Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


by Thomas Lowell Cronkite, CPW News Service

     With the 2016 Presidential election drawing to a close charges of media manipulation and rigged election processes have rolled out of the Trump campaign and across the airwaves and Internet.  It was proven by WikiLeaks that Senator Bernie Sander's campaign, a Democratic campaign, was sabotaged by the chairman of the Democratic National Committee causing the resignation of leading Democratic Party personnel and Sander's to say "I told you so," but to ultimately back Hillary Clinton and avoiding the word "rigged".  Clearly, the DNC opposition to Bernie was "rigged" and was as much an inside job as Harry Houdini escaping from a locked safe. 
    Media watcher, John Powell Hetherington of MediaAhHa! in Chicago, believes that much more is going on in the 2016 election year media wars than meets the eye.  "Election years are dangerous for people near the campaign.  We have had several suspicious deaths, one including the Democratic Party employee who was shot to death on the street raising suspicions that he was the source of the WikiLeaks emails that triggered the resignations.  That's the tip of the iceberg," said Hetherington.
    Take the death of Andrew Breitbart who outed the Democratic Party's Acorn initiative.   "Breitbart's undercover camera sent Acorn up the tree," said Hetherington.  "But wait.  Breitbart died prematurely and his company went through a drastic change.  That change expanded and diversified coverage while capitalizing on the Breitbart name.  We saw Breitbart News move from a national to a national and regional venue, a new emphasis on regional news and from a close look at the local reports, Breitbart new foot soldiers have unique histories and well-appointed insider's views.  So who is behind the expansion and diversification of Breitbart's coverage?" asked Hetherington.
     The same could be asked of the mainstream media.  With the recent appointment of Billy Bush as a co-host of NBC's Today Show after it was quite clear to media watchers that Billy Bush was already damaged goods from his run-ins with Katie Couric and others, then the release of NBC's/Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush and it appears that the Bush/Trump tape was an ambush.  "A bushwhacking.  A trumped-up truly weird locker room bantering that may have found Jeffery Epstein or Jerry Sandusky, of Lawrence King, the Lincoln Savings and loan owner from Omaha who sang at the 1988 Republican National Convention at which Penn State Coach Joe Paterno gave a pep talk appreciative.....or Jimmy Savile whose Yorkshire Television produced for The History Channel the documentary on Lawrence King, Conspiracy of Silence," said Hetherington.
     "The Bush tape ultimately helped Hillary Clinton going into the University of Washington debate," said Hetherington.  "Would there be any reason for the Bush camp to arm Hillary with this material at the alma mater of Minoru Yamasaki in the hometown of George Herbert Walker?  Of course, given the bitter battle between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, yes!   The Bush's don't insult their way into the White House.  With GHWB's Willie Horton ad and with GWB's example we see that the Bush cabal manipulates the media to do their dirty work for them.  Take the Willie Horton ad campaign a clear case of race-card fear mongering.  Fear motivates.  Take Bill Clinton's 1999 failure to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act that made the 2000-2008 housing bubble possible for the arrival of the Bush NeoCons led by Alan Greenspan and Hank Paulson, Larry Summers and Robert Merton.  Bill Clinton was a GWB ally in 1999 and on NAFTA and GATT.   Under the Clinton/Bush alliance that included the operation of the Iran-Contra era Barry Sander's CIA Airport in Mena, Arkansas and there is plenty good reason to be suspicious of the Bush/Clinton relationship.  The repeal of Glass-Steagall led directly to the 2008 bailout when Hank Paulson, Bush's Treasury Secretary, used fear to push the U.S.A. into what today is a $20 trillion national debt that should be totally written off in the bankruptcy and dissolution proceedings of the 'too big to fail banks' that Sec. Jack Lew is not willing to do since he profited so handsomely," said Hetherington.
      "The epi-center of the battle is not New York or Washington, but the petro-chemical capital of the world, Houston, Texas," said Hetherington making an unusual connection that could not go without explanation.
     "It's in Houston that you see the arrival of the Washington Post's Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, as the Houston Chronicle's gate keeping new Managing Editor.  Loeb was coming from his place on the reporting staff of Woodward and Bernstein's employer.  Woodward and Bernstein's reporting took down Richard Nixon based on an undisclosed source, 'Deep Throat'.  Nixon was, not unlike JFK, bringing the Vietnam War to a close.  Vernon Loeb?  Loeb had reported to the new Henry Luce Professor and chair of the Columbia University Journalism School, Steve Coll, Loeb's boss at the WP.   At the Washington Post, Loeb was editor of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories that were pure consent-for-war-building propaganda and he got caught at it by the Tillman family and Jessica Lynch.  Then he went on to co-author with Paula Broadwell the book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.  General David Petraeus had been confronted by Col. Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing about the blatant corruption in Iraq.  Petraeus' relationship to Broadwell and to Loeb by association brought down the celebrated General and CIA Director. Houston had another interesting connection to the CIA and that was the arrival in 2003 of the leading Iran-Contra investigator who essentially prevented the Congressional investigation from leading to the impeachment of Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush for violation of the Boland-Amendment in Honduras and Nicaragua.  Bromwich investigated the Harris County Medical Examiner's office in a city where following 911, New York's former mayor and prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani had arrived to join Bracewell & Patterson law firm which changed its name to Bracewell & Giuliani.  Speaking at the Republican National Convention for Donald Trump was not only Giuliani, but the convention was opened by Dana White, founder with Lorenzo Fertitta, of the pure blood sport of Ultimate Fighting Championships.  Fertitta's cousin is a major Houston restaurateur in Kemah, Texas where the mayor was attorney for Bracewell & Giuliani, William E. King, the business partner of James R. Bath, the partner of Saudi royal banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz," said Hetherington.
     "It's in Houston that we see a favorite reporter for the same television station that employed Dan Rather before he ascended to the anchor of the CBS news following Walter Cronkite, Wayne Dolcefino, pumping the new Breitbart reporter, Lana Shadwick, an attorney and former Harris County Judge. Shadwick's position appears to have been created for its political and judicial connections within the new Breitbart galaxy of coverage, but was it Andrew Breitbart's vision for his news outlet or someone else's and so timely to the 2016 election?  Dolcefino had also covered the story of the local disabled veteran's housing program that found GWB receiving $100,000 for a speaking engagement attended front and center by William E. King and whose former administrator, Judith Dubose, became a whistle blower on fraud within that organization.  Rather's career at CBS cratered on the 2004 Houston-based GWB/Texas Air National Guard memo story, a story that Mary Mapes could have covered in 1999 or 2000 before the 2000 Presidential election that was so close that the Supreme Court decided the outcome," said Hetherington.
     Hetherington is sure that the media battle between Trump and Clinton is also being influenced by the Bush family connections including Billy Bush's place in the release of the 2005 video tape that was obviously orchestrated.   "Melania Trump is now saying that Billy Bush egged Trump on," said Hetherington.   "That's pretty obvious from listening to the tape and given that Billy's father is a top executive for Riggs National Bank with its connections to BCCI, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, that in the Iran-Contra debacle was called the 'Bank of Crooks and Criminals' and with board members including William E. King's business partner, James R. Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, who went on to create Southwest Airport Services at the same Ellington Field where Bath and Bush trained together in the Texas National Guard.  Bath and William E. King's names both appear on the state incorporation records for Southwest Airport Services.  Given Bath's other business partner, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Saudi royal banker, and suddenly we see why the FinCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that was charged with investigating Saudi influence peddling in the USA stood down in 1992.  It was focusing on Bath and Mahfouz who together had purchased for Salem Bin Laden the Houston Gulf Manor Airport on the southern edge of William E. King's city of Kemah, Texas," said Hetherington. 
     "That Giuliani is supporting Trump is not good news to the Bush clan.  Giuliani was the prosecuting attorney for the Knapp Commission (Serpico Commission) and its FBI liaison was Brian Bruh who would become the FBI's liaison to FinCEN.   Knapp was so successful that Serpico left the country.  Out of Giuliani's work evolved NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik who left the force under duress, went to Iraq to train security forces, was followed by Col. Theodore Westhusing who died after confronting Petraeus about corruption there.   Kerik returns to have his name placed as GWB's first choice for Director of Homeland Security, before Kerik faces corruption charges based on organized crime kickbacks, essentially the same problem flagged by Frank Serpico.   Why would FinCEN stand down as it was moving in on Jim Bath in a Presidential election year between Bush, Clinton and Perot, 1992?  If the FBI had been doing their job, to follow Saudi money, their work would have led to the 911 plot.  It would have had honest FBI agents looking into the death of Salem Bin Laden at the Cibolo, Texas airport in 1988, the same year that CIA agent, Matt Gannon, died on Pan Am 103 on his way back from the Middle East where he was going to ask just why rank and file CIA agents had nothing on Al Qaeda when Al Qaeda had been created in Egypt within the Muslim Brotherhood, then was weaponized in Afghanistan by the wife of Robert Herring, husband of Joanne King Herring and the founder of Houston Natural Gas that became Enron. Joanne King Herring is the featured in Charlie Wilson's War.  Salem Bin Laden was Osama's older brother, owner of a BAC-111 jet that was reported to have been used in the October 1980 "surprise" that found in 1979 ABC's reporter, Bill Stewart, returning from Iran to Nicaragua only to be murdered as he investigated the relationship between Anastosio Samoza and the Contras, Samoza being a business partner of Bush fraternity brothers Neal and Linden Blue.  Stewart was killed by Samoza's national guard.  In reporting the death of Salem Bin Laden whose top architect was Minoru Yamasaki who built most of the Saudi royal's modern structures AND the World Trade Center AND the infamous St. Louis Pruitt-Igoe project, CBS 60 Minutes' Lowell Bergman botched the story of Salem's death just as Dan Rather and Mary Mapes had botched in 2000 the GWB Texas Air National Guard memo story.  Bergman reported on Frontline that Salem Bin Laden had died in his British Air Corp. 111 jet, when he actually inexplicably flew an ultra-light into a high power line in Cibolo, Texas at an airport owned by the in-laws of General Bruce Carlson, the USAF General in charge of Offutt AFB and the NRO or National Reconnaissance Office, not unlike the stand down order on FinCEN in 1992.   stood down NORAD on 911, a story covered by Slate.com's reporter and expert in U.S. military weaponry, Scott Shuger.  Shuger was author of an article titled IGNORAD written only a few months before Shuger's witness-less scuba diving death in California.  So here we find that the DNC invited the granddaughter of Anastosio Samoza to speak in favor of Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Convention.  Young, wheelchair-bound, Anastasia Samoza does not mention that she is the relative of a Central American despot and the dictator called 'a son-of-a-bitch' by Franklin D. Roosevelt, nor that her family immigrated to the U.S. over the dead body of reporter Bill Stewart.  The Breitbart and Washington Post battles are essentially the mainline and alternative media battles, but behind the names are the unseen players.  These are like the battles between leading Mafia families," said Hetherington. 
     "Most importantly," said Hetherington, "you have the 1992 FinCEN stand down that could have netted the 911 plot taking place in the shadow of an airport near Ellington called Houston Gulf Manor which Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz had purchased for Salem Bin Laden. How could FinCEN's commission to study Saudi influence in the U.S. not have included the ownership by a known terrorist family of an airport within seconds of the largest petro-chemical processing region in the world?  That airport was razed after 911 and after the Bin Laden's were not interrogated by the FBI, but purposely escorted out of the country to the horror of rank and file agents. You also have the redacted and grudgingly released 28 pages of the Official 911 Report that said what?  That the Saudi's were helping the plotters.  So does the 28 pages point readers to Houston?  No," said Hetherington.  "But that's were the real action was and judging from the WP/Breitbart battle, the importation of Vernon Loeb as the media gatekeeper from the WP and Michael Bromwich to clean up the Harris County Medical Examiner's office.....where corruption is a license to kill.   It still is," said Hetherington noting the importance of the medical examiner's decisions in the Don Ives and Kevin Henry deaths in Mena, Arkansas and Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Webb's two-shot-to-the-head suicide following his Iran-Contra investigation that produced the book Dark Alliance and there nagging concerns about Loeb's falsely reported Pat Tillman story.  There was Col. Westhusings questionable suicide. 
     "The question for the 2016 election is 'which gang do you want running the country?  The one behind Breitbart which looks to me like it was commandeered or the one behind the Washington Post which can't possibly hide its agenda?  Do you want Trump from Brooklyn with his connections to New Jersey Governor Chris Christi, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his to Bernie Kerik with Rudy's father having been a bag man for the NY Mob, or Hillary with her husband's Mena memories, her Manhattan/Goldman Sachs connections,  Bill's strange defense of Barbara Pierce Bush ancestor, President Franklin Pierce, and Bill's 1999/Glass-Stegall repeal connections to the Bush cabal with Billy Bush's sabotaging of the Trump campaign being a clear indication of the line drawn around the clear Bush choice of Hillary over Trump?"  Hetherington concluded.

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