Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, October 18, 2014


INTO AFRICA?  A Monkey On Our Backs, But Where Did It Come From?
Marburg and Ebola’s Strange Symbiosis, Plibick and Kilabee Raise Concerns

By Dr. Shirley Locke Holmes

     Dr. Darrell Farrell Plibick of the Center for the Study of Virus Evolution in Nova Scotia has expressed concerns that Ebola may not have  been hiding in the bat guano of African fruit bats or even in the intestines of African Green monkeys.
     “In 1967 three employees at Behringwerek AG, a virus-production facility in Germany fell sick.  They experienced nausea fever, vomiting, diahrreah that led to a diagnosis of dysentery.   Lab tests were done and no microbial agents were discovered.   Nothing helped and the workers died.  Identical cases showed up in Frankfurt and Belgrade, Yugoslavia.    These had a vivid rash, red skin, peeling skin, hair and nail loss, severe hemorrhaging from mouth and nose, from wounds, stomach and bowels, vomiting of blood, confusion, disturbed behavior and then a coma.  The only common factor was that these virus-production workers  had all handled African Green monkeys.   Now, it begs the question….did the Marburg virus begin in Africa, then was imported in monkeys or was it synthesized in the Behringwerek AG lab like Zyclon B was made at IG Farben?  Since no biologic material was found in those stricken with it was it a virus at all?” asked Plibick.

     Albert Demnitz was the Behringwerke guru who was working as part of the participating IG Farben 1942 collaboration with the Hygiene Institute of the Waffen-SS working with typhus experiments on prisoners in Buchenwald concentration camp.  "Hygiene was a word used rather loosely for ....well.....cleaning things up a bit," said Waffen-SS historian, Homer Clegg Hess.   "After the dissolution of IG Farben and Behringwerke in 1952 it became  Hoechst AG," he added.
     Dr. Plibick is not alone in his concerns.   Dr. Wilma Kilabee of the Professional Pathogen Purveyors Society said “It is odd.  Very odd.  No microbial agents were found in the Behringwerek workers.   When the first Ebola case was discovered in 1976 at the Nzara cotton facility in Sudan the Ebola virus was believed to have been carried by African fruit bats, but no samples of fruit bats carrying the active disease could be found.   Ebola.....that looks incredibly like Marburg... would be found eventually in monkeys, baboons, apes and pygmies,  but there is certainly no clear-cut host and close similarities of the Marburg "virus" to Ebola and the unique origins of the virus raises my level of concern that the "virus" may have been synthesized  in a lab, got away form the workers and monkeys and in the 50 years since its negative efficacy has been around Africa has become the petri dish for its evolution and development,” said Plibick.  "If it is what they say, the real survivors, beyond the front line medical personnel who are well-versed in application of stringent personal protection are typically experts in space travel like NASA astronauts or oceanographers like at the Woods Hole Institute where understanding the form and function of completely sealed personal equipment is the norm.  This is the brave new world of runaway and inexplicably appearing viral attacks on our healthcare systems.  If that is what it is!"

    "If it becomes apparent that the Ebola outbreak at Dallas is contained past the 21 day window of concern and if none of Thomas Eric Duncan's family contracts it including his fiancé, this will raise for me another possibility.  It was widely reported that the lab at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital was potentially contaminated by the Ebola samples from Duncan.  If the CDC was the primary determiner of the presence of the Ebola virus and the samples were removed from Dallas by the CDC under fear of mishandling, there may be no scientists outside of a specific, narrow chain of command that has ever really seen and identified the Ebola virus.  What if this oft photographed and visually well-known virus is masking what at Behringwerek was termed the "Marburg virus" which did not produce any traceable biologic evidence?  A benign or tangential virus acting as smoke screen for something more sinister still? Or what if the Ebola virus does not exist at all? Could that be why the Phoenix Air medical coordinator is walking so cavalierly among Pham and her robed handlers at the airport?" asked Kilabee.
     Plibick and Kilabee have expressed concerns that the 1979 outbreak in Africa was monitored closely by virologists from Texas where the October 2014 Ebola outbreak occurred and where medical waste from Duncan will all be handled "in state" within the University of Texas Healthcare System.    While the front line virologists had done their work in Africa in 1979 they did not print a major book on the subject for nearly twenty years.  There were articles, but no textbooks.    “That concerns me a bit, as it does some others,” said Kilabee who said that with such a potentially lethal problem the handy and easy dissemination of information and education was essential to control it and avoid the possibility for a pandemic.  “Yet the leading Texas virologist never let on that their state could be a real target for the disease,” said Plibick who said that some of the U.S. experts were working in close proximity to the family members of the Sheridan, Wyoming Surgeon General in charge of the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, Hugh Smith Cumming.  "You mean the wife of Ambassador to Qatar, Chase Untermeyer who had worked in the Texas Medical Center?" Plibick was asked.  "You knew that?" he retorted.

    Plibick is also highly critical of Joseph B. McCormick and wife, Susan Fisher-Hoch, both having been on the front lines of the 1979 Ebola epidemic in Africa, writing a book on the subject in 1996, two decades later and saying as late as August 2014 in an interview with the Houston Chronicle's Todd Ackerman when asked 'How about the greatest misconception?'  McCormick said 'That it (Ebola) might spread to the U.S. We may see workers return with the virus, but it's incredibly unlikely it would ever be transmitted in the U.S. We have isolation wards where staff caring for Ebola patients wear gloves, gowns and masks and engage in all sorts of precautions to prevent them from getting infected. It's because Africa lacks such infrastructures that it's been so difficult to control there.' 
     If they are getting it that wrong from their vantage point and in the very state where it occurred how can anyone possibly point a finger at front-line nursing and health care workers knowing that the CDC's top intelligence officers were sending a widely distributed message of invulnerability?" asked Plibick.    Kilabee agreed but added...."Just what the hell was an IG Farben subsidiary doing synthesizing typhus and other deadly viruses in the post WWII environment in Germany?  Is Hoechst still doing that and if so, why?" 

     Both Kilabee and Plibick noted that Dr. McCormick was not just any virologist working  in Africa, but that he became in 1974 after graduation from Duke University Medical School in U.S. tobacco country an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer (EIS) at the Center for Disease Control.  "Big tobacco is taking an interesting place in the product development of an Ebola medication at Texas A&M near the GHWB Presidential Library," said Kilabee noting that the office of Chase Untermeyer is directly next to GHWB's Houston office on the same floor in the same building which also houses Thyssen Oil. "Fritz Thyssen was Hitler's money man and Union Bank connection to Prescott Bush," said Kilabee.

     When asked why an attack of this disease focused on a Presbyterian Hospital on the infamous I-45 Corridor from Houston to Dallas called "the most dangerous road in America,"  Plibick said "because it's ground zero for many things controlled by oil money and Nigeria has gas and oil and Sierre Leone has blood diamonds and Ebola is bloody!   Beyond that the Presbyterians attacked the U.S. military complex this summer at their General Assembly in a very real way and it's October.  Surprise!"

     "I am concerned, too, that Ebola has been patented in the U.S.A. by the leading Marburg researchers who seem to focus in and around the same area of Georgia where Phoeonix Air flies its fleet of "Gray Birds" for the Pentagon, the Lear Jets are seen taxiing Ebola patients to the National Institute of Health or to the Emory University Hospital unit," said Kilabee.   Dr. Plibick provided his notes from online sources showing Veromi summaries of the patent holders along with the U.S. Patent Office application summary.


        The patent holder with the most articles written on Ebola is Stuart Nicol who is also connected to the CDC and to Emory University and was part of a group that held both the U.S. and European patent on Ebola (European patent listing same parties as U.S. patent was removed from website on 10/20/14).   "This whole thing is fraught with overlapping and cross-purposed interests and ambitions," said Kilabee.   "Indeed," said Plibick, "like in the film Alien when Sigourney Weaver opens up the "special order" and realizes that her crew was expendable.  That's what bothers me the most."

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