Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, October 16, 2014


(from CSPAN Sept. 18, 2014)
Big Tobacco to the Rescue
by Shirley U. Urasleip  CPW News Services
     Dr. Basil Wrathbomb of the Center for the Defoliation of Disinformation cautions that just because a  tobacco plant-based "non-vaccine" medicine was given to Dr. Kent Brantley and his fellow healthcare worker at Emory University Medical Center near the CDC in Georgia and that Cartersville, Georgia-based Air Phoenix transported Nina Pham from Dallas to the NIH hospital for continuing care "there is no reason to believe that there's not a lot more going on here than meets the eye.  While Brantley was sent to Dallas to give blood to Pham, it was reportedly a non-vaccine medicine he was given at Emory and a tobacco-plant based one at that," said Dr. Wrathbomb.
     "You must remember that not all we are told is without significant subplots.   For example, the tobacco industry was hard hit by the legal profession when it was discovered that for decades tobacco companies knew of the health risks associated with tobacco.   The Insider, the film that led us to believe that watchdog reporters like CBS's 60 Minutes' Lowell Bergman would take on Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, the fallout to big tobacco was bigger still.  Gordon and C. Boyden Gray were the heirs to the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and all of the tobacco companies were beholding to the mind science and manipulation techniques of Albert Lasker and other Madison Avenue types who could not have been ignorant of what they were doing in pushing tobacco's deadly toxins on an unsuspecting public. To believe that now they are doing something altogether different in tackling Ebola is, well, a wide-angle whopper!" said Wrathbomb.  Wrathbomb noted that Dr. Anthony Fauci who appeared with Robin Robinson, PhD, before congress on October 16th, to explain their Ebola protocols and B.A.R.D.A.'s plans for fast tracking medicines to counteract it was not only a Presidential Medal of Freedom Award recipient during the George W. Bush administration in 2006, but an Albert Lasker Award winner as well.
      Wrathbomb also believes that clues to the unfolding behind-the-scenes Ebola story that's "better than a run-away Union Pacific freight train on a mega-forked track", are being dropped on the U.S. public daily via NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and other news sources.   "Yes, for example, does CNN bother to ask the deeper questions?  We know that Lowell Bergman had reported falsely that the head of the Saudi BinLaden Group,  Osama Bin Laden's brother,  Salem Bin Laden, died according to Bergman's reporting and supported by a book from Duke University Press a press as beholding to big tobacco as Phillip Morris or the Marlboro man,  in a plane crash of a BAC-111, but it was actually an ultralight that inexplicably flew into a Texas power line while Salem was in San Antonio attending the wedding of the son of the Saudi Royal family's pilot.  CBS, Bergman's network, was also the employer of Bill Stewart the reporter covering the Anastosio Samoza story in Nicaragua when he was murdered in Nicaragua in 1979 having gone there from covering Iran....with the Iran-Contra's funding sources being put together in what would be shown to connect the 1980 'October Surprise' and 1980's Iran-Contra fiasco with funding from Bank of Credit and Commerce International that was operating in Liberia with the help of Sherman and Sherman Law Firm whose head sits on the Liberian Chamber of Commerce with Ebola 'Index Patient' Thomas Eric Duncan's boss, Henry Brunson, who works for Safeway/FedEx whose CEO, James Barksdale is, not unlike Dr. Robin Robinson, a graduate of the University of Mississippi," said Wrathbomb.
    "It's amazing how sickness follows poverty and corruption," said Wrathbomb.  CBS was also the network of Dan Rather whose life is now being made into a major motion picture starring Robert Redford in a film script written by James Vanderbilt, a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt whose ambitions in Honduras clashed with American filibuster, William Walker, in the 1850's.  "I am convinced that Walker was a member of the George Herbert Walker galaxy of family members as evidenced by his unqualified backing by President Franklin Pierce....the family of Mrs. Barbara Pierce Bush," said Dr. Wrathbomb.
     "We know that Nina Pham was flown from Dallas to Bethesda, Maryland by Pheonix Air's Captain Randy Davis," said Dr. Wrathbomb adding "Phoenix Air's primary job is not medical air transport, but private military contracting."   He listed their services......
  • Day-to-Day Training
  • Exercises and Evaluations
  • Weapons Meets
  • ACMI Range Testing
  • Intercept Controller Training
  • Threat Simulations (Air-to-Ship)
  • Aerial Target Towing for Live Fire Exercises
  • Airborne BQM Drone Launches
  • Link 4, 11, 16 Data Relay
  • Telemetry Relay for Vandal and AMRAAM Testing

  •      Their "Gray Birds" are all Lear Jets and the former top manager at Lear was the founder of the Global Atomic, Linden Blue, who was a partner in business with Nicaragua's Anastosio Samoza.
         "Yes, Linden Blue, whose company created the Predator and Reaper drones that shoot the highly toxic depleted uranium shells on the world's battlefields,"  said Wrathbomb noting that Blue owns the U.S.'s largest uranium mines.  "C. Boyden Gray was the Bush White House legal council and his father, Gordon Gray, chaired the Atomic Energy Commission that stripped J. Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance for not wanting to create the Hydrogen Bomb and for wanting to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.  You see the problems here?  Oppenheimer's key witness against him was Dr. Kenneth Pitzer, President of Rice University where the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy is domiciled just down the road from Texas A&M.   Atomic energy is too dangerous for the world, but okay to drop all over the world when controlling populations in oil rich regions as they fight with weapons provided by the developed nations and as air craft carriers sit in oceans nearby fueled by the very nuclear energy that they tell us was too dangerous to use as a significant fuel source.   One brave heart told us that the Civil Defense film The House in the Middle was telling us during the Cold War to paint our houses with white lead-based paint, which the Europeans had banned 50 years earlier because of the health risks while lead was put into gasoline to help our cars run more smoothly.  The healthcare of America is now being militarized.  Can you see why?" asked Wrathbomb.

         "I wouldn't be surprised if Randy Davis isn't related to William Rhodes Davis whose life story is covered in Dale Harrington's book, Mystery Man," said Wrathbomb.   "If you read Chapman's book, Bananas,  about United Fruit Company in Central American and see that banana plantations there once owned jointly by Anastosio Samoza and Linden and Neal Blue were dying from disease and were replaced by the heartier Indo-China variety only to have Indo-China's crops sprayed with Agent Orange and then you can understand why allowing others to handle, unprotected, the most deadly of toxins it's not a big deal to them," said Dr. Wrathbomb.  "They know so well the parameters and perimeters, but no so for the rank and file."


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