Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, February 1, 2016

911 Thermite May Have Been In Buildings At Erection

World Trade Center Thermite Built Into Building At Erection?

 By Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service

     With an increasing number of Americans questioning the official version of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon including Dr. David Ray Griffin whose work on the subject has been gaining the support of Lewis Lapham, William Sloane Coffin before his death, Noan Chomsky to some degree, an astounding array of U.S. pilots and engineers including John Lear and General Bert Stubblebine, as well as former Bush White House Economics Advisor, Professor Emeritus of Texas A&M University, Dr. Morgan Reynolds, some are suggesting that the September 11, 2001 event may have been hardwired into the building from even before its completion in 1973.  Thermite was patented in 1895 in Germany by Hans Goldschmidt, a student of Robert Bunsen of the University of Berlin, who called the thermite catalysis the "Goldschmidt Reaction" or "Goldschmidt Process".  The railroad companies used thermite to weld massive train axles into place without having to be removed and to join rails so the process of steel cutting and welding with thermite was established decades before 1973. 
     "The use of thermite as an iron and steel melting processor finds a very significant community of handlers not primarily in the military or demolition industry, but especially in the railroad companies like the Union and Southern Pacific and CSX.  Mosher and Stanray, Inc., also known as Standard Railway and Equipment Co. of Chicago found Hal Pierce Kibbey hiring Carl J. Lodjic for the troubled steel company, Stanray Inc., in 1968 just as the WTC contracts were going out.   Also known as "Jetway Joshua", Lodjic received the nickname for his love of Joshua who fought the battle of Jerico where the "walls came tumbling down."
     According to independent investigative journalist, Rolland Spinout, “the fact that Mosher Steel from Houston put over thirteen tons of steel into the key floors involved in 911 we are finding voices that call for hyper-critical analysis of the connections of the World Trade Center to an array of well-connected U.S. power brokers." Spinout provided one example noting the relationship of Houston to Mosher Steel as well as to the epi-center of the S&L crisis which author Peter Brewton (The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, Shapolsky Press, 1992) said was hand in glove with the Iran-Contra network  in Texas and its dark governmental affiliations and alliances.  Spinout cited another perspective from his notes:

     Ellen Clayton Garwood's connection to Iran-Contra and the S&L scandal conspirators is explored in Brewton's book, p. 257. Connections can be drawn from these persons to Morton C Blackwell, head of the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA. . Blackwell, from Louisiana, is related to the Blackwells in South Texas.
     During Social Worker Month in Texas, March, 2006, the head of the Children's Protective Services in Victoria, TX, Sally Blackwell, was found strangled to death, her body dumped in a field. CPS works very closely with the Texas Prison System. Atop the CPS network in Texas are Bush cronies from Houston, Robert Mosbacher, Jr and wife who serves on the CPS Board. Robert's sister is a graduate of Pitzer College in California, named after citrus magnate, Russell K. Pitzer whose son, Kenneth Pitzer, was President of Stanford (home to Condelleza Rice) and Rice University (home to the James A Baker Center for Public Policy). It was Professor Pitzer, believed to be a relative of Pamela Pitzer Willeford (Ambassador to Switzerland and hunting companion of Cheney, Whittington and Armstrong), whose testimony to Congress stripped Robert J. Oppenheimer, father of the A-bomb, of his national security clearance after he had been wrongly labeled a communist. Oppenheimer did not wish to develop the hydrogen bomb and saw nuclear energy as a great liberating force. Professor Pitzer made this testimony against Oppenheimer while working as a researcher in high-octane fuels for the hydrocarbon industry in Texas.
     After a six month investigation Sheriff Michael O'Connor stood before cameras in Victoria, Texas whose mayor is a member of the Armstrong family and announced that Sally Blackwell's killer is the 23 year old son of her former boyfriend, Michael Grimsinger and NOT a Victoria County Deputy Sheriff who had just returned from Iraq where he trained security personnel. Grimsinger's DNA had been linked to the murder by the Nueces County Crime Lab in Corpus Christi, TX. Jeffrey Grimsinger's DNA was supposedly found on a cigarette butt near where Ms. Blackwell's body had been left and under Ms. Blackwell's fingernails. No one in the Blackwell family suspected Jeffrey Grimsinger. One must remember that Corpus Christi is home of The Caller Times, previoulsy owned by Houston Harriman Harte, but also home to the Spohn Memorial Hospital where Harry M Whittington had been taken following the Dick Cheney shooting on the Armstrong Ranch in Kenedy County. It's at Spohn Memorial that traumas are initially taken and so it has close ties to the Nueces County Medical Examiner's office. Doctors at Memorial Hospital had announced that Whittington had been hit with between "5 and 150-200 pellets," a very odd distribution provided by the nervous physicians at the hospital. No reporters asked whether or not a 12 gauge shell with 7.0 bird shot could even hold 150-200 pellets....which might suggest a second shot. This is the county lab that was to do DNA evidence on the Sally Blackwell murder? Like Houston's crime lab it had been the focus of scandal and investigation. The agent for Michael Grimsinger's company, Grimsinger & Associates Inc., is Thomas W Rowan. If Jeffrey's father will confirm that this is Thomas Winder Rowan who married Mildred Sears Mosher in Houston with Rev. Charles L King of First Presbyterian Church, Houston officiating, he will see a pattern. Mildred Sears Mosher endowed a professorship at the Presbyterian Austin College, Sherman, TX., but more importantly, she was an heir of Mosher Steel which sold 13,000 metric tons of steel to the World Trade Center, New York. Mosher Steel was purchased by Trinity Industries, Dallas, Texas.  The Army Corp of Engineers' chief consultant on the 9/11 attack of the Pentagon which insured his participation in  investigation into World Trade Center attack was Reed Mosher. He worked closely with Lt. Col. James R Rowan. Reed Mosher is the technical director for survivability of structures for the Army Corp of Engineers and reported to Lt. Gen. Robert Flowers. They had developed a team of specialists that goes to these terrorist strikes as soon as they happen. Lt. Col James R Rowan worked with Taylor Engineering Inc., a Florida engineering company whose founder, CIA asset, James Critchfield,  had been president of Tetra Tech Inc., AKA Tetra Technologies Inc., a company mentioned elsewhere in this report and which had facilities not only at the Alice, TX., airport, but also at the Victoria, TX. airport where Larry Blackwell, formerly at the Minden, LA, airport is currently the administrator. Tetra Tech becomes the focal point of two murders, therefore, that of Jennifer Cave of Alice, TX. and of Sally Blackwell of Victoria, TX.. Tetra Tech is an oil field service company that morphed into a high dollar bomb squad and spent ordinance retrieval company in American's war on terror. Its trucks are seen traveling the private and posted roads of the O'Connor ranch off Texas' Corridor 69 south of Victoria.
     Edward J Mosher, founder of Mosher Steel, is an alumni of Texas A&M, home of the Bush Presidential Library. It was there that he established the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies.
     During the 2000 Presidential election that pitted Gore's Tony Coelho against Bush's Joe Allbaugh, Morton C Blackwell said of the Democrats... "These people are basically Leninists. They will stop at nothing to win. It could get bloody -- figuratively and, I fear, literally."
     Blackwell, whose politics some say are a few degrees to the right of fascism is creator of the Leadership Institutes' School of Journalism, the institution which trained fake newsman Jeff Gannon...an AKA selected (real James Dale Guckert), it is believed, to send a message to rank and file CIA and FBI agents to tow the line...a reminder of what happened to Thomas Tweeton's son-in-law, Matt Gannon and others. The Center for Print and Broadcast Media is located within the Leadership Institute. Also, the CPBM operates out of the "Sacher Multi-Media Center" named after Fred Sacher.
     Fred Sacher is a Director of Blackwell's Leadership Institute and is listed with Garwood, Warm, Driscoll and others in the Lawrence Walsh report as quoted above.
     David Warm, was the former city manager at Liberty, Missouri. In Liberty is William Jewell College. William Jewell College was home to Farhad Azima, an Iranian once close to the Pahlavi family, the family of the deposed Shah of Iran. Azima was, according to Peter Brewton, the primary trafficker of arms to Iran in the Iran-Contra plot, though he is NEVER mentioned in the Lawrence Walsh report.
     Thirty-three (33) pages of Brewton's book are dedicated to Farhad Azima who was responsible for the shipment of twenty-three (23) tons of missiles to Iran as part of the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages scheme. Why did Azima NOT appear in the Lawrence Walsh report when he was the biggest arms shipper in the Iran-Contra scandal?
     The FBI prevented any investigation of Azima because he was a CIA asset. Brewton put it this way, "...the FBI was told that Azima was a CIA asset and therefore they knew any investigation and prosecution of him would be a waste of time because he had a 'get-out-of-jail-free card" (p. 389).

     “Trying to rig a building with thermite charges without being detected would be difficult,” said Spinout, “but not if the building was built with a future demolition in mind,” Spinout concluded.

Search there for "World Trade Center" and for Lodjic's connections to
Brigadier General Charles H. McNutt the U.S. government's
contract administrator who had also handled the engineering of jet fuel
storage at the White Sands Missile Base (OOPS!, p. 63). 
General McNutt was also the Army Corps of Engineers commander
at New Mexico's Holloman Air Force Base, the primary training facility for
Global Atomic's Predator and Reaper drones created by Israeli inventor
in partnership with Neal and Linden Blue, Neal Blue being GWB's fraternity
brother at Yale and former business partner of Nicaragua's Anastosio Samoza.

     Spinout was troubled by the cross-fertilization of Edward J. Mosher with Rice University historian Frank Vandiver who left the Presidency of Texas A&M University in 1988 to establish the Mosher Defense Studies Institute, a think tank on national defense issues.  Citing his need to spend more time on research and writing, Vandiver was immediately cited by Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth as having shirked his responsibility at Rice University’s Jefferson Davis Project for not having probed more fully the close relationship between Jefferson Davis, Caleb Cushing and Franklin Pierce.   “Yea, Vandiver and the other historians at Rice were silent on the astounding relationship which is now in the news with Bill Clinton becoming an apologist for the legacy of President Franklin Pierce, even rewriting history to make the point that Pierce wasn’t the worst President in U.S. history, a claim that Wigglesworth has made with substantial energy and consistency. “Vandiver had the Davis letters proving that Bill Clinton was flat wrong when he argues that Pierce ‘could not stop the slow drift toward civil war.  Slow drift, hell!  It was a full charging gallop into oblivion for war profits and the rush to the Pacific and the China trade beyond,” said Spinout.

Articles on the U.S. Civil War historian
Lowell P. Wigglesworth supporting his thesis that
the Civil War was fought over the rail route from the
Atlantic to Pacific and not primarily the abolition of slavery.
     “Wiggleworth has shown how Rice University’s former president, Kenneth Pitzer, along with William Liscum Borden, had led the effort to strip Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance for supporting the peaceful use of atomic energy and working for peace rather than to create bigger bombs.”
     “Imagine that some element of the far right envisioned that as effective as Pearl Harbor was in galvanizing consent for war or as powerful as Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag was in bringing about his sweeping changes, 911 may have been, as Dr. Morgan Reynolds and General Bert Stubblebine are wholeheartedly asserting along with Dr. David Ray Griffin, a mind-blowing inside job,” said Spinout.
     Mark Loizeaux of Controlled Demolition Inc., whose website maintains that they have been in business for over fifty years was called in three days after the World Trade Center collapsed to complete the demolition.   Loizeaux has maintained that it would have taken a year to place the necessary charges in the Trade Center in contradiction to the fact that his company's own world record set on a building implosion  took about a month to perform.   When it was suggested  that explosive charges may have been placed in the Trade Center buildings much earlier Loizeaux argued that thermite charges have a shelf life of less than three years, an argument used by the U.S. government when claiming that massive eyewitness accounts of the downing of TWA flight 800 over Long Island in 1996 by a missile was impossible.  A CIA graphic narrative released to the media explained "It Was NOT a missile," accompanied by a narrative that explained that the American-made Stingers delivered to Bin Laden and the Mujahedeen in the 1980's as they fought the Russians and provided through Joanne Herring and Charlie Wilson's war efforts had passed their useful shelf-life thus removing TWA 800 from any potential munitions-trading blow-back.  Loizeaux did not address the fact that ordinance from World War II is still being used by some sportsmen/hunters with only occasional misfires according to several sources.  Tom Sullivan, a former CDI demolition expert trained by Loizeaux argued convincingly that Building 7 could have only been a controlled demolition leaving all manor or speculation about the other two buildings.  Sullivan notes that for a classic controlled implosion of a building like the towers and Building 7 needed only detonation of the lower third of the buildings.   Mosher had provided steel for the bottom nine floors of the twin towers.  Explosions were reported to fire officials from the seventh and eighth floors before the total collapse.  Architect Robert McCoy has joined Tom Sullivan's assessment of a controlled demolition and his filmed interview for Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth was produced by Charles Ewing Smith who also filmed the interview with the U.S. Army's head of intelligence, General Bert Stubblebine.
     There has been a significant backlash against the proposition that 911 was, if not pre-wired, pre-packed with thermite at the critical pressure points thus explained the nano-particles and beads of melted steel within the dust and debris, but also a growing consensus among architects and engineers, pilots, demolition experts, chemists and other scientists that the official version was a cover-up at the highest levels of the U.S. government. 
    Robert McCoy is very careful not to spin conspiracy theories about 911.  No one wants to believe that a freely elected U.S. government would be involved in a conspiracy of this magnitude.  "Was Credit Mobilier a conspiracy? Tuskegee? Was the Gulf of Tonkin affair a conspiracy? The Bay of Pigs?  Iran-Contra?  How about Iran in 1953 or Pinochet's rise to power in Chile or Samoza's in Nicaragua or the war between Iran and Iraq with us providing weapons to both parties?  Did Smedley Butler tell us  in his book War Is A Racket that conspiracies are real?  Was yellow cake a conspiracy with the Neo-Con's agenda so clearly laid out by former NATO commander, Wesley Clark?" asked Lowell P. Wigglesworth.   "Minoru Yamasaki, the chief architect on the World Trade Center, saw his draconian St. Louis housing project, Pruitt-Igoe, imploded in 1972.   Yamasaki designed many of the buildings at St. Louis' Lambert Field with its connections to Charles Lindberg and  George Herbert Walker, leaders in the 1930's 'Business Plot' about which Butler testified before Congress only to have his testimony expunged and Yamasaki had worked directly with Emory Roth & Sons the architects on Building 7," said Wigglesworth. 
     "Now we can add to the list of government-backed conspiracies against the American people the clearly documented spraying of irradiated zinc cadmium sulfide at the St. Louis Pruitt-Igoe building that was designed by the WTC's architect as well as imploded in 1972 by Loizeaux," said Wigglesworth. Working for Loizeaux at the time was Arthur Dore, Arthur P. Dore from Bay City, Michigan, who actually "pulled" Pruitt-Igoe for Loizeaux in 1972.   "Now, I would expect given Loizeaux's denials that Building 7 was a controlled demolition in direct contradiction to over 1500 architects and engineers who have gone on record demanding a new 911 investigation that people near Loizeaux would be fight promoter-types like those from the 1850's who were promoting Civil War in the U.S. like George Luther Stearns whose profits came from lead sales...as in bullet-making.  The same war profiteers' bias can be seen in the steel suppliers for the WTC like Mosher and Pacific Car and Foundry and Stanray, the Mosher Institutes' Frank Vandiver having written the book How America Goes To War avoided the question of 'why America goes to war'.  Indeed, Dore was the founder of Toughman Fights that preceded the blood sport of the Ultimate Fighting Championship that conditions young people to live in endless warfare in a nation that makes its money on the promotion of wars worldwide and lives as 'one nation under god.....Kratos! God of War," said Wigglesworth.  Since the destruction of Puritt-Igoe the 100 acre site has been acquired by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. 
     Wigglesworth continued...."An online review of Vandiver's book How America Goes To War has succinctly stated the issue, having obviously read my works on the Civil War in America while documenting Vandiver's connections to St. Louis.   It reads:
If there is a “smoking gun” on America’s motivation for the Civil War it is the letter from Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce dated January 20, 1861 (Jefferson Davis, “The Papers of Jefferson Davis,” The PJD Project of Rice University, retrieved from https://jeffersondavis.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=86 on 7/5/14).  It reads:
  “When Lincoln comes in he will have but to continue in the path of his predecessor to inaugurate a civil war and, leave a soi disant democratic administration responsible for the fact. Genl. Cushing was here last week and when we parted it seemed like taking a last leave of a Brother.”

  Franklin Pierce had supported the filibusterer William Walker who would visit Galveston, Texas after failing to claim Baja, California to recruit soldiers of fortune for the annexation of Honduras.  He was the Erik Prince and Blackwater of his day.  This letter from Davis to Pierce shows Davis’ affection for both Pierce and Presbyterian General Caleb Cushing whose home in Newburyport was about 35 miles from John Perkins Cushing’s Trinity Church on Boston’s Copley Square.  General Caleb Cushing, like his relative John P. Cushing, made like most of the other Brahman families fortunes from Middle Eastern opium.  Frank E. Vandiver sat over these letters from Davis to Pierce at Rice University  since the 1980’s just up I-45 in Houston which was for much of his life.  He was President Emeritus of Texas A&M University, a Fulbright and Rhodes Scholar, a Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and the University of Texas at Austin graduate and author of twenty history books and one that safely avoided the question of “why”.
     Wigglesworth noted that Lisa Martino-Taylor, a St. Louis academic, was pushing for a new investigation into the Pruitt-Igoe experiment that came out in 1994.  "If you want to see evidence of the U.S. media's duplicity in these affairs, pull on the thread of the Pruitt-Igoe experiment and not just in St. Louis, but in the other cities where the zinc cadmium sulfide was sprayed to see just which newspapers covered the story in 1994.   "CBS had to cover it in 2012, but this was so long after the event and so you see that the media's leaking the truth serves as a pressure release valve against the build up of citizen resentment," said Wigglesworth.

      "Widely reported along with the St. Louis Pruitt-Igoe spraying was similar ones in cities across the country.   Corpus Christi, Texas was one such city.   Was the 1994 investigation into the zinc cadmium sulfide experiment reported in the local papers where it was sprayed not from government housing rooftops as in St. Louis, but by planes?  If not, then you have to ask 'why not?' and 'who controlled the local newspaper and who were their friends?" said Wiggleworth.  "The Japanese American architect who designed both Pruitt-Igoe  project and the WTC, Minoru Yamasaki, had been traumatized by his family's internment during WWII," said Wiggleworth.  "We may never know if he was privileged to the knowledge of a WTC steel supplier/thermite connection, but it is a well-established routine in intelligence and clandestine services to turn traumatized people into malleable agents of their dark alliances," said Wigglesworth.

     Wigglesworth was also clear that Georgia Congressman Max Cleland captured the essence of the problem....the secrecy that the 911 Commission used to control the investigation into the controlled demolition of Building 7.  Appearing on CNN Cleland laid out his concerns calling the 911 probe a 'scam' while Wolf Blitzer invoked the voice of Richard Binveniste another member of the Commission who had served as an attorney in the Iran-Contra scandal probe.  "He was like Michael Bromwich, a fire-waller in that investigation insuring that there was no impeachment of a President and Vice-President," said Wigglesworth.  "The documents that the 911 Commission wanted protected were, I believe, containing the complicity of NORAD in the 911 debacle.   That story was pinpointed and explained by Scott Shuger who wrote IGNORAD for Slate.com in 2002 and who later died in a witnessless scuba diving accident in California.   Now Shuger's family was in a very sensitive position relative to the U.S. military complex and its scams and bamboozles.  They made Dutchboy lead-based house paint  in Baltimore that was being sold fifty years after lead paint was band in Europe as a harmful toxin, but sold here as a deterrent to house fires during a nuclear blast.  That was at the same time we were told that no one could survive the radiation poisoning.  The paint industry's connection to the complex is not complex.   Our Civil Defense agency produced the film The House In the Middle to tout protective house painting at the same time that we held the MAD theory of nuclear deterrence....mutually assured destruction," said Wigglesworth. "Whitewash is being splashed everywhere," said Wigglesworth.

     "The real motive for our Civil War made it a conspiracy, too," said Lowell Wigglesworth whose work used the 1861 letter of Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce concerning Caleb Cushing at Rice University's Jefferson Davis Project directed by Frank Vandiver to show the connections that Frank Vandiver would not make, but should have as an honest historian.   "911 would have taken a conspiracy at the highest levels of the New York Port Authority who commissioned the building of the World Trade Center towers and the steel shipments whether those came from Mosher Steel or Stanray or Pacific Car and Foundry who made its fortunes from Sherman Tanks during World War II.    With Anthony Sutton's book The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and Edwin Black's books The Tranfer Agreement and War Against the Weak we get a birds-eye view of much more than the controlled-demolition of a few of New York buildings and Pentagon," said Wigglesworth, "that even the Reichstag was packed with thermite is possible given the facts and 911 would have required a secret conspiracy with the general contractor overseeing the entire venture and there is nothing about any of that in the book on Karl William Koch, as evidenced by Karl Koch, II's 2001 book Men of Steel: The Story of the Family That Built the World Trade Center," said Eddie Ott Savant of the Center for the Analysis of Secrets In Social Networking or CASSN in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  "You would have to be convinced that families involved in building and construction in New York were connected, for example, to the Gambino crime family and that the New York mob, who helped to keep the port clear of Nazi terrorists during WWII were now, somehow, unpatriotic and evil schemers of the darkest kind.  You would have to make the same kind of well-documented connections within the building trades  of New York that Peter Brewton established with the petrochemical industry and the S&L crisis and Iran-Contra which he published in a newspaper series and in 1992 in his book that made those connections to the S&L crisis and Iran-Contra titled The Mafia, CIA and George Bush: Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office," said Savant.    Savant noted that a New York company for which Karl William Koch had worked before joining his father's company was convicted of conspiring with the Gambino crime family in a New York building and construction fraud.

     "In the 1960's the U.S. government had taken the Port Authority of New York to court over Austin Joseph Tobin's refusal to provide documents that Washington felt was needed to protect its own interest in New York given its levels of liability in the wake of the Texas City, Texas disaster which was specifically mentioned in the suit of U.S. vs. Tobin in 1961.  Tobin was held in contempt of congress for his refusal to open the books.  It was Tobin who argued that the steel for the proposed World Trade Center should, for the cost savings provided, be parceled out among many small suppliers like Mosher, Stanray and Pacific Car and Foundry, thus avoiding U.S. Steel or Bethlehem Steel, the point made by Angus K. Gillispie in 1999 in Twin Towers: The Life of New York City's World Trade Center on page 83 and published by Rutgers University Press," said Wigglesworth.
     "You must remember, however, that by the 1960's the rogue element of the U.S. government that was really in charge had more than a century earlier kick-started the Civil War through John Brown's assault on Harper's Ferry with Brown's backers being from Caleb Cushing hometown of Boston including the bullet supplier, George Luther Stearns.  FDR, a Brahmin insider may have forestalled their 1930's agenda, but he was now gone.   In the 1840's and 50's Wall Street and New York harbor funded and fueled the war as it had done a decade earlier with the Texas Revolution and then the Mexican American War through the NY Port's gatekeeper and close ally of Aaron Burr, Samuel Swarthwout.   New York harbor had provisioned the Texas Navy whose captains were Brown brothers, the same name as those hung on the yard arms in Texas by Jean Laffite for their criminality against U.S. citizens in Louisiana.   Little has been made of the close connections of George Stearns and John Brown to Baltimore's Alexander Brown, progenitor of Brown Brothers Harriman, of Baltimore's Brown's Shot Tower where James Hamlet was employed, the first fugitive test case, where he made musket balls, or the Gardiner Shipyard not far away, where Fred Bailey, AKA Frederick Douglass, laid the hulls of the New England Brahmin's fastest opium clippers before he became the famous orator for abolitionism, the high moral road over which 600,000 died.....the lace curtains on the slaughterhouse of the real motive for war...the flatland rail route from Savannah to San Diego and the Pacific.....poppies from Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, India and the Golden Crescent dumped by the American traders as the British had done through their East India Company.  Douglass's Baltimore job at the Gardner shipyard where the Frolic was made was documented in 1999 in Stanford University archeologist, Thomas Layton's, book The Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade  published by Stanford University Press about the Hearn's quick opium hauler.  Samuel Joseph Tobin was as likely to have been piece-mealing the building of the World Trade Center for the same reason that Henry Ford used the assembly line to protect closely guarded trade secrets through division of labor," said Wigglesworth.
    "Thermite did not have to be in every column of every floor of the World Trade Center.   That being said, was it likely that such a critical secret could be kept by the highly unionized Bethlehem or U.S. Steel companies whose fellow workers would die in the rubble or by a well chosen cartel-cadre of smaller steel-supplying companies?" asked Wigglesworth who has studied the work of Derrick P. Grimmer, the summa cum laude physics scientist from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri,  Yamasaki's alma mater, who had calculated the amount of thermite needed to bring down the WTC on 911 and who claims that he never doubled that the WTC was imploded on 911 by controlled demolition....hence his membership in Scientists for 911 Truth.

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