Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, October 23, 2016



by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

      Following Congressman Trey Gowdy's chastisement of the U.S. press, a Texas father leveled a scathing critique of Donald Trump's performance at the third Presidential Debate in Las Vegas.  Uploaded to the Youtube videos of the Trump/Clinton debate and Gowdy's speech the response read:

     After U.S. Congressmen Trey Gowdy,  Jim Jordon, Jason Chaffetz and the others handed Donald Trump what he needed to skewer Hillary Clinton in debate 3 in Las Vegas, Trump didn't use it?  NOT ONE WORD ABOUT BENGHAZI?  Gowdy knows why Craig Stevens was there.....the racket of war against which two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Gen. S. Darlington Butler spoke and for which he wrote the book War Is A Racket.  On Rudy Giuliani's mayoral staff was CBS President David Rhodes, brother of Benghazi point man for Obama, Benjamin Rhodes.  Benjamin served on the Hamilton committee on the WTC, too, that produced the Official 911 Report and about which David Ray Griffin and Dr. Morgan Reynolds have spoken out loudly and clear.  David Rhodes' CBS 60 Minutes told us that the 28 pages of the 911 Commission report went to Saudi influence peddling in the USA and then doesn't send us to the heart of the problem... the FBI's stand down order on the FINCEN investigation that focused on Saudi royal banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz and GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath. 
     With the FBI's FINCEN liaison being Brian Bruh, who was Rudy Giuliani's liaison on the Knapp Commission....the Serpico Commission we have a real problem.  So successful was the Knapp Commission's clean up that Serpico fled the country and NYC produced Bernie Kerik. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE TRUMP, GOWDY GAVE YOU A SWOOSH, A SLAM DUNK! You are compromised.  Folks, you have no freedom.  Trump did not use Gowdy's speech most likely because Trump's pandering to the prurient impressions of younger Billy Bush is just the tip of an unmentionable power elite milieu that find's Trump and Bill and Hillary Clinton running in the same circles with NY billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein and the Republican leadership having run in the circles of Omaha, Nebraska's Lawrence E. King, as evidenced by his participation in the 1988 Republican National Convention. Trump is as compromised, monarchical, top-down, and pyramidal as Clinton.        This election is rigged all right.  Both corners are controlled by the same power elites who don't give a damn about you and who run the phony war on terror like they do the phony war on drugs.   Pain and pain relievers....a devilishly dialectic business model and very profitable.  Then, they use the death of a soldier to roll their agenda forward like Hillary used Anastasia Samoza at the Democratic National Convention without telling us that the Samoza's immigrated from Nicaragua over the body of newsman Bill Stewart in 1979 and that the USA is safe haven for despots. This is the legacy of Billy Bush's father's bank, Riggs National Bank, whose owner, Joe L. Allbritton, was  in a position to hide a Chilean dictator's ill-gotten gains as well as the Samozas' in the U.S.A.
     Mr. Gowdy, do you know why a 23-year-old man named Patrick Carr was murdered near the tarmac of Houston's Ellington Field on the eve of the 2000 Presidential Supreme Court decision when any derogatory information about GWB would have been deadly? Do you know what Marion Carr Knox's son's name was, the woman who typed GWB's Texas Air National Guard memos in 1972, a story that should have been covered by the media as you say the Benghazi story should be, rightly so! Do you know why in 1992 the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the USA was stood down by the FBI whose liaison to FINCEN was, as mentioned above, Brian Bruh who was also the liaison for the Knapp (Serpico) Commission that so cleaned up Hillary's, Trump's and Giuliani's city that Serpico left the country?  Do you know why Giuliani went to Houston's Bracewell & Patterson to become Bracewell & Giuliani before he left in 2015 for the K Street law firm of Jack Abramoff? Do you know why the 28 pages of the 911 Commission Report does not mention the relationship between the Saudi royal banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz who along with GWB's roommate, Jim Bath, both on the board of BCCI and that the Bin Laden's bought the NASA astronauts' favorite Houston airport near Ellington Field, the Houston Gulf Manor, that was razed after 911, covered over with a Tuscan housing development and after the Bin Laden's were escorted by the FBI out of the country without being interrogated?  Do you know why in 1988 Salem Bin Laden, an experienced jet pilot, died in a mysterious ultralight crash in Cibolo, Texas owned by the in-laws of General Bruce Carlson, head of Offutt AFB and the NRO or National Reconnaissance Office that stood down NORAD on 911?  Do you know how Scott Shuger, the Slate.com pioneering internet reporter and expert in U.S. military defense systems and author of the article Ignorad died shortly after writing his article for Bill Gate's publication which provided Shuger the perfect perspective on the collaboration of U.S. media to control the message? Do you know why CBS's 60 Minutes' Lowell Bergman falsely reported that Salem died in his BAC-111 jet instead of flying like a drone into a high power line in 1988?  Do you know why also in 1988 Matthew Gannon died on his way back to Washington to ask why rank and file CIA agents had nothing in their files on Al Qaeda that was created in Egypt within the Muslim Brotherhood to fight with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan but also murdered the peaceful Anwar Sadat who wanted to stop the racket of war?  Do you know why Bill Clinton failed to veto Glass-Steagall in 1999, called it ineffective, as if to a woman...."if you're being raped you might as well enjoy it".....thus opening the door to Greenspan's "put" that was really one big 'Poot" in your face?  Do you know why when the Houston medical examiner's office when it turned to mush under DA Johnny B. Holmes brought in the firewaller in the Iran-Contra case, Michael Bromwich, who was paid for his "clean-up" from confiscated drug money with the embattled ME, Dr. Joyce Carter, having been in Washington D.C. before Houston?  Have you followed Bromwich's career?  Do you know why the Houston Post reporter Peter Brewton's 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush that linked the Bush cabal to the S&L Crisis that was the dress rehearsal for the coming credit default swap Wall Street bamboozle based on Columbia University's Robert Merton's (the father of applied sociology) and father of Robert Merton's (Harvard economist and creator of applied bamboozling Black Scholes formula) was derailed by Simon & Schuster that published Hillary and Kaine's book Stronger Together?  Do you know why NBC local affiliates were using "stonger together" as their local station mantras long before the Clinton/Kaine book came out?  Do you know why Trump's Access Hollywood tape was turned over to the Washington Post from NBC/Access Hollywood when the Washington Post also sent Vernon Loeb to the Houston Chronicle, the WP Metro Editor who had written the propagandized, consent for war-building Lt. Pat Tillman embellishments and the Jessica Lynch stories.....then became Paula Broadwell's co-author on All In: The Education of General David Petraeus?  Do you know why the Washington Post's Jeff Leen  teamed up with Steve Weinberg of the Washington based IRE to skewer Gary Webb's work especially when Webb in the IRE debate with Leen referred to Peter Brewton's work?  Do you know why Baylor's President Kenneth Starr doesn't mention his relationship to AIG's founder Cornelius Vander Starr?  Do you know why Steve Weinberg of the University of Missouri, head of IRE and Prof. Emeritus at Mizzou, alma mater of Walter Cronkite's wife....Cronkite the mentor of Dan Rather who botched in 2000 the Ellington Field memo story by not reporting it timely and then in 2004 botched it again?  Can we now begin go comprehend how Weinberg's school, home of Melissa Click who following Ferguson where many of the residents parents and grandparents had lived in Minoru Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe project....tried to shut down free speech?  We're in a real mess, Mr. Gowdy, and it's broader and deeper than you are saying.   The patient is in critical care!

     This response to Trey Gowdy's speech aimed at the anemic press preceding Presidential debate #3 provides some significant connections for understanding the 2016 Presidential election. Indeed, Trump did not mention Gowdy's concerns about Benghazi in the Las Vegas debate.  Not once in the debate....an astounding gaff for a real "outsider" and considering that Billy Bush's and NBC's Access Hollywood's release of the 2005 video was sent through David Fahrenthold at the Washington Post for some kind of vetting.  Did the mainline media explore the fact that Billy Bush's father's bank, Riggs National Bank in Washington, D.C., once owned by Joe L. Allbritton, had been hiding the bank accounts of Chile's murderous dictator, Augusto Pinochet?  Joe Allbritton had also been a Houston real estate developer whose father ran a cafeteria chain.  Joe had made a fortune securing land for the Houston to Galveston I-45 highway on which Ellington Field was located as well as the Houston Gulf Manor Airport, purchased for Salem Bin Laden by the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz with the help of James R. Bath.  I-45 has been called the most dangerous highway in the U.S., a subject that was being studied by Houston Chronicle writer Lise Olsen before the arrival of Vernon Loeb from the Washington Post.  Given what the above statement correctly said about the arrival of Washington Post's Vernon Loeb at the Houston Chronicle and his history with the fabrication of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories as well as with Paula Broadwell's book on General David Petraeus this is, indeed, highly suspicious given Billy Bush's recent prior media woes, Billy Bush's inexplicable elevation to NBC's Today Show as co-host just before the release of the 2005 Trump video on the Friday before the Washington University debate in the hometown of George Herbert Walker and the alma mater of the Pruitt-Igoe and New York's World Trade Center architect, the leading architect for the Saudi royal family and the Bin Ladens, Minoru Yamasaki.   The Bush/Trump 2005 video favored Hillary Clinton and Billy Bush's father's relationship to George Herbert Walker Bush, brothers, brings a new slant to the 2016 election that has all the ear marks of a controlled demolition of Trump's campaign or an "applied sociology" experiment conjured up somewhere between Columbia University, the major media outlet boardrooms, Wall Street and Madison Avenue.  Billy Bush's father's place at Rigg's National Bank with its proximity to Bank of Credit and Commerce International or BCCI, the primary Iran-Contra money laundering bank, further validates the above response which digs down into the organic connections within the commandeered U.S. political process.
    Hoover Institute defector and prolific author, Anthony Sutton, warned that the USA has on the throttle of its political processes a secret establishment that controls elections like Dana White, Angelo Dundee or Don King could control two prize fighters while raking in the profits from the bets, beer and popcorn. The racket of war is essentially fight-promoting and given the events of the Bush years followed by the continuation of the NeoCon agenda under Obama and Trey Gowdy's concerns that Libya lost dedicated Americans in the fray of a mismanaged Middle-East on fire and the bamboozling continues.  Is this why the Hoover Institute owns the personal diaries for Nazi Germany's Josef Goebbels?
     We see in Bill Clinton's failure to veto the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 his clear participation in the arrival of the slash and burn Bush cabal that recreated the 1980's S&L crisis in the 2000-2008 housing bubble based on credit-default voodoo-metrics followed by the Hank Paulson bailout when over 90% of local banks, knowledgeable of their local customers, were solvent.  The ill-educated, media-only-informed, American public danced to the music of Broadway play Hamilton, forgetting that the Federalist Alexander Hamilton's push for a central U.S. bank upon which the Federal Reserve and 2008 bailout was built was totally opposed by Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.  Robert Merton, Larry Summers, Hank Paulson, Alan Greenspan and the others who should be by cultural heritage supportive of the Western Judeo-Christian values that created the Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution, show that what Edwin Black's books The Transfer Agreement and War Against the Weak maintained is true.  There is a fascist element within Judaism just as within the heart of the Bush cabal and they work together for their fascist social control.
     After leaving office Bill Clinton became a Bush favorite son, a member of the family like Prince Bandar Bush whose family controls the civil war between Sunni and Shia Muslims in a way similar to the way that the U.S. Civil War was fueled by the New England Brahmin China Traders as explored by historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.  There is nothing in Sharia Law that challenges Saudi Arabia's fascist, primogeniture-based culture. "Yes," said Wigglesworth, "Bill Clinton became an apologist for President Franklin Pierce whose friendship with Caleb Cushing and Jefferson Davis provides the clear evidence that the U.S. Civil War was fought over one motive for the 600,000 who fought and died and another for the power elites.  The Clintons are still serving that element of the America power elites as evidenced by their wooing of the mega-buck of the world's most tyrannical and despotic fascists." 
     As an apologist for President Franklin Pierce, an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush, with their connections to Merrill Lynch (formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith) that made fortunes in the 2008 bailout, Clinton's a water carrier for the Bush bamboozling and the greatest myth in American history.  We've been had folks and P.T. Barnum couldn't have done a better job of providing the freak show.

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