Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The 28 Pages: Senator Robert Graham (Retired), Ambassador Tim Roemer (Retired), CIA Director Porter Goss (Retired)


Porter Goss (l), Tim Roemer (c), Bob Graham (r)

by Sheila Shirley Duit, CPW News Service

"This is not the 911 Commission.  This is the Gong Show."  -Max Cleland
Click HERE for Cleland's statement

     CBS's 60 Minutes has double-downed on the nearly forgotten 28 pages of the Official 911 Commission Report.  In a story by Steve Kroft former U.S. Senator Robert Graham who served with then Congressmen Tim Roemer and Porter Goss, Roemer becoming Ambassador to India and Goss becoming Director of the CIA, Graham is incensed that the 28 pages showing complicity on the part of powerful players from Saudi Arabia in the USA providing much needed financial and logistical support for the brutally spectacular attack on the World Trade Center in Manhattan has not been previously declassified and distributed.
     American historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth believes that this late-coming piece of information that most Americans did not know about is simply another disinformation campaign about 911.   "Why did Graham and Roemer wait for fifteen years to make the case?  And what case are they making?" asked Wigglesworth.

       "Beaver Building", the Rainier Tower
         designed by WTC architect who also
         designed the infamous Pruitt-Igoe
         project in St. Louis, Minoru
         Yamasaki. Rainier Tower clearly
         shows the dynamic power of a modern
          high rise building's central steel core
          to withstand all potential threats
          including airplanes and fires.
         (Photo courtesy: Cumulus Clouds)

      "Graham, Roemer and Goss all worked on the Congressional investigation into 911 that morphed into the Official 911 Commission Report that squelched the 28 pages for a decade and a half.  Not exactly compelling support for the urgency of their concerns.  What were they doing all this time?" asked Wigglesworth.  "Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say it took them a while to figure out what the 28 pages meant, assuming that the information originated not in the Congress with its direct conduit to the power of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, but out of the dumbed-down Official 911 Commission and its 800 page document.  The Official 911 Commission Report was published on July 22, 2004.   With Graham coming forward in the April and June, 2016's  60 Minutes interview,  that means this Pooh Bear look-alike was, though not Rip Van Winkle, certainly twelve years slow on the uptake as if in hibernation," said Wigglesworth adding "....they tossed and turned for 4,380 nights or so before it really bothered them, I guess."

"'LA, San Diego....that's really the hornets nest,' said Roemer.  Bull shit.  It was Houston, Texas and this late release of the 28 pages is nothing but another smoke screen.  If Vincent Bugliosi said that GWB should be tried for murder and that there is no statute of limitation on murder for the Iraq War, then the 1992 stand down order on the FINCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network which the FBI Director William Sessions initiated and which should have blown the 911 plot wide open should find GHWB tried for murder as well," said Wigglesworth adding "Two birds in the bush are of the same feather and lip-locked on the Saudi's oily crude pump nozzle."

    Wigglesworth finds most troubling the fact that the Joint Commission on 911 was denied by the FBI, the same FBI that stood down FINCEN and that gave the Bin Laden family quick and safe passage out of the country after 911, the ability to look into the connections of San Diego, California's Abdussattar Shaikh, the landlord and therefore witness to the comings and goings of two the 911 hijackers in California.  "San Diego is home to the U.S Navy SEAL headquarters that was unbelievably built in the unmistakable image of a Nazi swastika.  San Diego was where Wallis Simpson Spencer Windsor met Prince Edward, the Duke of Winsor.  A known Nazi spy during World War II, both she and her husband were exiled by Winston Churchill to the Bahamas during WWII to keep them at arms length from the British homeland.  Wallis Simpson was the Godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, the mother of Draper Kauffman, who has been declared by his mother, the wife of Prescott Bush, Jr. the brother of George Herbert Walker Bush as the The First Frogman: The Draper Kauffman Story, as the first Navy Seal....a claim made by the family of William B. Cushing in Charles Van Doren's book Lincoln's Commando," said Wigglesworth.  "The British royal family's Nazi ties come out occasionally, like when Prince Harry wore an SS uniform to a Halloween ball to the horror of the British commoners or when a film like The King's Speech shows that Edward's stuttering brother, Albert, had to pick up the pieces, though the incident had already reminded many an Englishman of Cromwell's distrust of the monarchy with or without the infusion of Germanic blood.  "Reporters have noted that the $500 million estate of the German Saxe-Gotha-Coburg-Windsors has swelled to $14 billion primary on investments in uranium which Neal and Linden Blue's company, General
Atomic, mines from the largest deposits in North America, then uses it to power nuclear plants and then processes the depleted uranium into sabo rounds fired by M1-Abrams tanks or from Predator and Reaper drones from a circling aerial weapons platform," said Wigglesworth.
     "At any rate," said Wigglesworth who is concerned that the Sheriff of San Diego, former FBI agent, William Gore, had turned high tech sound weapons on protesters at an open meeting of the San Diego City Hall...."Then you have Abdussattar Shaikh being protected from cross-examination by the Joint Commission by the FBI, whose agent in charge at Ruby Ridge was the same William Gore. So they're claiming that they didn't know what to look for in the city where Linden Blue's wife was the 'Mayor of the San Diego Naval Base', now Chief Financial Officer of the City of San Diego." 
     Max Cleland was so disgusted with the obvious cover-up of the investigation that he resigned the Joint Commission.  "Should we be troubled by this, considering that ex-President GHW Bush's office in the 10,000 Memorial Building in Houston also houses a Thyssen company....as in Fritz Thyssen, Hitler's money man?   Damn right!" said Wigglesworth.
     Like other voices crying "foul", Wigglesworth is as much concerned about the content of what he calls "the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil-Graham, Roemer and Goss story given that the spotlight is still on the Saudis of which 15 of the 19 hijackers were citizens, but now focusing on the far West Coast at a Los Angeles mosque. "I cannot say this strongly enough.  California is a diversion!" said Wigglesworth.
     What are they putting forward with their late concerns or anemic criticism that the Saudis were well aware of the coming plot and that the Bush administration limited access to evidence?"  Wiggleworth believes he knows.  "Then what do they do?  The keeper of the secret bowels of the U.S. government, Roemer, talks to Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes pointing to the locked door and telling him of the top-secret room where the 28 pages are domiciled.  Roemer tells Kroft that like Graham, he's read them. Then without the report being declassified, yet, Romer says he is appalled that two of the 911 hijackers were being supported by a Muslim cleric in Los Angeles.  If they weren't suppose to talk about it why are they talking about....dribbling it out now.....and why point to two of the fifteen Saudi terrorists when there is so much more out there to show the Saudi oil money's lubricating influence on the American political machinery close to Al Qaeda members like the Bin Ladens whose deep ties to the Bush family are as visible as kernels on a corn cob?" asked Wigglesworth.
     "Like what's out there?" I asked this outspoken contrarian observer of U.S. history and myth.  "David Ray Griffin is onto the program.  The 911 TruthMovement is onto it, but the biggest problem was not in a Mosque in Los Angeles.  That's to cover the Official 911 Commission Report with another swarm of lies.  Here is what the 911 Truth Movement  noted which must be read in light of the deaths of reporters Tim Russert who would not let Dick Cheney's memory of the moments before the 911 attack off the hook and of Scott Shuger, the reporter for Bill Gate's online magazine Slate.com who wrote the scathing article on U.S. military security titled IGNORAD, written in Janurary 2002 only a few months before Shuger died in California in a witnessless scuba diving accident.  Shuger's amazing analysis of Norad on 911 is available online, but Ivana Driver's article June 8, 2015 No Painting Over A National Bamboozle: Scott Shuger, Author of IGNORAD, Baltimore and Dutch Boy Lead-Based Paint, connects Shuger's unique personal history with U.S. military industrialist complex...a ploy to sell lead-based house paint as a deterrent to nuclear fire flash at the same time the U.S and the Soviet Union held a MAD or 'mutually assured destruction' policy on nuclear war.....fifty years after Europe had banned lead paint which was not outlawed in the U.S. until 1978," said Wigglesworth.
     From 911Truth we see the evolution of the National Reconissance Office's place in this fascinating Gulf of Tonkin-like clustered copulation:

This answer echoed one provided by General Ralph Eberhard during the final 9/11 Commission hearing. The question to Eberhard, posed by Commissioner Roemer, was coerced by hearing attendees who interrupted the hearing, forcing the issue by yelling “What about the war games?” The failure of air defenses to respond on that morning does not support the given answer by Myers and Eberhard. In addition, the drill being conducted at the National Reconnaissance Office on 9/11 simulating a plane crashing into that building, and the existence of bioterror drill Operation Tripod on the ground in lower Manhattan have had no illumination. As with the recent London Bombings, co-incident training drills have not been treated as pertinent to the investigation.

       Wigglesworth's chiseled jaw set taught.... "the drill being conducted at the National Reconnaissance Office on 9/11".    In 1988 at the Field of Dreams Airport in Cibolo, Texas the experienced fighter jet pilot who owned his own BAC-111 jet, Salem Bin Laden, the older brother of Osama Bin Laden, had reportedly been a member of the team that was working the Iranians for an "October Surprise" eight years earlier in 1980 for the Reagan/Bush victory over Jimmy Carter (Election years have a great deal of significance for Lowell Wigglesworth for their proclivity to attract significant political mishaps...attacks on the reporting of investigative journalists, suicides and outright murders....1980, 1988, 1992, 2000, 2004, 2008).  "While moving to vote, look out for the mote," Wigglesworth is fond of saying.

      On May 29, 1988, Salem was attending the wedding weekend of the son of the Bin Laden's and Saudi royal family's leading pilot, a retired USAF officer turned Saudi royal family pilot from San Antonio.  The ultra-light plane flew directly and inexplicably into a high power line that passed across Interstate 35 parallel to the runway.  Salem was rushed to the Brooks Army Medical Center's trauma unit where he was pronounce dead.  The Field of Dreams Airport was bought by the USAF Commander of Offutt Air Force Base, General Bruce Carlson, an Air Force base with a significant history of unusual connections including some to the Omaha, Nebraska "Franklin Coverup" and where GWB flew after Barksdale AFB in Louisiana on 911, the home state of Senator Tim Roemer's father-in-law, long-standing U.S. Senator Bennett Johnson, Jr., a member of the Board of Directors of Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold, with Freeport-McMoran Sulpur being a major supplier for U.S. munitions makers and on whose board was Henry Kissinger who employed L. Paul Bremer, the Iraqi Provisional Government's U.S. Ambassador. 
    If Salem had been on the "October Surprise" team as widely reported it was serious enough an allegation as to have H. Ross Perot sending a legal team to Missouri to interview another pilot who was also reportedly involved, the pilot of the SR-71 Blackbird.  The supersonic plane was said to have been used in the "October Surprise" plot of 1980 by delivering the U.S. negotiator/s with such speed as to provide credible denial ability of the event.  Both pilots were holding a powerful piece of information going into the 1992 Presidential election between GHWB, Clinton and Perot.  An "October Surprise" managed by the Reagan/Bush team, like that described by Reagan/Bush aide, Barbara Honegger in her book October Surprise in 1989,  would have meant that a sitting President Carter was not in charge of U.S. foreign policy decisions...an assault on the U.S. Constitution like that which would shortly surface in the Iran-Contra firestorm.   Perot's U.S. Navy insider's nose for tracking and navigating toward military and political threats was attacked by the mentor of Tim Roemer, Lee Hamilton, the future chair of the 911 Commission, but time proved Perot on the track of not simply Honegger's insider testimony, but about the "giant sucking sound" of U.S. jobs going overseas if either Bush or Clinton were elected in 1992.  It was reported that Perot had concluded that the SR-71 Blackbird pilot in Missouri did not know how to start the famous jet's engines, a report contradicted by FAA investigator and author, Rodney Stitch.   Stitch, a decorated pilot, an FAA trainer and investigator claimed to have received access to the jet's operation manual and in his own interview with the pilot confirmed the engine's ignition process.  This aspect of the October Surprise is of minimal importance in comparison to Salem Bin Laden's participation in the event and his subsequent death in 1988, the same years as Matt Gannon's on Pan Am 103, before the 1992 Presidential election when Peter Brewton's book was intentionally derailed by Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernstein's publisher, Simon & Schuster.

     Lee Hamilton, Chair of the 911 Commission, had also been the ranking Democrat on the joint committee that looked into the October Surprise that concluded that there was nothing there, but the blatant cross-vectoring of evidence screams otherwise.
     Without the painful advantage of witnessing the layering effects of the Bush family bamboozling that reached critical mass well before the 2015/16 Presidential campaign of JEB Bush, Perot's concerns about the marriage of what was essentially a Bush/Clinton cabal, verified in time by Clinton's failure to veto the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999, his wife's phony chastisement of the Wall Street investment bankers in 2007 before the big bailout in 2008 and Bill Clinton's bizarre defense of Franklin Pierce's legacy as President with his ties to Barbara Pierce Bush,  we also had the shut-down in 1992 of Peter Brewton's book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office, which linked the S&L crisis of the 1980's (the dress rehearsal for the 2008 housing bubble meltdown) to the Iran-Contra criminals in Houston, Texas.  It was in Houston that Brewton's penetrating look into the CIA and Mob's links to the Bush family and S&L's and Iran-Contra players came together first in his investigative series for the Houston Post and then the book which Simon & Schuster promised to provide the editor of Woodward and Bernstein's All the President's Men as Brewton's editor, but essentially stalled the publication until late into the '92 election cycle.   When Brewton finally got the book published by Shapolsky Publishers it featured a bright red medallion that read "The Book That Simon & Schuster Signed Up, But Wouldn't Publish."
      Peter Brewton's Houston story was significant to Gary Webb who had run into the U.S. Fourth Estate's gatekeepers, Steve Weinberg and Jeff Leen, moderator and debater of Webb in an IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors debate following the publishing of Webb's book Dark Alliance. Leen went ballistic with Webb's mention of his talking to Brewton in preparing his book, Dark Alliance and who, after the movie Killing the Messenger came out,  wrote for the Washington Post where Leen had been a colleague of Steve Coll and Vernon Loeb (Coll now Dean of Columbia School of Journalism and Loeb the Managing Editor of the Houston Chronicle) wrote "Gary Webb Is No Journalistic Hero."  It was clear that the closer that Webb's California story came to the Bush family's Houston connections the more prickly became the myth spinning gate keepers of the comatose Fourth Estate.
   "So you had Salem Bin Laden owning an airport next to the CIA-linked Ellington Field in Houston, the widow of Anastasio Samoza there, the S&L and Iran-Contra network hooked at the hip there and don't forget Chase Untermeyer the Congressman from Bush's neighborhood who would become the Ambassador to Qatar, home of the U.S. military's advance operations, which when the Arab Spring occurred with moderate and progressive Muslims exiling the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt from which the CIA had recruited Al Qaeda as allies against the Russians in Afghanistan, Qatar backed the Muslim Brotherhood leaders," said Wigglesworth.  "Is it any wonder that we reaped a group called ISIS, much as we reaped Al Qaeda that was created....created by our CIA to fight in Afghanistan and which had Matt Gannon asking some serious questions about the CIA within the CIA?" he added.
     Salem was as much a liability as the NBC reporter who in 1980 had just returned from Iran during the striking of the secret US/Iran arms for hostages deal that connected October 1980 to the U.S. Presidential election and the roll-out of the Reagan-Bush secret Contra war that violated the Boland Amendment and U.S. neutrality laws.  When Bill Stewart, the ABC reporter, attempted to cover the brewing war between the Contras and the Sandinista's in Nicaragua he was murdered for all the world to see by one of Anastasio Samoza's National Guardsmen on June 20, 1979.  The film of Stewart's murder, a very public hit before Samoza's U.S. business partners, Neal and Linden Blue, had perfected the weapon-platform known as Predator and Reaper drones made by the Blue brother's company General Atomic, led to Samoza's forced exile to Miami where he was turned away by Jimmy Carter, moved to the Bahamas with his widow and family later settling in Houston, Texas.
    George Evans wrote in World Literature Today (May, 2007) "The Deaths of Samoza" and said of the man FDR called "our son-of-a-bitch".....

     In the face of overwhelming defeat, Somoza resigned, loaded three airplanes with cash, gold, and property (including a clutch of parrots and the zinc coffins of his father and brother), and escaped to Miami with key officials of his government. He left a devastated nation in his wake: 50,000 dead (80 percent civilians killed by his indiscriminate air bombardment of major cities), 100,000 wounded, 40,000 orphans, and 150,000 refugees chased over the borders into Honduras and Costa Rica. In his final days he looted the banks, leaving behind (because he couldn’t get at it) barely enough money to keep the country afloat for two days, a universe of mortgages, and a foreign debt to the tune of $1.6 billion, money leveraged to move resources out of the country.
     In Miami he was immediately informed by President Jimmy Carter’s administration that he was not welcome. He fled to Great Exuma in the Caribbean searching for refuge, then to Paraguay where he was granted luxurious asylum by fellow dictator and Nazi war-criminal guardian, President‑General Alfredo Stroessner. There his fate waited in the chambers of an M‑16 and a bazooka.

    Independent investigative reporter, Peter Pezonus, had already questioned the 1988 death of Salem Bin Laden in the same year that the CIA's Matt Gannon had died on Pan Am 103.  Pezonus found it disturbing that a seasoned jet pilot and avid ultra-light pilot made such an obvious and unexplainable error in judgment.  Writing in his article Somewhere Between The Properline and the Dirty Low Down, Pezonus questioned the relationship between General Bruce Allen Carlson of Offutt Air Force Base, among many others, and the National Reconissance Office who bought the ultra-light airport in Cibolo, Texas from the Mayfields in as much as General Carlson's wife is Vicky L. Mayfield Carlson is the daughter of the previous owners:

If the Salem Bin Laden ultra-light was somehow rigged to deliver the jet pilot into the high power line that parallels the Cibolo air field, it would take someone with early knowledge of the technology used in the developing drone program.  Mayfield's wife, Doris Dickey Mayfield indeed worked for twenty five years for Beechcraft Inc. whose CEO, taken from Raytheon, was Linden Blue, the Yale Skull & Bones brother of GWB and founder of General Atomics the maker of the Predator and Reaper drones based on the work of Israeli aviation engineers.  In 1983 Blue championed the Beechcraft Starship at the National Business Aviation Association show in Dallas. Blue and his brother were business partners of Nicaragua's deposed dictator, Anastasio Samoza.

    The National Reconnaissance Office was at the center of NORAD's stand down order that Scott Shuger's IGNORAD covered so thoroughly.  There was, however, an earlier stand down order that would have netted the 911 plot if it actually originated with the Saudis and Al Qaeda which is increasingly dubious, thus the need for the late arriving 28 page story to bolster the mythology.  That would be the 1992 election year stand down of the FINCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that was looking into James R. Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz the Texas Air National Guard roommate of George W. Bush and the Saudi royal banker who together bought for Salem Bin Laden the Houston Gulf Manor Airport that was razed after 911.  Not to be confused with Field of Dreams in Cibolo, the Houston Gulf Manor was the leading airport for NASA astronaut's private planes only a few miles from the CIA-linked Ellington Field where Bath owned the aviation fuel supplier, Southwest Airport Services.  "The razing of Houston Gulf Manor was, in my mind, the destruction of criminal evidence of the sort that had Dr. Morgan Reynolds, GWB's chief economic advisor, resigning his post shortly after 911 for what he believed was a criminal bamboozle," said Wigglesworth.
    "Yes, well Reynolds had the added advantage of having been at Texas A&M which knew from a deadly disaster the power of a building's steel central column and its ability to withstand high heat....the A&M bonfire disaster.  Engineers, some of the best in the world, looking into the A&M bonfire disaster recommended a steel column holding up future bon fires with temperatures reaching the equivalent of the WTC on 911...if thermite was not a factor.   In addition, Reynolds was in the belly of the beast of the Mosher Defense Studies Institute at A&M that was created by Ed Mosher whose steel company supplied 13,000 tons or 26,000,000 pounds of the WTC's first 9 floors.  Did anyone tell you that the Saudi royal's favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki, who had built the notorious Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis with its ties to U.S. military radiation experiments, built the WTC as a model of Mecca in Manhattan?  That Frank Vandiver, the gatekeeping historian on America's Civil War myth was head of the Mosher Institute when he wrote the 2005 book How America Goes To War?" asked Wigglesworth noting the  open-source PhD dissertation on Pruitt-Igoe by Dr. Lisa Martino Taylor (The Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, research on the health effects of radioactive materials and tests on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis, 1945-1970, by Martino-Taylor, Lisa, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 2011, 838 pages; 3515886).
     "Minoru Yamasaki had amazing experience in building disaster resistant buildings using the core steel column design.  Look sometime at Rainier Tower better known as his 'Beaver Building' designed to take a direct hit from a passing aircraft, but surviving from the central column.  Oddly, the Pruitt-Igoe building was demolished in 1972 using thermite that was created in the 1890's.   The same controlled demolition company that imploded Pruitt-Igoe felled the remains of WTC after 911 that had the NYFD fire fighters complaining that it rushed the dignified removal from the rubble at ground zero the remains of their loved ones deposited in a NY landfill," said Wigglesworth.
     The NYFD firefighters who saw first-hand, close-up and personal, the relationship of NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani to the 911 disaster giving him failing grades on both his pre and post-911 response. Giuliani moved after 911 to the former Houston, Texas law firm of Bracewell & Patterson which became Bracewell & Giuliani where he oversaw the work of attorneys William E. King, the business partner of GWB's roommate, James R. Bath as well as the firms managing partner, Patrick C. Oxford, who together with King were working in Texas to privatize the firemen's pension fund.  In 2015 Giuliani would leave Bracewell & Giuliani to join the Washington D.C. law firm of convicted K-Street lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.  "Oh, you can't overlook the connections of the WTC to the Port of New York which during WWII had the FBI making a well-known agreement with organized crime for protection from saboteurs. Nor can you overlook the role that the Knapp Commission FBI liaison, Brian Bruh, had to Knapp's Serpico investigation and later to the stand-down of the FINCEN investigation for which Bruh was also the top FBI liaison," said Wigglesworth, noting the article  by Shirley L. Holmes on the possibility that with the New York Port Authority's choosing to use Mosher Steel in Houston with Houston's other connections to Freeport-McMoran Sulfur,  National Lead, and the vast array of petro-chems that profit from warfare, 911 may have been decades in the planning.  Wigglesworth has studied the work of Dr. Derrick P. Grimmer the summa cum laude physics professor from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri who calculated the amount of thermite needed to bring down the WTC by melting the central core columns.

     "It's interesting that CBS's 60 Minutes has taken the lead on the this late concern for the 911 Commission's 28 pages.   Why?  CBS's star reporter, Lowell Bergman, hero of the movie The Insider, falsely reported in a PBS Frontline documentary, 'Hunting Bin Laden' in April 1999 that was re-aired two days after 911, that Salem Bin Laden died in his BAC-111 jet when it crashed.  That's totally disingenuous.  Some pointed to the innocence of  PBS in a simple little mistake missed by their Pulitzer Prize winning team that put the film together including Bergman, but you must not forget who is on the board of PBS and that it is essentially an arm of the U.S. Information Agency.  Then you have to remember that CBS's 60 Minutes' stars Mary Mapes and Dan Rather botched the Ellington Field memo story not only in 2004, but failed to report it in 1999 when they had credible witnesses to legitimately support the story.  The propagandists will say that General Belisarius Flores and Marion Carr Knox who typed the original memos needed some written proof as if they were in a court of law.   That's what the crazy, false mugwumps, Steve Coll, Jeff Leen, Vernon Loeb and Steve Weinberg, the Dumbledores of America's false-flag-waving-Fourth Estate made of Gary Webb's work on his book Dark Alliance.  "I'm in the information business not the proof business," said Webb to the tag-team of Weinberg and Leen during at IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors debate that was obviously held to discredit Webb who graciously accepted the challenge.  They tried to kill the messenger and obviously sided with those who literally did, unless you believe the California coroner who judged Webb's two shots to the head a suicide.  While Rather and Mapes were just coming off of their "breaking" the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in 2004 which Amnesty International actually broke in 2003, Rather co-owned the Tecolote Ranch with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where they shot exotic game, but nothing as exotic as the story that this recent 28 page bamboozle is attempting to bag," said Wigglesworth.

"I never doubted for an instant that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition. In order to satisfy myself that chemical reactions were sufficient to account for WTC collapses, and more exotic energies were unnecessary, I wrote in 2003 "Calculations on the Possible Use of Thermite to Melt Sections of the WTC Core Columns," the most recent version of which was put on line in 2004 at Physics911.net."    -Derrick P. Grimmer

      Wigglesworth is convinced that the two airings of the CBS 60 Minutes program on the 28 pages of the Official 911 Commission Report is window dressing.  "It's like the myth surrounding the the reasons why America fought its Civil War in 1860.  Abolition of slavery or states rights were the curtains covering the darker ambitions for which the war was fought.....like lace curtains on a slaughter house window.  I believe that Graham, Roemer and Goss are providing a few pounds of propaganda and diversion from the harsher realities which the American people don't want to hear, but must.  These guys...I hesitate to call them Mo, Larry and Curly.... are like my father who when I asked one night if that was mother passing gas said "its the Didgeridoo huffs of her sweet anal puffs."

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