Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, November 1, 2014

SPACE BALLS OF FIRE: Branson's Big Gamble, Russia's Disbelief and Elon Musk's Big Break

After Virgin Galactic and Orbital Sciences’ Antares crashes and the winner is?  Space-X and Elon Musk!

By Amber Dextriss and John H. “Jack” Engille
     With a dozen National Transportation and Safety Board investigators with experience from the TWA Flight 800 investigation over Long Island rushing to the scene of the Virgin Galatic’s SpaceShipTwo crashing in the Mojave Dessert eyes are turning skyward.   It was near Los Angeles and preceded by the failure of Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket just days before and now it appears that the commercial space race winner is Elon Musk and Space X.
     The Guardian is reporting that Sir Richard Branson is determined to learn the cause of the crash of the  Virgin Galactic while representatives from the Russian company, Kuznetsov, are adamant that the fault was not with their time-tested and proven design.  “That engine is a simple old workhorse that plugs along with the greatest of ease and has a record as consistent as Dick Cheney’s pacemaker,” said rocket engineer,  Mahkail  Baboosky in Minsk. 

     “Kuznetsov  representatives argued that its NK-33 engines had undergone significant modernization in the United States including the addition of new components to direct the rocket’s thrust vector,” The Guardian reported.
     Kuznetsov believes that it it is not a good idea to tamper with the proven design.  “The development and certification of all new systems were done by the American side without Kuznetsov specialists. In essence, the AJ-26 engine is undergoing flight tests," they said.  One Kuznetsov scientist said "you give your kid a vintage Ford 289 engine and what does he do?  He super charges it, changes the gear ratios, changes the carburetor and suddenly it's a piece of crap that Jay Leno would park in his mother's yard.   I know that it was a $200 million failure, but it wasn't our failure.  It's those damn Americans.  Cant' they do anything right....especially after they gave us ninety percent of our technology as  Anthony Sutton and Zbigniew Brzezinski have been telling you for years!"

     This is of special concern for space watcher, Hansford S. Solo, who said “Elon Musk’s Space X will now be at the forefront of the space commercialization thrust and without solid competition.  Musk's close relationship to the NASA consortium of space industry suppliers, there will be little or no competition for the high ground of space.   This means that if Elon’s work is controlled by a single power….a one world power elite….then they will now have an edge on high flying drones and higher flying weapons platforms with which to enforce policies from population control to who can exit the highways at rush hour,” said Baboosky who added....."sabotage could not have provided Elon with a better leg up into the ionosphere."

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