Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, October 13, 2016



by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW NEWS SERVICE

     The following response to the question of just why the aging Donald Trump would want to be impressing Billy Bush speaks for itself, but it is obvious to many that Mr. Trump was not aware that he was being taped on the Access Hollywood bus in 2005. "Billy Bush, known to be problematic by nearly everyone in the media,  still NBC appointed him as a replacement on the NBC Today Show just two months before the airing of the Access Hollywood tape on the Friday before the 2nd Presidential debate at the alma mater of Minoru Yamasaki in George Herbert Walker's hometown,"  said Rev. Wesley "Geronimo" Bacon Witherspoon adding...."it has all the earmarks of a Yale S&B 'wrecking'."


     Several things are obvious according to Witherspoon.  "The roll-up of NBC's Access Hollywood bus as it is filmed with both Trump and Billy Bush on a live mike, didn't just happen.  For the whatever reason it was orchestrated.  Billy Bush's appointment as a regular on NBC's Today Show following a series of career miss-steps as the 2016 Presidential election is pulling into the closing stretch is suspicious.

     In late 2015 NBC affiliates across the country began pumping their local viewing area with station ads that encouraged viewers to watch NBC....."because we're stronger together."   These ads were continued up until two weeks before the release of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine's book published by Simon & Schuster of the title Stronger Together.  Simon & Schuster is the publishing company that signed in 1992, the election year that the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling the USA that had James R. Bath, GWB's Air National Guard roommate as a person of great interest, stood down.   It was the year that the author of the book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush was signed by Simon & Schuster offering the author to provide the editor of Woodward & Bernstein's book All The President's Men as the books' editor...so important was his findings, but S&S withdrew the offer at the last minute leaving the author, Peter Brewton, to publish another way.   On the Board of Simon Schuster was Hugh Liedtke of Pennzoil, a close Bush family friend who was clearly in a position to influence Simon & Schuster.  Brewton would be the confidant to the San Jose Mercury New's Gary Webb, author of Dark Alliance, the subject of the 2015 movie Kill the Messenger, whose reference to Brewton during an IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors, debate between himself and the Washington Post's reporter Jeff Leen nearly sent Leen into apoplexy in calling Webb a "conspiracy theorist," after Webb had shared his conversation with Brewton in which Brewton had affirmed the special protection given the CIA.  The association of the OSS/CIA history to Yale University and S&B was not just featured in the Robert DeNiro film The Good Shepherd, but in Yale's Sterling Professor of History, Robin Wink's book, Cloak and Gown.   Jeff Leen was reporting to the Washington Post's Steve Coll who became the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism at Columbia University where the father of the credit-default metrics of Wall Street that tanked the economy, Robert Merton, saw his father, also Robert Merton, indoctrinate the leading media moguls of CBS, ABC, NBC and others to use his "applied sociology" in the mind-science manipulation of the American masses.   Coll was also the manager of Vernon Loeb, the WP reporter who produced the propagandized consent-building stories of Lt. Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch before Loeb became the co-author of All In: The Education of General David Petreus with Paula Broadwell," said Witherespoon.
     The debate Witherspoon referenced between Leen and Webb was moderated by the University of Missouri's Steve Weinberg, the Emeritus Professor of Journalism at Walter Cronkite's alma mater, but where Melissa Click became a national embarassment for shutting down free speech on the campus from her teaching position within Mizzou's communication and journalism departments.  All of that happened in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election with a debate taking place in nearby St. Louis following the Ferguson, Missouri riots.
     That Trump is pumping himself to an otherwise quite average looking man with a shaky career history adds a secondary concern about the motivation behind Trump's admitted shabby behavior.  Clearly, Trump is not trying to make a normal favorable impression on Billy Bush.   I believe that you can expect to see as a result of this outing of Trump's monarchial, misogynous, self-aggrandizing, affirmation-seeking mannerisms the Bush family rally around the Bush brand as Trump seeks to untarnished his. Is there enough metal polish anywhere to do that?  Given the 2000 to 2008 global financial meltdown from the 1999 repeal of Glass Steagall which opened the door to George W. Bush by Bill Clinton and given that the Billy Bush video significantly favored Hillary Clinton's campaign, America is being given a clear view of the dialect dithering in the American power elites game plan.  They are agnostic as to political positions so long as they remain in control of the money spigot.....in the case of 2000-2008.....the power of corporations to mimmick monarchies and of Wall Street to bamboozle the people so to get to their sovereign tax dollars like in the 2008 bailout or even like the rape of California by Enron whose president, Ken Lay, was once advanced by GWB as Energy Secretary or as NYPD's Police Commissioner and avid supporter of Rudy Giuliani, Bernie Kerik, was advanced by GWB as Director of Homeland Security before his conviction and jailing for corruption.   The Bush family's other profit center is the world's battlefields that use high tech weaponry like General Atomic's Predator and Reaper drones which shoot depleted uranium like that mined by Bush frat brothers Neal and Linden Blue or like Tony Rodham's UraniumOne.  The Bush family will work overtime to convince the electorate that they represent the arsenal of freedom.  It was that once before it became the arsenic of freedom leading Los Angeles prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, to write before his death and to set in place in all 50 states the legal framework for any family losing a soldier in Iraq, a bamboozled war based on what even Zbigniew Brzezinski called 'absolutely false, in fact fraudulent, evidence', to press charges against George W. Bush.  Bugliosi, who convicted Charles Manson, wrote The Prosecution of George Bush for Murder.  I have called on my S&B friend to continue secretly in prayer for Bugliosi' plan to bring rich fruit before another event like we witnessed in Dallas at the funeral of five slain police officers.  I would look for NBC, CNBC and other media outlets to present a pure, wholesome and family-friend, philanthropic side of the Bush clan....the flip side of the Willie Horton ads or the Billy Bush/Trump video, to help bolster the brand," said Witherspoon explaining the Bush and S&B dialectic at work.  "Look for CNBC or NBC to defer in its coverage to anyone close to this 2005 Billy Bush and Trump event like Joe Scarborough did on Morning Joe to Willie Geist to keep the story going and for other major networks to do likewise as Dan Rather and Mary Mapes have done previously.  Rather and Mapes of CBS had the George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard story in their pocket in mid-2000, but didn't present it in 2000 and when Rather did finally present it on 60 Minutes four years later he botched it while at the same time Dan Rather co-owned the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico, an exotic game hunting ranch, with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld while Rather also covered the Abu Ghraib prison story that had been previously reported in 2003 by Amnesty International, but which Rather claimed he broke in 2004.  One thing is sure, these are big game hunters who don't like to share the hunt with poachers and they see the American people as their prey," said Witherspoon adding "Trump is clearly a poacher."

     Wesley "Geronimo" Witherspoon is clear about the methods that time will use to un-brand imperial ambitions.  "It would be quite logical after JEB Bush's political shellacking in 2016 for him to have a "come to Jesus" moment from which he jettisons the primogeniture, retro-grade family ambitions that are shared by his ancestor's S&B sympathies which clearly departed in 1833 from the Founders' values.  I always counsel the younger children of the Tafts, Huntingtons, Russells, Heards, Forbes, Cushings, Bushes, the ancestors of Braxton Bragg and William Tecumseh Sherman who were business partners in their China trading ambitions before and after the Civil War as shown by Lowell Wigglesworth, not to engage in patricide or fratricide though the temptation is clearly appealing.  No.  We've had enough killing.  Instead, just move away from the fireplace of their dark rituals so that it not ignite you and your everlasting soul and reduce it, too, to the ash heap of history," said Witherspoon.
      "As for the 2016 Presidential election, it is symptomatic of the problem of over one hundred and eighty years of disorder provided by the S&B order.  When the culture turns to a big septic tank you can expect the biggest turds to float to the top.  Is that not where we are, today?  Some would say that we should just given our future over to these lords of the flies and to the piles of pyramidal poo-dung onto which they descend with delight.  Now, the Great Almighty made everything so crap, too, but it's high time we raked it into the earth where it belongs and where it can do the most good," Witherspoon concluded.

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