Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disney Orlando Alligator Death of Infant Brings Scrutiny From "Alligator Dundee"

South Florida Seminole Alligator Detective Weighs In On Tragic Death in Disney World

by Shirley Locke Holmes for CPW News Service

     Famed Seminole Indian alligator detective John "Alligator Dundee" Runinpadhl of Tarpon Springs, Florida has weighed in on the tragic loss of a small boy at Orlando's Grande Floridian Hotel  and enclosed beach and lake within the Disneyworld park.
     Runinpadhl is an expert in alligator tracking, recovery, risk management and insurance due-diligence for such world-class hotels as Nairobi, Kenya's Lower Nile Resort and Swim Club as well as Cairo, Egypt's Nile Hotel & Bathing Resort.
     "Before they do anything else, they have to close the lake and beach.  A repeat of this tragedy within a short time will essentially kill tourism.  It did in Nairobi in 1988 when Mrs. and Mrs. Felix Fairchild of Sussex, England went for a little midnight dip in the Nile.  Sadly, we don't know if they had been killed by the numerous crocs or just vanished, changed their names while their families collected the insurance settlement, later sending it to them under an assumed name.  With a $17,430 bill owing when they disappeared after telling the hotel's consigliore of their plans, which he clearly warned them not to do, it made that whole investigation especially sensitive.  We never found them, but that's not to say that they aren't enjoying their unjust rewards somewhere in the British West Indies?" said Runinpadhl.
    "It seems hard-hearted, but as people learned the week of the tragedy at the Pulse Night Club, a pulse can be stopped in seconds.  Pow.  Whoosh.  Life as we knew it is over.  Life is very dangerous and what you don't know CAN hurt you," said Runinpadhl who likens the beneath-the-surface-stalking of alligators and crocodiles as being like many humans Runinpadhl has encountered.  "Historically my people were peace loving people who minded their own business.  Then Ponce de Leon came looking for his fountain of youth and stole my people's youth in the process," said Runinpadhl whose interest in alligators and crocodiles has expanded his interest in reptilian-type behaviors in humans in recent years.  Runinpadhl said he in no way holds the Hispanic men and women at the Pulse Club responsible for what Ponce de Leon did to indigenous Floridians any more than he holds former Columbia-HCA employees responsible for Florida Governor Rick Scott's $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine, the biggest in U.S. history.     Governor Scott was given by Columbia/HCA a $400 million severance package which allowed him to fund his campaign as the Florida Governor.  Rich Scott had been the CEO of Columbia/HCA Hospitals which Scott had said he would make into the Walmart of healthcare which never happened," said Runinpadhl who claims he is something of a polymath when it comes to tragedies of various kinds.
    "That's why I have taken a special interest not only in my profession of tracking alligators and crocodiles and acting as an industrial consultant to the hospitality industry, but I have also joined a group looking into the 911 disaster.  Ever since I learned that the World Trade Center was built by the Bin Laden's favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki, who not only built its courtyard in the form of a model of Mecca in Manhattan, but Yamasaki had also built St. Louis' infamous Pruitt-Igoe housing project that experimented with a military study releasing nuclear radiation on an unsuspecting public and it's not much different from what happened to this unsuspecting child at Disney World or the poor folks at the Pulse Club.   The worst thing that Disney World can do is try to sweep under the carpet information about previous warnings about the dangers related to their clients environment.  That would be like the WTC and Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani or Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik failing to report after the first World Trade Center bombing that the place was built by the Bin Laden's architect and that the Bin Laden's were up to their Arab tits in money from the Saudi royals as was the Bush family in Texas where the FINCEN investigation headed by the FBI's Brian Bruh who had served with Giuliani on the Knapp (Serpico) Commission which was to have shut down the deep corruption in New York, but left Frank Serpico felling so sure that the Knapp Commission's prosecutor, a 29-year-old Giuliani carried through, that Serpico left the U.S.," said Runinpadl.  "FINCEN received a stand-down order in 1992 when it had the Texas partner of the Saudi royal banker, Khalid bin Mahfouz in its cross-hairs but was coming too close to his Texas business partner and GWB Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, with both Bath and Mahfouz key players in Iran-Contra's BCCI bank as well.  Giuliani, up until 2015 a partner in Bracewell & Giuliani of Houston which employed Bath's business partner in Southwest Airport Services at the CIA linked Ellington Field, Houston mayoral candidate and former Mayor of Kemah, Texas, William E. King, whose nearby community of League City domiciled the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport which was razed after 911.  In 2015 Giuliani left Bracewell & Giuliani to join the Washington DC law firm of former K-Street criminal Jack Abramoff," said Runinpadl.
      Runinpadhl said that the family must have the body of the boy retrieved.  That was not permitted at Ground Zero, Manhattan after 911 as the same controlled demolition company that demolished the notorious Pruitt-Igoe project that Yamasaki had built in St. Louis in 1972 using thermite explosives that had been invented in the 1890s.  "The NYFD fire fighters were so incensed that the mayor proceeded so quickly with the demolition of the WTC after 911 without allowing for proper and dignified recovery of their fallen that they have forever tarred Giuliani with outright incompetence or much worse.  My heart goes out to the family in Florida.  The family of the young boy, the families of the fallen at the Pulse Club and to all those NYPD and NYFD firefighters who are normally able to keep the reptiles at bay," said Runinpadl.

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