Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ebola and Shirt Sleeves

Ebola’s Gone Viral, But Why Are The Ebola Handlers Snaking Around The Tarmac?

An Interview with Shirley Locke Holmes
By Herman Shure Eisgratee for CPW News Services

HSE:  You have been covering the Ebola situation in Dallas.   Does anything strike you as odd?

SLH:  Everything.  Its evolution is as mysterious as one  could expect.  The Marburg virus case in Germany with Ebola-like symptons and no clear-cut host and Ebola’s appearance first in Sudan and Uganda with no intial biologic evidence in the Sudan case.   It’s bizarre to me.
HSE:  We have heard some say that from a city of a dozen million, Monrovia, Liberia, one would expect with something like 70 percent of the region with cell phones that there should be many more sample photos uploaded to the Internet to show the bodies.   Is that accurate?
SLH:  I don’t know.  I don’t know what we can believe about what is coming to us out of a region that is rich in diamonds and oil and gas.  If I were in the business of population control and removal there would not be a more opportunistic disease as Ebola.  Now with its appearance in the U.S.?
HSE:  We saw that a worker for Phoenix Air out of Cartersville, Georgia was in shirt sleeves, slacks and sunglasses on the Dallas tarmack as Ms. Pham was transported to Emory University.
SLH:   Yea, like the Zapruder film.  Emory is where the holders of the Ebola patent for the U.S. and Europe are domiciled.  Now we could argue that Ebola is big business.   Jonas Salk said that the polio vaccine was too important to profit from it.   Bye bye Jonas!  Big tobacco has taken a big interest in it as evidenced by the work of Dr. Robin Robinson and his appearance with the CDC doctors in Washington D.C. last week, one of whom received both the Albert Lasker Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but can we trust big tobacco to not do in the future what they did with the help of Bernays and Lasker in the past?   Create a worldwide health epidemic with tobacco long after they knew the health risks?  While Lasker was using the leading mind science to sell cigs his wife was at the top of the American Cancer Society. 
HSE:  You aren’t suggesting that the Ebola scare is contrived are you?

SLH:  Consider that Phoenix Air in Cartersville, Georgia, run as it is by Randy Davis in a city named for Farish Carter who made his fortunes in the War of 1812 may be still profiting from the racket of war. Back then weapons were needed to oppose tyranny.  Over time the arsenal of freedom took on its own life for profit.    Phoenix Air’s fleet of “Gray Birds” are mostly LearJets and we know that the CEO of Lear was Linden Blue who was the founder with his brother, Neal Blue, of General Atomics.  General Atomics is the maker of the Predator and Reaper drones that fire depleted Uranium shells on the world’s battlefields….namely Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.  These weapons are banned by the Geneva Convention. This is their primary revenue stream from drones that sell for $38 million each and with billions allocated by Congress for their purchase.
HSE:  What does that have to do with Ebola?
SLH:  You must remember that Linden and Neal Blue were partners with Anastosio Samoza in Nicaragua.  That they were working on drones even back then when they were in the cocoa and banana business with Samoza.   No doubt the Ebola epidemic in West Africa will trigger massive population shuffles and the events in Central America during the Iran-Contra era of the 1980’s on the heels of the Vietnam War where all about land distribution and control.  The story keeps repeating itself in different forms.   That was the same issue when Bill Stewart the ABC reporter was murdered by Samoza’s National Guard in 1979 only months before the 1980 “October Surprise” that effectively neutered President Jimmy Carter and put Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush in the White House.  Stewart had just returned from Iran and was in Nicaragua.  This made him dangerous for the evolving Iran-Contra network.   Paul Chapman, the author of Bananas!  How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World (Canongate Books Ltd.: Edinburgh, 2006) explains how the indigenous banana crop of Central America was diseased and not savable.  The heartier Cavendish bananas were imported from Indo-China and replanted in Central America at the same time that the Vietnam War’s Agent Orange defoliation of that region gave Samoza’s crop a leg up on the foreign competition, but at a horrendous cost to people and the environment half a world away that’s not unlike what we are seeing with the proliferation of battlefield nuclear carcinogens...or maybe even Ebola considering its connections to Marburg and the Marburg lab to I.G. Farben.
HSE:  So Linden Blue is six degrees removed from Kevin Bacon….ah….Randy Davis of Phoenix Air?
SLH:  One degree.

HSE:  And Phoenix delivered to Emory University Dr. Kent Brantly and his co-worker from Liberia?
SLH:  Kent Brantly works for Samaritan’s Purse, the $300,000,000 medical benevolence program of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association-connected Christian religious organization of Billy Graham’s oldest son, Franklin.  Now you’ve got to remember that Franklin’s uncle was Rev. Clayton Bell of the Dallas Highland Park Presbyterian Church where the Hunt brothers tried to corner the world-wide silver market some years ago like Boston's George Luther Stearns had done with lead during the American Civil War.   As a "Secret Six" backer of abolitionist, John Brown, this meant that Civil War was less about abolition of slavery than about power and control.  Boston was the home of not only of Stearns, but of the premier China and opium trader, Caleb Cushing, whose push to California and control of a northern Transcontinental Railroad, was obviously the goal of William Tecumseh Sherman, George F. Bragg with whom Sherman had worked in California before the Civil War with J.  Mora Moss, while Thomas Bragg, chief legal counsel for the Jefferson Davis and Braxton Bragg who was the much maligned hero of the U.S. wars with Mexico and boondoggling Southern General hated by many a Southerner including Nathan Bedford Forrest.    Add to this Jefferson Davis' close relationship to Caleb Cushing and holy schmolie! The American Civil War was as big a boondoggle as the Iraq War and the ancestor of may of the current key players!
    Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell's story, paid for by Jock Whitney, was like Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.... so much window dressing.  You want proof of the reality look at what happened in Harper Lee's hometown after her book was written and look at Ebenezer Creek and Sherman's treatment of freed slaves there and you get the real picture of what our Civil War was really all about.  
     Texas?   Texas was the last bastion of the old South's misunderstood and much mythologized history, but also the grist mill for militant ambitions in Central and South America with the hope of resurrecting there a Golden Circle of Slavery under the umbrella of the Monroe Doctrine.   So in Dallas….a city long associated with bizarre occurrences….like Jerry Jones’ ownership of the Dallas Cowboys....and for all of his well-paid black atheletes his black staff dresses in white coats and white gloves.... and Mark Cuban’s production of the film Black Fish about the rape and pillage of Killer Whales that aren’t fish and aren’t black.  Herman Melville could tell us a thing or two if he were alive about these North/South alliances.  Moby Dick was about the “Great White Whale” being chased by the New England whaler, Captain Ahab.   Being one of the favorite novelists of the power  elite New England Brahman  opium trading families that would evolve into the American Military Industrialist Complex, he wisely did not directly tell his readers…..”oh, and by the way, your relentless pursuit of power….the white drool of the Middle Eastern opium poppy….the oil from whales…..and now from fracking the earth….will  bring your own doom.”   He hid the truth of it in his allegory, but its all there….and in Billy Budd, too.

 HSE:   But the Billy Graham family is from the Carolinas and the South, not New England.

SLH:   Bzzzzzzzzzz! They have a theological main-line directly to the Brahman’s Protestant seminary, Gordon-Conwell in Boston from which Clayton Bell received an honorary doctorate.   From New England you have the support of Christian missionary families in China which was not the opium's origination point.   The Brits had cornered that market through David Sassoon's opium warehouses in Baghdad and Basra before he moved them to Bombay, now Mumbai.   From there the opium was shipped to the Mekong Delta of Vietnam for distribution up the various tributaries of the Chinese mainland.   In time the Chinese Green Gang consolidated power and the Middle East opium from Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Iraq and Iran that was part of a good-cop/bad-cop dialectic which some of the Christian missionaries had to have known first hand as Pearl S. Buck discovered in time. 
     Sadly, Rev. Bell died on the night of the Fourth of July, 2000, the summer before the Bush/Gore election.   You have to also remember that Clayton was the pastor of H. Ross Perot who in 1992 had given George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton a run for the Presidency, told of a 'giant sucking sound' from the betrayal of American workers and who had even done his own investigation into the Gunther Russbacher connections to the 1980 'October Surprise' with its  connections to the Iranian hostages and eventually the Iran-Contra fiasco.  Russbacher was the grandson of an Austrian Nazi intelligence officer and his Godfather at his Christian baptism was reportedly Kurt Waldheim, the UN Ambassador.  Clayton Bell died at age 67 of an inexplicable heart attack in Billy Graham's home at Black Mountain, North Carolina that night in 2000.  He was something of a wild card to this well-ordered  assembly.  He seemed to know and understand the plight of the poor and their place as cogs in an evil system.  I was told that when his daughter lamented the obvious conflict between the college sorority she was pledging's system of selection and the Gospel he told her "yea, it's not fair.  If you are selected you feel superior and if you are rejected you feel inferior.  That is not the Gospel's message."
      Anyway, you’ve got Phoenix Air contracting with Emory, Presbyterian Hospital, the Pentagon and with Samaritan’s Purse.  Don’t forget that Linden Blue of Lear and General Atomic is a Yale University grad….Skull & Bones.   So there was this other time that this kind of seemingly disparate overlap occurred and that was during the S&L scandal and the discovery that the key S&L foxes were in the Iran-Contra hen house.   A reporter for the Houston Post, Peter Brewton, wrote of it, tried to get his book,  The Mafia CIA and George Bush, published by Simon & Schuster in 1992.   They had signed him up, offered Alice Mayhew as his editor, the editor for Woodward and Bernstein’s All the President’s Men, only to have them back out so that his book was not published before the 1992 election, but his book tells an interesting story that directly connects to Samaritan’s Purse because of its historic ties to the founder of Youth For Christ, an organization with which Billy Graham had also been associated.
     Brewton writes in his book’s introduction  “”John Dick, who lives on a manor on the Isle of Jersey, Denver attorney by way of Russia and Canada, business partner with Silverado borrower Bill Walters, associate of Marvin Davis and Robert O. Anderson borrowed from Hill Financial Savings; involved in Isle of Jersey trust company that was laundering drug money from Jack Devoe and Lawrence Freeman and S&L money for Robert Corson and Mike Adkinson, sells wheat to the Russians, uses Youth for Christ as cover.”    On page 274 Brewton writes: “Dick was reportedly instrumental in establishing Youth for Christ International’s headquarters in Singapore, where he travels frequently.  In 1990 Dick attended a Youth for Christ meeting in Chicago where he was praised by Billy Graham for heading a $10 million Youth for Christi trust fund.  This fund, according to a source close to Dick, is operated out of one of his Isle of Jersey companies.” 

HSE:   So Pheonix Air’s medical man on the tarmac is a person of faith in a faith-based organization with some wrinkles in its past.   Could that be why he is so cavalier?  He's trusting God to protect him?
SLH:  I could argue just as convincingly from a religious point of view that not becoming a carrier of a potentially deadly disease would be the responsible action as one who is “my brother’s keeper.”  Wouldn’t you say?   Look, I want to know if local virologists and lab tecnicians in these hospitals where the outbreak occurred in the U.S, Sierre Leone, Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda or Sudan actually saw the virus under the microscope.  Peter Piot has written in The Guardian about the 1976 outbreak with the Belgium nuns in Kinsasha....about the World Health Organization's rush to collect the samples and his team's use of an electron microscope that seems to circumvent the WHO's sample gathering, but the chain of evidence isn't clear to me.  Was the electron microscope available in Kinsasha or was it somewhere else?    The medical waste is tightly controlled for good reason if this is all legitimate, but with the strange history of the Marburg virus connected as it was to a company that linked to Nazi science,  with the tobacco industry taking such a strong interest in the medicines to treat it, then the verifiability and transparency must….MUST….be  paramount.   I don’t’ have to tell you that the Isle of Jersey was  a German asset during WWII and that Billy Graham was aligned with the New American Mercury Magazine whose founder was also a founder like Fred Koch of the John Birch Society.    I am absolutely convinced that the JBS was, just as Youth For Christ has done, giving cover to dark alliances masquerading as benevolent missions.   This is what happened in China that led to the Opium Wars and the Cultural Revolution when the work of some Christian missionaries was proven to be a hypocritical sham.   Peter Brewton doesn’t cover Linden Blue’s partnership with Anastasio Samoza or the sale of LearJets to Phoenix Air, but he does talk about Samoza.   He wrote in his introduction, “Marvin Nathan, Houston attorney who served on Carroll Kelly’s Continental Savings’ board; related by marriage to Robert Strauss;  his law firm represented Robert Corson and Mike Adkinson;  bought Texas ranch from the family of late Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Samoza, which in turn had purchased it from one of George Bush’s best friends.”    Brewton also covers the work of John H. “Jack” Modesett  who was on the board of Billy Graham’s Christianity Today Magazine.   Clayton Bell was the magazines' board chairman.  Modesett was at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba working alongside the Bay of Pigs or "Operation Zapata" paymaster, Paul Helliwell, in 1963 along with Guantanamo commander, Harold Feeney.   Feeney tells his story in Night of the White Horse (Harold Feeney, The Bay of Pigs Remembered: A NIP Encore: The Night of the White Horse, retrived from : http://bayofpigs2506.com/The%20night%20of%20the%20white%20horse.pdf).
    Modesett taught a large Sunday school class at Houston's First Presbyterian Church, a congregation that has also sought to removed itself from the PCUSA denomination. Its former pastor, Johh WIlliam "Jack" Lancaster, lived in Black Mountain, NC until his death in December 2013.   Harold Feeney received the Medal of Valor from Brigade 2506, the Bay of Pigs invasion force that trained at the base code named JMTrax in Retalhuleu in the Sierre Madre in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.   The story of that base was covered by NY Times reporter Paul P. Kennedy in the days before the Bay of Pigs invasion.   Paul's wife, Diana Southwood Kennedy, is an expert on Mexican cuisine, an author and the force behind the Austin, Texas restaurant, Fonda San Miguel, where GWB proposed to Laura.  Paul Kennedy's reporting could not have been good for the Operation Zapata Brigade 2506  had its own dark side. Very dark.   In 1976 Orlando Bosch Avila, a Brigade 2506 alumni, bombed a Cuban civilian airliner killing dozens of civilians in order to take out one man....collateral damage.  The irony was that the U.S. Attorney General, Dick Thornburgh, who would come to the defense of GWB when Dan Rather brought Ben Barnes' G.W. Bush Air National Guard records to Rather in 2004, but which were available in 1999 and 2000 as well according to Mary Mapes who did follow through then because her mother had died. Thornburgh got the National Guard secretary who typed the memos to equivocate on her whole story leaving Rather dangling in the wind, even thought Marion Carr Knox's son, Patrick Carr, confirmed that his mother's original story was firm.  Can you see why Clayton Bell and others would have been a threat in 2000 just as Bill Stewart had been for the 1980 election or as Peter Brewton's book....not to mention Ross Perot's intelligence investigation of Russbacher.... was for the 1992 election?   Now Dan Rather works for Mark Cuban whose television company ties back into the Carlyle Group.  Anyway, Thornburgh basically called Orlando Bosch Avila a "low-down terrorist" while George Herbert Walker Bush, whom most CIA operatives will tell you was the father of Operation Zapata, the Bay of Pigs, pardoned Orlando Bosch Avila and gave him safe haven in the U.S..

HSE:  The long-time head of the CIA and spymaster who handled Operation Paperclip which imported Nazi scientists to the U.S. after WWII was Alan Dulles.  I read that he was Presbyterian and that his cousin was the first U.S. priest to become a Roman Catholic Cardinal without first becoming a Bishop.  So he converted?  The son of John Foster Dulles?

SLH:   Yes, Avery Dulles, son of John Foster Dulles all of the Cromwell & Sullivan law firm of New York.   Don't forget Pearl S. Buck who had written The Good Earth about how the poor Chinese were treated like the West Africans. If she were alive today she'd be writing about Central America and West Africa.  She returned to the U.S. from China, tried to help, hit the bureaucratic b.s. and resigned her Presbyterian membership.   This past summer of 2014 the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., divested itself of investments in Caterpillar Co. that makes equipment used to clear land in Israel.   Palestinian homes.   Knowing the legacy of Benjamin Holt's Caterpillar patents to military equipment from which Caterpillar extracted profits on both sides during World War II and even now, it was either a heroic gesture for the denomination or perhaps a cover for the October Ebola incident and a parallel distancing from of the Presbyterian Church, the former parent denomination of Clayton Bell's local church.   Bell's former church just paid the denomination $7 million dollars in order to leave with its property in September 2014.    The Dallas waters have always been muddied and Bell's HPPC church's vote to leave this  Presbyterian denomination that took the stand against the military complex?  More mud!   Would that be reason to attack one of the denomination's hospitals with a new bio weapon and decimate the denomination they are leaving?  Revenues plummeted in the days after the Ebola case appeared.  Remember the TV series Dallas?  Anything is possible with respect to this incident.  Never forget that Dallas' mayor was newspaper man John Henry Brown....and if you want a golden threat leading back to Alexander Brown of Baltimore....the National City Bank....Union Bank & Trust....Brown & Root, KBR.....and even to Smedley Darlington Butler's assessment that "war is a racket"....well, you've got it!
     Lately, I have seen some reports that Mr. Duncan was not just a driver for Safeway and FedEx in Liberia, but that he had ties to Bank of America with its connections to the Vatican Bank, which had its own Nazi connections during and after WWII in Europe and South America.   I haven't verified this, but if true it would not be unlike the 1930's American "Business Plotters" ...the backers of the German American Nazi Bund which included an astounding array of key U.S. business leaders behind some serious bamboozling and shenanigans eventually exposed by General Smedley Darlington Butler.
     The sad thing is that there is a fascist/capitalist element that is still very much with us and when it runs rampant it inevitably leads to a backlash.   That was the case with the Chinese Cultural Revolution that so troubled  Pearl S. Buck.  She saw it coming. So when these dark alliances  on the Right use the dominant religion just as the far Left uses the threat of godlessness as in the old Soviet Union which Anthony Sutton told us was always dependent on Western technology.....whether it's the jihadist elements in Islam dominated by the Saudi royal family....keepers of Islam's high holy places like Mecca and Medina, the fascist elements in the Capitalistic/Christianized West, the result is the same.   The old pyramidal and primogeniture systems breed chaos and we've got to ask ourselves when the U.S. sees family dynasties in political power "just what the hell happened to us?"  Chaos breeds war profiteers like damp cellars breed fungi and they claim that war and chaos is the mother of invention and modernity.  That formula will eventually be bankrupt when the planet has expended not just its natural resources, but long before that..... its balance.   That balance, in my opinion, is in jeopardy long before populations have been moved from above the diamond mines, oil fields and shale deposits.

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