Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Anti-Bush Dynasty Americans Take Early Jab At Ex-Florida Governor

Bush Wackers See Family Political Dynasties as Anti-American Anachronism

By Thomas Jefferson Cromwell
CPW News Service

      With John Ellis "Jeb" Bush dropping an early family crown into the 2016 Presidential campaign ring, Americans concerned that the discarded dynastic tendencies of U.S. families are, as in the old Hapsburg, Tudor, Hanover and Windsor/Saxe-Gotha models of feudalism, resurrecting the discarded past into the American body politic.

     Angered by the BBC report that the German Saxe-Gotha family, the Royal Windsors of Great Britain had assumed office with an estate worth just over $500 million, but which is now worth in excess of $14 billion mostly on investment in uranium, a few concerned Americans are making the connection.  "George W. Bush's Skull & Bones brother, Linden Blue, founder of General Atomic which rains down spent uranium on the worlds protracted battle fields owns the U.S's. largest uranium deposit.  That uranium is enriched and used in nuclear reactors, then when depleted is used in missiles and anti-tank rounds for armies.  This is how you make money from uranium in the racket of war when Robert Oppenheimer was stripped  of his national security clearance by a commission headed by Gordon Gray.   Gray was the  father of Bush's legal counsel and heir of the cancer riddled R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company,  C. Boyden Gray.   Oppenheimer's crime? He wanted to use nuclear energy for peace not war and would not build a hydrogen bomb.  The chief witness in Oppenheimer's kangaroo court was Kenneth Pitzer and William Liscum Borden.   Borden was a writer for the Yale University student newspaper and Pitzer was President of Rice University, Houston, Texas working on high octane fuels for the aviation industry at the time of his testimony.  Rice University is home to the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy with Baker, as usual, taking an early entry into the support of the continuation of the anti-American Bush dynastic anachronism.

       General Atomic's founders,  Linden and Neal Blue,  make the U.S. Predator and Reaper drones at $38 million a pop.  Before that Linden Blue was head of Lear Jets one of the biggest suppliers of jets for the Cartersville, Georgia company, Phoenix Air,  that shuttles in their shirtsleeves gowned and masked Ebola patients and their care givers from West Africa to Emory University.  The leading CDC and Emory scientists own both the U.S. and Europe patent on  the Ebola virus.   Before that the Blue brothers were partners with Anastasio Samoza in the banana and cocoa business in Nicaragua before the murder of CBS newsman Bill Steward forced Samoza to flee, just before the Iran-Contra fiasco that funded resistance to the Contras.    Using a convoluted sale of drugs and weapons and hostage exchanges, Iran-Contra nearly cost Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush an impeachment.  "If the Blue brothers had just been a bit ahead of the curve in making their drones, Bill Smith's cameraman would not have caught the muzzle blast from Samoza's National Guardsman's gun that sent Mr. Stewart, who had just arrived in Nicaragua from Iran where he was covering the hostage story, to that big journalists' heaven in the sky," said Juan Rios of Managua, Nicaragua.

      "Damn it," said Robert Oliver Cromwell of Boston, Massachusetts and member of the Descendants of the Real American Tea Party. "My family couldn't figure out how to help Oliver Cromwell provide for a smooth transition of power after beheading King Charles, but we did it in America....essentially neutering Britain's King George only to resurrect another King George and his little princes in America.   George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and a host of others are spinning, back-flipping, double-back-flipping in their graves.  It's long past time for the Tories to depart.   Now the American people are selling their birth right for a bowl of stewed bush berries....dark little dinkle berries.  We had Pappy's first issue, Shrub, as one truthfully outspoken female reporter called him, Molly Ivins.   Are Americans suffering from the effects of global brain warming and benzene induced Alzheimers and dementia, senility from mercury or lead poisoning from gasoline additives and paint chips while coughing up lungs from C. Boyden Gray's ancestor's tobacco products at R.J. Reynolds?   Meanwhile, Big Tobacco sells ZMAPP for Ebola infections and returning soldiers who never had the opportunity to fight alongside the Bush boys are going to be offered a $40 million memory chip from DARPA so that they can remember their battlefield experiences?  Don't bet on it!   Good God y'all!  We entered a promised $60 billion war in Iraq based on the bamboozling of the public with non-existent yellow cake uranium because Prince George wanted to avenge King George's mistakes in not taking Baghdad's madman down when he had the chance....never mind that we had supported the madman in years past.   That little $60 billion war morphed into a multi-trillion-dollar war of 13 going on 14 years, the longest in U.S. history.  What's it going to take to take your country back?  A new peasant's revolt after all your jobs have been sent overseas and the middle-class has been gutted like a ewe lamb at a ISIS picnic?" said Nick "The Greek" Democratius of the Society for the Weed Pruning of Democratic Republics

      "These heartless mofos are littering the earth with dirty little depleted uranium shells with a million plus year half-life, paying their oil field friends to pick the sxxx up without telling them what that is doing to their health....just like the Manhattan Project's scientists sunbathing in the wind blast at the Bikini Atoll and we're suppose to put them into office in perpetuity?  Where are the Spartans?  Where's Oliver Cromwell?  Where's George Washington?  Where's Thomas Jefferson?  Sxxx!" said Democratius.  "Republicans in Florida elected Jeb Bush and Richard "Dick" Scott, the recipient of the largest Medicare-Medicaid fraud fine in U.S. history at $1.7 billion.  Scott came to Florida like Jeb from Texas.....or wherever an Ivy League fortunate son comes from.  Scott had been head of Senator William Frist's venture with Columbia/HCA hospitals with HCA taking over when Scott was fired from Columbia/HCA, did no jail time, but used his $400 million severance pay  to get elected in the ethically challenged Sunshine State where the only sun that seems to shine in on the prune-like asses of Florida's corrupt old alligator-like vice eaters.   Now we know why Al Capone, Bebe Rebozo, and George H.W. Bush have often migrated to Miami, " said Democratus. 


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