Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ventura/Kyle Conflict Decision Overturned within 24 Hours of Orlando Massacre Suspicious

Dan Lamothe, Washington Post At It Again?

by Rolland Spinout for CPW News Service

     Dan Lamothe, writing for the Washington Post covered the reversal of the $1.8 million defamation of character law suit that Jesse Ventura filed against USN SEAL Chris Kyle for asserting that Kyle had beaten up Ventura in a San Diego, California Irish pub after Ventura made disparaging remarks about a SEAL who had died in Iraq.
     Ventura claimed that the event never occurred.  While Kyle who did not mention Ventura by name in the book, he did name him in ore and post-publication publicity events on television and radio.
      Lafayette Armstrong Butler Boynton of the U.S. Veterans support group, No War Racketeering, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, said "these two nit wits show us just how off base and off center our soldiers have become.  We've got Ventura claiming that he stole the thunder from Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the movie Predator.....Schwarzenegger....the steroid-pumped son of an Austrian Nazi SS member who married into the family of Joseph P. Kennedy who was ejected from Britain and the U.S. Ambassador service for flirting with Adolf Hitler and then.....oh, hell, I don't want to repeat the rest.  Chris Kyle making a name for himself for using a high powered rifle in popping the heads off of some Iraqi pissed off that his nation was invaded and occupied by the USA.  Classy!"
    Boynton, a descendant of Smedley Darlington Butler and Henry Van Ness Boynton, two Congressional Medal of Honor winners who challenged the mindless racket of warfare, believes that the report from the Washington Post from Dan Lamothe on the Ventura/Kyle reversal immediately after the Orlando shooting by the son of a man who had run for the Presidency of Afghanistan on the Taliban ticket "has the CIA's finger prints all over it."
    "Look, we've got the Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman from North Carolina, Richard 'Dick' Burr, a self-professed ancestor of the self-serving filibusterer like William 'Grey Eyed Man of Destiny' Walker, Aaron Burr, all war racketeers, saying that the FBI did nothing wrong in releasing the shooter who had been on a terrorist watch list.  Burr said 'once the FBI has someone they are really concerned with they don't let them go.'   I say that Burr is full of bull shit.  The FBI let go the Bin Laden family immediately after 911 without interviewing them."
     Boynton believes that the timing of the event in Florida and the reversal of the Ventura decision were likely well coordinated.  "Would it be possible for a shooter look-a-like to have made his presence known in Orlando, walked in and blown people away, staged an escape, replaced a body?  Who knows?  I'm not saying it would be easy, but why a gay nightclub filled with so many Hispanics? Why an event that would solidify an element of society that is such a small segment, not Hispanics, but Hispanic gays, but with an increasingly sophisticated ability to gather support for freedom and inclusion in the face of the threat of the draconian ISIS-followers whose origins are as illusive as that of Al Qaeda, a concern with rank and file CIA agents in 1988 that was widely reported to be bringing Matt Gannon back to Langley, Virginia for some hard answers on Pan Am 103.  The ISIS boogie man is convenient for the manufacture of war.  These events were made for what Noam Chomsky calls 'building consent for war.'  Would that sway the political sensitivities of Hispanic voters toward the right? Maybe. Toward Trump who  has posited that he would appoint Rudy Giuliani as the next Director of Homeland Security?  Not likely after what he has said about Mexicans, but it might take the edge off of his recent buffoonery. Lamonthe's Washington Post is the nation's leading propaganda mill for the support of war mongering.   Consider that Vernon Loeb, it's former Metro-Editor had embellished the stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch before he wrote with Paula Broadwell All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.  Loeb and Broadwell educated Petraeus alright.  Crap, Petraeus became like poor old Belisarius," said Boynton.
     Then there's the Ventura/Kyle conflict.   "It has all the earmarks of a gang conflict.  Jesse is a card carrying Mongol....the Southern California gang that's not exclusionary of other races.   The guy that killed Kyle fled to Oklahoma where the Bandidos rule as they do Texas where the killing happened.  The Bandidos are more like the Mongols than like the Hells Angels from San Francisco and if the USN SEALS are Fascists as the shape of their headquarters is unbelievably shaped by design into the form of a Nazi swastika  and the fact that the first USN SEAL's mother, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, wife of Prescott Bush, Jr., GHWB's brother, was baptized with her Godmother standing next to her, Wallis Simpson Spencer Windsor, wife of the Duke of Windsor and a known Nazi spy who first met her husband at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego, home of the Marine Corp and USN SEALS....well you see the problem.   Whatever it is, the events of the last 48 hours are as ripe as a chunk on limburger cheese on a hot stretch of asphalt in the summer sun," said Boynton.
     Boynton is not alone in his concerns that the Kyle/Ventura conflict may have a gangland motive.
Peter Pezonus wrote of Kyle's killer:

Eddie Ray Routh, the expert Marine marksman who killed America’s most lethal SEAL sniper may have had more going on than PTSD.  According to his sister and brother-in-law,  Gaines and Laura Routh Blevins, while Eddie said that “I traded my soul for a new truck,” he also said “we were out shooting target practice and I couldn’t trust them so I killed them before they could kill me.”     Routh’s sister and her husband advised Routh to turn himself in.  Instead, he told them he was going to Oklahoma to flee authorities.
     This is not the first time in the recent past that a murderer has fled to Oklahoma to avoid authorities following a high profile killing linked to SEAL territory in California.  In 2008 Christopher Bryan Ablett murdered the leader of California’s Hell’s Angels, Mark "Papa" Guardado.  Ablett, a member of the California-based Mongols Motorcycle Club drove to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to seek the security of a friendly rival motorcycle gang, the Bandidos.  Both the Mongols and Bandidos, called “one-per-centers” along with the California based Hell’s Angels because of their commitment to an outlaw lifestyle that fewer than 1% of the human population embraces, are not anglophiles like the Hell’s Angels.  Hell’s Angels forbid blacks and Hispanics from joining. 
      The murders in Orlando and the reversal of the Ventura victory in his libel suit within 24 hours of the tragedy have all the earmarks of "applied sociology" and "applied journalism" and Madison Avenue mind-control methods for influencing mass support for things like gun control, increased intrusions into citizen privacy while supporting America's military actions abroad.
     "Look," said Boynton, "you cannot trust what your government is telling you.  My uncle was told that he could watch the Bikini nuclear explosion from a safe distance wearing sunglasses.  He survived six separate types of cancers.  We were led to believe that tobacco was not a problem at the same time our government told us that we could keep our houses from burning up in a nuclear attack by painting them with lead-based house paint which the European countries had banned in the 1920's because lead is toxic.  Lead paint wasn't banned in the U.S. until 1978 and Flint, Michigan's pipes were being installed during the Motor City housing boom of the 1930's.  At the same time our government told us that we had a MAD theory of "mutually assured destruction"! There was the Credit Mobilier scandal, the Iran-Contra scandal, the yellow cake scandal, the Tuskegee experiment, the Pruitt-Igoe experiment and there's rewriting of history by leaving CIA agent Matt Gannon off of Pan Am 103 and the 1992 stand down order for the Saudi influence peddling in the USA that had people like James R. Bath in the crosshairs and which could have stopped the 911 attack had it been in place....is that the redacted contents in the Official 911 Commission Report's 28 pages which the leading U.S. academicians, Joseph Nye , former Dean of the Harvard School of Government and even the Smithsonian Institute are telling us was the result of lone wolf individuals like Bin Laden's Al Qaeda acting all alone?   Please!  
     Oh, about that tobacco, who are two of the biggest recipients of tobacco profits?   Gordon and C. Boyden Gray.   Gordon, Boyden's father, was the head of the Congressional group that stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his security clearance for refusing to make the hydrogen bomb while C. Boyden Gray, his son, was one of GHWB's and GWB's chief legal counsels....both heirs of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company fortunes," said Boynton.


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