Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Vickie Milazzo, Fox News Hype CDC’s Ebola.
Clarification or Bamboozle?
by Guy Dwyer for CPW News Service

     With news that the CDC whose physicians, also on staff at Emory University, own the patent for Ebola at the U.S. and European patent offices, nursing consultant Vickie Milazzo spoke with Fox New’s Gretchen Carlson about the efficacy and reliability of the CDC’s guidelines that differ with other health organizations.
     "Gretchen and Fox are providing legitimacy to Ms. Milazzo’s work, which I don’t think it deserves judging from online reports.   This is the wonderful thing about the internet and free speech, people can do their own research and not listen to the bimbos on the boob tube,” said RN from the Philippines, Felipe Claveria Milano.  “I was thinking about applying for Ms. Milazzo’s patented certification for nurse consultation but ran across too many negative experiences like the one from “Jasper’s Dad” who wrote…..

From:   http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/vickie-milazzo-houston-texas-c255042.html

One of the first things, and most important things, that you would learn from this course is that you do not need to be certified to be a legal nurse consultant. There is no nationally recognized certification other that the one offered by the AALNC. The ABA does not recognize or endorse certification. I took the course you are considering, in 2003. I did everything I was taught. I marketed myself in several states. I have never had a lawyer respond to my marketing. I have never reviewed a case. I did not renew my certification. The institute's marketing is a lot of hype. The six day seminar is a page right out of the Anthony Robbin's (the ultimate scam artist) lesson book on how to hook unsuspecting consumers, convince them that there is no alternative and that you will be making six figures within a year. Then, they make you dependent on their support to "build your business", all of which you have to pay for, with no guarantee of success.
The basics of tort law can be learned in your local library. If you are already acquainted with a lawyer, ask them for mentoring and advice.

 I hope you have not fallen prey to this scam. Save yourself and your money before it is too late.
Oh and by the way, the second thing that is taught in the seminar is that you do not need to be a lawyer to practice, however the owner of the institute IS a lawyer. She also is ruthless towards people who have comments about her and her business that she does not like and will go to any length necessary (including restricting free speech) to knock them down.

 I hope this is helpful. Nursing is full of so many great opportunities, don't make a bad choice based on hype and promises. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true...
     “Of course with Gretchen being from Texas, the Dallas Ebola incident focused in Texas and “Jasper’s Dad” being from Texas, and Ms. Milazzo incorporated in Texas, I’m guessing there’s some connection with some bigger agenda than the control of Ebola,” said Milano.  "You can't believe diddley squat of what you hear on Ruppert Murdock's propaganda mill!" said Milano.

     When asked "do you think that Ms. Milazzo is trying to be an advocate for nurses like the National Nurses Union is doing?"    Milano said "My experience with nurses is that they are harder to control than a herd of cats....panthers.....Bengals.....leopards.   You remember Florence Nightingale?  She'd tell an Army General to go castrate himself and she'd give him the scissors and scalpels.   My experience is that they....as a whole and with their mothering' and caregiving instincts.... will scratch the eyes out of anyone who gets in the way of their mission.  That's a good thing.   They can then bandage their bloody eye sockets!"

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