Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pulitizer Prize Winner Steve Coll, Lawrence Wright, Zinged by Reviewer

Others Take Hit, Too, As Amazon Reviews Become Fifth Estate
 by Steve A. Dore for CPW News Service

     The Fourth Estate, the roll that investigative journalists were meant to take in the post-Magna Carta West, has been pronounced dead by many coroners of the cultural condition.  Here are some examples discovered in Amazon.com's book reviews that seek to either resuscitate the Fourth Estate or replace it with the Fifth....a loose alliance of independent journalists to bypass the controlled media that holds the switch on a myth-making publishing and printing machine of perpetual propaganda.
      First is a review of Steve Coll's book on the Bin Laden family, the 2008 book The Bin Ladens: An Arab Family in the American Century. With the 28 pages of the 911 Commission Report being withheld for what was called "Security Concerns" for over fifteen years and only recently released as an unread element to the 911 story, readers will want to visit this review, particularly New York firefighters since Donald Trump is flirting with the idea that as President he will appoint former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as head of Homeland Security.  Giuliani who joined Houston, Texas' Bracewell & Giuliani Law Firm where managing partner Patrick C. Oxford and William Edward King, the business partner of James R. Bath, partner of Khalid Bin Mahfouz in the purchase of the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport, left Bracewell in 2015 to join the former law firm of jailed K-Street lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.  Oxford and Edwards were working together to privatize the Texas fireman's pension fund.
      The other four reviews are of equal interest to the current state of the Forth Estate in America and by the same author, someone named Will Harvey.
Like Lawrence Wright's Pulitzer Prize Winning The Looming Tower.
by Will Harvey, June 7, 2016
Format: Paperback
     Books have to be read as much by their index as by their table of contents and contents. What is left out is what draws Steve Coll a single star. Coll, the Washington Post Editor who oversaw Vernon Loeb who manufactured the propagandized stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch, Loeb, who co-wrote All In: the Education of General David Petraeus with Paula Broadwell who tanked General Petraeus' career..... Coll, who also oversaw the work of Jeff Leen who together with the Professor Emeritus at University of Missouri (the communication and journalism departments that produced Melissa Click), Steve Weinberg, who together with Jeff Leen provided a "good cop/bad cop" pounding of Gary Webb, author of Dark Alliance at an Investigative Editors and Reporters event in Washington (Webb actually shellacked both Leen and Weinberg) has spun the properline, again.
      Problem is it's Swiss cheese. Full of holes.
      Coll mentions Salem Bin Laden's death in an ultra-light aircraft crash in San Antonio (Cibolo, though Coll doesn't mention that that airport was bought by the General who oversaw both the National Reconnaissance Office and Offutt Air Force Base), Texas in 1988, but Coll does little to explore the facts surrounding that odd, inexplicable tragedy. Nor does he note that CBS's trusted 60-Minutes and meticulous investigator and hero of the film The Insider, Lowell Bergman, reported initially that Salem had been killed in his BAC-111 jet. That mistake was not corrected by Bergman for months. There's no mistaking an ultra-light for a BAC-111. The year of Salem's death, 1988, given rumors of Salems' participation in a 1980 "October Surprise" in Paris and the approaching 1991 Presidential campaign for the 1992 election during which the FINCEN investigation received a stand down order when it was designed to uncover the kind of Saudi influence peddling within the U.S. border that yielded 911 and this is no small omission.
      Equally troubling is that there is no mention of the relationship of the Bin Laden Group.....the Saudi royal family's chief building engineer....to their favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki, who had built the WTC with the Saudi royals' religious center of Mecca in mind....Mecca in Manhattan!
What a strange convergence of images! That might have led Mr. Coll to tell us that Yamasaki had built St. Louis' notorious Pruitt-Igoe Project (covered extensively in Lisa Martino-Taylor's open source PhD thesis of 800+ pages) and that in 1972 Pruitt-Igoe was demolished by the same controlled demolition company that was employed to finish the demolition of the WTC which had the New York fire fighters rightfully claiming no one was taking into account the remains of their fallen. When it comes to passing around the Pulitzers the prize-deciders should be better at reading an index. Coll got his, Webb, too, and he would have gotten many more had he not jumped off the reservation. Then again, the Nobel Prize was given to son of Columbia's "Father of Applied Sociology" Robert Merton, also Robert Merton....inventor of the Black Scholes Formula that tanked the U.S. economy in 2008 and that Paul Samuelson called that "frankensteinish" metric of incomprehensible bamboozling, so the Pulitzer people are not alone in rewarding incompetence...or if not incompetence then "applied journalism" which is a significant departure from what the Fourth Estate was envisioned to be.
      Coll and Lawrence Wright are not alone in their cheese making. The Smithsonian Institute's documentary The Lockerbie Bombing does not mention once that on board Pan Am 103 in 1988, like Salem's death, was the son in law of Thomas Tweeton, Matthew Gannon, both CIA, who was reportedly returning to Washington to press some importation questions about Al Qaeda when the liner exploded. If General David Petraeus spoke at Gannon's funeral and mentioned his death on 103 why wouldn't the Smithsonian's documentary?
      We need a new department at Columbia University called "White History Studies" that holds the myth spinners' feet to a blistering fire. This book doesn't.


May 29, 2016
by Will Harvey
Format: Paperback

     Written by Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, goddaughter of the former Duchess of Windsor, daughter-in-law of GHWB's father, Prescott Bush, with the Duchess (Wallace Simpson) meeting her future husband at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California near the current U.S.N. SEAL headquarters which are now built in the shape of a Nazi swastika, this book is like an eyepiece to a gemologist! This claim that Draper Kauffman was essentially the first USN SEAL must be compared with the 1950 book by Charles Van Doren (Quiz Show) titled Lincoln's Commando which essentially makes the claim that William B. Cushing was the first USN special ops soldier....therefore, the first USN SEAL. Both claims together create an amazing and previously unexplored element of U.S. history which is totally understandable when considering that Civil War historian, Shelby Foote, told in his CSPAN interview with Brian Lamb that "I consulted no original materials since it's all been gone over before." Why bother to challenge the national myths?
      When recalling that the Duchess of Windsor was the wife of the Duke of Windsor who abdicated his British throne of the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Windsors) and that Wallace Simpson, the Duke's wife, was a confirmed Nazi spy whom Churchill expelled during WWII to the Bahamas with support from FDR, the post WWII work of CIA Director Alan Dulles in Operation Paper Clip and the wide-spread criticism that the 1947 US intelligence apparatus was engineered by former Nazis is TOTALLY credible. Suddenly, Smedley Darlington Butler's claim of a Nazi Fascist "Business Plot" in the U.S. comes into light and O. John Rogge's claims of a massive influence of Nazi penetration into American life is impossible to dispute.

by Michael Howard and William Roger Louis
by Will Harvey
Format: Hardcover

     Published in 1998 there is just so much important that's left out to take this book seriously. The 1930's "Business Plot" involving two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler is not mentioned at all or the McCormick-Dickstein Committee's work or O. John Rogge's look into Nazi penetration into U.S. politics and culture given that the British Royals were, hello Duke and Wallis, of grave concern for both FDR and Winston. Nor is the parallel story of interest to both American and British citizens that T.E. "Lawrence of Arabia" had been approached to lead a similar plot in Britain for U.S. and British fascists for a cross-pond dual Reich rush. Given the 1992 book by Peter Brewton, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, and the 1992 election year stand-down order of the FINCEN, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that had Saudi influence peddling within the USA in its crosshairs which left in place could have easily netted the 2001 WTC hijackers that in 2016, fifteen years after the fact, the 28 pages of the Official 911 Commission Report withheld on the basis of "national security" and we can see, perhaps, why Oxford University Press didn't press harder for a more circumspect view of modern history. I am not suggesting that William Rogers Louis' Kerr Professorship and Yale connections have tainted his viewpoint, even through Kerr was an attorney with Baker & Botts and was President, of Pennzoil like Bush insider, Hugh Leidtke, whom Brewton claimed was in a position to derail his 1992 book that shows in extensively documented detail the Bush family connections to the S&L crisis of the 80's the dress rehearsal for the 2008 housing bubble burst, but it certainly crossed my mind.
     Something could have been said of the rise of terrorism and the downing of Pan Am 103 mentioning the passenger and CIA agent, Matthew Gannon, who was not mentioned in the Smithsonian Institutions' documentary on The Lockerbie Bombing as having been on the plane at all. General David Petraeus mentioned Gannon in his eulogy of Gannon at his funeral. Why not here? Pan Am 103 was in 1988, ten years before Oxford went to press with this "history". I'm also not saying that Louis is "purifying" the truth as Smedley Butler said he was "purifying Nicaragua for the Brown Brothers Investment House", but DAMN!


Something's Missing
May 17, 2016
by Harvey Carr
Format: Video

     The problem, as with Ken Burns' Civil War, is that it does nothing to expose the real motive for the Civil War....the South's advantage of a lowland rail route from Savannah to San Diego, California laid out by Jeff Davis, drooled over by the New England "China Traders" ....a synonym for opium importers...as the fastest way to the Golden Crescent and Ottoman....Turkish, Pakistani, Afghanistani, Iranian, Iraqi and Indian poppies. That it is sponsored by the Smithsonian Channel and that the Smithsonian Institute in 2016 sponsored Edward Bonekemper's presentation of his book Myth Of The Lost Cause: Why The South Fought And Why The North Won which also avoids this logical, face-slapping, but well-avoided fact of history, brings both of these projects little credibility. "Sherman believed that to burn a field, to burn a barn, to prevent the South from waging war, would ultimately save life," says the program through Peter Carmichael, PhD, in episode 2, "Confederacy 360" says nothing about Sherman's work for the railroad in Sacramento and San Francisco, California that would compete with Davis' envisioned route to San Diego, nor that the South's Atlantic terminus of that route was Savannah which Sherman twisted into cork screws to remove the South's advantage. The smoking gun on the motive for war.....hidden behind the lace curtains of "state's rights" or "abolition of slavery", was the push to the Golden Crescent's opium to be used as the British had done in enslaving the Chinese. Suddenly the program's acknowledgement of Britain's supplying the South's armaments is in clearer focus, as is the avoided fact that William Tecumseh Sherman was the pre-Civil War and post-Civil War business partner of Braxton Bragg. No mention is made of Bragg's brother, Thomas Bragg the Attorney General of the Confederacy or that Sherman was working in California with George C. Bragg where he was securing the Union Pacific railhead in San Francisco immediately before his return to sack Vicksburg along with Grenville M. Dodge, the post-Civil War Chief Engineer for the Union Pacific. It was there in California in 1850 (Thomas Layton, Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade, Stanford University Press, 1999. Layton is Professor Emeritus at UC, Chino and son of the U.S. military's chemical warfare division, whose mother died at Jonestown, Guyana, whose sister was Jim Jone's mistress, whose brother was the only American jailed for the murder of California Congressman Leo Ryan whose Congressional aide insisted that that sad chapter was an "experiment" not unlike Tuskegee or Pruitt-Igoe, St. Louis, Missouri) that the Heard's opium cutter, built in the Gardner Shipyard, Baltimore Maryland, where Fred Bailey, AKA, Frederick Douglass, had worked before becoming the orator who had spoken against slavery at Boston's Faneuil Hall just as Jeff Davis had done at the invitation of Caleb Cushing....not against slavery....but for it. Cushing, George Luther Stearns and John Brown's other "Secret Six" backers probably controlled the beer and popcorn concessions at Faneuil Hall just at they did with the munitions factories. The Frolic sank in 1850 at Cabrillo Point near Fort Bragg.....no, not North Carolina.....California....built in 1857!
     There's a smoking gun like the smoke from the Brown's Merchant Shot Tower in Baltimore that employed James Hamlet, the first Fugitive Slave Law test case where he worked fashioning Stearn's lead into musket balls. Here it is..... remembering that Caleb Cushing had negotiated the Wanghia Treaty that displaced the Brits in China. It is the letter from Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce that says....."WHEN LINCOLN COMES IN HE WILL HAVE BUT TO CONTINUE IN THE PATH OF HIS PREDECESSOR TO INAGURATE A CIVIL WAR AND TO LEAVE A SOI DISANT DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FACT. GENL. CUSHING WAS HERE LAST WEEK AND WHEN WE PARTED IT SEEMED LIKE TAKING A LAST LEAVE OF A BROTHER." (Letter from Jeff Davis to Franklin Pierce, Jan. 20, 1861, domiciled at the Jefferson Davis Project, Rice University, Houston Texas, under the oversight of historian, Frank E. Vandiver).
     Let the Smithsonian Channel do a documentary on this little factoid and while they are at it, can they get Ken Burns to redo his, too, addressing just why their nearly sainted Shelby Foote in his interview with Brian Lamb on CSPAN at 19 minutes in says "I consulted no original manuscripts in my histories. It's all been gone over before." Maybe James A Baker, former Secretary of State, can shed light on this apparent well-guarded factoid since Rice University also domiciles the Baker Center for Public Policy and since Baker's family of attorneys were the attorneys for the Union Pacific! They could bring it forward to Mr. E.H. Harriman and even to Mary Harriman's Cold Spring Harbor project that Edwin Black unpacks in his book WAR AGAINST THE WEAK! Most of these well-avoided and inconvenient truths have been unpacked by Lowell P. Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth has reported that he had wanted to ask Vandiver, a virtual walking encyclopedia of Civil War history, why he made nothing of this letter and just what "soi disant" means in that context. Sadly, Vandiver had died in 2005 so he couldn't be asked. Wigglesworth did the next best thing. With a copy of the letter in hand he went to the Jeff Davis Project passing Presidential Historian, Douglas Brinkley in the hallway, and in the office of the Jeff Davis letters put a simple question to the editor of the Jefferson Davis Letters, Lynn Lasswell Crist, without revealing his reason for asking. "Do you know just how close Jefferson Davis was to Caleb Cushing? I've read somewhere that they were very close." What did she do? She went immediately to the key paragraph and said...."ah, here it is. They were like brothers." "This was NOT an oversight," concluded Wigglesworth.
     Furthermore, Wigglesworth has written...."a letter as important as one from Jeff Davis to Franklin Pierce referencing his meeting with Caleb Cushing would be well thought out by Davis. The words carefully chosen. In this case, let us look at the French words "soi" and "disant". Etymologically these French terms in tandem were used in English from 1752. John Ruskin used the term in his works in 1860, but its meaning is unmistakable. It means "self proclaimed", "self styled", "would be", "calling oneself thus", "self-dubbed", "trumped up" or simply "pretended". There was NOTHING "pretended" about a Civil War that soldiers fought and died for on whatever grounds they envisioned was their cause. Here we have the titanium tip of the spike through the dark heart of the real motive for war as envisioned by an unholy triad.....Davis, Pierce and Cushing. There is no other way of explaining it."

By Edward Bonekemper

April 26, 2016
by Will Harvey
Format: Hardcover

     The leading reviewer of this book states: "A July 5th Washington Post article this year quoted Patricia Hardy, a member of the State Board of Education in Texas, as stating that slavery was a 'side issue to the Civil War. There would be those who would say the reason for the Civil War was over slavery. No. It was over states’ rights.'"
     They are BOTH wrong. It wasn't over slavery or states rights. Those are the curtains covering the slaughter house windows and Bonekemper is keeping the bones covered, too!
     Braxton Bragg is again the scapegoat for the South's "lost cause". No one was as inept as Bragg, but by design....a planned bungling! "The American Civil War was as engineered as the Transcontinental Railroad," said Lowell P. Wigglesworth who then provides the proof of his claim. I prefer to see it not as Bonekemper does through this book, but as Lowell P. Wigglesworth has well-documented....the U.S. Civil War was a big bamboozle like a 150 year old yellow cake starter! "For a big bamboozle to be believed an illusion requires bent perception. Contrary to what historian and Yale educated attorney, Edward Bonekemper, told the Smithsonian Institution's crowd of overwhelmingly white faces on March 29, 2016, Braxton Bragg was not a product of 'the Peter Principle times three.' Bragg, kept as he was a Davis' expert on war while his brother, Thomas Bragg, was Attorney General of the Confederacy, was the proof of the intentional refraction of truth," this according to historian Wigglesworth. Bragg's pre-Civil War (extensively documented) AND post-Civil War (according to Sherman's letter domiciled at the University of Iowa) business partner, was William Tecumseh Sherman, who was working to consolidate the Union Pacific railhead at San Francisco with George C. Bragg, far north of Jeff Davis' planned route to a port at San Diego across the flat Southwest. That route had the New England Brahmins (Cushing, Heard, Huntingtons, Russells, Delanos, Tafts and others) drooling over the South's advantage. How to slow the South's advance? War works well! Sherman returned to the East to destroy Vicksburg (the logical high ground Mississippi crossing north of the Mississippi Delta) and then the "Great Snout" of the South's transcontinental rail route from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the poppy fields of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and the entire Golden Crescent beyond, poppy-currency to be used just as the British had done before, as trading chips in China with the opium.....more politely called...."The China Trade" carried in Heard's or Cushing's cutters lined up at Oakland and San Francisco.
      You wonder why we have a heroin epidemic in the U.S. post the other great bamboozle of the war on terror? One form of chains were traded for another as evidenced by the short Reconstruction, emerging U.S. drug policy, a phony war on drugs and the dialectic of weaponry and anesthetics (a word coined by the father of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.). But you can't fight a 600,000 body-count civil war over poppy-greed so the big bamboozle took a decidedly different and more palatable form. And don't expect the Washington Post, nor anything Shelby Foote wrote to contradict the propagandized proper line which the debate over slavery vs. state's rights conveniently masks. Foote said infamously in his Brian Lamb interview before he died "I consulted no original manuscripts in my histories. It's all been gone over before." Bzzzzzzzzz! No it hasn't! If Frank Vandiver was alive he could be waterboarded to tell you! So could Foote, Walter Prescott Webb, Walter Lee Brown and countless others of Bonekemper's ilk.
     Thomas Layton's 1999 book Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade from Standford University Press notes that Fred Bailey, aka Frederick Douglass, who had been pitted against Jeff Davis in speeches in Boston with Caleb Cushing as host, had laid the hulls of America's fastest opium clippers in Baltimore at the Gardner ship yard before he was renditioned at Donald Rumsfeld's trophy property nearby....." Misery Plantation"....a factoid explained by Amy Goodman of Democray Now. Baltimore, where Alexander Brown's influence on shipping and rail would also see James Hamlet, the first black slave in the Fugitive Slave Laws, to be tried and returned to work making musket balls at the Brown's Merchant Shot Tower. Making.....musket balls? The Frolic was at one time the world's fastest opium cutter having wrecked at Cabrillo Point not far from Fort Bragg, California in 1850 just as Jeff Davis was laying out the rail route from Savannah to San Diego. Layton is Professor Emeritus of UC Chino in Anthropology and Archeology, the son of the U.S military's head of chemical warfare after having worked on the Manhattan Project and Dr. Thomas Layton is also brother of Deborah and Larry Layton. What we don't know can definitely, as any physician can tell you, hurt us!
     It was Wigglesworth who noted that while Hamlet was making bullets at Brown's tower, John Brown's "Secret Six" backer, George Luther Stearns of Boston, Caleb and John Cushing's home town, was cornering the lead market....as in bullets! The bamboozling "war is a racket" beat goes on. Meanwhile, few historians are willing to go out on a limb and tell the truth of the matter. I would that Bonekemper's audience at the Smithsonian in March had heard him spar with Wigglesworth!
     Perhaps most troubling is the fact that Bonekemper is from Frank Buchman's alma mater Muhlenberg College. Buchman was the founder of the Oxford Group whose identification with Hitler's Germany in the 1930's led Reinhold Niebuhr to write a chapter about Buchman and the Oxford Group in his book Christianity and Power Politics. An article by Winsip Custer titled "Serenity Prayer Stolen" is an excellent summary of the Oxford Group's appropriation of a prayer accredited to Niebuhr to focus Christians' attention on opposition to Facism. Niebuhr's prayer was changed instead from a plea for social consciousness to a self-help mantra for overcoming alcoholism. Wigglesworth concluded "Smedley Butler said 'Hitler was a teetotaler,' but he should have added 'he should have nipped a little more and killed a lot less.' Meanwhile Donald Trump is chanting 'America First' like a redux of the 1930's America First Committee while John Boener who was the buddy of Waffen SS reenactor, Rich Lott, is calling Cruz 'Lucifer' while Cruz has on his financial staff, Neil Bush, formerly of Silverado Savings and Loan. History is repeating itself only a little differently," said Wigglesworth.

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