bleeding soul.   Is that right?

LPW: Spot on.  Now consider that when the 911 Commission's Hamilton Committee is laying out the Official 911 Report, a key player is from the U.S. State Department, David Rhodes, a Rice University Graduate who also worked on Iran nuclear agreement.  He's also the brother of the President of CBS, David Rhodes, and CBS's Dan Rather and Mary Mapes, had in late 1999 and for sure in 2000 the GWB Ellington Field, Texas Air National Guard memo story that they waited to totally botch in 2004.  Meanwhile, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN....they all follow the proper line, which is clearly improper on any other planet in the universe.  David Rhodes will be the assistant to State Department manager and firewall of the Benghazi report to Congress.  Something that sends Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordon and the other Republican Congressmen up the tree.

FC:  Who was William Gardiner "Ted" White?

LPW:  He was a Yale grad ahead of GHWB who having read the reporting of Louis Nizer opposed American isolationism that had the US companies like those being supplied by Hitler oil agent in Texas, William Rhodes Davis, who was buying oil for the Reich up until Pearl Harbor.  Ted White was also the tailgunner on the Barbara II, the WWII torpedo bomber of GHWB when it went down at Chi Chi Jima in the South Pacific.   White wasn't suppose to have been the tailgunner that day.  It was a story refute by another tailgunner, Chester Magurski, before his death.

FC:  What about FINCEN?

LPW:  The big one!

FC:  It's huge isn't it?

LPW:  Enormous.  Where to being?  Let's start with Serpico.

FC:  The movie?  Al Pacino?  The real Frank Serpico?

LPW:  Frank.   An honest NYPD cop.  He reported the corruption in the narcotics division and runs it up the flagpole.  The Knapp Commission was formed.  Its prosecutor wasn't Trey Gowdy, obviously.  It was a young Rudy Giuliani.  The FBI liaison to the Knapp Commission wasn't Whitey Bolger's buddy, John Connolly, but it was Brian Bruh who would go on to be the FBI liaison for the FINCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

FC:  But Giuliani cleaned up the NYPD.

LPW:  Did he?  His police commissioner who was touted as the next Director of Homeland Security by GWB, Bernie Kerik, went to jail for corruption.  Frank Serpico was so sure that the clean up was complete that he moved to the mountains of Switzerland under an assumed name and now we have Hillary, Trump, Comey, Giuliani....and don't forget across the bridge in New Jersey, Chris Christi all ready to descend on Washington.


LPW:  You'll have to ask the NYFD fire fighters and their families what they think of Giuliani.  FINCEN was commissioned to investigate Saudi influence peddling in America and in 1992 when it was focusing in on the roommate of GWB from his Texas Air National Guard days when the FBI stood down FINCEN.  Why?  Because it was getting too close to the agent in the USA for the Saudi royal family and their banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz.  Would that investigation have found money going to terrorists in the USA?  You aren't suppose to ask that! You also aren't suppose to ask about whether it was Saudis that took down the WTC, either.  You are to accept the fact.  That's a wonderfully powerful sword blade to hold over the rich and powerful Saudi royal family's collective necks, isn't it?!

FC:  The roommate was James R. Bath whose fuel company at Ellington Field, Houston was sold to the Carlyle Group?  It was only a few miles from the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport where the NASA astronauts parked their private planes.  Both men were on the Iran-Contra bank board....BCCI....Bank of Commerce and Credit International....the one also known as the Bank of Crooks and Criminals.  And you wonder what Wells Fargo is up to with it banking history?  Quit wondering!

LPW:  Right, and 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and we invade Iraq.....if you can believe the official story which a growing and impressive list of skeptics....David Ray Griffin.....Morgan Reynolds and over three thousand Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth have questioned quite effectively.

FC:  What is at stake in this battle between Clinton and Judicial Watch?

LPW:  The Clintons are interlopers....hillbillies from Arkansas who saw an opening and invited themselves in.  So long as they did the order's bidding they got their cut, but that's not what they or the order likes.  They both want it all.  But the ruling order is itself in jeopardy.  It evolved out of the early American independence that was the irresistible force of the American experience, but they are coming up against an older immovable object of the old European top-down, pyramidal, autocratic, oligarchical elements of the old Hapsburg and Prussian empires reimagined who stood up in some ways together against the old Ottoman Empire whose opioids made empires and, eventually,  in China Mao's Cultural Revolution.   This was what H. Ross Perot was warning against and it was a lot bigger than a simple sucking sound of U.S. jobs leaving the country.  They say that the problem with Christianity and the universal golden rule and as Ayn Rand counseled....."achievement without plunder" has never really been practiced.  The world is waiting and the world is losing.

FC:  So what can Americans do?

LPW:  Don't do as the 49er's are doing and squat during the National Anthem.  Stand up proudly and put your hand over your heart and hold with your left hand a flag that you carry with you always.  A flipped flag.  A flipped American flag the universal symbol of distress and cry for assistance.  The American experiment was and is the best thing going anywhere.  Embrace it.  Clean it up, but don't abandon it.  Share the governance.  That'll scare the holy hell out of them and force them back under the rocks where they belong. 

FC:  Is Comey in danger? 

LPW:  The leading attorney for the most astounding array of criminals and Washington politicians has been Edward Bennett Williams.  I'd put both Williams and DiGenova in the same circle.  People died around Williams all the time. People die around Bill and Hillary, but they died around the Bush NeoCons, too. I believe that the U.S. is finding the traditions of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and the founding Fathers being assaulted by a resurrected Jacobite element in America that's as hard to kill off as a vampire.  Good grief....that Jacobite element that was all about oligarchy found its way into the KKK, even into the Scottish Rite Masons through Albert Pike, through the Good Fellows with Jacob De Cordoba in Texas, and certainly through the history of the Roman Catholic Church, and even the Jacobite Presbyterians of which Flora MacDonald was one.....think about that when you think of Woody Harrelson who was cast in the Cormac McCarthy film No Country For Old Men opposite Anton Chigurh.  Sound like Chagra who hired Woody's father?  McCarthy knows and his apologist at Yale, Harold Bloom, has canonized McCarthy's book, Blood Meridian,  as equal to Melville's Moby Dick.  It's not of course.  The Pequod went down with the captain's quarters.  McCarthy affirms the current status quo, but offers the only solution....the 30 Years War solution...."War IS God!" he proclaims.  Music to Alan Dulles ears or his cousin, Cardinal Avery Dulles.  The Jesuits, by the way, find that one of their schools just hired Melissa Click the woman at the University of Missouri who was captured on camera shutting down the press and free speech outside of Steve Weinberg's office.  Yes, Comey knows full well he is in danger.  He's in the crossfire as any FBI agent can tell you "it's all a game....and a very deadly one!".

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