Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, October 20, 2016


"Two devils dancing on the head of pin-headed two-party system."

by Polly Pohl Stirrh, CPW News Service

     Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off in Las Vegas last night.  We asked people to share their responses to the third U.S. Presidential debate.

"Another 90 minutes of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf."  -Sid Miggins,  Oxbow, Nevada

"More proof that the U.S. Constitution was not well thought through."  
                                          -Custer T. Wells, Memphis, Tennessee

"If I wanted to watch a bad marriage, I'd record my own."  -Shelly Sizemore, Miami, Florida

"Proof that the cream isn't the only thing that rises to top of the barrel." 
                                        -0scar De La Toro, Tucumcari, New Mexico

"I'm not staying in a Trump Hotel and I'm sure not giving to the Clinton Foundation and I'm not calling the FBI if I'm in trouble."  -Latawana Brown, Chicago, Illinois

"Mother Nature isn't kind.  If she was she would have neutered both their parents."
                                                        -Carolyn Korn, Peoria, Illinois

"Two devils dancing on the head of this pin-headed two-party system.  Even the Founding Fathers and Christian Trinitarians knew the stability of a three-legged stool so they graciously gave us the executive/legislative/judicial branches.    They also apparently knew that the dialectic/dualism of a two-legged system isn't workable.  So some real bimbos have gone and built a two-legged wobbly piece of shit with really crappy, severely broken stubs and neither give the U.S.,  us,  a leg to stand on.
                                                      -Farouk K. Damididian, Berkley, California

"There went America being great again and as for "stronger together"?   So is a room full of farting dogs."    
                                                       -Boudroux Chastain
                                                       Sulfur City, Louisiana

"We'll survive this, too.  Won't we?"
                                                      -Byron Burns Kripten
                                                       Salem, Massachusetts


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