Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Edward Ball’s New Book, BLOOD RELATIONS:  THE WALKER/BUSH LEGACY , traces The DNA of renegade filibusterer William Walker and George Herbert Walker Bush.

By Furman D. Hyde for CPW News Services
    With the success of his 1998 book Slaves in the Family which won the 1998 National Book Award for non-fiction followed by The Inventor and the Tycoon,  a spell-binding account of the relationship between railroad tycoon, LeLand Stanford and  inventor, Eeadweard Muybridge, Edward Ball moves on to his greatest challenge while promising to disclose the solution of another longstanding DNA mystery.

    “It’s high time that someone with Ball’s…well…balls...tackled this explosive subject.  Few are as capable as Ball to tell it.  A masterful storyteller with a front row seat to the evolution of the American military industrial complex which parallels the fall of slavery.   Ball is both a Brown University graduate and Yale professor.  For Slaves in the Family, Ball carried samples of his family’s DNA to the lab to verify, just as had the families of  Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, that things are often much difference than they seem.  You simply can’t read a book by its cover,” said Dr. Patrick "Pat" R. Gonea of the Society for DNA Verification of Historical Evidence.

     "It's high-time somebody did what Ball is doing.  Winsip Custer, after discovering that an article by  Bard Willett Williamson, Ivy League Woes: Yale, Yale, The Gangs All Here , was redacted from his website, also discovered that two Custer articles in English and Spanish calling of the DNA analysis of William Walker vanished completely from his on-line files and emails," said Dr. Gonea.  "That's correct," said Custer, "I'd resubmit it, but what's the point until someone of Ball's stature knocks the issue out of park across the center field fence?  The elected leader of Honduras was in exile in Brazil and a CIA shill named Micheletti held down the Presidency.  The government went to Porfirio 'Pepe' Lobo Sosa.   Roberto Micheletti's and Sosa's critics began dying in Honduras after Sosa replaced Jose Manuel Zayala who while in exile resigned his presidency in a letter he claims he never wrote.   As part of a coalition of South American countries joined together against what they have always felt was William Walker's influence.  They include Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. Bolivia was especially sensitive to American  intervention because of the Bechtel "water wars" and the temptation to exploit Bolivia for its vast Lithium deposits.  The articles called for the exhumation of William Walker's body from Cementerir Viejo in Trujillo, Honduras for confirmation of Walker's relationship to GHWB.  It looks to me that Micheletti whose father was from Lombardy, Italy and who spent much of the 1970's in Tampa, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana, was the resurrection of the Batista criminal class in Central America holding off what will be argued was Zayala's leftists.  It's a big merry-go-round, without much that's merry.   I assume that it wasn't in the best interest of someone in the U.S. State Department to allow Zayala's resistance.  Perhaps they are afraid that they cannot make a palatable distinction between the Monroe Doctrine and a modern Aaron Burr or William Walker annexation attempt and so cloak it all under the dialectic of left-right politics.  It's there that William Walker's family and constellations of corporations can hide their motives quite nicely.   Comments were made by readers of the article I had written which disappeared and I had responded to them.  Those have all, quiet mysteriously vanished by someone powerful enough to hack my server or influence my web provider and remove the two articles and comments, one in English and the other in Spanish," said Custer.

   Human Rights Watch has reported at least ten journalists and nine members of the Micheletti and Sosa opposition and supporters of Liberal Honduran President Zayala were murdered since Sosa came to office in 2010," said Custer confirming Gonea's claim.

     “Just as Ball makes the claim that former Ball slaves know all about the real history of their ‘masters’, so Latin Americans, especially in Central America…..Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Baja California and Cuba, know that the ‘Grey Eyed Man of Destiny’ is a key member of the Walker/Bush family,” said Gonea who worries that after Zayala was exiled the body of William Walker was exhumed and destroyed. 
     Dr. Gonea has encouraged the Honduran government to seal the tomb of William Walker so that a proper DNA analysis can be made.  A source close to Mr. Ball has indicated that this was done in 2009 and that the results of the DNA testing will be made in his book which will benefit public libraries in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.  "Even if the body was destroyed, there are his ancestors.  They'd have to kill them all and bury the evidence," said Gonea who believes that the future of DNA analysis to assist human evolution toward a more just and loving human race will be established in cases such as the Jefferson/Hemmings, Edward Ball and Walker/Bush examples.  "We know that a kennel full of nothing but pit bulls is not desirable," said Gonea who believes that ethics are both learned and genetically predispositioned.  "Carl Sagan and other outstanding scientists have argued convincingly that regressional evolution toward an earlier amoebic state is both counter scientific and counter intuitive," said Gonea.

     Dr. Gonea was asked, 'given William Walker’s desire to annex Baja California for a Western terminus for a Southern Transcontinental Railroad in 1850, did this influence Edward Ball’s publication of his book about LeLand Stanford?'   Gonea answered:  “That I can’t say, though if you look at the fact that the Confederacy's President, Jefferson Davis laid out the rail route from Texas to Santa Fe to San Diego, the South Carolinians would have likely known of the Southern rail ambitions.  Certainly there remains strong ties of Leland Stanford to Union Pacific Railroad and to control of the Southern Pacific that would not be built until ten years after the Central route and just after Reconstruction ended.   Then, there are the ties to E.H. Harriman whose Brown Brothers Harriman employed Prescott Bush and ties back to Baltimore's Alexander Brown and even to Brown University which Edward Ball attended. Given William Walker’s desire to extend a Golden Circle of Slavery around the entire Caribbean basin in the 1850’s with his staging point for the annexation of Honduras being New Orleans  and Texas, both centers of influence of Giuseppe Mazzini's Italian followers, Albert Pike's slavers and William Walker's filibustering mercenaries.   After Walker's failed filibustering attempt in Baja the connections to tyrannical Stanford and to other Bush and Walker legacies seem solidly logical.  The DNA evidence will tell.   When you couple this with a description of the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's video of Bain Capital's investments in China, business enterprises built upon Caleb Cushing's early opium smuggling as well as the source of Coolies who had built Stanford's railroad and Colton's Southern route and the historical connections come full circle.  We did in China what Hunter S. Thomspon says happened in Puerto Rico:  "This country was built on genocide and slavery. We killed all the black guys over here and then we shipped in new black guys of our own. And then we brought in Jesus like a bar of soap."  Karl Rove as the Republican Party's brain trust,  Walker's 19th Century vision of a Golden Circle of slavery seems also to have come full circle, but to have grown in scope.   The Chinese didn't like the Cushing arrangement as evidence by Mao's Cultural Revolution which was replaced by the current Chinese industrial machinery run by a mutated form of freedom-shacklers, but with an eye for a slick and glossy storefront.  Remember that Barack Obama has held to Bush policies and Michele Obama worked at Sidley Austin Law Firm in Springfield, Illinois, the historic law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln a cousin of slaver John C. Breckenridge.  The parties are as close as a pubescent couple in the back seat of a coupe in Saturday night rainstorm.   Sidley Austin is a firm long associated with defending Bush policies as well as tied through Brown and Wood law firm of New York and to what Smedley Butler called 'The National City Bank boys of Brown and Root and Kellogg Brown and Root, KBR that supplies the U.S. military in full measure.  We must always remember the description of Golden Dancer in that wonderful novel Inherit The Wind.  In China there are rising spectacularly glistening cities with some seeking to use 80 percent renewable energy, but behind these breathe-taking edifices is a tyrannical government and the bludgeoning of the individual rights just as in Arab oil cities backed as they are by head and hand-chopping dynasties.    Behind Mitt Romney with his description of Bain Capital's investments is China is a story of fear, coercion and injustice.  Edward Ball’s new book should, however, be like the sword that cuts the Gordian Knot of the matter as did the DNA analysis of the Jefferson and Hemmings descendants.  What will be left up in the air is the degree to which the Bay of Pigs,  Grenada, Iran-Contra, Chile and other excursions into Central and South America by our CIA were really just William Walker filibustering attempts under a different name…..The Monroe Doctrine!” said Gonea who is concerned that as the U.S. criminal class continues its William Walker style walkabouts, the Chinese are lining up along the U.S. Southern border and exploiting the 'Order's' greed," said Gonea who noted that there are plans for the Chinese to build in Nicaragua a rival to the Panama Canal.  "If Americans were wanting to trigger the Monroe Doctrine, you would think this would do it, unless as we now know, the Chinese criminal elites are in cahoots with the American criminal elites....the two transcontinental railroads all over again with different nations, but the same agenda!"

       "It means, of course, that the Cold War was a scam, or else why didn't the U.S. abolish NATO and partner with the Russians after the fall of the Berlin Wall....with all of their history of opposing Fascism behind them both?   The fact is that the fall of Soviet Fascism that used the traditional meaning of 'socialism' for its own ends had been defeated, but U.S. Fascists were not about to embrace the liberated former Soviet workers as Noam Chomsky has explained, that would be to return the U.S. body politic to its core value.  It means that Smedley Butler was correct when he said he was a 'goon for the National City Bank boys on three continents and that war is a racket belonging to a brutal few," said Gonea suggesting that the Bush/Walker clan and Prescott Bush's involvement in the 1930's "Business Plot" and German American Bund shows that this group favors Fascism, also evidenced by Fred Koch's founding membership in the John Birch Society, which rejected the logical partnering with the new Russians-come-of-age," said Gonea.  "'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall, but don't expect us to accept you Russians as full partners just because we teamed up together to defeat Fascism.  Why?  Because we want those Afghanistan poppy fields for ourselves, the ones that Caleb Cushing and friends exported to China in the 1800's to today and because I kind of like Fascism so long as it can be hidden under the veil of democracy and freedom and defended by an unlimited budget for the arsenal that defends the myth,' Ronnie should have said in all honesty!" said Gonea noting the contrivances of U.S. drug policy that prohibits on the one hand, while exporting the weapons of war and even the entire U.S. military's war racket to protect those same fields under the guise of eradication on the other, while the New England China Traders are described as "tea merchants".  "Operation Zapata, the code name for the Bay of Pigs was also the name of George Herbert Walker Bush's oil company in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.  Bush has claimed it was named after the Marlon Brandon's 1959 film Viva Zapata!  Brando would go on in 1968 to play William Walker in Burn! and everyone knows Brando's protests of the treatment of indigenous peoples.  William Walker was also a role played by actor Ed Harris.  As with the announcement of the killing of Osama bin Laden  with the code name 'Geronimo' whose family had purchased with the help of George W. Bush friend, James R. Bath, the small Houston airport where NASA astronauts parked their private planes, in the dark world of the power elites much is encrypted," said Gonea.

     Gonea has convincingly argued that Edward Ball’s excursion into the relationship between Stanford and Muybridge in The Inventor and the Tycoon is important because of the place that motion pictures would play in the propagandizing of Americans with the dominant American myth.   "Hollywood makes America's version of the Golden Dancer," said Gonea noting that Standford's family used the gold rush of 1849 to make fortunes not in gold alone, but in the tools used to dig it the hardware used to build the homes of those attracted to it and the transportation for those seeking to mine it.   "Winning a horse race with a fast Thoroughbred was one thing, but making that horse into a Golden Dancer through which you could mesmerize the populace was a horse of a different color.  On the other hand, Stanford’s horse ranch, Palo Alto, was not just home to Stanford University, but also to The Hoover Institute which produced Anthony Sutton whose works on the secret establishment in America have now been widely accepted and the Stanford Research Institute with its leadership by Myron du Bain.  You know Myron du Bain as the real personality behind the film The Men Who Stare At Goats and who used SRI in a variety of CIA mind science studies.  Stanford is also the home of Philip Zimbardo whose Stanford Prison Study is believed by many to have informed the model used at Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad.   Donald Rumsfeld who own Misery Plantation where Frederick Douglas was ‘renditioned’ is a member of the Hoover Institute along with Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice,” said Gonea.

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