Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, October 26, 2016



By Theodora Adoramora, CPW News Services

      The late Hoover Institute research fellow at Stanford University and Professor of Economics at California State University at Los Angeles, Anthony Cyril Sutton, unloaded a barrage of books aimed at uncovering America's secret establishment.  His claims parallel the words of President Dwight D. Eisenhower who spoke of a dangerous military industrialist establishment.  Eisenhower's assessment was unpacked by Columbia University sociologist, C. Wright Mills, who wrote The Power Elite, which built upon the message of General Smedley Darlington Butler who thirty years earlier wrote War Is A Racket.  Flies like war.  War creates carnage and flies love carnage.

Anthony C. Sutton, who
also claimed that the Soviet
Union was created by a massive
transfer of Western technology,
a documented assertion
verified by National
Security Advisor to multiple
U.S. Presidents, Zbigniew
Brzezinski. (Photo courtesy
of Claritablue)

      Last week Jorge Hoar Haya, a dual-citizenship independent investigative researcher living in Dos Catos, Mexico published his article "Lords of the Flies" for El Papel, an independent Mexico City periodical that focused on the Anthony C. Sutton research and legacy.
      "I took the unorthodox position that Sutton followed that you don't start at the top of an American media controlled by a power elite and expect them to lead you to the truth about U.S. power elite secrets.  You start at the other end.  You follow the flies from the doo-doo pile back up to main maggot pumpers.  You start at the bottom and see if the lower levels of the argument connect to the top. It's just like if you followed a Reaper or Predator drone from the killing of a 16 year old non-combatant you'd eventually come by way of assembly line and packing slips to San Diego, California and Global Atomic and the owner... S&B's member, Linden Blue. It's an old tried and true method of discovery used by high-tech wizards or back woods Blackfoot scouts.  Do the 'Lords of the Flies' in New York or Boston, New Haven or San Francisco, show a direct connection to the lesser 'Lords of the Flies' and maggots in the conquered territories?  Certainly at some time in his illustrious military career General Smedley Darlington Butler saw clearly that the fly eggs in Nicaragua were laid by the National City Bank boys in New York....and speaking of that....Linden Blue and his brother were, thirty years later, business partners in Nicaragua with murderous dictator, Anastosio Samoza...while in the summer of 2016 young Anastasia Samoza spoke at the Democratic National Convention in favor of U.S. immigration like that posited by her good friend, Hillary Clinton.  In a similar way the U.S. Senate uncovered the fly eggs in the leading Italian Mafia families that ran from the street level numbers, prostitution and drug distribution rings to the mamas and pappas of the Mob's Potemkin village," said Haya.
       Anthony Sutton's remarkable claim begins at the beginning.  He said that the U.S. educational system has been commandeered so as to produce not citizens, but subjects.  Mind-neutered subjects who help push the doo-doo pile around on the battlefields of life toward the power elites' desired end.  Money.
      "I drove from my home up through Monterrey to Progresso to the city of Taft, Texas to begin my field work," said Haya.  "Why?  Because Taft, Texas was home of Charles P. Taft, the brother of President William Howard Taft, both sons of the founder of Sutton's studied 'Order', Alphonso Taft, from Cincinnati, Ohio, who is buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery where the largest number of assembled Union Army Generals are planted neatly nearby.  It was apparent that within thirty years of its creation Taft's Order was drawing followers among the military where if you are going to have a military industrial complex is a good place to start, especially in the early years of the Industrial Revolution. Founder with William Huntington Russell of Yale's elite Skull & Bones Fraternity in 1832-33, I was struck that this Texas town, Taft, named for Alphonso's son, is the site of a huge wind farm that appears to cover the entirety of Charles P. Taft's Rincon Ranch.  Now that looks really progressive, but is it? You don't know until you dig down into the game plans and motives. Across the Bay runs the Inter-Coastal Waterway from Brownsville to the U.S. Northeast that was completed in 1926-27 ten years before FDR anchored his ship, Potomac, near the ranch of Texas conservative oil man and owner of American Liberty Oil, Clint Murchison on San Jose and Matagorda Islands for some kind of pre-WWII pow-wow," said Haya.  "I think he was smoothing things over with the ultra-conservative American Liberty League, America First Committee and other die-hard fascists about whom Butler warned," said Haya noting Murchison's close friendship with the Reich-reaching Prince Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, and Wallis Simpson Windsor, the Godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, GHWB's sister-in-law, whose father, Draper Kauffman is the subject of her book The First Frogman: The Draper Kauffman Story about the first USN SEAL.  "That President Eisenhower in essence repeated Butler's warning two decades later as he was leaving office, shows us that our victory over tyranny in WWII did not erase this fascist penetration into U.S. society," said Haya noting that the British royal family's wealth had grown exponentially through investments in uranium like that mined by Global Atomic and UraniumOne, the focus of Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother Tony Rodham.  "Uranium is tightly controlled as fuel rods, atomic bomb fuel and when depleted it's used in armor and DU (depleted uranium) shells that penetrate armor, but with a severe radioactive half-life and battlefield carcinogenic effect," said Haya.
    Today, with NAFTA and GATT, the transportation line in the USA is shifting from the waterways to the highways of Texas and the Midwest.  Haya was asked about whether he thought that this move toward more open trade and shipping that the 1992 Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot had said would create a giant sucking sound of U.S. jobs going overseas was accurate.
     "Oh, that was an incredible finding, " said Haya.  "I assumed that if the 'Order' was controlling the dismantling of U.S. sovereignty that it would begin on their pooh-piles within local commerce.  Boots on the ground and all of that, you know?   Novelist Mario Puzo may have had Hyman Roth saying of the Mafia 'We're bigger than U.S. Steel', but the globalists just orders U.S. steel production overseas.  So, if NAFTA and GATT that were supported by Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush before him, while Clinton gave us the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act on the heels of legislation to promote the big banks throughout the U.S., then we'd expect to see a heart to the heartland pumping freight to the body....a corridor from Mexico to Canada.   That is the Trans-Texas-Corridor or Highway 69....a wonder-name for such a visually clustered copulation-fest," said Haya.

Freight passing through the U.S. in 2007.  "Why here?
Because this red area is the heart of the world's fossil energy
wealth and technology and it is the
aorta of the Western Hemisphere." -Jorge Haya
Source: FNWA

    Being drawn into Haya's investigative techniques and methodologies I took a piece of Haya's puzzle, handed it to him and asked him to attempt to run it from the metaphorical maggot pile to the "Lords of the Flies."
    "You have given me the logical nexus for my research.....the hottest piece of real estate in the country beside California's Highway 5 or the New York to Washington corridor.....Austin to San Antonio.  You want me to look at the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council?  Good choice, right in the middle of the Trans-Texas-Corridor" said Haya noting that in the 50's, 60's and 70's the hotspot was from Houston to Galveston, Texas with the real estate being snatched up primarily by Joseph L. Allbritton, owner of Riggs National Bank, that employed Billy Bush's father, the brother of GHWB with Riggs being fined for hiding the secret bank accounts of Chile's murderous dictator, Agusto Pinochet.
    "Here you find that it's pushing a rail transit from Austin to San Antonio down I-35.  That's the highway where Osama Bin Laden's brother died in 1988 in an inexplicable ultra-light airplane crash that flew like a drone right on up into a high power line on the Field of Dreams airport owned by the in-laws of General Bruce Carlson, the former head of Offutt AFB and the National Reconnaissance Office that effectively stood down NORAD on 911 by scheduling a confusing drill.  I'll never forget that CBS's Lowell Bergman falsely reported that jet pilot and head of the Saudi Bin Laden Group whose favorite architect was Minoru Yamasaki who built the World Trade Center and St. Louis, Missouri's infamous Pruitt-Igoe project.....talking about Lord of the Flies!" said Haya noting that Salem Bin Laden also owned the Houston Gulf Manor Airport along Allbritton's I-45 between Houston and Galveston noting that shortly after 911 that airport was razed.  "I never heard that the Bin Laden's owned an airport in the U.S.A.," I told Haya.  "Who knew?  Right?" he said.  "Best kept secret and after 911 with the Bin Laden's exiting so quickly there was no drilling down on that one.  The FBI's FINCEN investigation into Saudi oil money and influence peddling in the U.S.A. had been derailed in 1992," said Haya.  "Seeing FBI Director Comey at play you can understand that, right?" he asked.
     Haya explained that the Pruitt-Igoe project was the locale of a 1950-60's Cold War undisclosed experiment on unwitting U.S. citizens using radiation exposure.....the subject of Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's eight hundred page PhD dissertation that's available in open source online.

     Haya told of how U.S. Radium had provided the radioactive materials used at Pruitt-Igoe in the 50's and 60's before CDI's demolition of the housing project in 1972.  "Yes, and the researcher who discovered that the women working for the Nobel Prize winning scientist,  who created U.S. Radium, Dr. Sabin Arnold Von Sochocky, knew for decades that the radium would kill you.  The discovery of  its deadliness was supposedly made by Alice Hamilton, sister of classicist Edith Hamilton, educated at Sarah Porter's school in Framingham, Connecticut.  Sarah Porter was the sister of Yale President, Noah Porter.  Now, Edith had written the books The Greek Way and The Roman Way.  Western Judeo-Christian Democracy evolved from the Greek way.  The Roman way's retro-grade de-evolution toward empire ultimately served the monarchial, pyramidal, totalitarianism that had either a leftist or rightist dimension as utility required and was exploited by the politically agnostic Order.

"When Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski was criticized for spending millions
on a Roman orgy birthday party for his wife before his conviction, it
was seen by some many as off the grid.  It wasn't at all off the grid.
It was in keeping with a world view that celebrates the Roman way
and the Roman way is the way of domination. In the realm of empire
building that means weapons and anesthetics and it was that paradigm
that men like J. Robert Oppenheimer rejected.....as did Egypt's Anwar Sadat
and a host of other insightful critics of the Order.  We could argue that the system
works since Tyco's CEO went to jail, but even the Order's disorder has its limits
for the sake of a larger agenda."
                                                                -Lowell P. Wigglesworth

     As with the sale of known carcinogenic, health-destroying, tobacco, poisonous lead in paint, pipes and gasoline, the Order's backing of death was determinative and in keeping with the skull & bones insignia. In the case of lead-based paint Europe banned its sale five decades before its was banned in the U.S. because of known health risks.  A similar story accompanied the use of asbestos. When the gig was finally up, it was their own inner circle that supposedly made the 'breakthrough' and it was predominantly their lawyers who carved up the piece of the litigation pie and shielded the settlements from interlopers, as can be witnessed in the thwarted attempts by Texas Attorney General Dan Morales and his colleague Roy Q. Minton, in Texas, to chisel in on a $17 billion settlement," said Haya who is working on a new book Nobel Frauds.  The book features chapters on even Henry Kissinger who sits on the board of Texas-based Freeport McMoran Sulfur Company which was monetized by Wall Street investment banker, Bernard Baruch, a major supplier of sulfur for gunpowder while Kissinger's own company employs L. Paul Bremer, the Phillips Andover and Yale educated Iraqi Provisional Governor.  There is a chapter on Robert Merton whose Nobel Prize for his Black-Sholes metrics provided the justification for Wall Streets sale of bundled sub-prime mortgages that tanked the world economy and led to the unnecessary, big-bank-bamboozled, 2008 Hank Paulson and Goldman Sachs bailout at taxpayer expense.  "The best chapter is on the Nobel Prize given to former VP, Al Gore, for his part in the Global Warming debate that essentially took something far too important to politicize and he politicized it.  The producer of his film, An Inconvenient Truth, Lawrence Bender is a member of the Rockefeller-Standard Oil-Exxon-Mobil-related Council On Foreign Relations."

Nobel and his prize-winners.

     "It was Alfred Nobel who made his fortunes in blasting boulders with Dynamite.  Do you think anyone aligned with the Nobel Prize would really be that concerned about the planet that their founder liked to demolish?" asked Haya noting historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth's treatment of Nobel and his invention, Dynamite.   In the race for the rail route across the U.S. to the Pacific that was the main, but unspoken, motive for the U.S. Civil War, the railroad from Savannah to San Diego, California, the 1867 invention of Dynamite aided in the shift from the conquered South to the North and the Order's tighter control from Omaha, Nebraska to San Francisco where Braxton Bragg's partner, William Tecumseh Sherman, was working in San Francisco with George Bragg, to consolidate the rail lines around the Bay Area before and after the Civil War. "Sundance distributed Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, but holy cow, when Robert Redford teamed up with Dan Rather to do the movie Truth on the botched 2004 CBS 60 Minutes handling of the 1972 GWB Ellington Field, Texas Air National Guard memos, a story that should have been reported correctly and without confusion in 2000 if not in 1992, you knew that the media is a minion of the dysfunctional Order," said Haya.

This UPI article violated the cardinal rule of reporting..."who,
what, when, where, how," even if the "why" is undiscovered.
There is no mention of U.S. Radium in the story which was,
indeed, the Waterbury, Connecticut "clock company" that
provided the radium products for Pruitt-Igoe decades later.
UPI would later be bought by Texas' Joe Russo and Mexican
publisher Marion Varquez-Rana. 

     "Back to Pruitt-Igoe and U.S. Radium.  Alice Hamilton worked closely with the Johns Hopkins pathologist, Simon Flexner, who headed the Rockefeller Institute in New York and John D. Rockefeller's history at Ludlow, Colorado is informative here.  In the mid-1920's U.S. Radium which Alice Hamilton had studied had already been sued by the 'Radium Girls' whose health had been adversely effected by radiation poisoning, a fact already proven by Marie Currie.  That was decades before the Pruitt-Igoe experiment on an unwitting citizenry of carefully crafted cogs in a clearly unethical, government-backed, event," said Haya. 

     "Then you have to consider that the movie The Insider that features Lowell Bergman's place in the outing of big tobacco's prior knowledge of its health risks, never mentions that the head of the Commission that stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance, Gordon Gray and his son, Bush lawyer, C. Boyden Gray, made their fortunes not with Brown & Williamson the subject of The Insider, but with the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, both part of an industry that once caused the greatest number of consumer product deaths worldwide," said Haya adding "a type of population control?".
     Haya also noted that San Antonio was home to the USN SEAL's Admiral William McRaven who is now the Chancellor the University of Texas.  McRaven, the subject of Jeremy Scahill's documentary Dirty Wars, was head of SEAL Team 6 and JSOC, the Joint Special Operations Command that killed Salem Bin Laden's younger brother Osama.  "You saw Mel Gibson's film Braveheart where William Wallace rides out to pick a fight with the Edward I of England?" asked Haya.  "Yes," I said.   "Well, considering that Al Qaeda was created by our CIA in Egypt to help the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan fight the Russians the death of Salem Bin Laden could have been a great way to create a self-made boogieman in the phony war on terror.  A type of kick-starter and considering that the CIA's Matt Gannon was coming home from the Middle East to press the CIA brass as to just why rank and file CIA agents didn't know just what and who Al Qaeda was, it makes his death even more suspect given that he, too, died in 1988 on Pan Am 103," said Haya.
     "Now, you have to look back a ways.  In 1992 George H.W. Bush lost the Presidency to William Jefferson Clinton.   NAFTA entered into force in January 1994.  In that year in Texas the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council appointed Ross Milloy as head of the ASACC," said Haya.
     "Let's take a close look at his connections and see if they cue us to Sutton's claims that the 'Order' orders," said Haya as he pulled a copy of Milloy's vitae forward.   He pondered each line for several minutes, poured himself a cup of coffee and walked to the hotel patio above the San Antonio River Walk looking at the Alamo below.
     "Hummm.   Very interesting," said Haya.  "It says here that Mr. Milloy was a graduate of Antioch College, of the University of Texas and of the Universidad de las Americas in Cholula, Mexico."
     "Is that significant?" I asked as he offered me a cup of coffee, cream and a small plate of Mexican breakfast breads.
      "Consider Antioch College's first President was Horace Mann and that Horace Mann and Daniel Coit Gillman are, along with Germany's cog-cruncher, Wilhelm Wundt,  solidly linked by Sutton in his thorough assessment of the Order.  I'd call that a great big 'bingo'.  But let's not take even Sutton's word for it.  Go to the video on the subject by Charlotte Iserbyt about the mis-education of America. She lays it out there almost as well as Sutton does," said Haya.  "Not only was Daniel Coit Gillman the President of Johns Hopkins, a promoter of Horace Mann, but also a founder of Yale University's Russell Trust that funded Alphonso Taft's Skull & Bones fraternity.  The common thread running through these associations was global mercantilism including poppy products from the Ottoman Empires' Golden Crescent that were dumped in China as a trading chips, but also in the ghettos of the U.S. as a type of unexpressed, unreported, private and hidden tax on the poor, but as historian the Lowell P. Wigglesworth has shown, also as one half of the dialect of the racket of war.  War makes them bleed, poppies make them forget about it. My article for El Papel fleshes out this devilish dialectic.... a very lucrative business plan.... albeit very dehumanizing," said Haya noting the current epidemic in the U.S. of opioid addiction.
     "Ah, Universidad de las Americas in Cholula, Mexico has an organic relationship with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland.  Well, reading Sutton on the ties of Gillman to the dumbing down of the American citizens you would not expect that a school of such notable higher educational standards would be a cog in the Wundt/Gillman/Mann model of dunce-stampers and cog-cutters, but Sutton's case is irresistible.   Dr. Ben Carson is from Johns Hopkins, but he  may not even know about Sutton's explorations into Johns Hopkins' love affair with Gillman, Mann and Wundt.  I can't really tell about Carson.  Sometime I think he is the product of some kind of mind control experiment and that he did his own surgery.  Sutton goes over, under, around and through their Maginot Line of minion-makers, but of-course, when you are the power elites who mold everyone and everything else, you are not worried about artificial boundaries.  You run over them with global agendas.  That's why Trump's wall will never work.  You have to fight this dumbing-down with equally fluid and resistant strains of alternate-minded fly-lords," said Haya.
    "Fly-lords?" I asked   "Yes," said Haya, "Yes.   Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and the early America revolutionaries were building upon the world view of Francis Bacon, the 'father of the scientific method,' and they were a very small percent of the American citizenry. Bacon believed that knowledge was power and our future is dependent upon everyone being empowered.  Period.  Bacon envisioned America as a New Atlantis based on a mythic South Sea nation where all people were respected citizens. It wasn't Utopia, but there's never been a threat that we will reach Utopia on earth. Most folks were just working away trying to squeeze out a living in the new American wilderness, but they were not of the Order's ilk...top-down, pyramidal, monarchial, tyrannical, despotic. That's what they had left, but the sleeping return to serfdom and slavery.  They assumed that the way the Founders delivered it was the way it would always stay.  That was a mistake as we learned in 1833. Why replace one form of tyranny for another?" asked Haya, "but they allowed it in."
    "Back to proving Sutton's assertions," I said.
    "Let's take, for example, Ross Milloy, again.  He authored a book on the CIA with a forward by Senator Frank Church (Fain, Gerard Tyrus, Plant, C. K., & Milloy, R. Eds.,1977, The Intelligence Community: History, Organization, and Issues. New York & London: R.R. Bowker Company).   They also teamed up on another book of U.S. intelligence compilations with forward by Bert Lance, the Jimmy Carter administration appointee implicated in Iran-Contra and the BCCI banking scandal in connection with Bill Clinton contributor from Little Rock, Jackson Stephens and a dozen Saudi Arabian money men (Federal Reorganization: The Executive Branch. Compiled and edited by Tyrus G. Fain in collaboration with Katharine C. Plant & Ross Milloy, with a foreword by Bert Lance. 671 p., Public documents series, HM: compilation of documents in the public domain 6 additional text. Xerox Corporation:  July 25, 1977)," said Haya.
      Haya noted that Ty Fain ran in circles in Austin with Bud Shrake and Ann Richards, Gary Cartwright, Bill Whitliff, Jan Reid and noted Al Qaeda story-line Pulitzer Prize writer, Lawrence Wright whose book, The Siege, predicted 911 and afterward became a top renting video.   It also put them in circles with other writers like Rice University's celebrated Larry McMurtry who married the widow of Ken Kesey, the beat-generation author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Sometimes a Great Notion that's climax has tree-harvesting old man Stamper who never mentions sustainability flipping off the labor union establishment by way of his amputated arm and his son's quick manipulations.    "What is this collection of sages?  The disenfranchised Jim Morrisons, Patty Hearsts and William Ayers of  the Order's order or a wing of the Order that gives the appearance of autonomy?  Beats like William S. Burroughs or Lawrence Ferlinghetti were up to their acid drops in the military-complex's bomb counting and could speak against it, but from within its claimed secure cocoon paid for by the taxes generated from fear of death and dying.  Francis Bacon wannabes who some have claimed was actually William Shakespeare shaking a spear at the power elites of which he was a part? I would expect Milloy to have family strategically located along the Austin to San Antonio corridor as co-author, Ty Fain, was to Big Bend where the CIA operated, according to Peter Brewton, a secret airbase between Lijitas and Terlingua like that at Mena, Arkansas.  Ah hah!  His brother, John, in Austin was a long-time Constable.  His sister married a Taft related to Houstonian Donald Mosher Taft, Sr.."
     That brought Haya up short.  Houston steel manufacturer, Ed Mosher?  "Ed Mosher who employed at his Mosher Institute for Defense Studies at Texas A&M the former President of Rice University, Dr. Frank Vandiver.   Now in 1972 Minoru Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe project was demolished by CDI, Controlled Demolition Inc., the same company that was hastily brought in after 911 to finish the demolition of the World Trade Center.  In St. Louis at Pruitt-Igoe, where the second 2016 Presidential debate was conducted at Washington University, Yamasaki's alma mater, CDI used thermite.  Thermite was used extensively in the railroad industry, but it was invented in the 1890s.  Mosher Steel put 13,000 tons of steel in the critical first nine floors of the WTC that was completed the same year that Pruitt-Igoe was demolished.  By the way, the NYFD fire fighters were really angry that their loved ones' remains were not given a proper extraction from the rubble," said Haya. "Frank Vandiver wrote in 2005 the book How America Goes To War.   There's no mention in it of Smedley Butler," said Haya noting that Rice University had also produced the brothers, David and Benjamin Rhodes, David as CBS President since 2011 and Benjamin the Obama White House  and talking points guru for both the Hamilton Commission's Official 911 Report as well as the Benghazi attack on Ambassador Craig Stevens and the soldiers protecting him.  It would be Rhodes' CBS that choreographed Dan Rather's and Mary Mapes' handling of the Abu Ghraib prison story which they claimed they broke in 2004 when it was really broken in 2003....never mentioning that Rather co-owned the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico with Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, at the time.  CBS handled the mishandling of the Ellington Field Texas Air National Guard memo story about GWB's service record and it was CBS that covered the release of the 28 pages of the Official 911 Report that tells us nothing while the brother of the President of CBS, Benjamin Rhodes, both educated as I mentioned at Rice University, had sat on the Hamilton Commission that produced the Official 911 Report. So Rice University joined Gordon Gray in ganging up on Julius Robert Oppenheimer, thanks to that other Rice President, Kenneth Pitzer, Gray's key witness.  What was so threatening about Oppenheimer?  Ubiquitous nuclear energy.  So Kenneth Pitzer, working as the chemist that he was for the petro-chemical industry and we are entering the citadel of the power elites shift from whale oil to Texas/Saudi crude....the shift from British Petroleum's control of Middle Eastern oil fields to Aramco....then to OPEC as the Saudi royals were figuring it out and realizing that their fortunes weren't inexhaustible, but controlled by the U.S. as they had been by the British.  Meanwhile, any serious Baconian scientists wanting to be free of the shackles of the Vatican-esque, Mecca and Medina top down, pyramidal initiative crushers, found themselves increasingly like Copernicus and Galileo under house arrest with the 'Lords of the Flies' sitting atop their necessary....necessary if global warming is a reality as I believe it is.... break-throughs and disallowing them," said Haya noting that two University of Texas scientists, William Gardiner and his mentor, who had both been working on the permeable membrane that makes hydrogen fuel cells efficient, died in separate witness-less events. 

......from Peter Brewton's 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush:
Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office.
Brewton, a former Houston Post reporter, attorney and professor
of journalism at Texas Tech University has said that his book termed
"the book that Simon & Schuster signed, but would not publish" was
the untold story of the nation's greatest financial debacle at the time.
Many of the same players moved on to the 2008 financial crisis for which
the 1980's S&L scandal was the dress rehearsal while Arkansas Governor
Bill Clinton was wrapped up in the Iran-Contra scandal through Iranian,
Farhad Azima and Arkansas businessman, Jackson Stephens, both contributors
to the Clinton Library and Foundation. President Clinton backed NAFTA
and would fail to veto the repeal the Glass-Steagall Act that made the 2008
Wall Street bailout possible.

     "Our scientists are in hand-to-hand combat for the future of the planet," said Haya noting that Gardiner, an avid cycler, died from injuries from a witness-less accident on Austin's South Congress not far from the Continental Club where Larry McMurtry's son, James and his band, Heartless Bastards, including Daren Hess, Michael "Cornbread" Traylor and Tim Holt, frequently jammed.  Directly across Congress is Guerro's Taco Bar, owned by a Kappa Sigma fraternity member where a variety of writers for local magazines shared developing stories about Texas politics and about keeping Austin weird as if it needed help.  Peter Brewton had drawn the connections between the UT Kappa Sigs and key Texas power elites and included a chapter on them in his 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.

"Will you hear Ken Burns in The Roosevelts: An Intimate History explain that Warren Delano made his money not simply in what Burns called 'The China Trade', but in opium, or that James Roosevelt married Delano's daughter, Roosevelt who was Delano's business partner, having made his fortunes in railroads or that Teddy Roosevelt's mother was a Southern plantation owner from Savannah?  Oh, I tell you the rail race  across America to the Pacific, to the Golden Crescent's flowery mountain high fields and China's trading bazaars was injected into the U.S. blue bloods like butter into a Thanksgiving turkey and Teddy's 'Great White Fleet' was as symbolic of white poppy drool as Moby Dick was of unrestrained pursuit of whatever kills the soul in a witless quest for an anesthetized end."  -Lowell P. Wigglesworth

     "Good golly," said Haya.  "It says here that Mr. Milloy "had been a New York Times writer, co-edited four books on public policy, operated one of the most active independent media production companies in Texas,"  Haya continued.   "Hummm," he said digging through a stack of papers on the hotel desk and then grabbing his Sony lap-top.  "Wiki for the quick, down and dirty, but I'll confirm it, too," said Haya.  "Wha-la!" he shouted moments later.  "In 1990, just as the NAFTA and GATT legislation was being crafted and lathered Mr. Milloy was producing William Golding's Darwinian socialism docu-drama, Lord of the Flies, featuring the two-eared-grandson of John Paul Getty and directed by the son of Hilary Hook, the British officer whose place in the Deccan 9th Horse of the British/Indian Army aligned him with the British East India Company whose service to David Sassoon in Basra, Iraq and then Bombay is quite obvious, a window on half of the dialectic of the Order's war-profiteering two-part business plan of.... pain and pain-relief.  Well, you cannot get any more retrograde-globalist or Darwinian-fascist than that, now can you?" asked Haya.  "It's not even a Freudian slip.   There it is right out there in the open....the 'Lords of the Flies' sitting atop the sulfur and fossil fuel poop-pile while riding society down like Ahab riding Moby Dick and like flies flittering into the carnage, but lighting, too, on the poppy pedals as they did in Flanders' Fields!  Yea, Sutton got it right.  Clearly, Sutton nailed it," Haya concluded.

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