Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 24, 2014


Darrell Issa’s Hearing Draws Criticism As Ebola Witch Hunt


Georgia Representative Doug Collins Cheers Emory and Nebraska Response
By Watchman Nee Digamunga for CPW News Service

     Representative Ron De Santis  said “I wish Mr. Klain had come so we could ask him.”
     Darrell Issa, one of the richest Republic Congressmen in Washington invited Ron Klain and the World Health Organization’s director to appear.  “They told me they don’t do Congressional hearings”.

    Dr. Nicole Lurie, formerly called the “Ebola Czar” before Klain was appointed was grilled for her lack of visibility during the Dallas crisis by former Navy Seal, Representative Ron DeSantis from Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and DeLand, Florida.  DeSantis had followed on the heels of questions from Republican Representative John Mica, also from Florida, who wanted to know from Lurie, a  former Rand Corporation physician, just why nurses or other medical personnel were so cavalier in their handling  of spent gowns and personal medical equipment by dropping them in New York City's  public waste baskets.

     “The nurses in either taking the things off or with exposure of the skin, we don’t know, do you know? No?  We don’t know!” said Mica in an unintelligible babble of disbelief.
     One source close to two of the panelists said “No, but I can sure tell that Congressman Mica got his hairpiece at Woolsworth.”
      Doug Collins remarked....“Emory has put out a lot of great stuff.  And Mr. Chairman I’d like to add the editorial from John Fox who is the executive officer of Emory Healthcare…. "Beating Ebola Through A National Plan”….When we have places like Emory and Nebraska doing it right with the protocols that were not forced upon them and they had it ready to go should it not have been a part of your job?” Collins asked Lurie.
     Clem Klodfelter, a member of the Melbourne, Australia based Center for Applied Skepticism raised an important issue following the hearings.   “Doug Collins is a Baptist U.S. Army Chaplain turned lawyer/politician who is an anti-abortionist who believes in the death penalty and opposes physician assisted executions.  Did you hear what I just said?   How fxxxxx weird is that?   So he’s a Christian minister turned Scribe and Pharisee who wants to kill people as painfully as possible?  What’s wrong with this wing nut?  Oh, but Randy Davis’ Phoenix Air that hauled Dr. Kent Brantly of Samaritan's Purse to Emory with plenty of preparation for the arrival Collins compares favorably while New York and Texas are dimwits?   Let’s drop a couple of Ebola carriers on the emergency room down the street from Emory where the CDC physicians own the patent on Ebola and see if they handle things any differently from the others!  You needle nosed, beady- eyed twit!   If Dr. Lurie worked at the Rand Corporation which could not keep the strategy of the Vietnam War out of Daniel Ellsburg’s hands why would you expect her to keep the Ebola epidemic  out of America’s hospitals?   Doug Collins is a graduate of John Marshall Law School, no doubt a member of that campus' Federalist Society, where a law degree costs about $250,000.   Did American taxpayers  pay for that on the GI Bill?  Where's the separation of Church and State on that deal?   Good God, y’all!   Then while he’s handing out accolades for Emory and Georgia and Nebraska will he for heaven’s sake tell us why Phoenix Air’s medical people are walking around in shirt sleeves on the Dallas tarmac and then driving home from their airport in Cartersville?” asked Klodfelter.  "That's just not good practice unless that guy knows something the rest of us don't know," he asserted.
     "Emory's been working on the business side of Ebola for a very long time....as has Phoenix Air....and Nebraska had advanced warning!" Klodfelter summarized. "And goddamn it!"  Shouted Klodfelter as the Florida Republicans crossed the Congressional chambers...."Where were you when Florida Governor Rick Scott was bilking Medicare for billions only to receive the $1.7 billion dollar Medicare fraud fine....the largest in U.S. history?   Oh, you were helping him get elected Florida's Governor?  With his $400 million dollar severance package?  Figures!  You're all twits!   Go take the Fifth!" 

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