Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, June 19, 2016

More Trouble In Paradise


Commentary by Winsip Custer,  CPW News Service


    It was a week as packed with tragic images as September 11, 2001.  The body count was lower, but connections of Omar Mateen, or more to the point, of Omar's father in Afghanistan before he immigrated to the U.S.A. appeared to have more CIA and intelligence community fingerprint on him than Reinhardt Ghelen and Wernher Von Braun's passports.  The U.S. Attorney General and the head of the Senate's Intelligence Committee both defended the FBI for their inability to have previously identified Mateen and his father as a threat to national security.   This is the same FBI that not only did not interview the Bin Ladens after 911, but participated in the 1992 stand down order of the FINCEN investigation whose FBI liason, Brian Bruh, had been their liason on the Knapp Commission, the Serpico Commission, that had Frank Serpico so sure that the NYPD had been cleaned up that he left the country and disappeared into the Swiss Alps under an assumed name.  That was long before Rudy Giuliani's NYPD Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, who was indicted for corruption and jailed after he had first been run up GWB's flagpole as the best choice for the first Director of Homeland Security.  This is the same FBI that had the FINCEN program been in place.....the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.....targeting as it was the  Bank of Credit and Commerce International board members, James R. Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate and his business partner, the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, would have, should have, found the 911 plot.  There's your 28 page Official 911 Commission Report connection to Saudi influence in the USA considering that Bath and Mahfouz had bought a Texas airport, Houston Gulf Manor, for Osama Bin Laden's brother near the CIA-Linked Ellington Field. There was already plenty of evidence from what FINCEN knew about the Saudis and BCCI to continue the probe right on the chain of command, but the program stood down.  It's a classic case of "follow the money, but not too far."

Graham claims that he and Porter Goss told Robert Mueller,
the FBI Director, that the country needed to declassify and
release the 28 pages, but we have to remember that the
FBI did NOT question the Bin Ladens after 911 and that
CBS' Lowell Bergman mis-reported Salem Bin Laden's
1988 death in Texas stating it was in his BAC-111 jet and not
in a borrowed ultra-light and that the CIA's Matt Gannon's
return to the USA in 1988 on PAN AM 103 is
still being guarded as evidenced by the Smithsonian
Institute's "definitive" documentary The.Lockerbie Bombing.

      Let's face it people.  Either the Omar Mateen murders, given his employment at Wackenhut with its connections to the US government intelligence services means that they and the FBI are complete morons OR, this is all a bit of bamboozling....a type of "building consent for a new crusades against today's Geronimo....the ISIS boogeyman....which could have been as manufactured as Al Qaeda was for the war against the Russians in Afghanistan where the opium poppies grow as well as they would if they were planted on the hillsides of Colorado or Oregon, Kentucky or Pennsylvania were that not illegal.

     I was talking with Shirley Lock Holmes one of our contributing reporters.   She is as suspect of the evolution of ISIS as she was of Al Qaeda.   "Even CBS's Steve Kroft/Bob Graham story on the 28 pages of the Official 911 Commission Report is suspect.  Airing in April and June 2016, it has the feel of 'cover our ass....we did look into Saudi involvement'.  Really?  CBS' Mary Mapes and Dan Rather botched the true story of GWB's Ellington Field memos where he was up to his shiny buns in Saudi oil money and CBS is up to its ass in 'applied journalism' as the Washington Post whose Editor, Steve Coll, is now the Henry Luce Professor and Dean of the Journalism School of New York's Columbia University.  Coll's Metro Editor at the Washington Post wrote the propaganda of the Tillman and Lynch stories and he co-authored Paula Broadwell's All In: The Education of General David Petraeus....and look what happened to Petraeus!  Where is Loeb now?  Houston, Texas making sure that some inquiring reporter there doesn't jump off the reservation by putting two and two together. Al Qaeda was formed within the Muslim Brotherhood in Hosni Mubarak's repressive Egypt for the solo purpose of fighting with the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan against the Russians unless, and you can't rule this out at all, they were being prepared for some bigger role like 911.  They were armed by the CIA through the efforts of Charlie Wilson and Jo Anne King Herring, but they went rogue, or so the story goes.  Rogue enough that Matt Gannon, the CIA agent son-in-law of Thomas Tweeton decided to get on a plane headed to Washington to fly home to ask just what the hell was going on.  Matt was on Pan Am 103, a fact that escaped the Smithsonian Institution's commissioned definitive documentary on Pan Am 103 titled The Lockerbie Bombing, though Matt Gannon's trip didn't miss the attention of former CIA Director, General David Petraeus, who spoke at Matt's funeral.   So, Al Qaeda left Egypt, went to Assad's Syria, where they were expelled by Assad who was more of a secularist and as suspect of  Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood as was Saddam Hussein.  So with Osama Bin Laden in the top leadership position of Al Qaeda and with his ties to Saudi Arabia through his father as the Saudi royal family's chief building engineers who, by the way, just happened to employ the architect who designed the World Trade Center, Minoru Yamasaki, who already had a weird history of building buildings that were used for experiments on unwitting U.S. citizens.....Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis.....Al Qaeda staged 911 from Saudi Arabia as evidenced by 15 of the 19 hijackers being from Saudi Arabia.  That brings us to the 28 pages from the Official 911 Commission Report that CIA Director Brennan says shows no Saudi complicity in 911.   If Brennan looked a bit more like General Wesley Clark and less like that baboon, Richard Armitage, I wouldn't believe him any more, I'd just find him a George Clooney-type-sexy looking liar," said Holmes.
     Holmes didn't stop there.  Her suspicions run as about as deep as the Mariana Trench.  "Look at Egypt after the Arab Spring.  Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood's President after Mubarak was exiled, is convicted of treason with the Arab country of Qatar by the progressives in Egypt who are well aware of the Muslim Brotherhood's early concordat with the CIA within the CIA that Gannon could not understand.  Why is that important?  Because all of the U.S. forward military command in the Middle East is domiciled in Qatar and you cannot forget that the Bush water-carrier, Chase Untermeyer,  was the Ambassador to Qatar after 911.  Chase had told at the decommissioning of the USS Kauffman, the ship named for the first USN SEAL, Draper Laurence Kauffman, about his close relationship to the Bushes. Specifically Kauffman's daughter.  Kauffman was the father of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, daughter-in-law of GHWB's father Prescott Bush, Sr., who was censured during WWII for his Union Bank association to Hitler's financier, Fritz Thyssen, while little Elizabeth Kauffman was being baptized with her Godmother, Wallis Simpson Spenser, the Nazi spy and future wife of the Duke of Windsor at her side....the Duke and Wallis whom Winston Churchill exiled to the Bahamas during WWII so concerned was he of their disloyalty and German heritage. That history not withstanding, can you believe that the USN SEAL headquarter in San Diego was built in the shape of a Nazi swastika?   Yamamoto might as well have built the WTC as a model of Mecca in Manhattan.  What? He did? The Nazi's were allied with the Muslims against the Jews.  Get it?   If Qatar was intent on keeping the Muslim Brotherhood which spawned Al Qaeda in office in Egypt you can damn well bet it wasn't to promote progressive moderate Muslim regimes.   Frankly, in the racket of war, there is no money in peace and good will.  Kill, kill, kill.   Kill some more.  Slice 'em.  Dice 'em.  That's the ticket in the game of manufacturing war," said Shirley Locke Holmes. 
     I agree with her.  We are one nation under god....Kratos.    

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