Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DARPA's $40 Million Dollar Mind Chip For Memory Loss Top Priority For Disabled Veterans

VETERANS TO GET $40 Million Memory Chip Implant From DARPA
by Betty B. McGoo and Billy Bailey for CPW News Service

    Senator Richard "Dick" Burr, the knurly ranking Senator on the Veterans Affairs Committee, a non-Veteran, sees big tobacco’s ZMAPP solution to Ebola as being better than Lucky Strikes!   Senator Burr's enthusiasm for breakthrough technology and cutting edge products does not stop there, however.  Yes, he was also champion of Senate Bill 1873 which created B.A.R.D.A., the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority,  which is fast tracking  big tobacco's prudent and unselfish venture into Ebola eradication through the ZMAPP treatment that may have been given to Dr. Kent Brantly at Emory University.   "Consider it penance for the millions of tobacco deaths from lung and mouth cancer," said Freda Dent a lung and jaw cancer survivor writing the message on her small hand-held black board with chalk. "I had an iPad, but it was stolen while I was at the VA waiting for a doctor's appointment. 

     Dr. Kent Brantly was flown from West Africa by Phoenix Air to Atlanta for treatment by the medical team at both Emory and the CDC which owns the Ebola virus through patents held at both the U.S. and European patent offices.   "The actual USPO and European Patent Office applications were included in the story "Into Africa" by Shirley Locke Holmes," wrote Ms. Dent on her chalkboard.
     With Veteran’s health care issues and the dismal support U.S. Veterans have been given upon returning from combat in the unending war on terror, DARPA has deemed the most critical issue for modern soldiers the pain of a foggy memory.   Soldiers need help in remembering their experiences on the depleted uranium littered battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan like they did with their fading memories of land mines and Agent Orange, Napalm and shrapnel in Vietnam.
     Burr, championing the U.S. Veterans as a non-Veteran from North Carolina,  his state is home to the  voice of Christian conscience and alter-ego of the LBJ-Nixon-Vietnam War-era  prophet, Biilly Graham and his first-born child, Franklin.   Franklin's Samaritan’s Purse is bulging with contributions from the heroic work of Dr. Kent Brantly and others in Ebola riddled West Africa.   “Well, I’m not real sure that Billy Graham was a prophetic voice for LBJ or Nixon and he and Franklin were dead silent when it came to Colin Powell, George Tenet and John Negroponti’s yellow cake bamboozle for Bush,” said one Gulf War Veteran.
     “It’s no coincidence that Senator Richard Burr was a lawnmower salesman before entering the Senate or that he has tirelessly supported American’s freedom of choice to 'get what they are looking for' in 'non-combustible forms' of tobacco products like the research by big tobacco now going into the making of ZMAPP for Ebola treatment,”   said Fred Flutie Ambature of the Veteran’s watchdog group Reveille’s First Call.
     “Yep, when the U.S. Senate is facing a prickly thicket of protests against mismanagement by corruption hunters, whistleblowers and truth seekers it’s necessary to have a weed-wacker in the group and Burr knows burrs!” said Ambature.  “As for the DARPA  money for mind chips it looks like the ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’ are going to cash in on this new chip.   I’m just wondering if the chips will have a switch that not only helps soldiers remember, but also forget,” said Ambature.   “More specifically, will the chip be technically sophisticated enough to erase memories of Agent Orange or spent depeted uranium in M1-Abrams tanks and in Linden Blue’s shells fired from Global Atomic's  Predator and Reaper drones and made from the spent fuel rods from his nuclear fuel business and massive uranium deposits in North America?”  asked Ambature adding “it’s enough to make me want to plucker up and blow!”


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