Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fahad al Thumairy, John Brennan: Official 911 Report 28 Pages No Smoking Gun

Mark Mazetti and Scott Shane of NY Times say "Secret Pages May Not Unlock Mystery of Saudi Arabia and 9/11"

by Peter Pezonus, CPW News Service

     Fahad al Thumairy was the Saudi Arabian consular official and Iman in Los Angeles at the mosque where two of the 911 hijackers attended services.  Thumairy has said that there is nothing to the assertion by leading American political voices that the 28 pages of unreleased and then released, but redacted, portions of the Official 911 Commission Report, to point to Saudi influence peddling in the U.S. that could have been directly related to support for the WTC attack.

     Historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth has put it another way.   "The FBI allowed the Bin Ladens to exit the country after 911 without being interrogated.  In 1992, an important election year, the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influencing peddling in the USA receive a stand down order.  That would have allowed subversive activity to continue unabated and, indeed, as we leaned from concerned FBI agents after the 911 attack who complained that they hands were tied, top-down intrusions into the role of the FBI and other agencies was proven.  This is why the release of the entire 28 pages, un-redacted, is essential to the establishment of trust in the nation's leading law enforcement agency," said Wigglesworth.
     The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that was charged with uncovering Saudi influenced peddling in the USA.....the Saudi money trail through the US that could morph over time into acts of terror, was not fully in place after 1992.  That was four years after 1988 when GHWB was elected, but that was also the year that CIA agent Matt Gannon died on Pan Am 103 on his way back to Washington from the Middle East to press the brass at the CIA for answers as to just why the rank and file CIA agents had no information on Al Qaeda.  That was also the year that Salem Bin Laden, Osama's older brother, who reportedly had a role in the 1980 "October Surprise" that created the Iran-Contra scandal after the election of Reagan/Bush in 1980, died in an inexplicable ultra-light aircraft crash in Cibolo, Texas at a tiny airport now owned by the former USAF General in charge of Offutt AFB and former head of the National Reconnaissance Office," said Wigglesworth.  "That crash was reported by one of the most trusted investigative reporters, Lowell Bergman, the hero of the movie The Insider, and CBS's 60 Minutes colleague of Mary Mapes and Dan Rather who botched the 2004 report on GWB's Texas Air National Guard history.   George W. Bush had been the roommate of James R. Bath who became the owner of the fuel concessions at the CIA-linked Ellington Field, Houston, only a few mile from the razed Bin Laden airport and Bath's Saudi money connections in the US were extensive.  "Both Bath and the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz were on the board of BCCI Bank, the primary Iran-Contra money laundering bank.   They had purchased the Houston Gulf Manor Airport next to the CIA-linked Ellington Field where Baths' Southwest Airport Services was only recently sold to Landmark Aviation Services with its ties to the Carlyle Group and a Dubai company with a history of running secret renditioning flights for the CIA," said Wigglesworth.
    Wigglesworth was hopeful that something in the 28 pages would bring into the light the dark alliances that made 911 possible.

     Mazetti and Shane write:

      The fact that years of investigation found no hard proof of official Saudi involvement has led some, notably the Saudi government, to argue that it is now the stuff of wild conjecture and conspiracy theory. The material in the 28 pages has been thoroughly investigated, the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al Jubeir, said during a news conference here on Friday, and “those investigations have revealed that these allegations are not correct.”
“There is no there there,” he said. 

     "The worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil and we are asking the leading perpetrator of terror world-wide fifteen of whose citizens were on the flights to verify their innocence?   Who in their right mind would ask a mass murderer to validate their own innocence and what is the New York Times doing in repeating this story?" asked Wigglesworth. 
     "I wasn't thinking that the Official 911 Commission Report would tell us that the Bin Laden's chief architect and favorite designer of the Saudi royal family's building projects was Minoru Yamasaki.  Yamasaki, who built the WTC in a version of Mecca in Manhattan or that Yamasaki had also designed the infamous Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis that is the subject of Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's 800-plus page doctoral dissertation on the undisclosed Tuskegee-like radiation experiment conducted there before it was demolished by the same company that quickly completed the demolition of the WTC.   That demolition occurred to the horror of the NYFD fire fighters' families who had not retrieved their loved ones' remains, but it would have been a decent thing to do!  Pruitt-Igoe was demolished in 1972 using thermite that was invented in the 1890's, but you can't expect the 911 Commission to reveal that when the New York Times and the Washington Post and other major news outlets seem not to care, or can you?" asked Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth believes that the connections of GWB to James R. Bath and Bath's connections to the Saudi royal banker in Houston, Texas where the Bin Laden's owned the Houston Gulf Manor Airport that was razed after 911 holds the key to understanding what happened at the WTC on 911 along with the bizarre death of Salem Bin Laden (who reportedly had a part in the 1980 "October Surprise" in Paris, France) in Cibolo, Texas in 1988, the same year that CIA agent, Matt Gannon, died on Pan Am 103, a fact not mentioned in the 2015 documentary by the Smithsonian Institute titled The Lockerbie Bombing.    "It is absolutely bizarre that the Smithsonian's documentary that claims to the definitive history of the Lockerbie bombing does not mention that Matt Gannon was on the flight given the widely reported story that he was headed to the US to press his concerns about Al Qaeda at Langley's CIA headquarters," said Wigglesworth.
     It was widely reported outside the USA that Gannon, son-in-law of the CIA Middle East Bureau Chief, Thomas Tweeton, was on his way to Washington to get answers as to why the CIA's best agents had noting on the group backed by the CIA in Afghanistan to fight the Russians called Al Qaeda.  "There is much more circumstantial evidence on Saudi compliance in the 911 disaster than what has sent many a murderer to jail," said Wigglesworth.  But Wigglesworth believes that there is no political will to expose the truth.  "Look, fifteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers are from Saudi and we invade Iraq," you figure it out.  This isn't rocket science," he concluded.  "Iraq had been, before oil, the shipping point for the opium empire of Britain's Sephardic Jewish import/exporter, David Sassoon at Baghdad and Basra before he moved to Smyrna and Bombay, now Mumbai.  Logically, with Mikhail Gorbachev's changes in the USSR and their alliance with us in WWII we would have found them an ally in managing Afghanistan as a top world-wide terrorism center that is heavily funded by its poppy crops and opium which has historically built both the British and Ottoman Empires before the US stepped in and put and end to the drug distribution with an endless war on drugs.  Did we do that?  Well, if we did how's that working?  With the negotiation of the Whangia Treaty with China that displaced the Brits and opium dumping in the Orient that led to the Opium Wars do you not think that Mao's Cultural Revolution on the heels of Chang Kai Shek's leadership sponsored by the opium distributing Green Gang of China's interrior and the USA's Ellington Field-based leader of the AVG or American Volunteer Group, General Claire Chennault, the brutality of the Japanese inflicted against the Chinese not withstanding, was a bold barometer?   We handled the displacement of the British/Sassoon cartel by inserting America's top opium smuggler, Caleb Cushing of Boston, who handled the Wanghia Treaty agreement with China.   Would Cushing and his band of US power elites do what the British and Ottoman power elites had done?  Oh, of course not!   These folks were Puritan Protestant New Englanders!  With about 90% of poppy products still coming from the Golden Crescent and heroin addiction in the USA at record levels in 2016?  Of course not.  I suppose we feared more that the Russians would get the poppies and the other resources and be that much closer to the Middle East fossil fuels which we had all better be getting serious about replacing with renewables," said Wigglesworth.  "The Russians had nukes and nukes are only profitable as a tax incentive for super powers to build a huge military complex.   The real ongoing war profits are in the lighter weapons and endless warfare that requires anesthetics to deaden the pain.  You've heard the slogan 'guns and butter'?  It's 'guns and anesthetics!'  The ubiquitous poppy plant that could grow in Russia as well as the USA, hell, nearly anywhere, must be confined so that the drug policies that wall competition out of major markets keeps the power elites that control those markets, well, elite," said Wigglesworth.

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