Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, June 10, 2016

Andrea Mitchell, Melissa Click, Steve Weinberg, Jeff Leen, Steve Coll and the Cronkite/Rather Legacy

Interview With Independent Journalists About the Devaluation of the Fourth Estate In America
“The gallery in which the reporters sit has become a fourth estate of the realm." 
-Thomas Macaulay, 1828

by Todd Pohl for CPW New Service

"The degradation of American culture of the 80's to 2008 is the result of the
dry rot of the Fourth Estate which is why the Fifth Estate is taking its place."
(Alan Greenspan, Steve Coll, Melissa Click and Steve Weinberg)

     On Friday,  June 10th, CNN's Andrea Mitchell, wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, spoke with former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.  Barbour articulated to Ms. Mitchell the elements that are missing from Donald Trump's  2016 political campaign.  Mitchell wondered why Barbour had not run for the Presidency.   Barbour told her that Trump had more popular votes than any Republican candidate, ever.
      The Trump campaign aside, I could not help but think, as I always do  when I see Andrea Mitchell on CNN, of her marriage to Alan Greenspan.   In a similar way I think of Zbigniew Brzezinski when I see his daughter Mika on television.  Alan Greenspan had overseen the U.S. Federal Reserves' relationship to taxpayers over the course of the Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton and GW Bush Presidencies.   Before he left office he presided over the Fed during the S&L crisis, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 the last year of Clinton's Presidency during which a Democratic President failed to veto the repeal of the crown jewel in FDR's recovery program following the Great Depression....."banks shall not copulate with Wall Street investment banks"....the energy crisis that included Enron in 2001, the celebration of the brave new credit metrics produced by the students of Paul Samuelson and others that retrieved for Robert Merton, son of the "Father of Applied Sociology", also Robert Merton of Columbia University, his economist-son's Nobel Prize winning incomprehensible, economy-tanking, Black Scholes credit default metrics formulas. 
     Then POW!   The 2008 financial meltdown and Hank Paulson bailout.
     The real problem, it seemed to me, was not that society had become like the corner of an abandoned swimming pool in July, collecting a slimy scum, but with the Fourth Estate, society's chlorinator.   The colleagues of Robert Merton across campus from the Sociology Department at Columbia where the Dumbledore of America's most celebrated reporters, the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism in the Columbia University School of Journalism, is now the former Managing Editor of the Washington Post, Steve Coll, and from his oversight of the Washington Post's Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, who had spiced up the story of Lt. Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan and Jessica Lynch's rescue, prompting the families of these outstanding young citizens to speak out even on Capital Hill of the sad state of the Fourth Estate, Coll is now the Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism.
     Pat Tillman's family was not alone in their assessment.  Two fine independent journalists, women not totally unlike Andrea Mitchell, though not married to someone as powerful as Alan Greenspan, saw it that way, too.   The "Greenspan put" pumped the U.S. economy during Al's long run at the Fed only to deliver to the inheritor of Greenspan's fine series of monetary decisions, Obama, a $23 trillion debt and rising.   America's first African American President was saddled with the most depressing load of monetary metrics in our history.  Obama did little to distance himself from the slop that put the nation to where it is and the wars, based on what Zbigniew Brzezenski had said was "absolutely false evidence".   Bush's wars became Obama's wars and continued to rage like they had on the Roman frontier that eventually sucked the life out that ancient empire.
     What follows is my interview with journalist  Sally Mander of Walden, New York and Polly D. Whogg of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts who, though both in their twenties, have spent the last five years slogging out stories of the American scene for a variety of independent news sources.

TP:   How have I done with the assessment of the Fourth Estate so far?

SM:  When I was younger and I heard that Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan and I knew that most of the irrational exuberance was based on his "Greenspan Put" I pooted a big one.

PW:  Me, too.

SM:   My father invested in a small company in California in the mid-90's that was making electric generators.  They were neat little backyard generators that would help Californians beat the Enron induced rolling brown outs, but that was before my Daddy knew that the brown outs were Enron induced.  We all thought they were the result of some real shortage and that Greenspan's policies based as they were on that little sawed-off leprechaun, Milton Friedman, would through deregulation unleash Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" which would miraculously deliver through the free market lower energy prices to LA, Mendocino, Bakersfield and Venice Beach.  Surprise!  Smith's invisible hand was very real and it was in the cookie jar.  It was hiding behind something Bush's Houston buddies at Enron, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, had devised to the celebration of Wall Street called "market to market" accounting....the forerunner of their "hypothetical future value".    Well, it's not hypothetical anymore.  These bull shitters were jerking off America's Joe Six Packs.  Then we learned that it was ALL bull shit.   The little company my Dad invested in went out of business and my Daddy wanted to cut off Alan Greenspan's hands as a statement that "Greenspan's Put" and claims of an invisible hand that would correct the market inequalities was a joke.  That's why the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act was created in the first place.   That's why the repeal of Glass-Steagall was so celebrated by America's criminal class and now we have America One News owned by the kids of Houston's founder of Houston Natural Gas that became Enron, Robert Herring, waving the American Flag in a way that seems, falsely I might add, to clear the room of Greenspan's foul smelling "Greenspan Poot".  It was as disingenuous to have Alan Greenspan tell Capital Hill in the post 2008 hearings that "I got it wrong" as it was for Bill Clinton to say "I did NOT have sex with that woman."  Greenspan had more sex with our economy than the Oracle of Delphi on New Year's Eve.  He might as well have been Mr. Potter in the Frank Capra's movie It's A Wonderful Life taking a dump on George Bailey's family dining room in the middle of Christmas dinner.

PW:  It was the same story in my home state of Maryland where Mayo Shattuck, the understudy of the CIA Director from 1991-2001, Alvin "Buzzy" Krongard, pulled a utilities fast one like Enron.   Hells bells, you can never forget that before "Buzzy" Krongard,  William Casey was the CIA Director, and before that Casey was the Director of the Securities & Exchange Commission who was suppose to watch over Wall Street AND Greenspan's flatus when he clearly needed a laxative, but Casey had also been a business partner with Robert Vesco in a Louisiana hydroponics company.   I wouldn't say that birds of a feather flock together, but my backyard bird feeder tells me a different story.   Krongard and Al's tenure at the Fed and CIA were overlapping.  Krongard could have joined Al on top of George Bailey's Christmas table or at least on top of Martini's Bar to take a whiz on New Year's Eve.  The degradation of American culture of the 80's to 2008 is the result of the dry rot of the Fourth Estate which is why the Fifth Estate is taking its place.

SM:  Allan Dulles.   Don't forget Allan Dulles.

PW:  Nazis!

TP:  You sound like your family histories influenced just why you are journalists.  Do you think that effects your impartiality and objectivism?

SM:  Positively, yes. Without a point of view you might as well be holding the ditty bag of an idiot.

PW:  What, you don't think Dulles was a Nazi?  I have a four foot paper clip on my wall as a reminder.

Sally Mander (l) and
Polly D. Whogg (r)

TP:  Well, Greenspan, Merton, Samuelson, Paulson and so many others are Jewish.  They wouldn't be doing the bidding of a fascist business element in the U.S. would they?

SM:  Haven't you read Edwin Black's The Transfer Agreement?

PW:  Yea, or his other book, War Against the Weak?  Adam Cohen's Imbeciles: The Supreme Court Eugenics and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck?  Judge Brandeis, the first Jewish US Supreme Court Justice voted the eugenics law that sterilized 70,000 American against their will.  He joined Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. whose father was the New England surgeon who coined the word "anesthetic" and rejoiced that Caleb Cushing and John Perkins Cushing and their Brahmin friends had cornered the opioid market like IG Farben had done with Nazi Germany's Zyklon B distribution.  Fritz Thyssen, Hitler's banker, wasn't Jewish? Yes, he was. So the Israeli scientists who teamed up with GWB's Yale classmates Linden and Neal Blue, the former business partners of Anastosio Samoza, Nicaragua's brutal dictator, to make the Predator and Reaper drones at General Atomics in San Diego, California, are they more like Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat or like Brandeis and Thyssen.....or as the Saturday Night Church Lady would say......"HITLER?"

TP:  Yes, but....

SM:  Look, have you not studied the Stanford Prison Study?  Any son-of-a-bitch in power can easily forget that power can be abused, people misused, and the wolves begin to devour the flock.  Andrea Mitchell Greenspan sleeps with a wolf, but its hard to reject a wolf when they drag home a big hunk of someone else's leg bone for soup.
     Sadly, Judaism in the West has not always lived up to the best of its traditions.

TP:  Traditions?

PW:  Judaism has two creation stories that show us the tension between peaceful coexistence and subjugation...."plant the garden and till it" or "subdue the earth".  The same is true for the Moses and Joseph traditions.  Joseph served the pharaoh and his pyramidal power structure and Moses told pharaoh to shove it.  We are now a nation of pharaohs serving bigger pharaohs.  Somewhere along the line Greenspan and his minions identified with Joseph the Pharoah's ass-wiper.

SM:  Polly is right.  We see it in the fact that the anti-monarchial Lord Protector of England, Oliver Cromwell, for all of his flaws, invited the Jews back into England after their exile since the 1100's under Edward I or "Longshanks" and why did he do it?  Because King David had been the last born son of Jesse of Bethlehem and not a first-born numb nutz like King Charles.   That was our legacy in the American British colonies when we struck a blow for freedom and Judaism was a great ally, but over time the vision of freedom gives ways to slavery again in a myriad of ways.   Consider that George W. Bush whose family dynasty has in some ways brought back the idea of monarchy....trying to pass the mantle to JEB like some kind of kingly succession.  And consider that George Herbert Walker Bush's sister-in-law, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, was baptized and that at her side was her godmother, wife of the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsor heir, Wallis Simpson Spencer Windsor.   How's that for flirting with the old world order of feudalism?   The Bush's close relationship with the Saudi royals also underscores this pro-monarchial bias that is, frankly, anti-American.  That is why the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the USA.... and the Saudi royals are first-born monarchists just like any Windsor or Tudor king....shut down before the 1992 Presidential election....hid these growing retrograde ambitions.   The FINCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network investigation could have, probably would have, uncovered the 911 plot since it focused on Saudi money within the U.S. borders and the Bush family was up to their monarchial butts in royal Saudi oil money.  The Official 911 Commission Report that left out 28 key pages for over fifteen years on the bull shit basis of protecting national security goes to the heart of this conflict of interest and violation of American sovereignty and historic political ideology.  Hopefully, since the electorate has rejected JEB so overwhelmingly in 2015 and 2016,  they have perhaps intuited the problem, but with Trump's pro-monarchism hiding under a veil of populace right-winged rhetoric we don't know what we have.  For all of Hillary Clinton's claims to have challenged the greed of Wall Street she is, frankly, like Andrea Mitchell and married to another of the pharaoh's bootlickers.  That's evidenced by Bill Clinton's non-veto of the repeal of Glass-Steagall that opened like a two-dollar whore's portal the door to GWB's rape of the nation.  Nothing brought down the nation's vigilance like Clinton's claim to a huge budget surplus whether it was real or smokin' mirrors.  The effect was the same.  We got raped.

TP:  You have been talking about economists....a little about sociologists.....Merton...."applied sociology" and so forth, but what about journalism?

SM:  "Applied Journalism" is voo-doo reporting and the big media witch doctors are feeding you Rohypnol.  "Applied Sociology" is used by Madison Avenue mind benders to mold emotional impulses and influence the masses.  You have heard that cream rises to the top of the milk.  Well, so does the shit in a septic tank.

PW:   No crap.   Look at Steve Coll.  He was the editor at the Washington Post overseeing that asshole who teamed up against Gary Webb at the Investigative Reporters and Editors or IRE event, a debate between Webb and Jeff Leen, formerly with the Miami Herald, who tried to discredit Webb's work on the Iran-Contra drug connection after Webb had written his series and book, Dark Alliance, for the San Jose Mercury News.

SM:  Steve Weinberg is the Professor Emeritus of Journalism at the University of Missouri, the school that graduated Walter Cronkite, for Christ sake, or was Walter from the University of Texas? Both, I think.  Mizzou gave the world that red headed bitch of a communication and journalism teacher, Melissa Click, friend of "Student 1950" that gained national notoriety when they tried to shut down the campus from the legitimate press.  Did Click, Weinberg or even Walter Cronkite, god rest his sainted soul...

PW: Sainted.  Shi........

 SM: .....ever tell you about the Pruitt-Igoe Project in St. Louis in the 1950's when the U.S. government released on its own citizens radiation poisoning to study its effects?  CBS covered that story in 2012 like it did Mary Mapes' and Dan Rather's botch job of the 2004 Ellington Field Texas Air National Guard story of George W. Bush that General Belisarius Flores and Marion Carr Knox had confirmed four years earlier in 2000 when Mapes could have taken the story to the American people when it might have meant something.  Did the 2012 story about Pruitt-Igoe and Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's 800-plus page open-source doctoral dissertation on the government sponsored Tuskegee-like experiment on unwitting citizens mention the fact that the World Trade Center's architect, Yamasaki, had built Pruitt-Igoe or that the same company that demolished the WTC shortly after 911 to the objections from NYFD fire fighters and others wanting to reclaim the bodies of their loved ones was also built by Minoru Yamasaki.  Yamasaki was the favorite architect of the Bin Ladens and Saudi royals?  SOMETHING STINKS!

PW:  Yea, like that wouldn't be important!  What do they think we are?  Total friggin' idiots?  CBS' article "Secret Cold War Tests In St. Louis Causes Worry" of October 3, 2012 never mentions these clear connections like we are some kind of blithering morons.  The same company that finished the demo on the WTC had "pulled" Pruitt-Igoe in 1972.  That's how long ago thermite was being used when it was actually invented in the 1890's and used in heavy welding much earlier than Pruitt-Igoe.

TP:  So this is "applied journalism" and you are saying it's a bamboozle?  Propaganda?

PW:  That's what happens in more subtle ways with America's top newspapers and we could see it firsthand with Weinberg's moderating of Jeff Leen's attempt to silence Gary Webb, but Webb was articulate, informed, focused and poised.   When he mentioned Peter Brewton in Houston.....

SM:  Let me tell this.

PW:  No, I want to. I want to.

TP:  Ladies, I can see that this is an important element of your....

PW:  Well, Brewton had written in 1992 a book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush about Bush's underworld connections in the S&L poop pit,  just like Webb had done in 1996 with the drug connection, but Brewton had stumbled onto the Iran-Contra network laced like an fat unrepentant hooker's corset all through the 1980's Savings & Loan bamboozle.

SM:  That was the dress rehearsal for Greenspan's pooting later on that got us to where we are today after the 2008 housing bubble burped up its puke on the American taxpayers.

PW:  So when Webb invokes Brewton's name it's like Leen had been jolted by a lightening bolt.  You can hear it in the tape of the debate.  It comes through like an opera singer hitting a high note.  The two men together, Brewton and Webb, had compared notes and they had in their collective stories the proctologist's probing colonoscopy.

SM:  Some ugly shit up there.

PW:  Houston was ground zero for the S&L crisis, the fossil fuel cartels power initiatives worldwide and they just got the stamp of approval through Washington or Wall Street.... and the only approval they really needed was deniability and stonewalling.

TP:  I have heard that Houston is the Vatican and Mecca of the oil cartels and that they hold science, world-wide, in check....like the Roman Church held Copernicus and Galileo under house arrest.

SM:  Yes, and that's why guys like Webb and the guy who ticked off Melissa Click are such a threat to the status quo.

TP:  Which side is the media on when it comes to transparency?  By "media" I mean the big boys....NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN.

PW:  One America News is owned by the Robert Herring kids....Enron's connection.  Fox?  Shit!  CNN?  Well, Ted Turner was in the movie Gods and Generals singing the song "The Bonnie Blue" about the blue battle flag of the Confederacy that is sown into the left panel of the Texas State Flag and Andrea Mitchell, that little Helsinki...or is it Stockholm syndrome.....sufferer works at CNN with Wolf Blitzer.....Wolf...woof, woof.

SM:   There is a historian named Lowell P. Wigglesworth who has argued American history is about maintaining myth.  You cannot, will not, rise in the journalism field today without sucking a big dick.

PW:  Big dick. Ugly dick.  Crooked dick. Sleazy dick. circumcised, but DAMN!

TP:  That's why you are independent?  Will you always be independent?

PW:  I will.  Sally and I are working on perfecting the alternative to the Fourth Estate that the presence of Andrea Mitchell....hell, even Lowell Bergman after he blew that story of the death of Salem Bin Laden in Texas in 1988 by saying that he died in a BAC-111 jet when it was a little ultra light....a story he didn't correct for what.....

SM:   Months.  Months.

TP: What is the alternative to the Fourth Estate when things go incredibly off course?

SM:  The Fifth Estate.

PW:  Yep.

TP:  And that is?

SM:  Wezzzzzzzzzzz  it!


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