Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 7, 2016

John Strumfp, James Comey and Banking On A Bamboozle

Why Washington Is In Gridlock?

COMMENTARY by Jackson Jefferson "J.J." Bacon, CPW News Service

       The internet is buzzing with rumors that FBI Director James Comey cannot come clean on the Hillary Clinton email debacle because he has been told by secret society members using hand signals to shut the hell up and say nothing of the Tammany Hall-like circus that has become the 2016 Presidential election.  Those signals were reportedly coming from both sides of the political isle.  If that is true the government of the United States, a government "of the people, by the people and for the people," is not what it claims in its creed.  What is the real battle being fought behind this clearly visible and painfully vexing curtain, hand signals or no hand signals?
       Meanwhile, the too-big-to-fail banks have dropped another load of mismanagement on the American people with what is essentially fraud and outright theft of depositor's money.  Could the two events be intertwined like the snakes in Medusa's hairdo?   Let's go where the major players will not take us.....to our collective history to unravel the mystery.
      C.D. Wensch and Ben Gazzi have covered well the seedy background of Wells Fargo banker, John Strumfp, husband of Linda Spanier Strumfp, and the blatant mismanagement of this banking enterprise's well demonstrated anti-American assault on the core value of Western democracy: Truth.
Their article North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry, Wells Fargo's Strumfp Slimeing  U.S. Consumers, rightly focuses as I will on North Carolina and its history in the evolution of the American banking and political processes.
       Wensch and Gazzi have shown that North Carolina was a Tory, Hessian and Jacobite (Predominantly Catholic followers of James I and James II, the Stuart kings of England following the reign of Elizabeth I) stronghold during the American Revolution.  Tories and Jacobites were monarchists.  Jacobites were also  strongly Roman Catholic or Presbyterian as can be clearly seen in the relationship between "Bonnie Prince Charlie" the Jacobite Catholic "Young Pretender", backed by North Carolinian, Flora MacDonald and her Tory/Jacobite/Presbyterian husband.  Before immigrating to North Carolina from Scotland, Flora had hidden "Bonnie Prince Charlie" from British Protestants when he tried from Scotland to reclaim the British throne for the Stuarts by raising an army like that which General Smedley Darlington Butler said was the secret motive of the 1930's "Business Plot" in the U.S..  Both movements were political coups involving the expansion and contraction of shared governance.
    We see echoes of this unusual U.S. political/religious alliance in former CIA Director, Alan Dulles and his cousin, both Presbyterian until Avery Dulles converted, joining the Roman Catholic priesthood to become the first Cardinal in church history to bypass the office of Bishop.  Tories and Jacobites were by definition anti-American.  Americans decided early on, as we all well know, to opt for a President instead of a king.  In England the Roman Catholics backed "Bloody Mary Tudor" the sister of Elizabeth I and not to be confused with Mary of Guise.   Elizabeth, a Protestant, the semi-illigitimate, certainly "second-class" child of Henry VIII, was targeted by the Roman Catholic Church which sought to murder her and causing Elizabeth to surround herself with loyal courtiers, among them my ancestor Francis Bacon, the "father of the scientific method" who said "knowledge is power" and who was most influenced, not surprisingly by Democritus and Galileo who saw knowledge of instrumental value.   To Elizabeth's credit, as a result of seeing what the people of England did in opposing the Spanish monarchs whose loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church blinded them to the abuses of the Spanish Inquisition and its Abu Ghraib-like-only-a-thousand-times-worse brutality, she was open to new ideas.  Queen Mary had, after all, imprisoned Elizabeth where their father had imprisoned Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn.  Anne Boleyn had received shameful treatment from her first husband, Elizabeth's and Mary's father, Henry VIII for her inability to conceive a male child, which could well have been Henry's fault and not Anne's.  Mary Tudor's mother, Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish Roman Catholic queen had equally failed to produce a male heir, thus conflicting Henry over his desire to see the monarchy avoid any unnecessary dilutions in the absence of a male heir.
      The keeper of the Great Seal of England was Sir Nicholas Bacon, Francis' father.  Nicholas had several children. His firstborn named for the Sr. Bacon, Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1st Baronet of Redgrave
                        -Sir Edward Bacon
                        -Sir Nathaniel Bacon
                        -Elizabeth Bacon
                        -Anne Bacon
                        -Elizabeth Bacon (yes, another, on perhaps
                                       called "Beth" and the other "Liz")
                        -Anthony Bacon
                        -Francis Bacon

     Francis Bacon, though a last-born child, had a keen wit and phenomenal mind.  They don't give you the title "Father of the Scientific Method" for nothing and nor does the greatest assembly of scientists in history dedicate its very existence to your influence.  Was it their second class status that gave both Francis and Elizabeth their fascination with observation and analysis?  It has been reported that when Elizabeth heard that the Spanish Armada had sunk and that a miraculous storm had assisted Britain in its defense of the empire that she said something to the effect of "thank God for Kent."  Kent, later the home to Churchill's residence of Chartwell, was also home to the White Cliffs of Dover which the Spanish, had they landed, would have had to scale, but Elizabeth added "If it had not been for Kent all of England would have gone over to the Spaniards," but Kent's cliffs played no part in the victory.  That could only mean one thing.  There was something else in Kent that informed English sympathies and Elizabeth's assertion.  What was it?  Was it that Kent was an early adopter of Puritanism and its affinity for a congregational approach to life?  Perhaps, but more likely, it was the prior evolution of Kent's rule of law which was contrary to  the dominant regulation.  The historic monarchy had, like the monarchies of Europe, the Hapsburg dynasty and others still operating on Alexander's retrograde 'divine right of kings' been a prime example of rigid primogeniture law for which gavelkind was the antidote.  Gavelkind is the name given to equal inheritance.  Primogeniture law bestowed upon the first born male child the family's greatest blessings and power, something that Elizabeth had come to know first hand, Francis Bacon, too.  We see it today in the British monarchy that went into power with a $500 million fortune and grew it to $14 billion primarily on investment in uranium which is used as fuel rods and then depleted uranium rounds that cut through steel armor plate like a knife through butter, but leave a disgustingly dirty and radioactive battlefield that would have had Princess Diana creating a new charitable foundation.  We see primogeniture law clearly in Sharia Law, too.  Mohammed was clearly not a progressive which explains much about the Bush dynasty's dark legacy with Saudi royal alliances which included the Bin Laden builders whose beloved architect, Minoru Yamasaki had been commissioned to build New York's World Trade Center.
      Yamasaki, a graduate of St. Louis' Washington University where the second 2016 Presidential debate was to be argued in the shadow of the George Herbert Walker's historic home and where once Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe social experiment had been the site of a draconian radiation experiment in what Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's 800 page PhD dissertation had uncovered with indisputable evidence.  The divine right of kings like the Jacobite and Tory sympathies in our past die hard.
        It is said that Francis Bacon's mentor in the British court was Dr. John Dee, an enigmatic personality that has become the model for Dr. Faust, Ian Fleming's James Bond,  J.R. Rowling's Dumbledore, and J.R.R. Tolkien's Gandalf.  While Francis Bacon was a Christian and a scientist and lawyer, he could not have been both a supporter of Elizabeth, which he clearly was, and a Jacobite, as were the European Hapsburgs.  As the understudy to Dr. John Dee, Bacon was not particularly supported by Elizabeth, though they had much in common.  Both Dr. John Dee and Francis Bacon were famous English polymaths, but Francis would not be knighted by Elizabeth.  That honor would not come until she was succeeded by James I, the son of Mary Queen of Scots wife of Henry Stuart (daughter of Mary Guise not to be confused by Bloody Mary Tudor, Elizabeth's sister).   James was raised a Protestant, in adulthood commissioned the King James Version of the Bible and made Francis Bacon the Lord Chancellor.
     If all of this seems a convoluted bowl of spaghetti-like political and family alliances, it was.  Which is why the New Atlantis that Bacon envisioned pointed, admittedly in the misty distance, toward what the abandonment of old world models of governance.  The American sword cutting the Gordian knot that tied Britain to the Dark Ages was the sword of anti-primogeniture gavelkind law.  It is the return of this knotty principle that had Harper Magazine's editor, Lewis Lapham, writing his book The Wish For Kings: Democracy At Bay and describing the re-emergence of political dynasties in America.  Within this context the 2016 battle between two monarchial models of leadership....Clinton's or Trump's....fighting in the ashes of the Bush imperial boxing ring that has left many thousands of innocent people dead and nations laid waste reflects the truth in Lapham's assertion.

      Dr. John Dee, made a critical error that could well have tarnished Francis Bacon's relationship with Elizabeth (see "John Dee, an Elizabethan Magus and His Links With Central Europe," by Gyorgy E. Szonyi", in Angol Filologiai Tanulmanyok/Hungarian Studies in English, vol 13, 1980, pp. 71-83). 
     Dee visited the throne of the monarch of the Roman Empire, a Roman Catholic, a Hapsburg and Dee became his mentor and sage.  Dee was, therefore, as conflicted as the Clinton's Clinton Foundation and as George W. Bush's crib sharing with Saudi Prince Bandar whose friendship, if the story were not so filled with contradictions, provided 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers who felled Yamasaki's proud World Trade Center which was further demolished by the same company, Controlled Demolition, Inc, CDI, which felled in 1972 Yamasaki's St. Louis Pruitt-Igoe using a product invented in the 1890's, thermite.
     Dr. John Dee was something of a brown-noser, you see, and in paying homage to the progenitor of the 100 Years War, the Hapsburg monarch, Dee would have made Elizabeth and her relationship to Francis Bacon shakey if she perceived that Dee and Bacon were of the same mind. Time and the fruit of Bacon's labors proved she needn't have worried.   Bacon's enlightenment was truly enlightened though he proved his humanity like Strumfp in the end.  Bacon, often credited as the founder of British Masonry, which allows for ample analogy with the Roman Catholic Church's exiling of the liberty-minded Knights Templars into Bacon's order, the York Rite of the Britist would have been a brand of Masonic Order that informed Washington and Franklin.  While Washington, for example, was a slave owner, he saw the error of that wretched institution and moved before his death to its abandonment.  Bacon would not have embraced Scottish Rite Masonry the form imported to America by the future chief legal counsel from the Prussian royal family, Albert Pike, founder of Scottish Rite Masonry and aligned with the Hapsburgs and Jacobite Scottish Catholics and Presbyterians.  Pike was a Jacobite and Jacobites will bite democracy devotees.
      Since we've jumped back across the pond....the Atlantic.....let's look at what Bacon believed was the New Atlantis, America.  This is where we will reconnect to the Wensch and Gazzi article on North Carolina banking.  Why?  Because Wensch and Gazzi lay out the Mecklenburg Declaration that was signed by a number of leading citizens of Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding area and it claimed to have been an earlier Declaration of Independence than Thomas Jefferson's, a claim that for a time had John Adams accusing Jefferson of plagiarism.  As it turned out it was a bogus claim. A fraud. A complete fraud like John Strumfp's Wells Fargo marketing practices or even like North Carolina National Bank's turned NCNB turned Bank of America and its longstanding ties to the Vatican Bank with Bank of America claiming to have been forced to purchase of Merrill Lynch using 2008 bailout money it didn't want or need....a practice that was illegal under the terms of the Glass-Steagall Act which first-born, William Jefferson Clinton, allowed to be repealed in 1999.  
     That repeal opened the floodgates to George W. Bush (the first-born son of George Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush whose family ties are to Franklin Pierce and even to Merrill Pierce formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith) and his horde of NeoCons who never saw, like the King of the Roman Empire to whom Dr. John Dee was subservient, wars they didn't like. 
     The failure to keep in place the Glass-Steagall firewall between commercial and investment banks that Henry Bascom Steagall, the last of four children of William Collinsworth and Mary Jane (Peacock) Steagall, Methodists from Dale County, Alabama and of Carter Glass, the fifth of twelve children of Robert Henry and Augusta Elizabeth Glass a Methodist couple from Lynchburg, Virginia, led directly to the 2008 bailout and the current $20 trillion national debt.
    But wait!  Let's revisit that fraudulent Mecklenburg Declaration and observe the signatures on it which like Flora MacDonald, the Scottish Jacobite, are mostly Presbyterians.   There we see a fascinating name, Waightstill Avery.   Who was Waightstill Avery?  He was a North Carolina lawyer who got into a duel with another frontier lawyer named Andrew Jackson who would become known as "Old Hickory" and who opposed the power of the banking monopolies like Teddy Roosevelt would oppose Standard Oil and the monopolistic railroads which increasingly found ways to replace the old European family dynasties with their own.  Waightstill Avery was in the habit of quoting from Francis Bacon's book The Elements of the Common Laws of England.  The story is generally told that Andrew Jackson chided Avery for quoting Bacon's book and so took the book and in its place stuffed into Avery's saddlebag  a slab of bacon, thus leading to a conflict, which reportedly was settled by a mock duel. 
     I say that story has it reversed or could have.  Logic demands we consider that possibility, though the opposite is also possible given that Bacon's subservience to the British crown and his late acceptance of bribes that, like with Strumfp's banking scandal, tarnished both careers.     Perhaps Avery chided Jackson for reading Bacon. Why?  Because like Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers, they had seen the wisdom in Bacon's treatment of the anti-primogeniture use of gavelkind law like which Elizabeth celebrated as the reason the English people in Kent had not gone over the Spaniards, the Roman Catholic pyramidal, monarchial, top-down and repressive system of governance.   The First Continental Congress saddled Thomas Jefferson with writing out of the U.S. law the first-born biases upon Alexander's Divine Right of Kings and the Dark Ages had been erected.  While Bacon could see a New Atlantis where gavelkind ruled, his assent to Lord Chancellor and Cromwell's to Lord Protector, but both's failure to replace Britain's primogeniture bias demanded by the monarchy shows that America, Bacon's New Atlantis, was still a dream. The Jacobite's monarchism was entrenched and Avery's North Carolina would be one of its biggest outposts in America,  As is now obvious,  the political landscape of North Carolina, spelled out by Wensch and Gazzi, was as vertical as the Great Smokies and after the victorious Revolution in need of a Mecklenburg Declaration make-over by those not wanting to be exposed in the afterglow of a colonial victory that jettisoned pyramidal rule.
    Now there will be those who say that I am corrupting history.  Balderdash!  You want a panning of history look to Shelby Foote who said "I consulted no original materials in my Civil War histories, it's all been gone over before," leading historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth to show Shelby Foote and his pablum pumper, Ken Burns, the errors of their storytelling.
     Let me lay it out for you as clearly as I can.  I knew a Wycliffe Bible translator who worked in Africa.  He had a family and they needed a home.  He went to the local king, the same one whose ancestor had sold some of their own people into slavery to Portuguese and Dutch slavers.  The translator negotiated for a place to build a home and he built it by hand, board by board, nail by nail.  When he was finished the king inspected the house and told him he had made an huge mistake.  He had built the house in the wrong place so the king evicted the translator and his family and the king gave it to his first-born son.
     Consider that in the New World the Spanish king claimed land from Tierra del Fuego to what today is Canada right across the competing monarchial claims of thousands of local leaders.  Riding across that frontier from the East would come Andrew Jackson carrying Francis Bacon's History of English Common Law, the key element of which Andrew Jackson embraced and the North Carolinian Jacobites and Tories did not.   Jackson's Democratic Party, for all of his flaws, had a vision of shared ownership that would inform modern commerce and his creation of the that political party.   Today, that party is run by a family dynasty just as the Republican Party, as Billy Bush has shown, runs under specter of a Bush dynasty.  Yes, we've come full circle. The movement is backward and the provision by the U.S. Supreme Court that corporations are personages on whose boards are family dynasties where Junior is succeeding Senior, is a clear violation of the spirit of 1776, of Francis Bacon the "Father of the Scientific Method" who, perhaps not yet aware of the power of the gavelkind law he reported, just as parliamentarian, Oliver Cromwell, could not envision a peaceful process of leadership transference in his day, none-the-less, informed a vision of life in the New Atlantis.  Today that vision is in grave peril.   You want to remove the gridlock and let renewal and innovation flow?  Reinstate Glass-Steagall, a cactus throne in the beak of a Darwin finch, and repeal the personhood of corporations that together will wither even the hardiest of cacti and turn the planet into a giant pit mining venture.
     Turn loose the younger sons and daughters of the nation.....the Elizabeths and Francis Bacons to do their work....a work being further completed in their day by Washington, Franklin and Jefferson and the other voices of progress, but which was usurped as they were by names like Albert Pike and his alliance with Alphonso Taft and Jefferson Davis, Caleb Cushing and Franklin Pierce for whom in 2015 and 2016 Bill Clinton became an apologist, just as Billy Bush has for Hillary Clinton with the release of the 2005 video that shows the competing monarchist, Donald Trump to be a boor.  Oh, and "Old Hickory"?   He too,  like the leader of Israel's Golden Age, King David, was a last-born child, though not without blemish, provides a legacy upon which would arrive the Messiah, a first-born king who didn't act like one.  Bacon's worldview has often been co-opted as justification of a skewed view of humanity's domination of nature... a co-opting that the juxtaposition of the Bible's two metaphysical accounts of creation does not allow.  Neither does Bacon's philosophy in as much as in both his political and scientific machinations he is being stretched between the polls of subduing and tilling the earth and living peacefully within its existing order.....a challenge that clearly remains with us whatever our birth order and view of wealth transference.  As the first modern scientist and philosopher Bacon would have, if miraculously transported to the present without explanation, quickly asserted that climate change/global warming is an obstacle to the triumph of humanity, whatever its cause.  The discovery of electricity, fossil fuel and internal combustion engines or atoms and atomic energy and weapons make no significant alteration in Bacon's view though they speed the need to employ his advice in seeking the common good and to keep moving in the same direction as that toward which he was pointing in his day.
Man must not fight man,
but must make war only
on the obstacles that
prevent the triumph of man.
            -Francis Bacon

      About the Author:  Jackson Jefferson "J.J" Bacon lives near Cattail Creek, North Carolina where he writes and teaches at the Sand Pebbles Institute of Enlightened Living, named for the book by Richard McKenna, The Sand Pebbles, the U.S. merchant marine whose experience on the Yangtze River informs our understanding of the relationship between President Franklin Pierce, New England China trader and opium smuggler, Caleb Cushing and Confederate President Jefferson Davis, the subject of Lowell P. Wigglesworth work in demythologizing U.S. history. 
     Bacon, a close friend of Wigglesworth, grew up not far from Charlotte, North Carolina and often attended Scottish cultural events in Black Mountain, home of the notable Christian evangelists whose family of U.S. missionaries to China are inter-married with the Rev. Billy Graham family who often receive their religious education in New England at Gordon-Conwell Seminary with its close association to the leading New England Brahmin families.
      J.J. Bacon's interests in politics and religion have led him to write of the recent Donald Trump video tape from 2005 that featured a conversation with Billy Bush, the son of Riggs National Banks' executive and cousin of the President George W. Bush. 
       "It seems quite odd," said J.J. Bacon, "that Billy Bush who while chasing Donald Trump was also chasing rhinos in Africa for the World Wildlife Fund on whose board has sat Prince Berhard of LippenFiesterfeld, Julian Huxley, Max Nicholson, Peter Scott, Guy Montafort, Godfrey A. Rockefeller and whose President Emeritus is The Duke of Edinburgh.   Admittedly, Trump is more like a white rhino than an elephant as JEB Bush, John McCain, Paul Ryan and other Republicans have freely admitted, but NBC's beloved Katie Couric had an encounter with Billy Bush that defined him as sub-par, making him an illogical choice as host to replace NBC's Willie Geist.  That NBC hired Bush in August, 2016 only a couple of months before the boorish Trump video was released by Access Hollywood, a story that AC could have broken itself, but handed off to the Washington Post's David Fahrenthold for a good WP-Presidential-polishing, makes this story on the eve of a debate at Washington University, alma mater of Minoru Yamasaki in St. Louis, home of Yamasaki's notorious Pruitt-Igoe project, and home to George Herbert Walker for whom George Herbert Walker Bush is named, and in such close proximity to the University of Missouri, Walter Cronkite's wife's alma mater , was educated in the same journalism department as Melissa Click, is as problematic as Blood Mary sending Elizabeth to the Tower of London.  Billy Bush, it looks to me was, with the Access Hollywood crew stalking a whale like Trump, like Sea World's stalking Tilikum the orca.  Not surprisingly, as Billy Bush was chasing rhinos in Africa, fellow Hollywood personality, Paul Walker, was chasing great white wales whose fins were tagged and followed by transponder for a $3.99 per month subscription on one's cell phone.  That's a story covered by Winsip Custer who had attempted after the Billy Bush/Trump video appeared to contact the son of USN Admiral Charles Grojean whose son helped to build Sea World's parks while the Admiral served on the board of the Chester Nimitz Museum which just added the GHWB exhibit to its facilities," said J.J. Bacon.

      "Ah," said J.J. Bacon, "this has all the intrigue of the Mecklenburg Declaration" and a war between two monarchial, primogeniture-biased assholes....one like the entitled Hapsburgs who can't hold a match to the sense of the Bush family entitlements.....the other a modern Queen Elizabeth.....no, wait.....Hillary's much more like Bloody Mary the mother of the Jacobean/Jacobite resistance to shared government and supporter of monopolistic despots like the Stuarts and Walkers of the Royal African Company! But consider that the Sunday October 9th, 2016 Presidential debate between Trump and Clinton was held at St. Louis' Washington University in the epicenter of the George Herbert Walker's stronghold.  George Herbert Walker is an ancestor of Thomas Walker the British slaver born in Bristol, England in 1758, George Herbert Walker's great grandfather.  Thomas Walker's slave enterprises were primarily located in the diamond rich African nation of Sierra Leone, recently ground zero for the Ebola outbreak. Slaves were shipped from Bunce Island, West Africa's biggest slave port.  Thomas Walker's slaves were sent primarily to South Carolina and Georgia from Bunce Island that was developed by the Royal Africa Company in London owned by the Stuarts....progenitors of the Stuart Jacobite element in England and Scotland.  Others were sent in mass to the Missouri Delta plantations of John Hardeman Walker about 100 miles south of George Herbert Walker's St. Louis, home of the 1950's and 60's Pruitt-Igoe experiment, an undisclosed radiation experiment on St. Louis' poorest citizens.


     "Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long asserted "every man a king" as his campaign slogan. That kind of hyperbole erodes the wisdom needed by citizens to govern responsibly. It's like saying "A man is king of his own castle," and then wondering why it was so easy for Wall Street investment houses, merged as they were with the big banks that was a forbidden copulation under the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act which Bill Clinton allowed to be repealed in 1999, to underwrite huge homes with sub-prime mortgages while the middle-class employees who once made essential products before NAFTA sent those jobs away as the unemployed went to work hanging door frames and shingles on the castles that their neighbors couldn't afford. Francis Bacon never made Huey Long's assertion.  He had not yet reached that level of inductive or deductive reasoning via simple empirical evidence, however, he was close!   Bacon's New Atlantis based on Solomon's House, the core of a mythic South Sea nation in search of wisdom and societal stability and sustainability, the goal is not in normalizing power concentrated in a pyramidal monarchy, but in normalizing the collective search for wisdom and a just society," says J.J. Bacon of his ancestor's  greatest legacy for Americans.....a legacy that he fears, viewing the 2016 Presidential election....is gone.

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