Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wallenda Weighs Next Feat

Wallenda To Wire-Walk Egypt’s Pyramids While Holding Cobras
by Farhad Mufmuzzi for CPW News Services

     Following the success of his Discovery Channel spectacular, Nik Wallenda’s wire-walking the Grand Canyon as over 13,000,000 viewers observed, Wallenda is now preparing for his biggest feat, yet.   
     “Wallenda will attempt to walk a wire connected to the pinnacles of the three Great Pyramids of Egypt without a net and while holding a King Cobra in each hand,” said spokesperson Felix Wallenda.
     Never attempted by any wire-walker, the Great Pyramids present a particularly difficult challenge.  The center pyramid is 449.5 feet high and the angle of the ascent and descent to and from its apex is believed by retired wire –walker, Gaspar “The Great” Wobeller of Bucharest, Hungary to be more difficult than Wallenda’s Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls stunts.
     “To insure that Mr. Wallenda’s challenge is his greatest ever, Felix Wallenda has informed the International Association of High Wire-Walkers meeting this week in Prague that Mr. Wallenda will replace his balancing bar with two King Cobras,” said Gaspar Wobeller.  “He will do all of this while singing the Gospel hymn, “Go Down Moses,” said Wobeller.
The Great Pyramids of Egypt have never been
walked by a wire-walker.
     Meanwhile, television pastor, Joel O’Steen, who prayed for Wallenda before the Grand Canyon walk on Sunday, June 23rd, said that he didn’t feel comfortable  providing another prayer like the one that he said on Sunday night if Wallenda was going to carry Cobras.  O'Steen is reported to have said, "we don't do that anymore."

     Rev. Rufus T. Hatfield of Possum Hollow, West Virginia and pastor of the Holiness Church of the Serpent Handlers,  said that he would be available to provide a prayer before Wallenda’s proposed pyramid walk which will be televised on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel and the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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