Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, June 29, 2013



by A. Dios Hybiocorpas, CPW News Service

   Hyde Park, Illinois resident, Johnny "Sandman" Alinzkee, has come to the defense of Edward Snowden.  "I don't know much about Mr. Snowden, but you cannot live in Hyde Park without seeing here the elements of America's power elite society reaching.....overreaching....to influence and control reality in American life.  That Professor Stone flip-flopping from defender of the Constitution to defended of America's criminal elite class goes along with the same cowardice that Obama showed when he threw his pastor under the church bus on his assent up the pyramid of American politics."

    Alinzkee, homeless on purpose so that he can travel freely between the ghettos of South Chicago and the exclusive boroughs of the Chicago suburbs has grounded his theories of American political life by gobbling up first-hand observations and face-to-face polling of a vast array of Chicago citizens. "My only question....so as to avoid partiality and bias.....is simply 'what is going on here?'"

Johnny "Sandman" Alinzkee
at University of Chicago meeting.

    Here is what Alinzkee says is going on in Hyde Park and Professor Stone's university:  "Stone's student, Obama, has ascended like the Bible's Joseph up the American political pyramid.    We know that Joseph was a little SOB and hated by his brothers who sold his uppity little butt into slavery.   When they came to Joseph as he had accumulated power in Egypt by personal charm and what appeared to Pharaoh as a type of effective wizardry, they asked for their successful brother's assistance. Seeing that their actions turned out so well for him, except that Joseph was making his nice new living on the backs of Pharaoh's slaves, he offered his poor brothers food from Pharaoh's slave collected food stores.  We've all seen it happen like this before," said Alinzkee.  "Why else has the challenger of the Bush basket of political bozo-ology embraced the very programs he rejected to gain the trust of the American people once he was in office?  He's Silas Lynch.  Remember that Michele was working in the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin, the historic Republican law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln whose cousin was the slaver John C. Breckinridge.  When in 2001 Sidley Austin merged with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood with its ties to National City Bank and to the Brown Brothers Harriman amalgam of corporate empire builders you begin to understand Obama's dilemma.  When Joseph owes his allegiance to Pharaoh and takes Pharaoh's money he must do what Pharaoh dictates," said Alinzkee noting that Moses would change all of that history by collecting those who had only slavery as a common identity for an exodus from Pharoah's oppressive system and the establishment of the rule of law.

     Alinzkee noted that just as Richard Daley delivered JFK's deciding votes at the behest of his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, who had been a thorn in FDR's posterior during World War II for his support of Germany, Joseph Kennedy was in the camp of the 1930's "Business Plot".   This was the fascist business leaders who supported Hitler in Germany, the Koch oil connection to Germany's refineries, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John D. Rockefeller and Prescott Bush's support of the German American Bund.  Even of Mary Harriman's Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics work.  When Obama went to Harvard he was in the center of what appeared to be a bastion of democratic principles, but that has proven to be, as we have seen with the professorship of Harvard economist, Nobel prize winner and creator of the credit default swap formulas that provided for the current "business plotters'" the tools for raping the U.S. economy during the brewing Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama sludge pot of downward decision-making.  

     "David Stockman understands what has happened like few others, though economist Robert Merton's mentor, Paul Samuelson, who called what has happened 'fiendish, Frankenstein-ish monsters of economic engineering' would not admit that he and his nephew, Lawrence Summers, influenced the dismantling of the wisdom of the post-1929 Depression legislation with the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall.  The bankers became the hawkers and speculators," said Alinzkee.  "Obama is like the good little Dutch boy holding his finger in the dyke until the next election cycle when someone like Jeb Bush will attempt, as did Mitt Romney, to reinstate the raping.  Given Clinton's silence on Glass-Steagall he's a white Silas Lynch who held his finger in the dyke between GHWB and GWB.  Meanwhile, the good little Dutch Boy, Obama, appointed as head of the FBI the Republican, James B. Comey, who was a Romney supporter.  The stage is set for another raping of the American citizens or a new French Revolution," said Alinzkee.

    "On cold nights in the winter I sleep on an exhaust grate near the University of Chicago's Rockefeller Chapel.  In the hot summer I sleep on a park bench outside of U of C's  Oriental Institute.  Both were underwritten by John D. Rockefeller... one for the worship of God, built and managed by an American pharaoh in a way similar to the way the Saudi Royal family maintains tight control of the Islamic high holy places which explains why the separation of church and state is never really embraced.  Moses embraced the rule of law.  Joseph embraced Pharoah's money.  Now you would think that the Oriental Institute was created to celebrate Chinese silk or Cantonese tea, but it was built by Rockefeller because of his deep interest in Egyptian and Middle Eastern monarchical systems of power and control that eased his Baptist conscience between the Ludlow mining massacre and the 1930's business plot when Smedley Butler and FDR spanked his rich little white fanny.  John D couldn't see that what George Washington rejected when he refused a hereditary monarchy should not be resurrected," said Alinzkee. "It's in this rejected dynastic gumbo that GHWB and GWB provided oversight of the Savings and Loan Scandal, the missing WMD's and Paulson bailout and now younger brother Jeb is addressing the nation with a call for a return to the 1980's and 2000's and a period of lawlessness which they call 'deregulation' for the sake of economic stimulation...theirs!" said Alinzkee.

Chris Hedges (l) and President Obama's
Constitutional law professor at University of Chicago,
Geoffrey Stone (r).

     "Geoffrey Stone is just doing what comes naturally to those seated close to the seat of power.   Trying to find out where they stand is worse than shoving a wet noodle up a bobcat's ass.  It takes much courage to follow one's conscience as George Washington, General Smedley Darlington Butler, Martin Luther King, Daniel Ellsburg, Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing, Pat Tillman, Jon Michael Turner, Tomas Young, Julian Assange, or Edward Snowden have done.  Edward Snowden did not do as Obama's friend William Ayers had done and joined the brutal Weather Underground and its gang of bombers.  Personally I did not give the NSA permission to gather my phone records.  I pay for those records and in a country where we enjoy freedom of speech, let a Grand Jury show probable cause for their needing them.  I personally exonerate Snowden from liability in my case and ask that all Americans do likewise.  When Ayers found out that his father was serving on the boards of numerous defense contracting corporations he demonstrated his displeasure with some well placed improvised explosive devices.  When the son of the U.S. Navy Admiral who led Lyndon Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin affair found out his daddy's role, he created a music group for which he was the lead singer, The Doors.  All Snowden did was tell a newspaper the truth like Daniel Ellsberg did with the Pentagon Papers, but these aren't the Pentagon Papers, they are MY PAPERS!"

1968 Chicago Democratic Convention.  Police clearing
peaceful protestors who were told that they could meet at
Chicago stockyards by Mayor Richard Daly.

      "During the 2000 presidential election the main violator in the U.S. House postal scandal who now sits on the board of the George H.W. Bush's Presidential Library was replaced as Al Gore's campaign manager, William Daley, the son of Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley.  William Daley's daddy beat the holy crap out of student protesters against the Vietnam War during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.  After leaving the Gore campaign following Bush 43*'s appointment by the U.S. Supreme Court, William Daley became the head of ATT which provides according to NSA watcher, James Bamford, the majority of citizen's telephone records.  'Trust me,' says the government.  Right!  Chris Hedges zinged Geoffrey Stone with a well-thrown rock between his shifty eyes like David facing Goliath," said Alinzkee.  "The lawyer, Goeffrey Stone is playing the role of the suck-egg Joseph while the journalist, Hedges, is calling for the Moses tradition of the rule of law.  Go figure," said Alinzkee.


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