Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, October 12, 2014



By Solidad Mamafon CPW News Service
     He is the national expert on Ebola.   He is the recipient of the Robert Koch and Albert Lasker Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and he firmly believes that a breach of protocol at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital was to blame for the recent Ebola incident in Texas. 

      Noting that the obvious culprit in the spread of Ebola to the Texas health care worker, a nurse who was treating the patient, was human error, Dr. Anthony Fauci was unequivocal.  He warned that the strict protocols set in place by the CDC must be followed or a national epidemic or worldwide pandemic could result.
     There is apparently no blame for the immigration and travel protocols that allowed the Ebola carrier into the USA in the first place.   “Have we learned nothing from the AIDS epidemic?” asked the Director of the West African medical viral containment facility at the secretive Winewappa Environmental Protection Facility in Liberia, Nigle Mumbato.  
     Mumbato believes that a moratorium on world-wide travel should be set in place immediately.  “Ground all planes everywhere,” said Mumbato.   “Stop the trains.   Stop the ships. Block the borders. Stop all travel immediately.  What could it possibly hurt to hunker down for six months while the virus burns itself out in the region where it is currently manifest?” asked Mumbato.
     Mumbato believes that the militarization of medicine that claims to bring logistics and command-and-control expertise to the ravaged West African region where the virus is currently widespread may be overly optimistic.  "That will only serve to contaminate the military bases, communities and towns where the soldiers will return upon completion of their tours," said Mumbato.
     There is no word on why the missionary physician and fellow survivors of Ebola and the life-saving medications provided to them at Emory near the CDC headquarters in Atlanta were not widely available already.  Dr. Fauci has pointed out that Doctors Without Borders have an excellent record of avoiding Ebola among its physician who observe strict protocols, apparently unlike the infected missionary physicians who have contracted the disease.
     “Something’s fishy,” said Mumbato.
     Dr. Alex Garza, Former Secretary of Dept. of Homeland Security, Associate Dean and Professor in Epidemiology at St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri sees the U.S. military assault on Ebola in Africa as a wise and prudent decision.  Not so for Dr. Mumbato.  While Garza was a major medical player in the U.S. military's Operation Flintlock, the Saharan Africa U.S. Special Forces initiative that helped to train U.S. friendly troops from cooperative North African nations over last two years, Mumbato sees the military model as living in a parallel universe from the traditional medical model. "Wasn't a flintlock a rifle that used a spark to ignite an explosion?" asked Mumbato.
     “What?  That’s the craziest idea you could come up with.   Six months of world-wide no-travel bans will do the trick.   You want to stop syphilis?   Don’t visit red light districts.  Use a condom. You don’t need a forty-year Tuskegee Experiment to fix it!  Stay away from Ebola and it will burn out in no time and unless vultures and mosquitoes are carrying the bug the sun and nature itself will help to eradicate the virus.  You want to avoid AIDS?  Keep your dinky at home and packed up tighter than a drum of depleted uranium in a Predator or Reaper Drone headquarters,” said Mumbato noting that just as U.S. military personnel who were not told about the battlefield dangers of spent depleted uranium shells were at grave risk, neither were the soldiers headed to West Africa aware of the  real dangers of Ebola.  “Did Dr. Garza protest the use of deplete uranium shells in Iraq?   Those soldiers might as well be members of the Manhattan Project watching the explosion of atomic bombs at the Bikini Atoll through sunglasses and wearing only shorts while the zooming dust cloud blasts by,” said Mumbato.
     World-watcher and religion editor for the on-line magazine,  Spiritualists for Sanity, Myrtle Feathers, said “I was afraid that someone from Nigeria would walk into a Presbyterian Hospital in Texas, New York or somewhere else carrying the Ebola virus this summer when the Presbyterian Church announced that it was withdrawing investments from Caterpillar Company because of its apartheid and genocidal policies in Israel….supplying bulldozers to scrape off the Palestinians from future Jewish settlements.“

Presbyterian Church vs. "The Machinery".
PCUSA divests of investments in
Caterpillar in the summer of 2014.

     With the 2014 vote by the Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly to divest its investments in Caterpillar Company because of the use of that company’s tractors for clearing Palestinian land in Israel, some are suggesting that re-investment in Caterpillar would be logical, not to mention lucrative.  “It’s as sensible as  a major  investment in makers of chlorine and other necessary products used in protocols for combating Ebola,” said Feathers.
     “Yea, those bulldozers are going to be needed for burying the dead in the infected regions, not just for removing Palestinians from proposed Jewish settlements in  the Gaza,” said Feathers noting the fortunes of Caterpillars' founder through his  national and international patents on the tank track used in agricultural machinery and military hardware like the Panzer, Tiger, Sherman as well as the M1 Abrams tanks left in Iraq, acquired by ISIS soldiers and demobilized by depleted uranium shells.  "Those shells pierce the armor of the Abrams which also contains depleted uranium and like a dirty bomb has an incredibly long half-life and is highly toxic that essentially liquefies and sprays like a giant blistering hot paint sprayer into the air.  Between Ebola and depleted uranium so much for Obama Care," said Feathers.  "Let a new Florence Nightingale address the Generals about the insanity of that one!"  
     “Dr. Anthony Fauci, of the National Institute of Health, a winner of the Albert Lasker Award and the Robert Koch Award believes that the strict CDC protocols were thwarted by a “heroic” but “sloppy” RN in the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital where the Nigerian citizen carrying the disease walked into the hospital’s emergency room,” said Feathers.

Clorox's steady climb in wake of Ebola scare
     Feathers  is not impressed with Fauci’s awards.  “Albert Lasker was the public relations guru who made big tobacco a major world-wide health epidemic at the same time that his wife was head of the American Cancer Society.  "I don't think it was a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing," said Mumbato. "Robert Koch, trained at the University of Gottingen in Germany and was a wizard when it came to understanding Anthrax, but there was a steady creep from the protocols for controlling infections to the pseudo science of eugenics that fueled Hitler's 'Final Solution',” said Mumbato.
     “Yea,” said Mumbato, “I was really surprised on Sunday October 12th, when CNN’s Candy Crowley failed to ask Dr. Fauci if the sloppy RN who contracted the virus was black, white or Hispanic.  The impression is that she clearly was not walking in the kind of hyper-vigilance that Florence Nightingale practiced when she kicked the army generals in Crimea in the balls with her assertions that special protocols were needed to stop the spread of disease.   The army was too busy digging trenches to worry about that, but Florence saw it as rudimentary….don’t eat where you crap and quit blowing people to bits.   It flies in the face of 'first do no harm,” said Dr. Mumbato challenging the idea that warfare is a precursor of technological development.  "Yea, like a leaf was the first bandage placed on a cracked skull from the blow of a caveman's club," said Mumbato.  "I know that the modern MASH unit produced the "golden hour" of medicine, but how big a realization was that?  You're bleeding out from a mortar shell blast.  You have so much blood and so big a hole.  The clock is ticking.  Duh!"

     “I’m still waiting for Dr. Fauci, the 2008 winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom given by George W. Bush and who looks like Paul Wolfowitz, to ask about why he didn’t take a stronger stand against the use of WMD’s like enriched uranium shells in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars….weapons that are many thousands of times more toxic over a longer period of time than Mustard Gas and therefore outlawed by the Geneva Convention.   When Colin Powell, George Tenet and John Negroponti sold us on the idea that the CIA found WMD’s in Iraq and the U.S. invaded Iraq after 911 instead of Saudi Arabia from which came 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers,” said Mumbato, "did we ask about the difference between the fictitious yellow cake uranium in Saddam's quiver and what the U.S. would deliver to Iraq from U.S. depleted uranium shells?" 
     Mumbato believes that U.S. peacekeeping in the Middle East and Africa is intentionally creating chaos, encouraging warfare and fueling what he calls "twi twi umbafi"....slang for "stoking warfare and munitions and medical supply sales for profit." 
     Feathers’ feathers were also flying.  “This whole thing has the smell of a bamboozling like 911 and how strange is it that this region of Africa which includes Sierra Leone and Nigeria are both oil and diamond rich regions?  Those bulldozers will really come in handy!”
    Feathers noted that Don Knauss the CEO of Clorox whose stock prices have steadily risen over the last few years of the Ebola scares and which was being used to wash the sidewalks of the Dallas nurses' home was formerly Executive Vice President of Coca-Cola whose former CEO, Charles W. Duncan, had provided funding to purchase the Iran-Contra training site in Belize in the 1980's, an era that began with the murder of CBS newsman , Bill Stewart, in Nicaragua. 
     "Stewart was investigating the Iran/Nicaragua/Honduras/Contra connections and was shot by one of Anastasio Samoza's soldiers while Samoza was a business partner  in cocoa and bananas with Linden and Neal Blue, the makers of Global Atomic's Predator and Reaper drones that dispense from the sky the hardened shells of depleted uranium from the U.S.A.'s largest uranium reserves  also owned by Linden and Neal Blue," said Feathers noting that Linden is a Yale Skull & Bones member.  
    Feathers also express concern that a new company called E-Mist just developed the atomizers that put a mist of disinfectants into an infected area and stands to make a ton of money from the crisis.  "It's a perfect storm for new business development.  Too perfect," said Feathers noting that Fort Worth is a major U.S. defense industry contractor whose soldiers will probably be issued a personal mister and holster like a Walker Colt six shooter to soldiers on the American frontier.
E-Mist's George Robertson and the evolution of a product idea.

     "This has all the earmarks of a planned copulative assembly," said Feathers.  "Paul Chapman's book Bananas claims that when disease attacked the indigenous Central American banana specie Blue and Samoza imported the Indonesian banana, a heartier strain, and then came the defoliation of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam with Agent Orange giving the newly planted Central American crops a leg up on the competition, but leaving one hell of a mess and known genetic mutations from AO's toxins.   A planned copulative assembly," Feathers asserted.
"A what?" she was asked.
"A great big ugly cluster fxxx!  Spiritually speaking," she snapped.

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