Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rape, Ravens and the Racket of War

Baltimore Blonde Brings Spotlight to General Smedley Butler's National City Bank Boys and Brown Brothers Harriman

by Barry T. Berry for CPW News Service

     Perhaps Edgar Allen Poe was Baltimore's most famous poet, his raven becoming the mascot of the Baltimore Ravens football team, but historically Baltimore's most powerful business figure was Alexander Brown, progenitor of Alex Brown & Company, Brown Brothers Harriman which morphed into Brown & Root, Kellogg Brown & Root or KBR that has become as conspicuous on the world's U.S. battlefields as Blackwater Security in Iraq in 2003. 
     "I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912," said two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, who was asked to lead a fascist coup in the U.S. in the 1930's before he wrote his book War Is A Racket.  Butler declined, but by 1947 with the U.S. intelligence apparatus importing Reinhard Ghelen and his Operation Paperclip Nazis into the mix and the Nazis won the peace.  That "peace" continues to mask the racket of war. 
     What evolved in the Nicaragua that Butler "purified" was Anastasio Samoza of whom FDR said "He's a son-of-a-bitch, but he's our son-of-a-bitch."  That, of course, led in time to Samoza's National Guard recorded by an ABC cameraman murdering in cold blood an ABC newsman, Bill Stewart, in 1980, Samoza's exile to the U.S., the rise of the Sandinistas, Iran-Contra, and a wayward clustered assemblage of cross-copulating foreign policy blunders.
    "That's right," said Fabian Colbachi a freelance journalist working from his temporary office in Costa Rica.  "Butler and Brown and Baltimore bring together the history that most Americans have been denied. These Browns are modern Visigoths, having hung from Jean Lafitte's ship yard arm for raiding fellow Americans in Louisiana.  They largely led the Texas Navy, dug the Houston/Galveston Ship Channel, built naval bases for LBJ and will deny that Brownsville was named for their own and that they were an integral part of the "National City Bank Boys" for whom Butler said "I was a goon on three continents".  You don't want to be on the wrong side of their wrath when they turn on their own as Lafitte showed they would do before the privateering buccaneer disappeared from modern history.   FDR, however, you must never forget, was a New England Brahman insider of the Delano clan which was as steeped in the China Trade as the Browns, Huntingtons, Cushings and Russells.  Eleanor Roosevelt was from Savannah, Georgia and was in lock-step with the Roosevelt and Delano family ambitions which was the South's eastern Atlantic terminus for their envisioned transcontinental railroad from Savannah to Southern California across the flat Southwest.  With Caleb Cushing holding the paint palet Savannah, Georgia disappeared like Jean Lafitte from  the picture.  Southern California shifted to San Francisco while the Union plopped the future U.S. Marine and SEAL base on top of the South's envisioned Pacific rail terminal, San Diego.  This was the hidden motive for the U.S. Civil War that our historians will not cover at all.  Finally, Lowell P. Wigglesworth has unveiled the story through the letters of Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman.  Winsip Custer covered Wigglesworth's findings nicely in his April 2016 article, Tracks II.  
     When Smedley Butler blew the whistle on the American fascists "business plot" in the 1930's the fact that the plot was also well hidden at the time from public view indicated that FDR had managed this explosive story as the world headed toward another war, World War II.   The import into the U.S. of former Nazis through Operation Paper Clip after WWII showed that the fascist element in the U.S. had not disappeared.
     The Brown's big kahuna was Alexander Brown and when you realize that Baltimore was the primary opium cutter ship building center on the Atlantic coast you can see just where his fortunes originated so much coming into focus about which your beloved history teachers and professors hadn't a clue. Either that or they and you by association were high enough up the food chain where, as Flannery O'Connor assured us "whatever rises must converge" that he or she were one of the close knit insiders like that group of myth-spinners who "purified" the next generation by keeping it far from reality of history....Walter Prescott Webb, Walter Lee Brown, Shelby Foote, Frank Vandiver and perhaps even Yale's maker of the American canon of literature whose favorite author, Cormac McCarthy, chanted the U.S. mantra...."War IS god."
     Opium cutters needed lead grape shot and canon balls, or better yet, a protective navy like that the Brits used in the 17th, 18th and first thirty years of the 19th century to insure the sovereignty of the seas for the British East India company's China trade ventures before the U.S. power elites took over.  After the War of 1812 the naval power balance shifted to the U.S. and what followed was Caleb Cushing's trip to China to negotiate the Brits right out of the saddle.  At Baltimore's Brown's Merchant Shot Tower the first slave to flee to the North to be returned under the draconian Fugitive Slave Laws, James Hamlet, was making musket balls.   Musket balls like Flint, Michigan's lead pipes or like the Dutch Boy lead house paint that was made in Baltimore by the family of Scott Shuger who wrote after 911 the article for Bill Gate's online magazine Slate.com that sent shock waves through the aviation community titled IGNORAD.  Winsip Custer has written a fine article titled "The House In the Middle Should Have Been the Houses on the Ends" that covers nicely the place of the U.S. military and the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association's magazine, STIR, edited by George W. Bush's Yale classmate, Michael Melville Wood, that had been as influential in selling the "Little Dutch Boy's" lead house paint as "Joe Camel" was in selling cigarettes to children for Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company and for R.J. Reynolds whose primary stock holders were Gordon Gray and his son, C. Boyden Gray, the Bush family lawyer.
     In Baltimore the famous abolitionist orator during the Civil War, Frederick Douglass, had laid the hulls of some of the fastest opium clippers for names like Heard, Huntington, Cushing and Russell.  In Boston the leading opium traders, John Perkins Cushing and Caleb Cushing, helped to set U.S. drug policies that were the unspoken motive for our Civil War according to outspoken historian, Lowell P. Wigglesworth, and that undergirded the endless war on drugs that exists to this day. The abolitionist preacher, John Brown, was funded by the lead miner/investor in Cushing's Boston, George Luther Stearns. 
     The racket of war was in full swing in Boston and Baltimore and continues to be.  From the Boston Fruit Company came the United Fruit Company that bought the bananas of Nicaraguan dictator Samoza whose business partners were GWB's Yale classmates Neal and Linden Blue whose General Atomics in San Diego makes the Reaper and Predator drones and from Baltimore Alex Brown & Co. would continue to influence American life right up to the present as it had done with Smedley Butler in the 1930's.  Neal Blues' wife, the former "mayor of the San Diego Navy base" is now the Chief Operating Office of San Diego," said Colbachi.
    Consider Molly Shattuck the Baltimore Raven's cheerleader who was convicted in 2014 of raping a 15 year old boy.  Molly was the ex-wife of Mayo Shattuck who had been a top executive with Alex Brown & Company when he was raising money for a company called Microsoft owned by Bill Gates, the man who employed Scott Shuger the author of IGNORAD and who wrote for Gate's Slate.com.    Gate's father was the attorney representing the company that makes the scanning equipment and software in nearly every retail store.   Shuger died in a witness-less scuba diving accident in California in June 2002 a year after 911 and four months after writing IGNORAD about the botched U.S. security response to 911.

Mayo Shattuck's boss at Alex
Brown & Co. and CIA Director
from 1991-2003, Alvin Bernard
"Buzzy" Krongard. (Photo public

     In 1991 Mayo Shattuck would become second in command at Alex Brown & Co. to Alvin Bernard "Buzzy" Krongard.  In 1991 Krongard would be appointed Executive Director of the CIA by George Tenet and Krongard would stay at that post until he was removed by the new CIA Director, Porter Goss, in 2004.  This meant, obviously, that Krongard was at the CIA right across the 1992 stand down order that stopped the serious investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the U.S. called FINCEN, the 911 attack and the invasion of Iraq based on what Zbigniew Brzezinski told his daughter Mika Brzezinski on the television show Morning Joe was  "a bamboozle" based on "absolutely false evidence".  FINCEN was the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that could have snagged the Saudi money sources that became the classified 28 pages of the Official 911 Report that was withheld from the U.S. citizenry for fifteen years after 911 with no justifiable "national security" rationale for withholding them.  Shattuck's former boss at Alex Brown & Co, Krongard, had led the CIA contracting with Blackwater Security a move that backfired with Blackwater's growing record of civilian killings.  Convicted New York Police Commission, Bernie Kerik, had been in Iraq overseeing security in 2003 before being suggested by GWB as the best choice for Homeland Security Director.   It was independent contractor killings in Iraq that led U.S. Army Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing to confront General David Petraeus in the Green Zone in 2005 with the corruption that Westhusing, the U.S. Military Academy's top ethicist at West Point, New York had experience there.  Westhusing's life story became the first chapter of Christian T. Miller's book Blood Money.

    Unlike Krongard, who was number three at CIA, Petraeus didn't last long as the CIA Director.  The Washington Post's Metro-Editor, Vernon Loeb, who had overseen the propagandized cover stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch had joined author, Paula Broadwell, to write All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.  It was the education of a lifetime and a very costly one for Petraus and his family!  Loeb would move from the Washington Post to the Houston Chronicle in the world's petro-chemical engineering capital of the world and home to major sulfur and lead producers, National Lead Company and Freeport-McMoran Sulfur.
     Krongard's right hand man at Alex Brown & Co. before Krongard went to the CIA, Mayo Shattuck, was largely responsible for leading Maryland into the utility deregulation like that manipulated by Houston's Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling of Enron out in California.  As CEO of Constellation Energy Shattuck oversaw in 2008 its drop from a stock price of $107 to $13 and paid himself nearly $16 million in 2010 as compensation for his leadership.  Ken Lay had been appointed to George W. Bush's energy cabinet and was considered as Bush's top choice for Energy Secretary.  Had Molly Shattuck learned to rape a 15 year old from her ex-husband who had raped the Maryland citizenry by raising the utility rate 72% in a year on the promise that free markets would push prices down?  Perhaps, but Shattuck had an excellent instructor in Krongard who was also at the CIA when Gen. Colin Powell sold the nation on the invasion of Iraq with the phony discovery of yellow cake uranium according to Colbachi and when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld owned the "Misery Plantation" near Baltimore where Frederick Douglass, also known as Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, had worked in the Gardner Shipyard according to Professor Emeritus of Archeology at University of California, Chino and author of  the 1999 book Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchant's and the Opium Trade from Stanford University Press, Dr. Thomas Layton.      
     Frederick Douglass had been "renditioned" at the "Misery Plantation" in the 19th Century before being returned under the Fugitive Slave Laws to the South.  Rumsfeld, an apparent collector of interesting historical places would, at the same time, co-own the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico with celebrated CBS news anchor from Houston, Dan Rather. Rather and his CBS Producer, Mary Mapes, had been responsible for not telling the nation the facts of George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard story in 2000 when they first had the story in hand from Texas politician Ben Barnes.   When Mapes and Rather  did tell the story which would have been easily collaborated in 2000 by Marian Carr Knox and General Belasario Flores, Mapes and Rather botched the so badly that it provided the Bush cabal with Prescott's ties to Brown Brothers Harriman and to Hitler's banker, Fritz Thyssen, and Union Bank, and with Prescott Bush, Jr., and his wife Elizabeth Kauffman Bush's ties to the Nazi-sympathetic Duke and Duchess of Windsor of the German/British Saxe-Gotha-Coburgs, Wallis Spencer Simpson Windsor, costing the U.S. a devastating second George W. Bush term before the 2008 financial meltdown.  
     Then followed Barack Obama and wife, the former Michelle Robinson, both of whom had worked in the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin which would merge in 2000 with Brown & Wood, the historic New York law firm tied to National City Bank and Alex Brown & Co.  and which had just move into the World Trade Center losing only one of its 600 employees on 911 while "Buzzy" Krongard, Shattuck's former boss, was associated with an investment firm that dumped American Airline Co. stock days before the attack.
      "Look," said Colbachi, "Alex Brown of Baltimore helped to fund nearly every U.S. military excursion of the 19th and 20th centuries.  They know well how America goes to war.  You work around this crowd and you better become like Smedley Butler or an earlier war-time prophet, Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Winner turned journalist, muck-raking, pit bulldog, Henry Van Ness Boynton, or perhaps like a Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Hans and Sally Scholl or Peter Niemoeller or Scott Shuger, because the really  bad guys aren't far removed from the ethics of Adolf Hitler, just more evasive and surgical in hiding their crimes.   Soon you will find that when you didn't stand up for those who have disappeared you will be next," said Colbachi.
     "God knows Samoza wasn't far off the Hitlerian ethic....and he was our kind of son-of-a-bitch.  Molly Shattuck's rape of a 15 year old may be every 15 year old's dream come true, but the judge didn't think so, nor the boy's parents," said Colbachi, "and what sounded good to Maryland and California energy users when they were being told about the savings they would receive from a deregulated energy market?  It left them mad as hell at Enron's California PR people and needing a rape kit the morning after," said Colbachi.
    Colbachi noted that Shattuck's fund raising included not only Microsoft, but also funding for Seagrams Co. with its close ties to Blackstone Group and even the Carlyle Group.   "In Michigan these guys were investing like companies like Nestles or companies like Reddy Ice," said Colbachi, "and Reddy Ice made about half a billion dollars from frozen water, declared bankruptcy after being judged a price setting monopolist.  Well, Carlyle Group and Seagrams don't buy losers and Reddy Ice has been making hefty profits off of the ice it sells in places like Flint, Michigan, along with bottled water from Nestles that sucks hundreds of gallons of water per minute from the aquifer feeding Lake Huron while Flint was diverted to the Flint River's water pushed through lead pipe that we knew in the 1920's was a brain killer and then there's Coca-Cola.  Coke adds high fructose corn syrup to its added-value water products," said Colbachi. "And from there all you have to do is look at Bolivia's water wars with Bechtel, the San Francisco company of former U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz whose testimony at the Iran-Contra hearings kept things from moving to an impeachment of a sitting U.S. President and Vice-President, when he said that secret wars against our neighbors was not something taken from our high school civics classes and for which we should be ashamed," said Colbachi further illuminating U.S foreign policy hypocrisy.  "Ashamed?   Not till you remember to read Edwin Black's book War Against the Weak to see the marriage of  Alex Brown to the E.H. and Mary Harriman families," said Colbachi.
     "What you'll miss from your high school civics and advanced U.S. history classes in American colleges is the fact that while Enron was raping California consumers like Shattuck was doing in Maryland,  the California Governor was Gray Davis, the grandson of William Rhodes Davis, the subject of Dale Harrington's book William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence.  William Rhodes Davis was Hitler's oil man in Texas.  Did you hear that from your teachers or the top journalists... Steve Coll or Jeff Leen at the Washington Post or from their chief propagandist, Vernon Loeb, now at the Houston Chronicle in Enron's hometown, also home to Ambassador to the U.S. forward military bases in the Middle East in Qatar, Chase Untermeyer, who told us that the first USN Seal was baptized alongside his godparents, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor whom FDR and Churchill had exiled to the Bahamas during WWII for being Nazi spies?  Did you hear it from Steve Weinberg the longtime head of IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors or from any product of Weinberg's ivy towered myth-machine at the University of Missouri that's not unlike Dumbledore Steve Coll's Columbia University where he is the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism?  Don't hold your breath," said Colbachi.  "you won't hear it from them nor from their mimicking minions like Melissa Click," said Colbachi.

    "You can see the obvious connections to the world's oil cartel led by the biggest oil companies whose fortunes depended on automobiles like Henry Ford made widely available to travel across tax-paid roads and for which Harvey Firestone supplied the rubber tires," said Colbachi.  "Alex Brown's fortunes were tied to the same empire," said Colbachi who said that he read that when the Pope heard that Copernicus and Galileo posited that the earth was not the center of the universe he went into a deep depression and started plotting an inquisition.  But for the sinking of the Spanish armada that inquisition would have been visited on England whose bastardly Queen Elizabeth said "If it were for Kent all the English would have long ago gone over to the Spanish."  What did Kent add to the mix?  Ask that question of Churchill who for all of his loathing of Ghandi had grown up there and could not shake off his agonizing suspicions that democracy was ordained as the best of all options.  Gavelkind law that Kent embraced rejected the law of primogeniture that the Bush and Saudi royals like the ancient jaw-jutting Hapsburgs followed to inflict on the world a depressing feudalism. 
     Controlling family fortunes is where the rubber seems to hit the road.   A slight twist of history and the fossil fuel chuggers rolling on rubber down asphalt could have been avoided with the invention of some phenomenal magneto-machine that reversed gravity.  Ford knew it even with an eighth grade education.   "Henry Ford started drinking heavily, went into a deep depression and started plotting with the 'Business Plotters' just after he heard that a few years earlier Orville Wright had said in an interview at Kittyhawk..."If I had asked the people what they wanted they would have told me a faster car," Colbachi chirped.
     "At the dark heart of every rape is the desire to own something that's not yours," said Colbachi who is a firm believer in the "I-Thou" spirituality of Jewish theologian Martin Buber and of a universal Golden Rule.  "It's high time that people of the earth joined an exclusive knighthood....the Universal Knights of the Golden Rule," said Colbachi.  "Let Mrs. Shattuck lead cheers for this noble assemblage that will take down any ISIS threat or the malcontents that create an ISIS like they did with Al Qaeda through Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood which, thank the Almighty, the Arab Springers and the visionaries, Anwar Sadat,  and Menachem Begin who probably knew that Israeli scientists were working on what would become Neal and Linden Blues Reaper and Predator drones.  Drone makers hate peace.  It's bad for business.  Begin and Sadat knew full well who were the bigger goons pulling Smedley Butler's strings before he cut them and who like Bandar Bush, GWB, and the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson have long shared a crib."

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