Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, June 3, 2016

Karl Rove, Rick Scott, Don Trump and the American Reich

Next Four to Eight Years Great Time To Sail Away
by Jean Lafitte Fletcher Christensen, Political Commentary for CPW News Service

     Now that Americans have given a primary-vetting to Donald Trump who is wooing Karl Rove and Rick Scott, it's a great time to buy that sail boat you've always wanted and to find some great little out of the way cove on an uncharted island to sit out the coming period of lunacy.

     Karl Rove brought us eight years of George W. Bush and the greatest period of runaway greed and political debauchery in U.S. history.  The state of Florida that elected JEB Bush AND Rick Scott is obviously ethically challenged with a citizenry that has retired from core positions in the Italian's five leading New York crime families, Boston's Irish criminals, the remnants of Meyer Lansky's Jewish mob, and former CIA and NSA actives whose U.S. intelligence apparatus was heavily influenced by Alan Dulles' "Operation Paper Clip" Nazis who like to watch Werhner Von Braun's rockets launch from near Melbourne.   Add to that the Cuban, Colombian, and other South American criminal cabals and the Florida banks that service them and the Bush and Scott elections in Florida come into much clearer focus.
    Rick Scott was the CEO of Columbia/HCA healthcare a company that paid the largest Medicare/Medicaid fraud fine in U.S. history at $1.7 billion after it claimed that it would become the Walmart of U.S. healthcare.  That should have been a wake up call.  Sam Walton's father made his money by evicting U.S. farmers from their farms during the Great Depression which found the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 passed to avoid another Great Depression, but repealed in Bill Clinton's last year of 1999 without his veto and ushering in GWB....a kind of repeat of Clinton's non-protectionist protectionism like he offered the Iran-Contra criminals at Mena, Arkansas by pleading ignorance.
     Rick Scott was given a severance package from Columbia/HCA of over $400 million which he used in his "non-establishment Republican" candidacy like Trump has done up to now.  Scott would not have been in that position had he not been a Bush family and Tennessee Senator Dr. William Frist insider whose father founded HCA before it became Columbia/HCA and to which Frist, the doctor who plugged the hole in General David Petraeus' lung following a rare accidental shooting during a military review at Fort Campbell Kentucky.  Frist's surgery left Petraeus strong enough to engage in a career-crashing-mounting of Paula Broadwell the author of his biography All In: The Education of General David Petraeus while Broadwell's work was being closely edited by the Washington Post's editor Vernon Loeb, now the Managing Editor of the Houston Chronicle after he had provided a little war racketeering spin on the life stories of Lt. Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch.
    "I was a non-establishment Republican candidate and won," Rick Scott told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on June 3rd as Scott explained why Trump was reaching out to him for his wisdom as to how Trump could win Florida.  Add to this the fact that the Treasury Secretary Jack Lew blames the current nervousness in America on the nation having gone through the Great Depression and you can see what a lame brain idot Lew is for thinking he can pass off the national crisis on our parents' generation who weathered the Great Depression with grace and have now mostly died off.   The rest did not miss the Glass-Steagall repeal and the post-1999 clustered-copulation that we all took from the likes of Bush, Greenspan and his "Greenspan Put" that tuned out to be a big greasy "poot in the taxpayers' faces", thank you GWB, Greenspan, Hank Paulson and Goldman Sachs' sacks of putrid prevaricators.
    There's no secret to how JEB and Rick Scott won Florida.  Florida is home to the Ocean Reef Club built by Harper Sibley and where Carl Linder and the Bush family met regularly.  It's where even Bebe Rebozo had a condo.  It's where Al Capone had a home on nearby Star Island beside the Jamaican ganja dealers who brought in the tons of marijuana and the "cocaine cowboys" slid in 80 percent of the nations coke supply, some on Don Aranow's Donzis.  George Herbert Walker Bush was Aranow's good friend at the time and Aranow built boats for the Shah of Iran, Charles Keating whose ventures in the S&L crisis spread a thick paint spray greedy-green on key politicians.  He built boats for Caribbean drug and gun runner, Robert Vesco, who was a business partner in a Louisiana hydroponics company with Securities and Exchange Commisssion head turned CIA Director, William Casey.  Aranow was murdered supposedly for making the DEA and U.S. Coast Guard the boats needed to catch the others he had sold to the smugglers and where the smuggler's booty had a way of disappearing into the hands of wayward cops like those investigated by a 29 year-old Rudy Giuliani who serviced the Knapp Commission, also called the "Serpico commission".  That Commission was resourced by the FBI's Brian Bruh who oversaw the FINCEN investigation that should have prevented the need for the 28 pages of the Official 911 Commission Report that was declared top secret, then undeclared top secret except for a redacted version fifteen years after 911.  FINCEN's task was to uncover Saudi influence peddling within the U.S. borders and the hijackers had, according to the 28 pages, Saudi help from within the U.S.A.. Frank Serpico was so sure that Giuliani and Bruh had cleaned up Trump's New York City that he fled the country to the mountains of Switzerland.   I don't like mountain living. 
     Don't forget that Florida is also where Panama strongman Manuel Noriega is imprisoned after he told the world "I have George H.W. Bush by the balls." Carlos Lehder's and Pablo Escobar's operation laundered its money through the Miami banks like a dog pile pumping out maggots.  Read about the Ocean Reef Club for yourselves in the Houston Post's journalist-turned-lawyer and Texas Tech University journalism professor Peter Brewton's 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush. It follows the money trail from Florida to Texas, Washington to Wall Street, the S&L crisis....the dress rehearsal for the 2008 housing bubble meltdown.  Read it for yourself and quit pleading ignorance.  Rick Scott?  Scott just like JEB, migrated from Texas to the Florida dog pile and now Donald Trump is squirming along with the same slimy maggots!
    This is an excellent time to make that long delayed trip to Tierra del Fuego along the route followed by The Beagle or to islands around New Zealand.   I have a freshly outfitted 38' Westsail that will be my home for the next eight years and I plan on living on less than $8000 per year which will leave me a comfortable cushion for the unexpected.   The unexpected is, in spite of tropical threats like the Zika virus or other dangers, less of a concern than the coming American Reich which, if Hillary Clinton is elected and given her husband's role in the Iran-Contra Mena, Arkansas airport operation that left Don Henry and Kevin Ives dead on the railroad tracks, could still be a period of great opportunity for strategic withdrawal.
    I envision that in short order Donald Trump and his VP, perhaps Rick Scott, will not only be building a wall across the Southern border with taxpayer's money, but a remake of Washington into a new Germania with Karl Rove, Rick Scott,  and Himmler's look-a-like, Michael Hayden...perhaps even Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld....Bernie Kerik for sure and his boss in New York, Rudy Giuliani, walking around in their SS uniforms and jack-booted cloggers.
    I'd steer clear of the main smuggling routes and the coasts of ISIS nations and Somalia for sure.  If Trump starts singing Randy Newman's song Political Science around the White House, just steer a course for Melbourne, load up on scotch and rum, ganja if you can find a good Jamaican, rent the Gregory Peck movie On the Beach or Peter Sellers' Doctor Strangelove and wait it out.  Melbourne, Florida or Melbourne, Australia, it won't much matter.


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