Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, October 30, 2014



Forced Dialectic Not In Florence Nightingale Tradition, New Jersey and Maine Mainly Playing Game
by J. Keener Thinuhall for CPW News Services

     When Anthony Sutton wrote The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and America’s Secret Establishment showing the history of the dialectic used by the American miltary establishment to fuel the racket of war, few believed his claims.  Then  Zbigniew Brzezinski confirmed Sutton's assertions that the advances in Soviet technology were the direct result of the importation of Western Technology sent through America’s “secret establishment” to create an enemy worthy of  the Cold War.    Sutton, a former member of Stanford University’s Hoover Institute provided a clear and concise tracking of the history of “The Order’s”….the “Secret Establishment’s”... history through the Germanic traditions championed by America’s Ivy League colleges and especially Johns Hopkins. 
     “A Soviet rocket engine on its way to the Space Station in an American rocket just blew up in Virginia,” said Farnsworth Webster, of the Society for the Confirmation of Consistent Bamboozling (SCCB) in Fairfax, Virginia.   Webster believes, as Sutton described, that this inter-marriage between the two nations was no accident nor has been more recent developments that show this planned dialectic at work.
     “I am troubled that nurse Hickox is at the forefront of the Ebola debate.  Her history at the University of Texas in Arlington with the new Chancellor of the UT System being Admiral William McRaven of JSOC is a concern.   That Mary Mayhew from the University of Arkansas and Governor LePage's appointee in this political showdown with Hickox is also troubling given her apparent lack of experience in handling Health and Human Services issues.   Mayhew's  backing from LePage and the administrator at Good Will-Hinckley where a building in the name of the Margaret Chase Smith  is a centerpiece could be giving the illusion of inclusion and compassion, after all, Senator Smith was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George Herbert Walker Bush who supported LePage in his election in Maine.  A Bill Clinton Democrat from Arkansas who returned to Maine, Mayhew worked as a campaign manager for a candidate who lost, but whose near victory put him on the staff of Maine 's prior Governor John Baldacci.    Governor Baldacci is cousin of lawyer and political thriller author, David Baldacci.   This is the stuff of a political thriller that would eclipse in sales David Baldacci's one hundred million plus books sold, but written not as fiction.   David Baldacci had appeared on the U.S. Information Agency related National Public Radio (NPR) to describe how any novel that he would write about Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, would leave Snowden friendless and insignificant," said Webster.
       "Kaci Hickox, on the other hand, was also on the staff at the CDC whose scientists own the U.S. and European patent on the Ebola virus.   Linden Blue of Global Atomic, maker of the Predator and Reaper drones which use spent uranium….which under the Geneva Convention is a crime….when shot into battle armour turns into a deadly tincture of radioactive sludge with a million plus year half life.   This shows just how willing the military establishment is to stay in control.   That stuff's more deadly than mustard gas and is much longer lasting.  It is clearly covered by the Convention’s bans, but Blue, former CEO of Lear Jet,  is the biggest supplier of Phoenix Air’s jet fleet which is really used for military contracting rather than transporting Ebola patients from West Africa.   But with its medical director dressed in shirt sleeves transporting an infected Ebola patient from Dallas to Atlanta?  Gee!   Much of this is fishier than a big barrel of anchovy chum in July.   Add to all of this the fact that there has never, never, never…..ever…..been a clear source….a host from the Sudan or Zaire Ebola virus identified and that it looks so much like the Marburg virus that was manufactured in a former I.G. Farben facility in Germany and holy schmolie!” said Webster. 
     "This could well be a Trojan Horse-virus!   A scary, but benign well publicized pretzel-like earthy worm of a virus that masks the nearly impossible to discover toxins that crash every major human organ.  If not,  why all the obvious disparities in this Keystone Cop tale?   I challenge the earth's best scientist to uncover the scam like pulling back the veil over Florida Rick Scott's Medicare fraud bamboozle or GWB's yellow cake uranium," said Webster.  "Every Ebola death should be closely analyzed for the presence of deadly toxins of known or unknown origins.  In as much as the fear of Ebola keeps researchers away this will not be easy to do," said Webster.
     'This wing nut of a nurse, Ms. Hickox, is forcing up, ratcheting up the world-wide fear like Don King selling prize fight tickets and Chris Christy is playing along as is Mary Mayhew in GHWB's recreational state of Maine.   Quarantine Ms. Hickox in Kennebunkport next door to the Bush compound to test their receptivity for fun!   She is clearly not unrelated to the inner core of the Ebola crisis…which may well be another bamboozling,” said Webster.  "The U.S. military is supporting a 21 day quarantine normalizing restricted travel?  Where have we seen this before?  She's pushing for a bike ride and pushing the debate to conclusion.  The CDC is on a different page from Maine with Hickox.  A dialecticians dream come true and the losers?  You!  She may well loose the fight and if a toxin is unleashed on the last CNN reporter to photograph her the entire American healthcare system will be militarized for this big bamboozle.  Nurses will appear to be dimwits.   They will be "organized" by the same AFL-CIO that didn't protect anyone else's jobs and the dialectical left-right scam will continue.   The front line caregivers will be relegated to "step-and-fetch-its" instead of the competent professionals that they are and all the while we have no idea just what Ebola is or where it came from, but the CDC and Emory physicians are patenting it?   Holy crap!   Somebody knows the truth of it and when it comes out the bamboozlers should be sent to ISIS, which may also be a fraud,  for a prisoner exchange where they can live in the depleted uranium dust cloud created by Northup Grumman's and Global Atomic's depleted uranium shells!" said Webster.  

     "Oh, and never was there a better device created for the tanking of any health care system.   Especially Obamacare.  What was its real problem?  Eugenics!  It was envisioned by poor folks, middle class folks and those who think that health care is too important to leave to Monsanto, Raytheon, McDonald Douglas, Global Atomic,  I.G. Farben and the like," said Webster.   "Most of all it was championed by a black man whose father was from Ebola riddled Africa!  But that, too, may be a scam in as much as Michele Obama worked for the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin, the historic Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln whose husband worked for the railroads and which merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of  Brown and Wood with its connections to the National City Bank boys that General Smedley Darlington Butler told us was part of the military bamboozle....in his book War Is A Racket.  Why else would Habeas Corpus still be in question and the policies of GWB still be overwhelming in place?" asked Webster.

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